Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel Watch

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel Watch

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel Watch Watch Releases

Baselworld 2017 once again sees Tudor release an additional line extension model to its popular Heritage Black Bay vintage-themed dive watch collection with the reference 79730 Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel. While the watch is, for the most part, the same "in-house movement" Black Bay that is popular with timepiece lovers, it has a new brushed steel bezel insert which helps the design feel like historic military watches produced by Tudor and sister company Rolex in the mid 20th century... and it also has the date.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel Watch Watch Releases

The steel bezel insert replaced the colored anodized aluminum bezel insert of other Tudor Heritage Black Bay models. While steel is not going to be as durable (scratch-resistant) as ceramic, for instance, it will be a bit tougher that aluminum. That said, brushed steel will show marks rather quickly - which is perhaps OK because watches like this tend to look best with a bit of a "worn-in" look. More important are the overall aesthetics which now result in perhaps the most macho-looking "light" colored version of the Black Bay watches.

Most Tudor Heritage Black Bay watch dials do not include a window for the date. This was a design decision welcomed by watch lovers interested in more classic, symmetrical dials who felt the addition of a date window disrupted the harmony of the dial. With that said, a lot of watch lovers do, in fact, appreciate a watch dial with the date. So perhaps the most subtle change to the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel is the removal of the standard 3 o'clock hour marker, and the inclusion of a date window in its place.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel Watch Watch Releases

Last year, in 2016, Tudor released the "sister model" to the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel with the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark (hands-on here). The Black Bay Dark (which doesn't have the date) is still the model to get if you like a darker theme to your timepiece, and it also has the inverted red triangle frame lume pip on the uni-directional rotating bezel, and matching (small amount) of red-colored text on the dial. What the Black Bay Dark does not have (and it is a matter of taste) is the retro-style "riveted" steel bracelet, which the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel has, along with other steel Tudor Black Bay watches released starting in 2016 (hands-on here).

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel Watch Watch Releases

To recap for those not familiar, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay watch comes in a 41mm-wide steel case that has contrasting brushed and polished surfaces and is water resistant to 200 meters. It is very much a vintage-style diving watch in a modern package. In addition to the overall design, details such as the raised, domed sapphire crystal offer a more retro look. Inside the modern generation of Black Bay watches (the first generation from a few years ago had Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movements) are in-house made Tudor mechanical movements. Inside the Heritage Black Bay Steel is the calibre MT5612 automatic movement which is COSC Chronometer certified. This is a minor difference from the calibre MT5602 found in most other Heritage Black Bay models. The only difference between the MT5602 and the MT5612 is the inclusion of a date indicator window in the latter automatic movement.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel Watch Watch Releases

The MT5612 caliber movement operates at 4Hz (28,800bph) with a full 70 hours of power reserve and uses a silicon balance wheel. It also has a "screwed" variable inertia balance wheel which can be more precision-regulated than non-variable-inertia balance wheels. This is overall a very nice movement, especially in a Swiss watch at this price.

With its instrument-like black dial and a hint of red color to enliven the otherwise monochromatic color scheme, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel is a pretty timepiece for those who are primarily attracted to "purposeful tool watches." Tudor isn't reinventing anything here, but once again offering a new flavor to round out the Black Bay collection and ideally get people to buy another one, or perhaps further entice watch collectors who are interested in the collection but haven't come around yet to getting a Tudor Heritage Black Bay.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel Watch Watch Releases

Tudor will sell the reference 79730 Heritage Black Bay Steel on both a matching steel bracelet or a leather strap.  The khaki green NATO-style fabric strap is included with both the bracelet and leather strap version of the watch. Price is $3,800 USD (bracelet) and $3,475 (leather strap), respectively. As always, my recommendation if you like this watch is to opt for the bracelet. tudorwatch.com

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  • SuperStrapper

    No. This is not a good iteration.

    • John Dingle Barry

      What eloquence.

      • SuperStrapper

        Ur is shit head

  • TrevorXM

    This is a major winner for Tudor. The addition of the date and removal of the highly stupid aluminium bezel in place of one that would actually give some character if it gets a few scuffs is a great move. Now the Black Bay is a highly desirable watch to compete with the more contemporary looking Pelagos. No longer just for poseurs any more.

  • Framlucasse

    Nice watch. Also, 41mm is a good size, and the price is ok for this baby Sub.

  • Ian john horwood

    Now this is a what i call a good value sensible timpeice to spend your hard earned spondulies on , thats going to obviously hold its value well . Looks good to boot with the black dial , nice looking watch.

  • “Click”.

    That’s the sound of a watch destined to fit securely in my winder. It’s distinctly different than “Clunk,” and best of all, it’s open-source so anyone can use it without fear of trademark violations.

  • Killiche

    I would actually like to try to replace the insert with a black one. It would make it the watch the submariner used to be. A great tool watch for everyone.

    • Yan Fin

      I would go with black ceramics.

  • Yggdrasill

    Really like it, will buy!

  • Word Merchant

    Tudor are really on a roll aren’t they? Another brilliant well priced watch from them.
    Disclaimer: I have the Black Bay Bronze and love it.

  • Yan Fin

    Love it. How wide is the bracelet/strap

  • DanW94

    The Black Bay line continues to get more appealing with every new release. Nicely done at a relatively sane price.

  • ??????

    Repeat and repeat. Yes, it doesn’t look bad, but how I want to see some fresh air from Tudor..

  • A_watches

    oh look its a “red” black bay submariner snowflake vintage modern thingy

  • PS Goh

    No silver dial?

  • Middle

    All that stainless steel makes it look a little bland. And something about those Tudor / Rolex lugs make these watches look like rectangular blocks on my wrist. Nice strap though.


    Would have to see it in real life but my first thought is not one of excitement. Find the data out of place and I like dates and the steel bezel makes the whole package look a tad bland

  • Yanko

    I like the steel bezel. Overall, a lovely watch. Tudor should remove this ridiculous flower from the crown. It is a pure Kitsch.

  • IVA the LT

    I think I’d get the Black Bay 41 if I was going to go the all steel look, but that’s just me. I’m sure this will sell very well as there are a ton of people out there who wouldn’t buy a watch without a date.

  • Ulysses31

    They’re all perfectly fine. Though I hate sounding repetitive, these are handsome, well-made watches. I prefer coloured bezels but of course they already have that covered.

  • Christian Salcedo

    I was kind of put off by the larger size of the Black Bay subs compared to their 40 mm ancestors, but this watch looks so neat! For me date is very welcome and useful, the new movement is also a deal breaker, this movement is arguably better than the Rolex 3135. So even with my 6.3 in wrist I am going to the AD to test a regular Black Bay and if fits I will wait and save patiently until this beauty is available to buy…

    • Chemistman

      At 6.3 inch wrist your similar to me. I flicked the BB red eventually as it wears too big. The case sits quite high.

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  • Chemistman

    Beautiful. That SS bezel just…. works….