Don’t be afraid to like this watch. I do. I think it looks pretty hot actually. Is that something I typically say about a watch? No, but this isn’t a typical looking watch. Are you MAN ENOUGH to wear a white watch? Sure you are. Now granted, a watch like this is not for everyone, or every outfit. Frankly some of you may look outright silly wearing this watch. For other, this is a fantastic addition to your collection. From TX, this is the newest version of their 800 Series Linear Chronograph watch model. This model T3C456TX is in all white, with a steel case and rose gold toned trim. More on that later.

As a functional device, the 800 Series Linear Chronograph watches have always been very cool. Functionality involves the time, 4 hour chronograph, date, and a retrograde 24 hour format second timezone. As for the chronograph, the seconds are indicated around the main dial, the minutes are indicated on a very cool vertically linear retrograde dial, and the hours are told on a retrograde dial that doubles as the second time zone indicator when the chronograph function is not in operation. Unlike most chronograph watches, the Linear Chronograph has a centrally mounted seconds hand for the time in addition to the hand for the chronograph seconds. They don’t look the same, so there isn’t usually much confusion. While the movement is quartz, the chronograph seconds hand does sweep for a more precise reading.

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The dial of the watch is an important area of discussion. Like all TX watches it is made to be visually stimulating and complex. It is busy and cluttered, but in a good way. Sort of makes you want to look at it closely to see what is going on. The dial is in a soft steel tone with a few different types of textures In a lot of angles it looks whitish to match the rest of the watch. Most of it is vertically brushed. There are also some applied plates in a rose gold tone. These match the rose gold toned hands, which are all technical in design. Then there is the neon orange. Personally I love the color and think it looks good. Some people might think it looks abrasive next to white, but everyone admits that it helps legibility and the important areas of the watch dial stand out. Like all TX watch dials, there is a good level of depth to the dial, and it does not appear flat. The dial also has a curved chapter ring around it that is a good look and helps make the dial easy to read and have a quality look about it. No doubt that it is a stylish look. The hour markers and hands have lume applied to them. The standard TX lume isn’t the greatest, but gets the job done if you are in daylight for a bit. The watch crown is also in the rose gold tone and has a good looking engraving of the watch logo. A nice deep laser cut design that feels substantial. The pushers are highly polished and simple to use.

Around the dial is a rotating diver style bezel (always a plus in my opinion). It is white as well with rubber and a rose gold tone metal outside. The rubber will likely help prevent scratches. I worry a bit about all the white getting dirty over time. This hasn’t happened yet, but mere dirt and such should clean off. Most angles on the 46mm wide steel case are polished, but the exception of the tops of the lugs that are brushed. Detailing on the case is generally good, with a high gloss and good look for a mass produced timepiece. Edges are sharp angles, but not harsh to the touch. Over the watch dial is a nicely AR coated sapphire crystal. Flip the watch over and the caseback is nicely engraved with the TX logo. I think it is funny and cute that there is a little fish design near the 10 ATM (100 meters) water resistance text.

The white rubber strap is quite comfortable and really securely connected to the watch case. It has a specially textured back that I anticipate has to do with airflow to prevent sweaty wrists. It is wide and attractive with a quality milled steel buckle with the brand logo on it once again. One of the things that I appreciate most about the TX watches is that while they always consider fashion and style, their watches are really designed by watch nerds like me that ensure the pieces are functionally sound. Inside the watch is a proprietary TX quartz movement that they are proud to exclaim was designed in Germany. All of their movements are designed in Germany. If you are going to go quartz, then you might as well well have a movement no one else has.

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Priced retail at $650 the TX 800 Series Linear Chronograph isn’t a cheap watch, but neither is it a cheaply made or feeling watch. While this white with rose gold tone version is on the wild side, the line has a number of color tones for most tastes. This is one of my more favorite TX watches in their current line up and I always am happy to wear it. The comments I get are interesting as well. The design and look of the watch sum it up quite well. There is really nothing else out there like it and I can easily say it is a good watch and certainly hip. Worth checking out, whether you are a baller or not, my say is that white watches are in.

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