Temption Cherubin-R Watch
It is with great delight that I see beloved Temption watches available on eBay from time to time. The small yet inspiring German watch maker produces around 700 watches a year only. So you can imagine how few of those end up on the eBay America. Watch Expo is one of the few US dealers of Temption watches and has a two available on eBay now. The far rarer of the two is a Temption Cherubin-R White Watch with beautiful blue hands and accents. A watch that retails new for over $6,000. It is available on eBay new for almost half of that.

The Temption Cherubin-R is a gorgeous watch. Plump hands on a well designed face make for remarkable legibility and function. Temption makes it a point that each specific watch has a slightly different color with matched cabochons (decorative elements usually gems, placed inside of a crown) in the crown and pushers, so you are getting a truly unique watch for your investment. As such, there are models with black faces, or with white faces and white accents, or red accents, all with matches cabochons. I cannot stress how good looking these watches are.

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The Temption Cherubin is what is known as a Rattrapante watch. This means that it is a split-second chronograph. The effect is to be able and time two time intervals. One while the other interval is paused, done with two seconds hands. This complication is reached through modification of the base ETA Valjoux 7750 movement inside. In addition, Temption has further modified the movement to allow for a date register instead of a window. This allow for the watch to have four symmetrical subsidiary dials instead of three leaving an odd empty place to the right. Around the inside of the bezel, a pulsometer scale allows for measuring a person’s pulse. This is a interesting device often placed on doctor’s watches, and often more usable than a tachymeter that is more typically placed around a face on timing watches. The watch comes with Temption’s always wonderfully engineered metal bracelet and a ridged leather strap with clasp.

Now for the most amusing part of the auction. Whether it is a typo, or just something to add interest to the posting, the “Buy it now” price of the auction is $47,500. Thats right. The seller is going to be incredibly lucky if someone cashes in at this price. Big pay day! Well the watch is obviously not worth this amount, but for someone who does not know better, they might mistake this Buy it now price and think that the opening bid of $3,400 is too good to be true. Actually, the opening bid is an excellent price. This is far lower than the retail price, and the least expensive price this, or any Temption Cherubin watch can likely be purchased on or off-line.

I hope that you too can begin to develop a great appreciation for Temption watches as I have. Excellent watches indeed.

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