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Hong Kong-based UNDONE today introduces the Aero watch collection, celebrating innovative contributions of P.V.H Weems to the world of timekeeping and navigation. Among the pillars of traditional tool watch taxonomy, those designed for aviation professionals have always held a special place with aficionados. UNDONE inherently understands this special sentiment as evidenced by the two watches chosen to introduce the Aero collection. Those are the UNDONE Aero Scientist and the Aero Commando. These dual values represent the core characteristics of why timepiece fans also admire the world of aviation.

Mr. Weems was a United States Navy officer who was also an inventor. Among other navigational instruments and systems he created, his most horologically significant work was with airplane navigation. He was fortunate enough to have worked directly with Charles Lindbergh during the creation of the hour angle system. P.V.H. Weems also invented the Seconds Setting Watch, which allowed groups to quickly synchronize their time together. That legacy has been kept alive in the context of luxury timepieces by companies such as Swiss Longines. The UNDONE Aero collection focuses on a free-rotating 60 marker bezel with a special locking screw system. This bezel is a direct homage to the Second Setting Watch system created by Weems. On many historic watches, this system was presented via an internal rotating disc on the dial that was set using a small secondary crown on the case.

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The Aero watch collection is part of a larger UNDONE 40mm-wide sports series — which presents some new tricks. The existing case and crystal are matched with a new Aero set of dials, bezels, and, of course, hands. Both the Aero Scientific and Aero Commando dials are beautiful interpretations of classic air navigation timepieces, as well as designed to be highly legible. The Aero Scientific, for example, used high-contrast blued hands against a well-proportioned cream dial. The Aero Commando intelligently uses brushed steel hands against a textured black dial. UNDONE’s designers carefully studied the most popular and attractive tones and colors admired by classic aviator watch collectors. With that in mind, they curated what the UNDONE creative team has found fashionably incorporates so much of what fans of the tool watch genre admire.

The UNDONE Aero features a Lexan polycarbonate crystal over the dial and contains a Japanese-made Seiko Instruments caliber NH35A automatic movement on the inside. The movement is displayed through a window on the rear of the case, which itself is water-resistant to 100 meters. On the wrist, the UNDONE Aero is 40mm-wide, 15mm-thick, and has a modest 48mm lug-to-lug distance.

The versatile UNDONE mechanical sports watch platform continues to drive creative opportunities with UNDONE that advances today with the Aero. Each of the watches comes equipped on a leather-lined textile strap that is mounted on quick-release (no tool necessary) spring bars. The tradition of appreciating accessible, functional tool watches that the timepiece community so enjoys is a core mission of UNDONE. The seminal navigational work of P.V.H. Weems is among the many types of historic inspiration that drive creation at UNDONE. The Aero Scientific and Aero Commando have a retail price of $365 USD each. Learn more or order at the Undone website here.

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