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Undone X Peanuts Space Program Lunar Mission Watches Hands-On

Undone X Peanuts Space Program Lunar Mission Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Easily some of the most visually satisfying watches released lately to honor the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing are these Undone X Peanuts Space Program Lunar Mission watches are affordable and give customers an unprecedented level of customization options. Yes, there is the normal high-level of bespoke/customization work that Undone already offers, but with the Space Program Lunar Mission watches you also get over 21 character graphics to choose from in addition to the various cases, dials, hands, and straps.

Undone sent two of the limited edition Undone X Peanuts Space Program Lunar Mission watches to us but these don’t really represent the full assortment of options priced between just $315 USD and $480 USD. The collection of watches includes officially licensed Peanuts characters, but Undone didn’t also license the NASA name, which has been shown a good number of other watches. The 50th anniversary of the NASA Apollo 11 moon landing is a massive commercial opportunity, and NASA rather liberally licensed its name for a lot of use, especially in the watch world. Undone was very clever in highly suggesting a 50th anniversary of the moon landing theme without using and of the actual NASA names or imagery.

Undone X Peanuts Space Program Lunar Mission Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Undone X Peanuts Space Program Lunar Mission Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Perhaps the biggest appeal of the Undone X Peanuts Space Program Lunar Mission watches is how they look composed but don’t take themselves too seriously. Undone is very comfortable at this point using watch dials both as a means to indicate information but also as an artistic palette to play with characters, colors, and other composition themes. These timepieces range from very standard Undone Urban cases with some hip colors to the Undone X Peanuts Limited-Edition Snoopy Moon Heritage and Snoopy Starlight watches that you see pictured here.

For the Snoopy Moon Heritage and Snoopy Starlight watches, we see Undone clearly being inspired by the Omega Speedmaster and, of course, the few Omega Speedmaster Snoopy watches. Doesn’t Undone seem to make the dials much more fresh and fun than Omega ever did? The accessible price, as well as the focus on homaging and fun, probably helped the Undone design team feel confident for a more playful (yet still utilitarian) design for these “Astronaut Snoopy” watches. What you get with the higher price points in these limited-edition Snoopy space watches are new upgraded dials with attractive lume and applied hour markers on the Snoopy Moon Heritage watch. This latter model is the most Speedmaster-esque with the distinctive tachymeter bezel. Then again, I like that Undone didn’t try to pay homage to any particular Speedmaster watch but was rather seemingly inspired by a whole family of Speedmasters. (Note the different orientation of the chronograph subdials compared to the other versions.) These limited-edition watches also come with an additional elastic watch strap of the style that is popular with some collectors these days.

Undone X Peanuts Space Program Lunar Mission Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Undone X Peanuts Space Program Lunar Mission Watches Hands-On Hands-On

All of the Undone X Peanuts Space Program Lunar Mission watches come in the 40mm-wide Undone Urban case that contains a Seiko Instruments mecha-quartz chronograph movement and has a mineral crystal over the dial. The straps (20mm-wide) are of high quality and feature quick-release spring bars. This is good because Undone has no shortage of straps to offer that look attractive on these models.

I am starting to be a bit “over” the Seiko VK64 movements that Undone likes to use for these watches, but perhaps that is because my collection of Undone Urban watches is starting to grow and I want more diversity. For the money, it is a great movement, but I would have preferred a more traditional chronograph layout with a running seconds hand. This movement has a 60-minute chronograph along with a 24-hour indicator, which is basically for AM/PM indication. Legibility is very good overall, and as a timepiece, these otherwise fun and attractive pieces of wearable artwork rather well.

Undone X Peanuts Space Program Lunar Mission Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Undone X Peanuts Space Program Lunar Mission Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Undone continues to cater to a watch-enthusiast audience without the pretentiousness and price insanity of luxury brands. To be able to make serious watch collectors happy while also coming in at a reasonable price point is very hard to do. Undone is (in my opinion) among the very few in the world able to do it, and the result is something that any of us can pick up on once in a while, possibly get customized, and wear for years to come without ever worrying about what it cost or how it might go up or down in value. Honestly, who needs those headaches all the time when we simply want to wear something fun and spirited?

Undone created the Undone Snoopy Moon Heritage and Snoopy Starlight as limited editions of 300 pieces each and they will probably be sold out by the time you read this. Each has a retail price of $480 USD. The other Undone X Peanuts Lunar Mission watches are not limited editions and are priced from between $315 USD to $365 USD depending on the style and hardware. You can check them out on the Undone website here.

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  • I cordially hate Snoopy and the Peanuts.
    Sorry, because the watches were not bad.

  • Mikita

    There is a first circle of aka-Moon milkdom occupied by Swatch Group and their Omega, and there are other circles having to rely on Snoopy, Peanuts, etc.

  • spice

    Love Peanuts (thanks Schultz) and these are fun watches, so thanks to Undone also.?

  • DanW94

    Don’t get me wrong I love Peanuts and Snoopy but no matter how iconic and beloved they are, as an adult I just don’t want a comic strip or cartoon character on my watch. Call me a curmudgeon if you must….

    • Independent_George

      Considering that in this cultural moment it is adults who are forming lines to see Marvel and Pixar movies, you might be in the minority. And, of course, a curmudgeon . . .

      • DanW94

        Definitely in the minority. Saw Pixar movies with my children. Now that they’re older I haven’t seen one in years. Never seen a single Superhero movie.

        • Tempvs Mortvvs

          You haven’t missed anything but terrible, predictable storylines with soft, annoying characters involved in lame and dizzying action sequences.

    • FS1900

      I mustn’t but I will.

    • Pete Yo

      I’ll take the snoopy Omega any day of the week.

      • egznyc

        It had better be the Apollo 13 tribute watch – that one is super cool somehow, despite the presence of Snoopy in the 9:00 subdial.

  • Larry Holmack

    So….who hasn’t done an Apollo 11 themed watch? And Undone….are y’all copying Invicta…? They have Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, the Peanuts characters….and other marketing partners…including recently released NFL team watches, and soon to follow NBA team watches. The world can only handle one Invicta…so do something original…!!!!

    • Max Attack

      lol Invicta, really are you serious. Invicta copies every company under the sun. From near replica Rolexes to Seiko monsters. The company has no shame

      • No…, they don’t make copies, they make homages! 🙂

      • Larry Holmack

        Max….you obviously have no sense of humor…nor do you know that Invicta has been licensed to do Disney characters for quite some time now. Including Star Wars, Marvel, DC, now also NFL team watches…if you go by the NFL Hall of Fame…Invicta watches are now in their gift shop. They are also adding the NBA to their lineup soon..
        Oh….and who doesn’t produce Sub homages? If you don’t like Invicta… that’s your choice…but they sell a lot of watches. I have a few of their automatics…and for what I paid for them…they do exactly what they were made to do…tell time accurately.

  • Independent_George

    Six posts total and four hands-on reviews over the past 102 days.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Wow, these are just awful.
    Huge fan of peanuts (got all the books) These are just really tacky.
    Most folks know that it was the Apollo 10 mission ( May 18 1969 ) that saw Charlie brown and Snoopy reach for the stars on its mission around the moon 3 months before Apollo 11. Charlie made it home but poor snoopy is on a long orbit of the sun. Why is Snoopy on the lunar landing watch? What Woodstock is doing I don’t know, he was never there. That version looks like really badly applied felt stickers. Just awful.

    • egznyc

      I like Peanuts – grew up on those characters – but I wasn’t familiar with their involvement in Apollo 10. That’s something I’ll have to check out.

      As for Woodstock, well maybe he missed the Moon landing but he might’ve flown to the eponymous music festival that summer ;-).

      • Raymond Wilkie

        Now I know why he makes no sense and talks in lines 🙂

  • BJ314

    The easiest way for a complete stranger to get me to make fun of them is appear with one of these on their wrists.

  • Max Attack

    Great now I cannot unsee that

  • Agnar Sidhu

    it’s a new complication that shows the direction it’s pointing at! 🙂

  • cluedog12

    Undone exists because somebody astutely observed that the watch industry makes more money on nostalgia than they do on new original designs. Omega, be nice and share Snoopy with your new friends. There’s plenty of milk for everyone.

  • dr3

    Hard to believe there isn’t a business affiliation. Low-end, mass produced generic watches.

  • Jared

    that watch has a design by Alec Monopoly on it. he is a huge street artist that makes a lot of high end art for the rich and famous….i.e. his art sells for 5-6 figures.

    considering the fact that this watch costs something like ~$1K more than the regular version, I’d say it was a pretty decent attempt at a limited edition

    • NaJo

      Spot on !

  • awildermode

    Still trying to figure out how to wear that elastic strap

  • Ariel Adams

    For the money we really like what they are doing. I am not however trying to pretend as though Undone will appeal to all members of the aBlogtoWatch community. This is for a fun escape from the luxury norm, or as a much less decadent way for novices to have actually enjoyable stuff. At $300 you could go much (much) worse many times over. I am not going to pretend I love each Undone watch, but as a value proposition and brand concept I fully endorse it.

  • all74

    I remain bewildered by their continued use of mineral crystal. There are a few Undone watches that I’d pick up but I won’t touch anything that uses mineral glass. Such a shame to see a brand cut corners and cheap-out on customers. Until they step up to sapphire they’ll remain in the “fashion watch” category for me.

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