Update Your aBlogtoWatch E-mail Or RSS Subscription

Update Your aBlogtoWatch E-mail Or RSS Subscription

Update Your aBlogtoWatch E-mail Or RSS Subscription Evolving ABTW

For those of you who enjoy aBlogtoWatch articles sent to your e-mail address each day or via RSS, you may need to update your subscription. Why? Well when we moved over from aBlogtoRead.com, the new domain created a new RSS feed that we aren't totally sure permanently transferred over to aBlogtoWatch. For the time being anyone who subscribed to aBlogtoRead got all the new aBlogtoWatch content, but we aren't totally convinced it will remain that way after November 2012. You know how these things are.

To be safe, those who want to continue to received aBlogtoWatch articles via e-mail each day should use the form below to resubscribe. In the event there is an issue and you are double subscribed, you can always unsubscribe (link at the bottom of the incoming e-mails).

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Those of you who read aBlogtoWatch via RSS also may need to update their feeds. The new aBlogtoWatch RSS feed URL is: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Ablogtowatch. We apologize about the inconvenience but wanted to take this precaution should the old feed and e-mail subscription from aBlogtoRead stop working. Thank you from the aBlogtoWatch team.

  • Ulysses31

    Old RSS still works.  Are you expecting it to eventually shut off?

    • jaydub_

      Ulysses31 Old one seemed to still be working for me too.  Updated anyway.

    • We honestly aren’t sure what will happen. We did a permanent redirect and used Feedburner’s transfer service. Though their FAQ mentions that it may be a temporary redirect to give us time to transfer people to the new feed. It isn’t really clear and we are trying to make it as simple for the readers a possible. So the answer is NO, we aren’t planning on turning off the old feed, but it might happen without our control.. maybe.