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2014 for Vacheron Constantin was really about creating Openworked (skeletonized) versions of existing models. I actually can’t think of anything brand new that they came out with which was not a new take on an existing classic. That is OK though, because these days we have learned not to expect brand new stuff all the time. I see the 14-Day Tourbillon Openworked as a more artsy and collector-oriented model of a timepiece that really didn’t need any work. While the standard model is great for a daily high-end wear, the Openworked model is about an appreciation of how decorative arts can meld with the horological world of Vacheron Constantin.

Thus, expecting the same precise level of legibility is not practical. Yes, having a totally skeletonized dial is going to infringe on one’s ability to read the power reserve indicator hand (for instance). Though it does have a dedicated hour and minute scale ring around the periphery of the dial, so it isn’t exactly one of those markerless watch dials.

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Vacheron-Constantin-Patrimony-Traditionelle-14-Day-Tourbillon-5 Vacheron-Constantin-Patrimony-Traditionelle-14-Day-Tourbillon-9

On the wrist, the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle 14 Day Tourbillon is a generously sized dress watch at 42mm wide. Here it is offered in 18k pink gold, while the 14-Day Tourbillon Openworked is offered in solid platinum. Vacheron Constantin is one of those “serious” and historic watchmakers so we really don’t need to discuss the brand more than that. There is a picture perfect sense of conservatism in many of their timepieces, which either totally appeals to a collector, or tends to bore them–it really depends on the individual.

Looking once again at both versions of the 14-Day Tourbillon, you can also observe how the same core design can be suitable for an (expensive) suit, and in its Openworked form is suited to perhaps an (expensive) tuxedo. The skeletonization process is both time consuming and difficult, so a rather drastic difference in price is to be expected. Price for the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-Day Tourbilon is $297,800 and $362,300 for the Openworked model.

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