For over two centuries now, the bicycle has been a constant source of inspiration and innovation to sportsmen and engineers everywhere. From the earliest wooden framed models to today’s ultralight carbon fiber designs, cycles have adapted to meet advances in materials and technology in a never-ending race towards perfection. Velotime, founded by a dedicated team of watch and cycling enthusiasts, has combined the long history of bicycle technology with cutting edge watchmaking to create the Evolution collection. The Velotime Evolution Carbon offers a bold, singular design inspired by the legacy and vibrant color of cycle racing, assembled in a striking and affordable package.

The case of the Velotime Evolution Carbon immediately sets it apart from other timepieces. At 48mm in diameter with a completely lugless design, its shape alone is arresting, but the most immediately impressive aspect is the materials work. The main body of the case is constructed of two stacked segments of forged carbon fiber around a steel core, left in a raw matte finish for an aggressive and utilitarian look. While this durable and lightweight material pays homage to the highly advanced racing cycles of today, an inlaid ring of finely machined hickory wood honors the very first wooden bicycles. An engraved stainless steel plaque on the case side at 6 o’clock proudly bears the “Evolution” name.

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Like the jerseys of elite racing cyclists, the dial of the Velotime Evolution Carbon is defined by bold color. The overall design is elementally simple, with slender black stick hands and chunky printed numerals at 12, 4, and 8 o’clock to accent the basic black minutes track. The bright orange triangle of the Velotime logo at 12 o’clock is an immediate visual centerpiece, providing a dramatic pop of contrast against each of the five distinctive dial colors. Each of these dials is bold, vibrant and unmistakably Velotime, ranging from royal blue, magenta, teal, pure yellow, and a particularly exciting red polka dot dial.

Each variant of the Velotime Evolution Carbon is powered by a Swiss made Ronda quartz movement. This durable, accurate powerplant offers a dependable option for wearers without the hassle of winding and setting a mechanical timepiece.

With a completely lugless design, the Velotime Evolution Carbon’s silicone strap passes directly through the case. Each of these supple, comfortable and hard wearing straps is Pantone color matched to its corresponding dial, with the red and white Polka dot variant paired with a black strap for maximum contrast. These distinctive and easy to wear strap designs are finished with an intricately finished custom buckle in either stainless steel or optional black PVD.

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With a truly unique design and a deep connection to the history of cycling, Velotime has created an undeniably bold and distinctive new line with the Evolution Carbon. All five variants of the Evolution Carbon are available now online, for an MSRP of $430. For more information, visit Velotime’s website.

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