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As an exclusive product for the North American market, Switzerland’s Victorinox Swiss Army presents one of its most affordable limited-edition watches to date: the FieldForce Sport Titanium LE reference 249168. If you are a tool watch aficionado, then you’ll appreciate the classic lines and dedication to clean utility that Victorinox Swiss Army designed into the dial — a quality that carries throughout the larger FieldForce collection. What makes this FieldForce Sport watch truly distinctive, aside from its striking dark gray and maroon color theme, is the durable and lightweight titanium case construction.

The sandblast-finished 42mm-wide titanium case for this limited-edition FieldForce is nearly one-third lighter than the similar FieldForce watch cases produced in stainless steel. Victorinox Swiss Army has experience with the lightweight metal, but not until the arrival of the FieldForce Sport Titanium Limited Edition has titanium, a popular metal in the luxury watch arena, been used in Swiss Army’s acclaimed entry-level timepiece collection.

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Also distinctive to the Victorinox Swiss Army FieldForce Sport Titanium LE watch is the choice of movement and dial design. The FieldForce Sport Titanium LE features an even more classic and simple dial than the FieldForce Sport GMT and Chrono models that are current non-limited edition products offered by Victorinox Swiss Army. Inside the watch is a Swiss Made quartz Ronda 517 movement that features the time along with a day/date calendar mechanism.

Value is a built-in component of every Victorinox Swiss Army watch — and that is especially true with the FieldForce Sport Titanium LE. The 100-meter water-resistant case is topped with a triple-coated anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The case is paired with an authentic rubber strap, and the hour markers on the dial and the hands are painted with SuperLumiNova luminant for excellent darkness visibility. Finally, each piece is covered by a comprehensive five-year product warranty, all for under $500.

Titanium gray to near-black slate serve as the major hues used for the timepiece’s color palette. Victorinox Swiss Army nevertheless wanted to delight with color while concurrently  celebrating their own brand character. To accomplish this, the designers matched the anodized aluminum bezel insert color with that of the Swiss army shield-style logo (used as the 12 o’clock hour indicator on the dial). The bezel serves an important stylistic purpose, as well as being an outer minute-marker track.

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An interesting design note about the FieldForce timepiece collection is that it is among the only Victorinox Swiss Army watch collections not to include a dedicated track of “military time” hour markers from 13-24 (in addition to the standard 1-12 o’clock hour markers. In all other respects, the FieldForce Sport Titanium LE is a tried & true utility watch — produced in a high-quality manner that wearers have expected (and received) from Victorinox Swiss Army for years.

Continuing with the red color-celebration, the limited edition FieldForce Sport Titanium will come in an exclusive matching red-colored presentation box. Swiss Army reminds that this is a collector’s item not to be coveted inside, but to be adventured with outdoors. The Victorinox Swiss Army FieldForce Sport Titanium LE reference 249168 watch for 2020 has been produced as a limited edition of 1,400 pieces, available exclusively in the North American market. Price is $495 USD. Learn more or order at Saltzman’s here, a Swiss Army Victorinox authorized dealer.

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