Thank you for lending your valuable expertise. I have a pertinent warning: Be very cautious when dealing with every merchant, vendor, etc. I asked a well known mid-
    town Manhattan vintage watch dealer to look for the Breitling Chronomat circa 1945.
    The slobs never followed up, & I later learned they may have misrepresented a vintage
    Rolex they sold to a former friend.

  • ColieAnnie

    I’m doing research on an old Omega watch I have. I stumbled on this article and it just so happens the watch is identical to the one in the picture up top. When I click on the redirect to the article however it appears they changed their photos around and that watch isn’t pictured. Can you tell me what watch that is? Best I can gather it’s an Omega Automatic Seamaster Calendar with a champagne coloured dial? I’m a watch novice. Just wondering what it is I have and what I should do with!