Live from Los Angeles, Virtual MicroLux is happening October 16, 17, and 18th 2020 with three days of live new product presentations and the ability to directly engage with over two dozen brands. The free virtual event simply requires going to the website and following along, or viewing it via live video on the aBlogtoWatch YouTube Channel. MicroLux media partner is not only a behind-the-scenes producer — aBlogtoWatch founder Ariel Adams will co-host the live broadcast with event founder Rich Park and well-known watch journalist Victoria Gomelsky as the Virtual MicroLux live presenters.

Virtual MicroLux (sponsored by eBay with its watch enthusiast-oriented buying and selling tools) will involve a series of live segments where the participating brands will co-host guided conversations about their new products. Viewers can sit back and learn about new brands while hearing the latest news from brands they are already a fan of. Some brands will also be hosting live Q&A chat breakout sessions. There will be lots of ways to connect and much to learn from what is one of 2020’s few timepiece industry events. Virtual MicroLux was designed to be the next best thing to seeing and touching a watch in person.

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Each brand presentation segment will be 15-30 minutes long and will be recorded live, with the ability for you to view Virtual MicroLux as it is happening. Anyone will be able to view MicroLux video segments after the fact, as well, but there will not be any opportunity to engage with brands outside of the live streaming options.

Virtual MicroLux 2020 kicks off on Friday October 16, 2020 at 11:10am PST. There will be continuous segments until the final presentation at 5:00pm PST on that day. Day two of Virtual MicroLux will begin at 11:10am on Saturday the 17th, and the last presentation that day will begin at 5:30pm. Sunday, October 18th is the final day of Virtual MicroLux, and presentations begin at 11:10am PST, with the final presentations starting at 5:05pm that day.

Here is a complete list of the current brand presentation schedule for each day of Virtual MicroLux. Note that this list may be updated with changes:

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Friday, October 16:

Saturday, October 17:

Sunday, October 18:

Virtual MicroLux and aBlogtoWatch look forward to welcoming the watch enthusiast community to the live event and introducing them to new watches and great conversations. Again, to watch Virtual MicroLux, the easiest thing to do is visit the website or follow on relevant social media accounts or on the aBlogtoWatch YouTube Channel.

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