Temption CGK203 on eBayThis is going to be a relatively short explanation because I’ve dedicated an entire article to this watch already, but I wanted to mention that a Temption CGK203 watch is available on eBay right now. How amazed I get when this occurs! This occurs maybe once or twice a year, if that. Only 1100 Temption CGK203 watches were ever made. Temption as a watch manufacturer produces only 700-800 watches total.

You might recognize the Temption CGK203 because I own one and reviewed it here. Check out the review for everything you wanted to know about this watch along with additional pictures. Part of me does want to purchase another one honestly. But considering I am trying to expand my collection rather than create too much redundancy, I will leave the opportunity open for you. Because the auction has an undisclosed reserve price, it is hard to say what it will go for. I’d say a reasonable price is about $1,500.

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The specific watch available on eBay now comes with all the papers and the box. You’ll find that other watches with the same movement go for much more. The average price these days for Valjoux 7751 based watches is at least $3,000, but here you will pay less.

Inside the Temption CGK203 is Valjoux 7751 automatic mechanical movement. It shares the ruggedness and accuracy of the 7750, and add the full calendar, moonphase, and synchronized 24 hour hand. This is of my finest and most coveted watches from a style, accuracy, clarity, and functional standpoint. German watch designer Klaus Ulbrich designs each Temption with a distinct German Bauhaus and Japanese Wabisabi aesthetic. The melding result in watches with uniqueness and a real sense of character.

See Temption watches on eBay here.

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See Temption watches on Amazon here.

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