Bulgari is an Italian luxury fashion brand within the LVMH group that is equally known for its timepieces as it is for its fine jewelry and accessories. Its most famous watches include the Octo Finissimo, Octo Roma, Bvlgari Bvlgari, and Serpenti collections. While the brand itself is headquartered in Italy, its watches are all manufactured entirely in Switzerland.

Bulgari is an Italian luxury fashion brand and design house that is now part of the greater LVMH group and is equally known for its high-end timepieces as it is for its jewelry, bags, fragrances, and other accessories. The company was originally founded in Rome, back in 1884 by the Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari and over the years, the company has become one of the world’s premier luxury manufacturers. Since 2011, the brand has been part of the greater LVMH group, alongside numerous other prestigious timepiece manufacturers and luxury brands across multiple different industries. Following the acquisition of watchmaking brands Daniel Roth and Gerald Genta in 2000, Bulgari has increasingly asserted itself as one of the industry’s premier timepiece manufacturers, bringing many aspects of production entirely in-house, and claiming a number of world records for ultra-thin timepieces, along with receiving a lot of attention for its Octo Finissimo collection which is frequently regarded among collectors and enthusiasts as a true modern watchmaking icon.

Despite the fact that the brand has its headquarters in Rome, Italy, and is universally regarded as an Italian brand on a global level, Bulgari watches are all made in Switzerland and therefore proudly display the words “Swiss Made” on their dials. Although Bulgari has a long history of producing wristwatches, the watchmaking side of the company saw a major upturn in 2000 after it acquired the Gerald Genta brand, which paved the way for the Octo Roma and Octo Finissimo models that follows, which reimagine the famous Genta design and now serve as a cornerstone offering of its catalog, alongside other famous collections such as the Bvlgari Bvlgari and Serpenti lines of watches.

All of Bulgari’s watches are united by a certain refined elegance, even when they are in their most utilitarian forms. While some models such as the Serpenti solely exist along the border of timepieces and traditional jewelry items and are frequently crafted from solid gold and set with diamonds and other precious gemstones, many of the Octo Finissimo models offer bold yet slim cases crafted from stainless steel, titanium, or ceramic that offer a unique take on the classic integrated bracelet sports watch aesthetic. Despite being now regarded as a true watchmaking powerhouse, with record-breaking designs that receive significant amounts of critical acclaim, Bulgari will always be a brand that is equally regarded for its high jewelry and various accessories, as it is a luxury company that exists far beyond just the world of watches.

For watch collectors and enthusiasts, many of the most popular Bulgari watches will be those within the Octo Roma and Octo Finissimo collections, which revive a legendary design originally created by Gerald Genta and give it a thoroughly modern and refined twist.

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