Bulova is an American timepiece brand currently owned by Citizen Watch Co. as its parent company. Bulova’s models include collections such as the Precisionist, Marine Star, Caravelle, and Archive Series. The brand’s watches were once issued to the U.S. Military and have been used on numerous NASA missions, making Bulova one of the most famous watch brands in American history.

Bulova is a historic American watch brand that was originally founded in 1875 by Joseph Bulova but has been owned by Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. since 2008. Despite the change in ownership, Bulova remains true to its U.S. roots and continues to have its headquarters in New York City to this day. In addition to its numerous watchmaking innovations, Bulova also has a history of being a pioneer when it comes to advertising. Bulova created the first advertisement broadcast on radio in 1926, and also produced the world's first television advertisement on July 1, 1941, which was the very first day that commercial advertising was allowed to be on networks. Bulova was one of the largest and most prominent watch brands in the United States for many years, and it has a rich heritage that is intertwined with American history.

Bulova is credited with numerous watchmaking innovations throughout its long and illustrious history, including creating the world’s first fully-electronic analog wristwatch that relied on the brand’s famous tuning fork timekeeping technology. Known as the Accurron, the battery-powered timepiece used a 360 Hz tuning fork rather than a traditional balance wheel, which made it the most accurate watch in the world at that time. In addition to its watchmaking innovations, Bulova timepieces have also been famously issued to members of the United States Military during the golden era of the mechanical wristwatch, and they have been used on 46 different NASA missions, including one where a privately owned Bulova chronograph belonging to astronaut Dave Scott was worn on the Moon in 1971.

Today, Bulova continues to honor and celebrate its rich heritage and landmark accomplishments with its highly popular Archive Series, which reimagines famous Bulova models from the company’s history. Additionally, Bulova also continues to produce thoroughly modern timepieces with its long-running Precisionist, Marine Star, and CURV collections, along with its affordably priced Caravelle series of timepieces. Bulova also now participates in numerous different high-profile partnerships and collaborations, including its special collections dedicated to Frank Sinatra, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mark Anthony, The Apollo Theater, and the Latin Grammys. Now benefiting from the immense manufacturing capabilities of its multinational Japanese parent company, Bulova continues to maintain its longstanding commitment to producing high-quality timepieces at affordable prices.

Many watch enthusiasts will likely be most drawn to the various models from Bulova’s Archive Series, but the remarkable diversity of this historic American brand’s catalog guarantees that there will be a bit of something for everyone, regardless of their individual tastes and preferences.

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