Fortis is a proudly independent Swiss watch brand. Enthusiasts hold the brand in high regard due to its immensely durable and function-forward tool watches, including such rugged lines as the Flieger, Marinemaster, and Stratoliner series. With an intriguing legacy in aviation, undersea exploration, and space travel, along with a well-earned reputation for toughness, Fortis has earned its prominence among tool watch enthusiasts.

Fortis is an independent manufacturer of Swiss sports watches. With a devotion to rugged watch designs and a tightly focused product range, Fortis is one of the best-regarded names among tool-watch enthusiasts. Its most popular product lines include the Flieger, Marinemaster, and Stratoliner series. Fortis is also a pioneer in testing mechanical watch movements under upper atmosphere and outer space conditions.

Fortis was founded in 1912 by Walter Vogt. The brand currently operates in Grenchen, Switzerland. Fortis has a history of firsts within the watch industry, manufacturing the first automatic wristwatch in 1926 and producing timepieces for various international space programs since 1994. Although many of the brand’s offerings use third-party-derived movements, Fortis also produces its own in-house WERK 17 automatic chronograph movement with movement testing processes at the edge of outer space.

Fortis watches are generally tough and utilitarian in design, ranging from dive watches and pilot’s watches to minimalist chronographs designed for spaceflight. Its Flieger collection offers a more modernist, angular take on the traditional pilot’s watch design, while the Stratoliner collection is purpose-built for space exploration with timing tools designed specifically for tracking rocket-powered flights. Fortis watches have built a dedicated following among enthusiasts searching for a modern, capable tool watch without sacrificing Swiss mechanical finishing or quality. Its independent status also makes Fortis a popular choice for collectors seeking something outside the norm.

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