Hublot is one of LVMH’s premier watchmaking brands that is known for its bold designs and cutting-edge materials. Its most famous watches include the Big Bang, Classic Fusion, MP, and Square Bang collections. Partnerships and collaborations include Takashi Murakami, Richard Orlinski, and Sang Bleu, in addition to being the Official Timekeeper of both FIFA and UEFA soccer leagues.

Hublot is a Swiss luxury watchmaking brand that produces timepieces with bold designs that are often crafted from cutting-edge modern materials such as proprietary alloys, transparent sapphire, or brightly colored ceramic. Since 2008, Hublot has been owned by the international luxury group LVMH and continues to operate out of its headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland. Hublot’s most famous lines of watches include its Big Bang, Classic Fusion, MP, Square Bang, and Spirit of Big Bang collections, in addition to the numerous exclusive collaboration pieces that it produces with high-profile brands and artists. Additionally, Hublot is also a presence within the world of sports, and in addition to sponsoring a number of top teams and athletes from the worlds of soccer, tennis, polo, skiing, golf, sailing, and baseball, Hublot is also the Official Timekeeper of both FIFA and UEFA soccer leagues, which means that it holds the prestigious distinction of being the Official Timekeeper of the World Cup.

Hublot was originally founded in 1980 by Italian entrepreneur Carlo Crocco. The name “Hublot” comes from the French word for "porthole" and the original model’s design was heavily inspired by the core aesthetic of a porthole on a ship. Hublot was one of the very first luxury watch manufacturers to embrace rubber as a strap material, and the brand holds the title of being the very first company to produce a solid gold watch paired with a rubber strap, paving the way for countless other luxury brands that offer this fan-favorite aesthetic today. Hublot really started to hit its stride starting in 2004, when Jean-Claude Biver became the brand’s CEO and set it on a course towards being the brand that we all know today.

Some of Hublot’s pioneering innovations include its various brightly colored ultra-hard ceramic case materials, its colored transparent sapphire, its Unico chronograph movement that displays its intricate column wheel through the skeletonized dial of the watch, and its proprietary Magic Gold, which is an 18k gold alloy infused with ceramic that offers a smoky appearance and is virtually impossible to scratch. Additionally, as Hublot has always been a thoroughly modern brand that has openly embraced art, technology, and culture, the manufacturer’s creations frequently celebrate an underlying sense of fun, and Hublot frequently collaborates with some of the top artists from parallel industries such as Takashi Murakami, Richard Orlinski, and Maxime Plescia-Büchi from the Sang Bleu tattoo studio to create special timepieces that are infused with the different artists’ unique styles. Despite the wide variety of models that make up Hublot’s catalog, all of the brand’s models are united by their decidedly modern design language and use of contemporary materials.

Hublot operates at a premium price point and produces finely crafted watches that often feature bright colors, bold designs, and proprietary materials that you will not find anywhere else in the industry.

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