Tudor was created in 1926 by Rolex founder Hans Wildorf, who wanted to offer a timepiece of uncompromising quality at a more affordable price. Hugely popular worldwide, the Tudor Black Bay, Pelagos, Ranger, and Heritage Chrono collections are among the most well known from the brand’s catalog. Previously donning the Rose logo, Tudor watches now all use the recognizable shield logo across all its lines.

Commonly known as “the shield that guards the crown,” Tudor was created in 1946 by Rolex-founder Hans Wildorf. His intention was to create an affordable alternative to Rolex that would use more generic, outsourced movements but with case and bracelet quality that were up to the Rolex standards. The Swiss brand went on to be quite popular and was used by both the US Navy Seals and the French Marine Nationale.

It was in 2009 that Tudor refreshed its image with a relaunch in the UK that was marked by the Heritage Chrono which was inspired by the vintage reference 7031. This was soon followed by the brand’s 2013 relaunch in the USA with the more popular Heritage Chrono Blue which was inspired by the vintage reference 7169 “Monte Carlo.” Drawing on vintage pieces has proven to be a mark of success for the brand which has spiked in popularity among enthusiasts.

In 2015 Tudor introduced the North Flag watch which debuted the brand’s first in-house movement, something that has become ubiquitous across its collections. The brand offers collections like the Pelagos, Ranger, Heritage Chrono, Style, 1926, and Glamour, though the Black Bay has emerged as its most popular collection. Both watch enthusiasts and mainstream buyers have been drawn to the Black Bay for its classic looks, excellent finishing, and value for the money. While the Black Bay began as a simple vintage-inspired dive watch, it now has variants like a GMT, Chronograph, Bronze, and Professional models.

Tudor has successfully positioned itself as one of the strongest players in the mid-level luxury watch price category. Initially relegated to being simply a younger sibling to Rolex, Tudor has carved out its own niche with its highly successful watches.

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