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WATCH GIVEAWAY: Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium Giveaways

For the first giveaway of 2020 here on aBlogtoWatch, we’re offering up a Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium dive watch. This limited-edition timepiece is a reimagining of the commemorative Moana Pacific Professional “Kara” released in 2017, limited to only 500 units and sporting a massive 500 meters of water resistance.

The beefy 44mm case is made from ultra-durable Grade 5 Titanium, offering higher strength and lower weight than traditional stainless steel. This is backed up with a screwdown crown featuring a red anodized safety alert collar, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and an engraved ceramic bezel insert. The overall package is tough and ruggedly handsome.

The bold blue, white, and red color palette of the dial honors the flag of Magrette’s native New Zealand while preserving excellent legibility. The hands, dial, and bezel all receive a hefty portion of Super-LumiNova BGW9 lume for visibility in even the lowest light conditions.

The Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium is powered by a stalwart Sellita SW200-1 automatic movement, offering a hacking function, a 38-hour power reserve, and a 28,800 bph beat rate.

Magrette offers the Moana Pacific Professional Titanium on a signed Zulu strap for go-anywhere toughness in a choice of either blue, silver, black, or gunmetal gray. The watch currently retails for $758 USD.

To Enter You Must:

  1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required. (If you’ve signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there.) For a chance to win, share in the comments with where you’d like to take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium for a dive.
  1. Be a pal. If possible, “like” or follow any or all of the following:
  1. Wait until the giveaway is over on January 31, 2020, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-U.S. entrants may apply, based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Magrette, sponsor of the Moana Pacific Professional Titanium watch giveaway on aBlogtoWatch!


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  • Jeffwb65

    Great watch, and I’ve been lusting over this model for quite a while.The place I would is a bit different. It’s the Puget Sound. Because I’d be back in the place I love the most, Western Washington/Seattle area.

  • Dick Mille

    What a beauty!

  • mwc5k


  • Rhino67

    What an easy readout! Article is a little short on pics, but this is a tool watch I would wear in the water or ashore around the waters of the Florida Keys.

  • Damaged


  • Robin

    I like to take it diving at our local beach. Scandinavians larges sea beach Varamon.

  • Expat

    Great watch and Magrette has excellent customer service. The winner of this fine watch will be really lucky, but, frankly, any owner of a Magrette is lucky. My fingers are crossed!

  • Jimbo

    I’d love to wear one of these Moana watches everywhere and anywhere I went. Simply stunning watch, that I’d be proud to wear on my wrist.

  • G B

    What a beautiful watch and it has all of the features befitting a dive watch. I would love to test the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium off of the coast of Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico. There are three islands offshore, Bird, Deer and Goat that offer access to reefs and aquatic sea life, as well as smaller outcropping with seals so that would be cool to see them in action under water. Mazatlan also has the longest malecon, a great way to show off the Moana Pacific while walking the 21 kilometers (13 miles). Holding my breath until January 31.

  • dpphotos

    I’d like to take this one to Kona, Hawaii… Failing that, my desk?

  • Pasi Piirainen

    I would like to take it to archipelago of Turku Finland for a test dive.

  • Mickey

    To infinity and beyond!

  • My wife and I are thinking about a trip to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands this spring, and that would be a fine watch to wear!

  • tim blanz

    I’m a diver and have always been intrigued by titanium. This would be a beautiful addition to my small collection! Happy New Year!

  • Chris Paez

    I’d like to take it for a dive in the Maldives; I’ll be vacationing there in February. CHEERS!

  • Brian Dubbin

    New year, new watch.
    Thanks neighbour.

  • Magrette is a brand I’ve followed for a while; they also have a racing inspired brand. I’d take the watch to a lagoon in Fiji.

  • f???graphable

    Cozumel, Belize

  • Tom In Arizona

    I’d take it for a dive in the waters off Titikaveka Beach in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. A beautiful beach for a beautiful watch.


  • Mark

    Love the color and numerals of the dial. Perfect for a dive off Catalina Island!

  • Mike Evans

    Very nice looking watch! I would love to take one diving in Borneo.

  • I’ve long been a fan of Magrette, I would love to take this one diving in the Maldives, paradise on earth!

  • Luciano

    Red Sea

  • Pilotwatches

    I could live to dive with this watch next Sumer in Lac Leman

  • Great watch! I would wear it everywhere, even in my bathtub!

  • I would like to take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium for a dive in my community pool.

  • Pat P

    I recently went to Puerto Rico for a work project and my coworker convinced me to go snorkeling, it was awesome!
    Now, I’ve become enamored to start into diving and as I venture into a new realm as a beginner this entry dive watch would be the perfect enhancement. I need to pay attention to everything I do and this is a clear informative piece.

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Yoni

    A beautiful watch. I might take it for a dive in the red sea (if only I would win it…)

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I would like to win this because i like watches and this is one.

    • Esteban

      Solid logic.

    • Berndt Norten

      I want you to win it

      • Raymond Wilkie

        Berndt ( excuse the delay on account i have now got backlog coming in ) but I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.
        *5 mins later ……
        Berndt!, why do I have to google everything you say?
        I’m more concerned about who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?
        See what I did their? 🙂

    • Grand Seiko, too?

      • Raymond Wilkie

        Hmmm,……….you got me there.

  • Ugo

    beautiful watch!
    my wife would say that my infamous hour-long-showers should count as professional dive time, but i’d definitely take it to the Cueva de los Verdes…

  • aWtchslvr

    I would take the Magrette Moana Pacific to the Atlantic.
    El Hierro, Canary Islands. Diving paradise.

  • Joel Schumann

    Rather than a specific spot I would love to join the Thai/Burmese sea gypsies in the Andaman Sea or on Borneo and catch dinner with them and learn about their way of living.

  • Michael Troper

    Great watch. I would take the watch to Saint Martin.

  • Twf

    Lovely watch, would take it to bath tub and who knows where else

  • Ah Shumaker

    The Bahamas would be nice for this watch.

  • Onur Ozan

    You have to take this beauty to Hawaii!!

  • Rob

    A really cool watch to win!!

  • woody

    Absolutely stunning watch. I travel a lot for work as an environmental consultant and I’m always on the look out for a tuff timepiece that can stand up to some harsh conditions and still be beautiful.

    I’ve traveled all over the world but this year I plan to take a dive trip to the Bahamas.

  • Dan Milligan

    Awesome watch! I would LIKE to take it back to either Costa Rica or Bali. But more likely I would take it to the bottom of my toddler’s bathtub…

  • Dragos Ion

    North Sea.

  • Brad Herndon

    Snorkeling off the coast of Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

  • Douglas D

    I would take it to Hawaii if I get to visit there this year.

  • Chris

    Would look great on my wrist whilst looking for sea turtles here in Guadeloupe!

  • SH

    Terrific watch, will match my black Diver 2. I would use diving in Fiji.

  • 0059mike

    I’d love to take it to the Great Barrier Reef,

  • lajoes

    Wow, all those exotic places everyone talks about wearing this watch sounds nice. But for me, I’d like just wear it everyday around the streets where I live, here in Michigan.

    • Esteban

      The blasphemy.

    • Playboy Johnny – Team Mariu$

      We have many choices for water in Mich & Ontario.

  • J. Harper

    Let’s be honest; I’d just be taking this to the office to dive my desk.

  • Kelly O’Neal

    I’m going to explore the undersea world off New Zealand and after I return to land this watch will be perfect with a blue chambray shirt, blue jeans, black belt and dress boots.

  • Andres

    I would take it to the cenote dos ojos in mexico, the place where Carlos Coste, Venezuelan as I am, broke his first world apnea record with 150 meters a few years ago. although I would not reach even a small fraction of that depth it would be the perfect scenario to use it.

    • Esteban

      You can only comment once, mate. You’ll be disqualified.

      • Andres

        i´m sorry i made it twice by mistake.

  • Tim

    I’d like to take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium for a dive to the Florida Keys when I go diving for lobsters.

  • Joe Guzik

    I would take this watch with me to a beautiful beach in Brazil!

  • Andy

    im New to watch collecting and I’ve been doing a lot of research on watches. That being said, this watch would be a great start to my collection, and would be used for diving in Saint Lucia next Christmas… yes, my wife is already planning next Christmas. I’m glad I discovered this blog!

  • Anonymouswatchman

    I’d like to take this watch diving on the Southern English coast, around Plymouth.

  • Joe in WI

    I hear the Maldives are great; I’ll take it there!

  • Andres

    I would take it to the Cenote dos ojos in mexico, the place where Carlos Coste, Venezuelan as I am, broke his first world apnea record with 150 meters a few years ago. although I would not reach even a small fraction of that depth it would be the perfect scenario to use it.

  • shellieclark

    Great watch! Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

  • Stu

    Wonderful watch, great to support a kiwi company, I would take it diving in Malta’s amazing clear waters.

  • Michael Kopala

    Living in the midwest, I would take a diving either at one of the many lakes in Wisconsin or perhaps even Lake Michigan itself. It is a gorgeous piece of work and looks like it take a good dunking or two in the cold Waters of the Midwest.

  • Menace Reynolds

    I’ve always admired this line. I’d use it to count respirations at the hospital.

  • Pete L

    Would love to take it to the crystal clear (but admittedly chilly!) waters off Cornwall when we next go in the Spring.

  • Tim

    I’d take it desk diving! Ticks all the boxes for me.

  • Ronnie Wishart

    I would love to take it diving off the coast of Cozumel Mexico, where I first went on honeymoon. ?????

  • Dan Baxter

    Still need to get dive certified, but I would take it down to the Keys.

  • eboldo

    Campeche Island on South Brazil.

  • Esteban

    To Laguna de Bacalar, not for a dive, but for a swim as I plan to cross it several times for exercise maybe in february, and it would look much cooler than my current diver.

  • Gabe Chambers

    Tbh – probably a lot of desk diving – a few swimming pools lol – nice watch though – would be very happy to wear it

  • grandma 1

    great watch. i would give it to the love of my life

  • Luis Horacio Velez de la Pava

    Cozumel Mexico

  • David

    It’s very beautiful and the materials make it even more attractive. I would even learn how to swim.

  • Murdock

    I was just recently in New Caledonia for work. Beautiful place, I’d take this watch back there for diving.

  • Sully

    I have been eyeing Magrette watches for a while and would love to take this one snorkeling around Hilo and kayaking in the Puget Sound.

  • Norman

    It’s about as large a watch as I would go, but very handsome. Would love to snorkel around the Galapagos Islands.

  • Jon W

    Big fan of Magrette, have a MPP Black and Brown/PVD Dual Time already, so this would be a nice complement. Thinking about a vacation to Belize in the next year, so that would have to be my most likely destination to take this one for a dive.


    This brands customer service is seriously questionable.

    Having placed an order for this model, I had some questions regarding payment AFTER having placed a deposit on it, and emailed them on 3 occasions. Never got a reply. Nothing.

    In the end, didn’t get the watch, didn’t get the deposit back.

    I’ll let you be the judge.

  • JD Ouest

    Boss diver – would love to take it to Grand Caymen Island.

  • Carmen Brisante

    Loving these responses! I would take this watch swimming in the surf at Noosa, Queensland.

  • Chris MacEwen

    I would love to take it on a diving trip to Hawaii

  • Kenneth Barnhart

    I’d take it snorkeling off the cost of Puerto Rico.

  • all74

    I like the look of Magrettes. I’d happily take this diving in Maui.

  • Matt Jaffe

    Beautiful diver. I would absolutely take this to the Maldives and see it before they’re gone!

  • Maxtor

    South Beach in Miami. Not for scuba but just for a swim and sun.

  • equinoctialgale

    Okinawa, before the party is over.

  • bowzee

    Definitely my shower, I wouldn’t dive with such a beauty, even if I knew how to do this!

  • Blake Howard

    My local pool this summer

  • Mikita

    Nowhere, because I won’t win it.

    • SuperStrapper

      Don’t give up man! Aside from I think 2 or 3 giveaways i purposely did not enter (because I knew i didn’t want the watch) i think i have entered every single monthly giveaway this blog has ever graced us with, and the law of averages finally came around for me. They will for you as well, but as a great man once said: you’ll miss 100% of the shots you do not take.

  • Brian Russell

    I’d like to take it to the Bahamas. Also to the neighborhood pool.

  • SuperStrapper

    I gave up diving but love me a good snorkel session. Would love to go back and snorkel Curaçao again.

    • AAW

      Tugboat Beach is my favorite snorkeling spot.

  • Tom Bonetti

    The blue Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium watch with the grey strap looks incredible! I can see taking this to the Florida Keys.

  • SMB

    In my best micro-brand marketing spiel: I would wear this watch flying my light plane over Mexico before an emergency landing on the Yucatan peninsula where I meet the last Maya priest who teaches me the true way of the watch and inspires me to dedicate the rest of my life to mapping the cenotes in an epic underwater adventure that leads me to sell shed loads of watches.

  • egznyc

    Were I to win (never happened before, but why not?), it’d be cool to take this into the Pacific off the coast of New Zealand. I’ve been to Australia but haven’t yet been to NZ, and I’d be curious to see if the brand were familiar to the “locals,” though I suspect it’d be solely the die-hard watch enthusiasts.

  • I’d like to take it to the beach.

  • Stephan

    I already own a Kara, which i completely love on a blue MN strap. I would really enjoy getting this new edition to take it to the rivers of Casanare in Colombia.

  • Robin Bullock

    I fly to Bora Bora a few times a year. That watch deserves to be on my wrist while I swim the coral reefs there.

  • Julian Rowland

    Have always loved Magrette watches.I would take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium to the clear, azure blue waters of the Bahamas and really enjoy looking at it, especially under the waves!

  • Apollo Frost

    I think Hawaii would only be fitting for a dive with this Moana. Pick me!!!

  • AAW

    I’ve been eyeing the Moana Pacific Professional for quite a while. I’d love to take the watch back to its home to do some wreck dives at the Bay of Islands and then cheer on the All Blacks afterward.

  • Ant

    For me it would be off the coral coast in Fiji

  • iBradcon

    I’d like to take it for a dive at the local water park.

  • NaJo

    Dive near the whiteisland and try to find the remaining two bodies…

  • Rolf Schweimer

    The beaches of Bulli are not a bad start, next stop Stradbroke island and then off to Auckland to visit the relatives.

  • Taylan

    Looks awesome in all blue details.
    I’d take it to Ibiza for a winter swim.

  • Kris A.

    I would take this watch for a dive in the Maldives and explore the tropical life in the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean!

  • Ad rock

    Definitely Baia/Pozzuoli Italy

  • GKS

    I’d like to go diving in the waters off Taba, Egypt

  • Zoran Filipovic

    Great giveaway, I hope I will win -count me in

  • Jonathan Davies

    I’d love to take my Magrette in the ocean near where I live including the beaches off Vancouver Island as well as the many lakes on the island itself.

    Thank you for another giveaway!

  • John Frei

    Nice watch. I’ve never been diving, so I dunno, take it to the Florida Keys?

  • Jonathan Fisk

    I would like to take it to the Turks & Caicos Islands to explore the reefs, but more likely to end up paddling at Whitby beach.

  • johnwithanh

    Since everyone will likely say somewhere warm and nice I’ll go the other way. The Magrette and I are going to Lake Erie to dive some shipwrecks. We’ll go in March to beat the crowds…

  • Steven Servantez

    I would love to dive off the coast of Belize with this watch

  • christopher jensen

    Would love to take this watch diving on our next Hawaii trip. ?

  • Eric Gordon

    Awesome watch. I had an MPP Black, and my neighbor has this one. I would definitely take it snorkeling in Guam followed by some scuba diving in Australia.

  • John Taylor

    I would love to take this beautiful watch to some of our beautiful Oregon lakes.

  • Juan Cruz Mathus

    Lovely giveaway. I hope to wear that Magrette in my left wrist by early February!

  • Hacker

    The first place this would go….a dive in the good ole backyard pool!

  • Nigel Vivash

    Have to try it in the Warm Waters of the Arabian Gulf!!
    Love the look of the watch

  • eric veracruz

    Nice watch. I will take it diving with me somewhere around my backyard and the tub at home. If this at watch is made to live a lifetime then it will be appreciated more by desk diving and domestic adventures.

  • D.C.

    Wouldn’t mind a Caribbean getaway to Grand Cayman with this gem!

  • P.Panagiotidis

    I don’t dive, but i would take the watch to one of the Aegean beaches in Greece

  • Christopher Redhead

    I live in France, but I would love to take this watch diving in the Solent, off the Isle of Wight where I grew up.

  • Eugene Najera

    The only diving I have done was in La Jolla many years ago. I would be thrilled to return to La Jolla and dive with the Magrette on my wrist.

  • Avi Kallmeyer

    Diving in the south of France or Hawaii would be a pretty spectacular experience. Wouldn’t be able to stop smiling at my wrist with something like that.

  • nyonya

    Would love to have this one for a dive in Curacao!

  • mauro tovoli

    very cool

  • Christopher

    Given the name of the watch, I think it would have to be broken in somewhere in the Pacific. I’d like to take it for a plunge off Oahu’s North Shore!

  • Petr K?ístek

    The watches are amazing. I would love to try them.

  • Bryan M

    I wouldn’t mind diving with this on Kauai this summer!

  • musait biyerde

    Would love to take this watch to diving tour on our next Greece trip 🙂

  • Big J

    I’d love to take it to the Palancar Reef off Cozumel, to celebrate our anniversary at the place where we honeymooned. I think it would also be a perfect accessory for Atlas (, our humanoid robot, who might ask to borrow it on occasion.

  • Daniel D.

    Grand Cayman for me!

  • David

    I’m going to take this bad boy diving in Lake Taupo.

  • FollowPhil

    Although I travel to new and different places each year, Maui still holds my interest as the favorite diving location to take the Margrette Moana Pacific watch!

  • nicholas_spring

    Desk diver here, so it might make it in the shower.

  • Cesar Augusto Guerios

    I’ll take it at Curitiba, Brazil

  • Nigel

    Wreck diving in the murky waters of the St Lawrence River in Canada is just the place for solid dive watch.

  • nfromto

    Excellent watch to take diving at Fathom Five National Marine Park in beautiful Tobermory Ontario Canada.

  • Steve Jacobs

    Anywhere in the South Pacific– We’ve been to Tahiti twice. Perhaps Fiji or the Cook Islands.

  • donkol

    I’d like to go back to Cabo Pulmo.

  • Calvin F.

    Some where in the Caribbean sea!

  • ray h.

    Such a robust watch at this price point is rare ! Would love to take it to the gulf of Mexico this spring !

  • Jay

    I actually dive, so I’d love a new dive watch!

  • Big J

    I’d love to take it to the Palancar Reef off Cozumel, to celebrate our anniversary at the place where we honeymooned. I think it would also be a perfect accessory for Atlas, our humanoid robot, who might ask to borrow it on occasion.

  • Ozgun Can Ozgunes

    Göcek for me.

  • GojiB

    i’ll totally take this for a good old dive on my desk!

  • roland monkman

    very nice watch i’ll take it to the great barrier reef to try out!!

  • Zach Brown

    Beautiful watch and the perfect size for my wrist. I would love to take it for a dive in Bora Bora!


    Fiordland National Park would be a nice place to take this watch!

  • NASAVandy

    I’d like to take this watch anywhere with calm seas and great visibility, including the Blue Hole in Belize.

  • Uriar

    I’d love to take it, and myself and family, to dive in Zanzibar. Thanks for the chance!

  • JR

    Nice looking watch. I am not a diver but I’d wear it at the desk every day.

  • Carlos Marin Aguas

    I love Magrette’s watches since the first time I took a look at them, near 12 years ago. Thx for giving us this chance!

  • Steve Santora

    I own a Magrette watch and really enjoy it. Leoncino. Definately wearing on my next Bahamas dive or date night.

  • Chris MoJo

    I would love to learn to dive somewhere warm like the Caribbean.

  • Ramon Costa

    Wow! Really cool giveaway!! 🙂 I must say that Magrette is a great microbrand with a really awesome and stunning pieces! Thanks a lot for this chance!

  • Escapementor

    I would enjoy the Magrette while sea kayaking and camping in New Zealand…bringing it back home, in a sense. Hope I get the chance!

  • Greg Hall

    Goat Island or Poor Knights

  • Christina Jensen

    I’d love to take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium for a dive in the Bahamas. The water looks so beautiful and clear.

  • Randy Bradford

    This watch would make me look good diving in Bermuda!

  • koli

    I believe Magrette would enjoy the company of Patek in my watch collection.

  • Amanda Kline

    I’d love to go diving with this Magrette watch in the Bahamas.

  • Raymond Janik

    I have trip to Bonaire coming up….

  • Dan Dolar

    I’d love to take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium for a dive in El Cajon, CA!

  • Sheila Kent Archibald

    I would love to take this to Nova Scotia for a dive in the Atlantic Ocean . Happy New Year.

  • Kumaran Ramu

    Wow thats a great watch to giveaway, i have been following Magrette for a while now. I love their signature piece Leoncino. About this dive watch itself, i almost ordered it via their pre-order campaign, but had to change my mind at the last moment. It would be a good win for me. I would love to wear it for kayaking in Hawaii.

  • William Denissen

    watch looks cool

  • Scott

    So….I am probably not taking this diving anywhere but the pool this summer, but boy would this watch look good doing it!

  • Lukas Westling

    This would look stunning in the Red sea

  • GalaxyGuy

    I’d love to take the Magrette diving in Monterey Bay.

  • Red side of Mersey

    Great looking diver. I would wear it surfing off the Gold Coast, Qld Australia.

  • Pete Yo

    I’d like to take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium watch diving with me the next time I go diving in the Florida Keys.

  • PC

    Beautiful watch! Would be awesome to dive with it in Koh Tao!

  • Gord Hay

    Through the islands on Canada’s pacific

  • Pete Ryan

    I’d take the magrette in the waters of irelands galway coast.
    [email protected]

  • sam-b

    I’m a lousy diver, therefore I would take Moana for snorkeling or all occasions you wish to have a reliable watch…

  • A G

    I woulid like to take it to St. John , Carribean.
    They look great !

  • Grant


  • Grant

    Wow, would look great at depth or in the air!

  • GriffithH

    Mauritius offers a lot as a destination, including diving, and since the Magrette looks to be very practical and has style as well, it would be a great watch to bring.

  • mikeymusic

    I have a Magrette in my rotation and have never dived with it! I’d like to win this one and not dive with it also.

  • James Weikamp

    Hopefully Bonaire. Beautiful watch.

  • Marko Bublik

    I would love to dive withe Magrette watch on the coastline of Egypt.

  • Tony Platz

    I would like to take it in the Pacific.

  • ChrisA

    The pink granite coast in Brittany, France.

  • Nigel Wee

    Would love to dive with this up at Coral Bay Western Australia.

  • Ed Yu

    Great barrier reef of course. 🙂

  • Jono Steven

    I would like to dive in to life.. I don’t dive, but would love it as a daily wear beauty!

  • Sotantar Suraj


  • Nathan Pollard

    I would take it in the icy waters off the coast of Cornwall.

  • Daniel Dieringer

    What a great looking watch–what a Panerai might look like if they would innovate.

  • Chris Cheng

    This would fit right in on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland.

  • Alexandru catalin Carciog

    My brother’s boat will be finished in this summer, we’ve been building it for the last few years with no outside help, the first proper voyage will be at the end of summer towards Tenerife, hopefully i can get a chance to use it there and a lot on the way there!

  • jroot1974

    I’d love to take this watch on my next dive trip to Belize!

  • Allan Borges Pontes

    I would like to dive with this watch in Fernando de Noronha, northeast of Brazil.

  • Lars Paulsen

    I’d love to take this watch diving in Maui.

  • Danilo Icabalceta

    I would love to take this Titanium beast to the Florida Keys…

  • kpjimmy

    Good luck all!

  • Murray Mannion

    A great New Zealand success story and fantastic products. I would use on my next trip to Bali and dive the warmer waters there

  • Tyler G

    Jamaica. I’ve yet to go. Been on my bucket list for years.

  • I’d take this sucker diving into a 23,000 gallon pool filled with pistachio pudding.

  • Kurt Meyer

    I would take it for a swim in the Caymans then follow that up with a margarita on a nearby beach!

  • John Simpson

    I would love to go back to Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

  • Alex Weltlinger

    That’s a lovely piece there. Simple and beautiful…

  • We are planning a trip to New Zealand this year, maybe I can just pick it up while I’m there. Would love to see how it looks in the water in that beautiful area of the world

  • 000001

    I could even take such a nice-looking watch to the bathtub

  • David Rainey

    I would love this watch playing in the waters of Lake Pend Oreille (Ponderay) in the Idaho Panhandle.

  • Adrian Choo Cheng Yong

    I would take it diving to a world class dive spot in my country Malaysia. Sipadan Island, which is located on top of an extinct volcano.

  • Brian Waller

    I’d take it diving off Santa Cruz Island then up the hill from Sunset to my cousin David’s house and listen to his stories while watching the sun set over the bay.

  • cyklopz

    Big fan of Magrette…would love to take this with me on my next trip to Hawaii.

  • Ray Clapp

    Looks perfect for some diving in La Jolla, California!

  • billy mclaughlin

    I would take it to Christmas Island in the Pacific

  • drhrva

    I’d definitely take it diving in Tubbataha Reef!

  • drhrva

    I would take it diving to Tubbataha Reef!

  • John Dixon

    Would love this beautiful watch on my upcoming trip to the outer banks,South Carolina!Wish i had last year for waimei bay Hawaii:(.

  • Daryl Okayama

    Not much of a water person even though I grew up in Hawaii. If I were to take this on a dive it would be at Molokini Crater off of Maui. I have 2 Magrette watches and love them both!

  • Chris Behle

    I’ve been lookin’ to add any magrette watch to my newly started collection. I would love to take it into the pacific off the Marshall islands where i was born almost 30 years ago

  • Carlos Austin

    Would love this Magrette in Tulum and Cancun Mexico.

  • Tasha Cain

    Love this beautiful watch.

  • Ben

    I’d wear this judging and safteying freedivers. Often the divers are out of site down a safety line, and you need to monitor the diver’s estimated dive time. A traditional dive watch with a second hand easily visible keeps a realistic count of time; way better than counting in your head. Plus, be interesting to check the lume in the lake Pupuke murk where we train in Auckland.
    And a decent timepiece for the Lake Taupo Catfish Cull would also be handy.

  • John Winnard

    Another beautiful watch that can be used for everyday wear as well. I would love to use it while overlanding and exploring places like Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika…

  • Leo

    Nice watch

  • wen khong

    Great start to 2020. If love to take this watch to Christmas Island (an Australian territory) and do a cave dive with it.

  • Greg Kaufman

    The Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium is an absolutely beautiful timepiece. I would confidently wear the watch on a dive through the Sheraton Caverns off Poipu, Kauai.

    I own a Magrette Regattare which still runs wonderfully, but the Moana Pacific is even more visually fantastic with its ceramic bezel and eye catching typography! Love the watch and the ten years of great design Magrette brings.

  • Martin Chiu

    I’d love to dive with this watch in the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Jeet

    Nice Watch!! Can be used everyday as well !! Would love to wear the watch on a dive through Grand Island, Goa !!

  • Sean PIzzle

    I don’t actually know how to dive. So I guess, if I won this, i would wear it as I take diving lessons (probably in the aquarium of the Dubai mall, because that thing is full of fish, and I like the idea of diving in front of people and well above sea level in case something goes wrong!)

  • Ryan

    I’m not a diver so I’d dive back into work and make sure that we can deliver enough of our personal protective equipment to the regional areas of Australia that have bodies on the ground in need. Be a great addition to my MPP rose gold.

  • Playboy Johnny – Team Mariu$

    I like Magrette and tried to find one while in NZ. None in shops – website only.
    It would accompany me in Fathom Five Marine Park in Ontario Canada.

  • gtbr

    I see myself diving in the Maldivas with the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium dive watch!!!

  • BrandonS

    would love to dive the Great Blue Hole, Belize!

  • Gal Sh

    Because I can’t dive, I will take it for a dive in the office 🙂

  • Mikita

    Thank you mate! Very kind of you 🙂

  • Kevin Beard

    I’m not a diver, I’ve only ever snorkeled at Xel Ha in Mexico. I suppose if I were a diver, the Galapagos seem really neat.

  • Dan

    Would be a good watch to learn how to dive with. Would love to take it scuba diving in Thailand!

  • Jorge Miranda

    I acquired one of the first Magrette Moana Pacific watches, couple of years ago and I was very much satisfied with the high quality of the materials, accuracy of the movement and beautifull design. If am the winner, I will take the watch to the Belizean Cays, a fantastic place in the caribbean and central-america for a test.

  • Marcin Sen

    To Mauritius again! 🙂

  • Bertrand Deleval

    The Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titaniumis beautiful watch that can be used for everyday wear as well. I would love to use it while overlanding and exploring places like the golfe d’Ajaccio, and the Sanguinaires Island …

  • Quapp Wolke

    Looks great with these colors, Functionality is perfect. Would be great for my outdoors photography tours and birdwatching.

  • Chrys

    Diaporos island.Anyone who knows where it is, knows what I am talking about.

  • Stephen D. Smith

    Don’t dive…but I would dutifully sport this in the tub.

  • Damir Grgi?

    Nice watch, and nice way to start 2020 Giveaways!

  • Dawn Blake

    I hope win the watch use new watch

  • Ayreonaut

    I’d wear it diving in the Caribbean.

  • chewo achat

    Hey there. Since i thought that magrette watches are rough , i think that a dive at a family meeting could be a good test…
    Anyway , i like to go to see my family in Thaïland, Bear kraby. I know some good spots there ?

  • Duncan Wells

    Happy New Year, i would love to win this watch. I have a surf tripped planned to the Philippines this spring (cold here in Canada) and would love to have this on my wrist.

  • Matthew Kessler-Cleary

    My wife and I honeymooned in Bora Bora. Most beautiful place I’ve ever seen, with a baffling array of aquatic life. I’d love to go back and spend some time in the water with this beaut on my wrist.

  • Anders Nyström

    Love this Magrette and would like to take it on a dive in the cold waters of Sweden.

  • ijg projects

    Beautiful Dial, Great Case Shape, Great Colour Combo!!!!
    I am not much of a swimmer so it would most likely end up as a Desk Diver!
    But It is Still Fun!!!

  • Simarsden

    These watches are some of the best quality ‘microbrand’ watches on the market.
    Superb Design, Reliable movements and quality components Make them a sound investment.
    I’d love to add one of these to my collection!
    Diving ? well my first and only place was off the coast of Madeira – would be great to take this piece back there

  • Thomas Sparg

    I would love to win this amazing watch, and proudly keep it in its home waters in Auckland!

  • Benny Nem

    I dont dive but would be more than happy swimming with it in Miami

  • Kurt Salva

    Always been a fan of Magrette ever since I got hooked on Horology. Their minimal, robust but beautifully executed approach to their watches aesthetics is really a key factor for me, you can basically go anywhere with them and they don’t need to hide from other more expensive watches as they punch well above their weight class. If I got this titanium beauty it’ll most probably accompany me to my trip in South East Asia and after that with me desk diving in the office ?

  • Juju

    Dive in Indonesia with this wonderful watch!

  • Marcus Fischer

    Cyclade Islands, Greece.
    Amazing underwater experience, most friendly people and great food.

  • Vats Thaker

    I’d like to take this watch on my honeymoon to
    Hawaii Kauai while I hike and kayak! I recently discovered this brand when I created an exclusive Instagram account for my watches and watches I come across (that_watchaholic) I have finally found a hobby in my life that brings me absolute joy and I love getting to know the like minded individuals out there who love watches. Cheers Happy new year! And good luck everyone

  • Tom

    Beautiful watch. Timing would be perfect to take to Vietnam where I am headed with my wife in February.

  • Billy Pascoe

    My ‘MAGRETTE TIKI’ is probably my favourite watch! I live in Cairns, Australia and as I do with the TIKI, I would be taking it out to the Great Barrier Reef diving, and also taking it trekking into the Daintree Rainforest! Thankyou to ABLOGTOWATCH and MAGRETTE for the chance to enter!

  • Brett Lintvelt

    I would take it to work offshore in the oil and gas industry. It would see plenty of impact and fluid challenges. Would also be used in the surf zone (kayaking).
    Brilliant microbrand, with innovative designs.

  • Draycat

    Been longing for a Magrette for a while, really like the look and quality of the pieces. Love aBlogtoWatch too, and have read many a review there. Thank you for the opportunity to own one of the lovely pieces.

  • DC

    All done. A great website and a great watch. Thanks so much for the chance.

  • Rodney Lyne

    Fantastic looking watch, I regularly go diving down the gold coast and this would look right at home.

  • JayDub

    The blue hole, of course.

  • Steve Kowalsky

    Everything this team makes looks beautiful. I will take it for a dive in the Pacific Ocean.

  • Tom Van Dingenen

    I’ll take it for a dive in my office at 37000 feet. And just maybe if I’m lucky in the Red Sea as well.
    Great watch, love the colours on it too.

  • Sven Metzgen

    I will dive in the North sea in Germany ?? with it in the summer

  • Dominik Rocchi

    This watch would suit perfectly for my diving trip to the Blue Hole in Egypt !

  • Quang Anh Tr?n

    I have never won a Give Away before. Even this time, i think my chance of winning this piece is also too small that i can hardly see 🙁 however i still desperately want to try because i love its appearance so much ^^~

  • Mikhaelstan

    I’m headed for Komodo Island for a holiday soon so that’s where I would dive with it.

  • Jim Harner

    Very nice looking watch at a good price. Nice brief review of the watch.

  • JK

    Water is not my element, moreover I’m not a fan of dive watches. Despite this last week I saw an older version of Tudor Pelagos 2012 with grey dial and bezel what I almost bought as I found it in matte grey so attractive. One of my watch collector friend raised my attention to Magrette, as an interesting microbrand. I’m thinking about preorder Moana Pacific Waterman GMT, where I like the colours and the hands +the date/GMT functionality. I miss the arabic numbers there, bit I can see on this giveaway where I like the titanium as material and the case shape + a huge kudos for ceramic and lumed bezel. I’m not sure if the case have different colour or just the different strap colour changes it, but I like this version which is not as dark as above

    Just to answer the question, I would “dive” in a thermal spa :), but I would wear the watch every day as the PR would not go two days 😉

  • Guapo Butud Batman

    I would love to bring this titanium beast to Samal Island aka “Island Garden City of Samal” at Davao del Norte, Philippines for a swim…???

  • Sam Nord

    If I can’t go to New Zealand then I would like to wear it on my wrist 🙂 Ka kite ano Magrette!

  • Oleg

    That’s my favourite Magrette by far. I’ll be going to Mexico this spring, so that’s where I would wear it diving.

  • Mike Ciccarelli

    Would love this watch. So cool.

  • Seth L

    I’d love to take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium on some dives off the coast of Manado in Indonesia.

  • Abderrahmane Essaouri

    That would be a great present to start this new year, can’t afford it hopefully luck turn my side and try to win this beauty. thank you
    aBlogtoWatch for this opportunity and good luck to all. cheers

  • paul.hanley

    Gold panning in the Manchester Ship Canal. Nice watch!

  • JF Beaulieu

    I’m a big fan of Magrette and wold love taking this one diving of the Cozumel shores

  • betty23

    I’ve always liked Magrette for its unique style. Where would I take this watch for a dive? My office, my office desk, and around town, of course!

  • GL Romano

    This would be my third Magrette and I would love to wear it diving in the Underwater Archeological Park of Baiae, close to Neaples Italy

  • Lazar Poposki


  • Tristan Spencer

    Great watch, love the blue bezel with the blue face and the blue strap combination.

  • marcus leef

    This would look great on my wrist. Especially in green

  • Amit

    My first time snorkeling was in Puerto Rico and since then I have been wanting to explore other places. I know it is not the same as diving but if I win the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium then I would love to take it to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

  • Adam

    Off the coast of the Carolinas on a spearfishing adventure!

  • AGL

    I would hit this up on one of my dives in the Puget Sound!

  • AGL

    I would dive in the Puget Sound with this beauty!

  • Rémy Solnon

    I really like The Magrette Moana Pacific Professional, its blue dial is an invitation to dive into the Great Barrier Reef to discover extraordinary fish !

  • EtaoinShrdlu

    With this beautiful watch I’d go diving, for the first time in quite a few years, with my beautiful wife in some awesome dive spot we go to together!

  • James davis

    Would finally swim with the sharks in Key West with this beauty

  • kvks kumar

    dive in great barrier reef

  • KDKing

    Sweet looking watch that needs to be on my wrist if I could be so lucky.

  • Cliff Whittington

    A amazing watch. I’d love to win it

  • Ian Hamill

    I would bring it on my next trip to the Galápagos Islands.

  • Patricia

    I would like take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium for a dive in the Blue Hole off of Belize.

  • Bonnie Mitchell

    I hope I win, it would be a beautiful gift for my husband!!

  • anthony fucillo

    the carribean

  • Jose Benavides

    I would take this beautiful watch for a dive at the lake or just show it off during summer swimming.

  • Mack

    Really good looking watch. I especially like that they’ve gone no-date on their divers.

  • Brett Moore

    I would love to take this beautiful Magrette watch back to the Belize Barrier Reef and Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

  • mojomarc

    Nga Trang, Vietnam. That would be a great place to test out the Magrette

  • jadico27

    Very nice as always from Magrette, though… I’m not crazy about the crown.

  • Kevin Peterson

    I’d go diving in Hawaii with that watch. beautiful.

  • sexybrat

    I would love to take it camping with me to Burney Falls.

  • Joe K

    I’d like to take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium for a dive on the Great Barrier Reef.

  • A. Ghafran

    I’d love to take it for a dive at Sipadan Island in Borneo

  • Brandon

    I’ll take it to Mexico with me, got a little trip planned for later this winter!

  • K7

    Lake Payne, Alabama. Where else? Lol

  • Chai

    I think it’ll be a strap monster-of-a-watch…..pair it with a nato – sports casual, pair it with leather – office formal, pair it with a sailcloth – office casual, pair it with rubber strap – dive watch….can’t wait to test it out in all environments and live to tell the tale…..

  • Krueger_Nancy

    I’ve always wanted to dive in Palau! Definitely taking the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium.

  • jkiyama

    I love to dive local water in the Central Coast, California. Crabs and Rock Cods are my favorite to catch!

  • Juan Carpio

    I would take it to the Great Barrier Reef!

  • JChoong

    I’m not a diver, but am likely to be sailing the south pacific on a tall ship this year, hopefully with this beauty on my wrist!

  • Daaz Malsaram

    My love for divers knows no bounds. Will I deserve this beauty ?

  • Dobrin Tomov

    I’d like to take it to the Submarine U-211 located near Varna, Bulgaria (Black Sea)

  • Randy Vincent


  • James T.

    I would love to bring the watch with me to dive the Red Sea.

  • Chris Miller

    I want to explore central America with this watch.

  • Narendran Nair

    Still looks like a Magrette, beautiful!

  • Panos Theodoropoulos

    It is a good excuse to start scuba diving

  • German Lopez

    What a beauty, Magrette has some stunning pieces. I would love to take this bad boy diving somewhere in the waters of Hawaii.

  • Raymond Langer

    I would like to take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium in Maui

  • nickie burke

    I’d like to take it to the great barrier reef

  • chromiumman

    i’d love to take it down to the florida keys – thanks for the chance

  • Digiorno Giovanni

    Nice watch, I’d like to take it to Niagara Falls.

  • Jonathan Hancock

    Boy, she’s a beaut! That blue dial and bezel work well!

  • Mark

    First dive would probably be in a desk, then maybe the Poor Knights.

  • Marko Schlensok

    Probably Ireland… Irish Sea… Beautiful watch by the way.

  • Martin

    I would like to take this watch to Tasmania or New Zealand. Really dreaming about visiting…

  • Mike

    I like this watch.

  • Shawn George

    This looks like an awesome diver! I’d love to take this to St.Lucia where we happen to be going at the end of February!

  • Luis

    I would love to take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium for a dive in the Coral Reef in Australia.

  • Brian Kurzynski

    I would love to wear the Pacific Professional Titanium while enjoying the beaches of Sardinia!

  • Pedro

    I want to take this to the Azores!

  • luc durazo


  • mgallion

    I’d love to take it down to the keys!

  • Last November, I went snorkeling off Key West at a coral reef and had a shark encounter at Bahia Honda beach. That would be perfect to take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional.

  • Curt Thompson

    I like this watch… I’ll be in Hawaii this spring where I’d love to take this diving with me!

  • Fonz

    I would take it on an adventure to the Mikhail Lermontov wrek down in Port Gore in the Marlborough Sounds

  • Alan G

    I’d love to take it to the South Pacific islands, but my home NW Pacific coast would be the first use.

  • Vennesa Kelly

    back to Kona, Hawaii. It was awesome dive!

  • Mark ZuVerink

    Change of pace: I’d love to take this watch “diving” below sea level on a hike down to Death Valley National Park.

  • Adam Weingarten

    I’d like to take this watch for a sail, then to one of the beautiful beaches in Thailand to deeply contemplate the right flip flops and sunglasses to match my slick new Magrette divers. Then i’d swim.

  • Cristina Lim

    I would like to wear this watch while diving in Hawaii and dressed like Moana of the Disney movie of the same title 🙂

  • Daniel Law

    I would like to wear this watch to dive in Maldives this year end.

  • Patrick Schneider

    I would like to take the watch to one of the scandinavic rivers for ice swimming 🙂

  • Steve Willer

    I would like to take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium for a dive in the Dean’s Blue Hole

  • steven stone

    while surfing in hawaii id like to wear this.

  • Vlad

    I’d like to take Magrette Moana Pacific Professional to my long planned vacation in Maldives.

  • Noah Joseph

    The coral reefs in the Gulf of Eilat/Aqaba off the Red Sea.

  • Thuy Vu

    I would take the watch back to reefs of belize when I went snorkeling.

  • Great looking watch. It will be a complimentary addition to my collection of dive watches. I would take it swimming and diving at Myrtle Beach, SC where I reside.

  • grobbins09

    I’d take it to Belize! I fell in love with ambergris caye, Belize when I was there for a biology trip during my undergrad studies. First stop would either be shark ray alley, or the blue hole!

  • Carl Anderson

    I love Magrette, and would love to have one to desk dive in its birthplace, Aotearoa!

  • Ian

    Magrette are cool, and NZ made so i would take one to the Poor Knights Islands

  • Shane

    I would take this awesome watch to Monaco for a dive.

  • Virginia

    I would take it on all my outings, wherever they may be!!

  • VladimirRPetreski

    Ohrid lake in Macedonia. Deepest and one of the largest lakes in Europe.

  • Dean T

    Looks great! Let’s take ‘er into the Atlantic

  • Hrvoje Holett Hadzic

    That’s easy – Mauritius. It’s not Pacific, but good enough 🙂

  • ManuelMV

    I would take it to Cozumel

  • Sfo Sfo

    living in Paris, no sure i would dive into the Seine to celebrate it, but at least, i would make it visit the top of Eiffel Tour on day1. Then for sure, some diving in corsica (and even some trecking in the mountains) when my next vacation!! then i may gift it to my godson, living in Biarrtiz, France

  • Olaf

    Atlantic ocean it would be, Tenerife, to be precise. If Lady Luck permits.

  • Colin Jordan

    I’d take it diving off Casino Point on Catalina Island, off the California coast. The fish life is beautiful there, and the water is crystal clear. It would be a great place to test out the watch.

  • Daryl Hiebert

    Magrette makes some beautiful watches. I’m no diver but would look forward to taking it on adventures with my family- climbing, hikes above the tree line in the Canadian rockies, exploring with my kids.

  • John

    NICE! I really like this diver! The size,colors, dial all look great. The only thing I would change is the Zulu strap not a fan of them at all. I gave up diving years ago after a little problem, but would mind wearing this everyday or for a swim now and then.

  • fearlessleader5

    I, too, am not a diver but… near the Great Barrier Reef sure would be a great place to wear this watch diving.

  • Phlip74

    I would love to take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium dive watch to the Great Barrier Reef! I have always dreamed of divi g there and it is at the top of my bucket list!

  • Alec Barrett

    I was in some of the southern Caribbean islands over ten years ago, I’ve always wanted to go back and spend a lot more time in the water.

  • Andy Spencer

    If I won, I’d like to take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium for a dive in the blue hole in Malta

  • Alexey Petrov

    Cool watch, looks great.Happy New Year all 🙂

  • Terry Hartley

    I’d like to take it with me to Nevis!

  • Håkan Sandström

    Im all in! Magrette is a faboulus Watch! Please think of me.. ??

  • Sevinj Ismayilova

    A wonderful watch!

  • Frederick

    I would love to win this watch

  • Gllm Grff

    it will be a pleasure to go back to dive in the Cousteau’s reserva in Guadeloupe or to have a new partner on my wrist to dive at the great barrier reef.

  • drrrre

    Not a diver myself but when I lived in New Zealand I’d hear about diving spots around Poor Knights Islands, so that’s the place. Beautiful watch.

  • Linh Nghiem

    Magrette is alway my favorite diver watch and i love to have this watch by abtw

  • David Sargent

    I think a splash about Compton Beach on the glorious Isle of Wight would be a grand test for this beautiful watch. Mixing it up between the dinosaur footprints on the beach and then some bodyboarding in the tepid waters of the English Channel. What a blast!

  • Doober

    Great Barrier Reef would be my choice. And this watch is a beautiful piece.

  • Jan Engelmann

    This would be a perfect gift for my friend Moana.

  • Ulysses31

    I’d take it to the southern islands of Japan. Then i’d take it to bless the rains down in Africa. It’d take some time to do the things I never had…

  • Robert Carson

    My brother is talking about getting married in Hawaii next year, so I would definitely take this thing diving around there!

  • David

    What do you speak on?

  • Thomas Frink

    I have wanted to get back into diving and I could use a good watch that I could take diving.

  • I’m no scuba diver, so I’d take it for a lengthy session of desk diving! 🙂

  • Joshua Zike

    I’d love to dive in some of the crystal clear mountain lakes of the northern Cascades in Washington State; but I’d have to wait until summer!

  • Nick Doud

    Wow what a watch.

  • anil grg

    would love to use in swimming pool

  • J_ Adams

    I would take it into the beautiful blue waters of the Cayman islands if l won it.

  • starzine

    To Hawaii.

  • Demonix

    Too cold to be fully submerged, but watch would get wet canoeing in Ross on Wye.

  • James

    Love the style and the concept of the brand. Awesome watch for an awesome review from ablogtowatch! Desk dive, bed dive, river dive, whenever and wherever ?

  • Valentin Georget

    Really stylish watch , great utility and everyday wear especially in rugged conditions. Would like to take it to the great barrier reef if it ever re-opens

  • Murb

    Really nice watch, I’d love to take it to Italy.

  • Fred Torres

    I. Love the Bulova Brand ! I have a few Bulovas. I truly love my 98B162 white dial . I also love my Rose Gold Marine Star .

  • Caleb

    I’d like to take it to Bermuda! Beautiful watch.

  • Mo BMW

    i’d like to go dive on holiday in the best place you need the best materials for ultimate highest conform whitout coming problems.
    the place is BoraBora and one of that conform is your ultimate watch sporting a massive 500 meters of water resistance.
    its this Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium for a dive…

  • aki

    I would take this beauty to the northeast coast of Brazil. Seems like the ideal location for it.

  • Shawn Vega Velez

    I’d love to wear this while visiting my family in Puerto Rico. It would be perfect4 for lazy days in and on the water with my family.

  • George Yang

    I recently went to Thailand for winter break and this would be a great watch to rock while at the beaches!

  • Nick D.

    Magrette nailed it with this diver : the shape of the case, colour and big digits, it all clicks for me. I don’t actually do any diving, but would love to wear this on my next trip to the beach in Portugal or, really, anywhere for that matter!

  • Sam Moskow

    What a lovely watch! I’d love to take it diving anywhere warmer than New England in January!

  • Nixa

    Cartagena, Colombia

  • Vonralpho

    Wow! Great looking watch. Love the black and blue. I’d love to take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium on a dive in Scotland. Scotland is one of my bucket list places to visit, and I’m sure there’s more than a few good lochs to check out. Who knows–maybe I’ll see Nessie.

    • Gokart Mozart

      Don’t Di e to the bottom though it’s deeper than 500m

  • Robert Ritchie


  • Konstantinos Adamopoulos

    a great innovative diver !

  • Rob Crenshaw

    I would free dive to the bottom of the Marianas Trench with my Magrette Moana.

  • altgenre

    This is going with me to visit Nudibranch at Anilao, Philippines.

  • Rob Ketcham

    I would take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium for a dive in the Bermuda.

  • Brent Stark

    This watch would be great at Turks and Caicos

  • Vicente Oyhenard

    Lovely watch, would take it to Fernando de Noronha! Have a dive with the sharks over there!

  • LapYoda

    I’m going on a Mediterranean cruise and probably spending some time at Barceloneta Beach, so that’s where I would wear it!

  • Robert Friedman

    As the world faces toward the Southwest Pacific, it is fitting that a fine diver comes from the home of coral reefs and deep seas. One cannot assess from long distance if this watch can withstand the depths or fit comfortably on the wrist: one can, however see that it meets the #1 criteria for a truly functional timekeeping instrument. As my taste evolves, my eyes devolve, and this watch is supremely legible. Where would I wear it first? In my bathtub! After meeting that essential first plunge, I can start to dream of Fiordland National Park!

  • hawaiicanal89

    I’m going to the Philippines and Vietnam in March. I’d love to take this watch for a dive in those pristine, clear waters!

  • Jeff Obania

    I will take my Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium for a dive in the pristine waters of the Big Island of Hawaii!

  • Jeff Obania

    I will take my new Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium for a dive in the waters off the coast of the Big Island of Hawai’i! I hope to see ulua and moi.

  • Tin Horvat

    Croatia! It would be drowned into the adriatic sea all summer

  • BetterCallSal

    I will gladly use this beautifull Moana Pacific Professional Titanium Magrette for diving in the Atlantic Ocean from the fabulous Brittany coast.

  • James Lawrence

    I’d dive with this watch in Truk Lagoon. Then I’d dive in as many other locations as I could do.

  • off2europe

    Love to take it for a dive to the bottom of Smith Mountain Lake searching for the Sunken City.

  • Max Attack

    I would take the Moana Pacific Professional Titanium Magrette to Jones Beach or the Hampton’s

  • Swolelax

    I’d would take the Magrette to go dive in Spain!

  • Gokart Mozart

    I can’t swim so I guess I would take it diving in the kitchen sink.

  • Shongololo

    Micro brand done right!

  • markahaviland

    The Moana movie was moderately interesting; my kids enjoyed it. The watch looks 5,000 times more interesting.

  • David Peltier

    This baby will go to Antartica with me!

  • Giorgos Antoniou

    I would take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium for a dive in the island of Kalymnos, Greece at the Labyrinth of Telendos.

  • mysiak

    I’d start with a bathtub, then a swimming pool, later a river and finally, in a sea. 🙂

  • Eiji Wolf

    This watch deserves to dive in the Baikal.
    Would be the first time for me, too.

  • Paul Ellis

    I’d take the Magrette to Taihiti, the bold crystal clear design would match the vibrant colors in these islands waters.

  • Carol8

    Watch is fabulous!

  • John Ashe

    With the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium on your wrist, the options of where to dive are endless. Somewhere along the Wild Atlantic Way coastline would be fitting. Best of luck everyone. Super prize!

  • Trevor Bozzer

    Love the styling and titanium makes the grade for such a big watch…necessary for diving. I would love to use it in Belize for some very cool diving and of course a deep sea fishing trip!!!

  • Neil S

    I will wear this bad boy on the Rock of Gibraltar, coast of Moracco to the mountains of Montana.

  • Frederick Ho

    Would love to wear it in Bali or Sunshine coast etc. Basically anywhere with good company and you know you will have a good time.

  • JT

    Love the water, love the design, help me merge the two.

  • Peder Elgaard

    Good to see some watches are still made in big sizes 🙂

  • superstar

    I’m going to Greece!

  • rtvtr

    I’d love to take it to the Red Sea.

  • J D

    I’d like to dive in Fiji

  • Jeff Kolodny

    I’ve always liked their Margette watches. As an avid diver I have dove all around the Caribbean However, I have not dove the Salt Pier in Bonaire which is on my list. This is where I would like to take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium for a dive!

  • Dan Martell

    I would choose somewhere warm! I’m over Canadian winters!

  • Peter Bernardoni

    In the Ocean to a coral reef off Culebra PR

  • James Stringham

    I’d take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium watch to St. Thomas!

  • Mike Chimitt

    I would take it to Astypalaia, Greece! the colors of the sea would match the watch dial fantastically!

  • Archith

    I would love to take it to Maldives as a way to soak in the beauty of the islands and culture of the people; as well as to raise awareness of aquatic ecology. Here’s to great times ahead!

  • nils444

    I’ll take this super cool watch to the beautiful and ice cold Königssee in Bavaria, Germany.

  • Joshua West

    Maybe the Bahamas or Crystal Springs Florida

  • Mohit Choubey

    i would love to take her to maldives

  • Sunny Rajusth

    I would like to take it to my native place which is Jodhpur (Rajasthan).. Blue city with super cool watch..

  • Danijel Tojagic

    Croatia, national park Kornati. Most beautiful place.

  • AlbertO Contreras Martinez

    Great Barrier Reef ???

  • Massimiliano Ditta

    Norway for sure!

  • Oom_Soutie

    I think my home reef of the Aliwal Shoal, off Umkomaas, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa would be a good spot to take her for a dive! Or maybe even a trip to the wilds of Indonesia…

  • James Zalinski

    You can tell it’s built to last in any condition

  • czaroksieznik

    I think its titanium case could not only handle diving, but also when I’m taking care of my 16th month old daughter who is real tough player ?

  • Richard Baptist

    Although I’m from Antigua in the Caribbean which is great diving from any of it’s 365 beaches. I’d really like to go to Cape Kri – Raja Ampat, Indonesia. It’s got a Coral garden like you’ve never seen it before. Great marine life: Manta Rays, Sharks, Barracudas and giant trevallies and a Record setting 374 different species of fish. I’d put that watch to great use.

  • Tony Bailey

    I would just love to stare at this beautiful blue dial, dreaming of diving off the Cozumel coastline, while in my comfort zone of the bath.

  • brent01

    I would take this to the ocean.

  • Robert

    I’d like to return to Aruba and put the Moana to test.

  • Richard Hicks

    Would be nice to take it with me to the Galapagos!

  • gRizzle

    John Brewer reef Nth Qld, sweet watch.

  • Duncan Bint

    I’m a kiwi who works in the superyachting industry. I take high profile guests diving and snorkeling almost daily around the Med, Caribbean and Pacific.
    What a treat it would be to proudly wear a piece of kiwiana in the presence of these people on a daily basis.
    But if I had one place I wanted to take this for a dive it would be back in New Zealand at the Poor Knight’s Islands. Epic.

  • Jeffrey Song

    Wish it came on a bracelet or rubber instead of the NATO

  • Captain Shorty Shorts

    I’d take it to the Caymans where I did my first dive!

  • Mr. Ryan

    The Great Salt Lake is probably a terrible place to take it, so I’d probably have to make a trip up to Bear Lake

  • Elessar016

    Never been on a proper dive, but living in the USA I’d likely go somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico or Caribbean. Love to use this timepiece on my inaugural trip!

  • nancym

    Great watch for dress, casual or sport!

  • khfishn

    I’m a fisherman who loves dive watches. Any lake in MO, AR, OK or TX woks for me.

  • RM

    I’d take it to Belize!

  • Ionesi Victor

    To the Black Sea in Romania.

  • Nello Alexandri

    I would take this Magrette to Maui. Beautiful watches. They make the only engraved watch I like.

  • johnnyc40

    Nice looking watch, I’d like to get it into Loch Ness on a monster hunt.

  • Tuomas S

    Magrette makes very nice watches. Would be great to own one. I would take this to the cold and murky depths of the Baltic Sea.

  • Bryan

    Somewhere shallow so I don’t drown, likely a hot tub

  • Burazer

    I would take it to
    Blue Beauty for the Blue Cave dive. 🙂

  • Chris Nibert

    In Hurghada Egypt, they have some wonderful diving spots where the Magrette would be a great partner!

  • Jamie Tomlin

    Flat Point off the Wairarapa Coast in NZ

  • David N Atkinson

    Inspired by its place of origin, I’d take it (back) to the Poor Knights Islands marine reserve in New Zealand

  • waterson

    I would like to take it diving in Tahiti.

  • Dave

    I would take this for a dive off of Darwin island.

  • Brandon Warshaw

    I’d like to take this beauty to 7 mile beach in Grand Cayman!

  • Justin Stlawrence

    Magrette was my first micro brand watch 6 or 7 years ago. I bought the Moana Pacific REGATTARE.
    it’s still one of my favorite watches

  • Justin Stlawrence

    I would take this watch for a dive in Cozumel Mexico !

  • bikeohio

    I’d take the MMPPT for a dip in the Pacific waters of Washington. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  • Tracy Eyres

    I would take this watch everywhere I go, diving in Hawaii or South America and everywhere in between 😉

  • Brian Leenheer

    I would take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium on a diving trip to St. Lucia. Drift diving along the Pitons would be epic!

  • Deb

    Hawaii definitely but I would love to go Australia and New Zealand and dive with it. Happy Diving!

  • Ankur Vaidya

    Definitely would take it to the waters around the islands of Thailand

  • Dino Kova?evi?

    Hvar adria sea

  • Will Brown

    Fantastic Brand & this new model looks epic – I’d love to take it to the North Shore and out it to test

  • David_N

    I would definitely take it to the beaches in Southern California!

  • Martin

    Beautiful piece, would like to dive in Australian coral reef 🙂

  • Mr. Mechanico

    I’d take it swimming with dolphins off the coast of Madeira!

  • Adrian Lessek

    Very good looking watch. I’d love to go and swim with it at BlackSea seaside for start. It is closer for me:)))

  • Adrian Lessek

    Very good looking watch! I’d like to go at BlackSea and swim with it for start…it is closer for me:)) But I think I’ll wear it every were:)

  • Adrian Lessek

    It’s a good looking watch! I’d love having it and swim with it in BlackSea for start. It is closer for me :)) But I think I’ll wear it everyday everywhere every time!!:)

  • That’s a really lovely watch. I’d go diving in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

  • Fawzi Merabet

    No better place than the Mighty Pacific Ocean to dive with this beauty! I’d go for a Moorea’s Tiki Point immersion. Let her come with me!!!

  • Kutlubey

    Awesome watch!

  • Daniel Andersen

    I would love to wear this watch at the waterview water park with my son!

  • Andrew Chan

    Take it fishing on the pacific ocean!

  • Abdelrahman Yehia

    Dahab, Red Sea, Egypt

  • Joseph Dayalan

    I’d like to take it for a dive in Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar islands

  • Jamaica

  • Trevor Hirst

    Diving in aranui

  • Andrei Chernov

    Would wear her diving in Black Sea in Crimea

  • steven stone

    key west for me.

  • branson

    Beautiful watch! Florida Keys for me.

  • David Sparks

    It’s called the Pacific so how about Fiji!

  • Michael Kopala

    Beautiful Lake Michigan! The Midwest rules.

  • D Park

    Where else but the Pacific Ocean!

  • Daniel Ganus

    I think I dive trip off Greece coast

  • J-Dec

    Nice looking watch for Diving in the Maldives!

  • Digiorno Giovanni

    I’d take it with me to Ocean City, Maryland of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Louis

    Sunny west Wales

  • Thomas Gibson

    I live in Sarasota and we have great dive sites here.

  • Joshua Young

    in beautiful dive spots across the Philippines!

  • Will Stimpson

    I’d take it “diving” off Victoria Fall when I visit Zambia later this year.

  • d courtney chapman

    I’v loved this brand for some time now and would love to take it diving in the Caribbean.

  • Jeremy Bell

    Southern Red Sea for me

  • Nikhil Edward

    I’d take it diving in the Red Sea.

  • Sam Mattar

    Next trip to Hawaii

  • Tom Zipps

    Would take it to some Florida wreck sites

  • Juan Hernandez

    Would love to St Croix

  • Sergio Guarque

    I would take it to beautifull Cozumel Mexico! Very cool watch!

  • tomousi

    Oooo I have been waiting for this…! Rubbing hands eagerly….

  • RAP

    Antalya, Turkey!

  • Ahmad

    I would love to dive in the Red Sea off the coast of Neom

  • eric chan

    Hawaii of course! By the way, nice looking dive watch!

  • myroslava

    I would take it swimming for the OceanMan in Odessa, Ukraine, come September. If work schedule prevents that, I’d catch the OceanMan in Spain in October.

  • Darren

    I’ve always wanted to check out diving in Bora Bora. Rumor and pictures show crystal clear see through water, how cool it’d be to dive down and see all the colorful sea life clearly.

  • Mark Marville


  • J Patton

    Ningaloo Reef off the coast of Western Australia.

  • Id take it to tioman for my padi

  • Scott Kree

    Great looking timepiece. From what I know and have read, Magrette is a solid brand.

  • Tomislav Kranjcic

    I would take it for a dive in beautiful Adriatic sea 🙂

  • Lance Morgan

    I’d love to have a Magrette, I’ve been admiring their pieces for a while now.

  • Tim

    I would take it for a dive in Hawaii and swim with manta rays.

  • Asakhe Msengana

    Phillipine trench is definitely the place to take a Magrette,to see how tough it is

  • Ryan Jackson

    Free diving in the cold waters of the Georgia Straight, Canada!

  • Ae Minx

    Oh wow this is a beautiful watch. I’d love to take it to Bora Bora

  • Emre Bülbül

    Wind surfing in Gokceada/Turkey

  • Leon

    I will be taking to dives in Greece!!

  • Mike B

    Nice looking watch! I’ve never been diving, but would love to visit Fiji and do some diving there.

  • Aaron Kendall

    I’d take it to Richelieu Rock, Thailand

  • Kruzo Cheuck

    I would like to take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium for a dive in Hong Kong!

  • Abdurazag Alfitory

    I`ll probably travel to Thailand or Japan this summer, I`d like to wear this watch while I`m there.

  • Franco

    Definitely in the Galapagos archipelago

  • kamal rai

    I will take a dive at sao paulo.

  • HiDe Tsutsumi

    I love Moana for any models!!?

  • Cp Manley

    Out to the blue seas and reefs of Mauritius on a Magrette Zulu strap!

  • Peter Stewart

    The Great Barrier Reef before it is all gone due to global warming.

  • Jack Mikhelson

    Take it to Dahab, in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

  • Pete Mayzee

    Somewhere in the Tasman Sea, bridging the divide between home and NZ.

  • Kim2009

    Off the shores of Neah Bay, Washington. This is part of the Makah Indian Reservation and has a deep rich history with ship wreckage, deep crevices and beautiful pacific colors!

  • soma

    I would take it to Ushuaia, Argentina. There are nice places to go there with the local diving association AFASyN. What a great adventure would that be.

  • Jack Palmer

    I would love to win this divers watch. I am a swimmer and fisherman and love the water.

  • Marcela Vargas

    I would like in Easter Island

  • Ryan

    I would love to take this diving off the coast of West Palm in my good friend’s 17′ Whaler!

  • Pro-f-sor

    The Mediterranean would be just a fine place to dive with this watch 🙂

  • Shawn Pistey

    Great watch that makes a visual impact on anyone seeing it. I’d love to wear it in Tahiti, and of course Australia. With the current situation in Australia dealing with the fires it be great to help their economy by diving at Great Barrier Reef.

  • Pierre Alvarez

    I don’t have any diving vacation planned yet but this would definitely make me want to go diving in South East Asia, maybe some island around Bali.

  • Abhishek MEHRA

    I’m off to the Andaman & Nicobar islands in March to get deep sea diving lessons.. This would be an awesome watch to take along! N would be my 1st Titanium watch…

  • ??????? ?.

    i’love to take with me on Trans-Siberian Railway next month! 🙂

  • Joe Hertel

    Off the coast of Baja California

  • Korrey6

    For me it would be coast of Croatia. Great job on this one.

  • Mike

    I would love to take the watch diving in Lago Nahuel Huapi, Bariloche, Argentina!

  • NonCiSono

    Very nice diving watch: I want to try it next summer on the beach

  • Nancy Marcho

    The Florida Keys!

  • jason sartison

    Love to add a other Magrette to my watch box. I’d dive this beauty aaaaaaall over my living room! ??, and on my 50th birthday trip to Maui this summer.

  • Gabriel Snead

    I’ll be heading to Japan this July and would love to get this watch wet in Okinawa.

  • Lud

    I have a Magrette but not the diver and no titanium watch, so this would be perfect!

  • CG78

    Best for diving in my bathroom ))

  • honeypie411

    I’d like to take a dive on the napali coast

  • Yogesh A. Mujumdar

    My First watch was a Casio quartz with WR of 30 mtrs. I never took it off my wrist for weeks till my uncle who repairs watches professionally, told me what exactly WR means.

    I am no diver. However, I will still wear this watch day in and out till the skin under my wrist starts to catch fungus and the doctor prescribes me to take off the watch or till my family calls the law enforcement team like the police or army and force me to do so.

    That’s how passionately I would wear this watch.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Richard

    Amazing watch! I can’t even imagine it on my wrist. Perhaps get it wet out on the Oregon coast.

  • Matthew Christensen

    Ningaloo Reef to start.

  • JohnC

    Florida and the beautiful islands of the Philippines! Good job to the ONLY watchmaker of New Zealand.

  • Derick Solano Veitia

    Beautiful watch . Hope I win it and take it to the Bahamas for a dive, thanks for the chance!

  • Marc Le Dantec

    Great watch, and will be great to have it for some Icelandic dive in Silfra!

  • Brice.wgr

    I’d love to take it to Bali!

  • hofken

    I’d take it with me to the Riviera in Maya.

  • Eero Valge

    Baltic sea.

  • William Fjeld

    I would love to take this beautiful Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium on a grand south Pacific diving tour, starting with the Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve off Tutukaka.

  • Mitch Smith

    I’d take it diving off the coast of Indonesia in Bali with my mate Snow, we have a trip lined up in May!

  • Sheryl Jensen

    awesome watch to win

  • John Simpson

    Stunning look, would look great underwater in Bonaire!

  • Jerry Marquardt

    I would like to take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium for a dive into the Pacific Ocean in California.

  • Anthony C.

    The Mariana Trench 😀

  • Dickson Chen

    I have always think to get one and hopefully this is my lucky time!

  • vivianvegan

    take it to galapogos island

  • ClickClick

    I would the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titaniumthis with me to Tahiti. (Audrey Stewart)

  • Rebecca Joiner

    I’d like to take it it to Hawaii and dive ??

  • ClickClick
    • Jane Jakins

      great watch take to mexico

  • dasche

    I’d love to take it to a nice hot, sunny beach with a good book and a cold drink.

  • B.M


    nice giveaway

  • Amber Stewart

    I’d love to take it to Myrtle Beach with me 🙂

  • Jaime Chapa

    I would take it to LOS CABOS, in Baja California Sur, Mexico. to go do some shack cage diving, Driving from Valle de Guadalupe first of course to get some great wine with olives, while stopping in the mountains to eat great tacos and beer.

  • Rushmore

    I own a bronze Magrette Waterman! This would be a nice addition. I would take it to Penghu Island!

  • Eric Pascual

    off the island of Kauai

  • Patrick de Neuve

    I really love this one ? I will take it to the Mediterranean when I’m there on holiday ???

  • Jonathan mangham

    Yes please. I’d take it for a dive in Mexico.
    Already follow Magrette on Insta, now following you.

  • penemio

    Cano Island off of Costa Rico

  • ivel1977

    The Yongala, Australia

  • Rouhan Mulla

    Love from Goa India

  • Andrew

    Planning Thailand this year, so for sure Magrette Moana would go with me.

    I guess that’s only Moana which my girlfriend wouldn’t be jealous of! 😀

  • rajee

    Love from Texas, USA I did all the 3 Thank you so much for the chance

  • Clinton Du Preez

    First dive would be in my pool followed by a life time of adventures on my wrist.

  • Joe Pew

    Just learned about Magrette. Looks awesome. I’d take it on a trip to Israel in the fall.

  • Ondrej Tomica

    Would like to visit Belize one day and dive there, so it would be great with Magrette Moana on my wrist.

  • Pooch

    [email protected] I would take my Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium for a dive off the coast of Cuba.

  • Jonathan Whyte

    [email protected]
    I would love to take the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium to the Maldives to see some of the incredible underwater life there. Love this watch

  • J L

    I think I’ll take my Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium into the sky and jump out of a plane, at Skydive Hollister in California
    [email protected]

  • Karrie Ann

    I would. take it to Jamaica while I dive there again

  • Mark

    I’d love to take my Magrette Bronze off & dive with this Blue Beauty right here in Auckland Home of Magrette 🙂

  • Jeff

    Awesome dive watches!

  • Jay S

    I would love to go diving off the coast of Kauai with this watch.

  • Dupont

    Raja Ampat!

  • Harry Lakin

    How about a nice dive in Belize?

  • Jack

    I will be heading to Phuket, Thailand in a couple of months. Would love to have the Magrette Moana on my wrist for all the water activities and more importantly, my proposal!

  • DV

    This looks great. Time for a vacation.

  • Ronald Schwartz

    Would like to visit Belize one day

  • Leela

    It would make a lovely gift for my husband.


    The waters of Palau are said to be good….so let’s head there with the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Titanium

  • Janine Hwang

    I’d love to dive in Honduras

  • WebDevDorothy

    This would be a great watch for my first addition to my watch collection!
    And for diving I am going to Hawaii!!!!!

  • Corey Olomon

    I would love this so much!

  • Jane Jakins

    would love to win

  • Ally

    This Magrette would go with me for a dive along the new zealand coast. It would also accompany some surfing days trips along the New Zealand Coast

  • John Soltis

    Feb 2 / 2020 Interesting watch! Face dial iinovative plus color is nice! Good luck!

  • thomas rusinak

    The watch is iconoclast!!!!

  • Samuel Keoleian

    Would love my first dive watch and would take it to Lake Michigan

  • ??????? ?.

    On Aegean deep blue seas ?

  • mtnsicl

    I’d take that baby on a date to every Hawaiian Island!

  • Saumalyajit De

    I am an avid watch enthusiast, but unfortunately, I can’t afford the watches I would like to buy…my dream watch used to be a Bulova Hack, which I was disappointed to learn isn’t available in India. Emphasis on used to be, cuz this watch is definitely my new dream watch. Wow, 500 metres! If I won it, I would go on a scuba dive in the Andaman Nicobar Islands and post pictures with it underwater.

  • Don Ball

    Columbia River

  • WebDevDorothy

    When is the announcement for the watch?

  • Milly Vanilly

    FIRST place I would christen this beauty would be off of Phuket, Thailand.

  • Sotantar Suraj

    Love the Magrette Time Pieces.
    Quality and Feel.?

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