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WATCH GIVEAWAY: Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver ‘Blue Devil’ Limited Edition

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver 'Blue Devil' Limited Edition Giveaways

aBlogtoWatch welcomes back longtime November watch giveaway partner Swiss Maurice Lacroix with this month’s quite desirable giveaway timepiece. Available for one lucky audience member is a limited edition of 100 pieces Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver “Blue Devil” watch, made exclusively for the North American market. This giveaway post is actually the official debut and launch of the Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver Blue Devil which is available at North American Maurice Lacroix dealers this month, November 2016.

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver 'Blue Devil' Limited Edition Giveaways

Based on the standard Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver (aBlogtoWatch review here), the Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver Blue Devil has a distinctive blue dial with yellow accents that the brand says is inspired by a fish species named the blue devil. The steel case is 43mm wide and water resistant to 600 meters. Inside the watch is a Swiss automatic mechanical movement.

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver 'Blue Devil' Limited Edition Giveaways

The Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver features a rotating inner-bezel as well as an attractive, legible, and symmetrical dial. The case has an automatic helium release valve at 9 o’clock, and is topped with an AR-coated domed sapphire crystal. Maurice Lacroix will make the Pontos S Diver Blue Devil available on a matching steel metal bracelet, blue leather NATO-style strap, or a fitted rubber and textile strap. Again, the Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver Blue Devil is a limited edition of 100 pieces with a retail price of $2,950. Follow the instructions and leave a comment below to enter for your chance to win.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you’ve signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment, mention an animal or fish you would like to see inspire a dive watch, why, and how it would be reflected in the watch design.

2. Be a pal. If possible, “like” or follow all or any of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on November 30, 2016, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Maurice Lacroix, the sponsor of the Pontos S Diver Blue Devil Limited Edition watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

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  • Ionesi Victor

    As all Maurice Lacroix watches this also is a very good looking watch. The animal that I would like to inspire a dive watch I think to a jellyfish. The watch should be as transparent as posible (as a jellyfish) and with a luminous appearence in the dark.

  • Martin Chiu

    As I live in the West Coast, the orca would be a great inspiration. It would lend to simple but legible black and white design.

  • noerror

    Maybe a swordfish on the dial / back? The king of speed in the ocean

  • word-merchant

    Sea cucumber.
    It’d be wicked cool.
    Odd puffy strap. Slight smell of silage.

  • Scott Wharton

    I would like a design based on an octopus…with a changing color face and band to allow to match clothing worn.

  • Eran Reuveni

    Great looking watch. For a different kind of dive-watch inspiration, I’d look at the snailfish, a particular species of which is the deepest swimming fish known. The corresponding watch should be very smooth (like a pebble – and, like this fish) and use smooth white ceramic reminding of the fish white skin.

  • Ricardo Zuniga

    Awesome watch! I’d want a dive watch inspired by a horseshoe crab, a species that’s centuries old and is perfectly adapted to its environment.
    The watch would be based on classic dive watch lines, with a sandwich dial mimicking the holes on the crabs shell and a domed crystal inspired by the profile of the crabs shell.

  • Louis Schuhmacher

    That is one nice Piece!

  • Ionut Alexandru

    Maurice Lacroix watches are all very well done, but I would like to see a watch inspired by shark done with dial numbers with the same color and bright

  • ??????

    Definitely a Mudskipper! The fish that can walk on land – like us humans. But it can also stay under the water like divers watch.

  • Dmitry

    I’d like to see a dive-watch inspired by Bioluminescent Octopus, who glows with their own light, just like tritium does. As this Octopus is, tritium tubes should be orange, and being very lightweight, semi-transparent, the octopus should inspire for lightweight design, with few complications and no more than 42mm diameter.

  • Razvan

    I would like a watch dial inspired by a squid of fish that changes color. For obvious reason 🙂

  • Anders Sederholm

    I recently got a Pontos S Diver. Would love to have one in blue as well.

  • Anders Sederholm

    I would love to see a shark-inspired watch, with a dial looking like shark skin.

  • Binns88

    A watch that incorporated bioluminescent plankton for the lume would be cool….although how you would go about keeping it alive might be a problem….

  • Victor Iova

    I would love a dive watch inspired by a killer whale because they are highly intelligent and the beautiful black and white pattern .

  • Toshevski Stefan

    Its a beautiful time peace, as a diver watch i would like my watch to be inspired from Ohrid trout, its a Fish with black and red dots and is very famous in my country Macedonia and all around the world. I imagine my watch 41mm smoot side stainless steel, the bezel would be dark green as the color of the lake witch fish lives, the numbers on the bezel should be white (with maybe red outside lines), the dial should be dark green with red dots that represent the jewels in the mechanical watch and the dots of the fish, maybe the lumines (without numbers) would be with red outside lines, on the back i would like to see ohrid trout fish logo with red dots around opened back to see the mechanical movement. I very much would like to have this diver watch in my small collection of swiss watches. Maurice Lacroix as brand is not selling in my country at hte moment. I would be honored to share the story of the brand here with the people i know. I liked this brand on facebook long time ago 🙂 i especially love the masterpiece square wheel from Maurice Lacroix. Thank you

  • Stefanos Stylianou

    A dive watch inspired by rainbow luminous fish!
    It will have a deep blue dial to represent the depth of the ocean and various colours of luminous markers for the bezel (to differentiate 10-20-30 minutes, hence being helpful to divers)
    The inner rotating bezel will be a floating transparent sapphire disk,giving more depth to the dial.

  • IanE

    This is the most generous watch giveaway posting to date (as far as I have seen). I’d like to see a watch inspired by the dolphin – probably our most intelligent neighbour on our watery globe. A micro-mosaic dial (a la Piaget) illustrating dolphin and child would be fun (and doubtless rather expensive of course).

  • Jeremy Bell

    Cuttlefish watch, with finish that changes colour depending on the angle that you look at it.

  • Brian

    Stingray, because they are stealthy. Diamond-shaped chrono subdials and on a stingray strap.

  • vasilis mavroidis

    the most generous watch giveaway

  • Andrei Negrescu

    I would definitely chose a dolphin for this watch because is the strongest connection between humans and sea. It should be marked on the case back.

  • Ian Robinson

    I’d like to see a swordfish inspired design on a watch. I think it would be a great name for a watch, and the sharp angles could easily be reflected in the case and design of the hands, whilst you could also have a beautiful reflective silver dial to represent the skin of the fish!

  • Francesco C

    I’d like to see a watch inspired by a jelly fish, it’s clear but iridescent, I think a creative watch maker could really do something interesting with that.

  • MSM

    Do birds count? A peregrine falcon-inspired watch in slate grey with yellow accents would be cool, perhaps the dial would be inspired by the pattern on falcons’ underside.

  • LP

    Tiger because it would be a good colourway if designed well with lighter colours of black, orange & white

  • Liz

    Shark – teeth decal as minute markers around the dial or bezel and silver leather strap with a shark detail as counterweight on the second hand

  • Andrew Stockdale

    Stunning watch in blue. I’d love to see something inspired by a wahoo – high beatrate, smooth sided and a silvery grey dial.

  • Marcin Miko?ajczak

    Nice addition to Pontos Line. Would love to see a diving watch inspired by humpback whale.

  • SSTEEL Watch Repairs

    Absolutely stunning watch, the blue on bracelet would be my choice, being a bracelet kind of guy. I would love to see a watch inspired by the endangered, beautiful, Manta Ray, or what is more commonly known as, Stingray.

  • Tom Wahl

    Great looking watch. I’d like to see something done with an anglerfish, maybe a subdial drooping down from the bezel and long dart indices.

  • We need more tiger blowfish on our diver watches!

  • Thomas Hartmann

    You can find endless inspiration in nature. For example the skin of some fish species: surfaces reflecting in different colors, depending on the angle of incidence of the light. Perfect for a dial!

  • Anda Manen

    The most impressive fish I can think of is the whale shark, and it has a beautiful patern that I could see inspring a dial finish on a watch with a nautilus type of case design.

    The honerable mention is the dial on the “Orca” citizen diver. I’m not sure if it was actually inspired by the orca, but now I can’t unsee it.

  • Frank

    Great watch! I would like to see a watch based on the (endangered) whale shark. Partly to create more awareness for this endangered species (maybe even donate a part of the revenues to research/protection). The dial should then be dark blue/grey with white/light grey dots of metal.

  • laup nomis

    I’ve always liked this brand, and I like internal bezels in watches too. For an animal I’d chose basking shark. Its regularly seen in the waters of the British coast, why not celebrate it.

  • Akmal Mt Kamil

    Just give it to me already Ariel. Who gives a damn about the animal. It’s a diver watch, and it’s blue, so how about the blue fish in Finding Dory? Make sense right?

  • Richard

    Clown fish – of course 🙂

  • Lauri Martikainen

    Pig (yes, they do swim; check Exumas, Bahamas). Why? I just like pigs. Maybe the crown could be shaped like a snout and of course the strap should be pigskin. Don’t know if there would be market for a pig watch though…

  • Barry

    Combo Flying Tiger and and shark commemorating the Flying Tigers of WWII. Bremont could do this well with a piece of a P-40 in the rotor.

  • Roman

    I imagine a dive watch inspired by marlins.
    Marlin is a beautiful, strong fish and dwells at a depth of 650 feet which is the most popular water resistance of dive watches.

  • Mike

    I would like to see a dive watch inspired by the sea snake. As well as sounding like a really cool name I personally love the combination of red , white and black on a watch dial. Maybe a red dial with black framed , bold white markers

  • Jeffwb65

    I liked the Pontos Diver when it first debuted in black. And now it’s my favorite color? Love it! A watch inspired by a stingray would be cool. I know, it’s been done. But how about with an actual stingray leather strap? 🙂

  • Atanas Great watch! I like Lacroix and this one has amazing color combo. Congrats to ML for this design!
    Sea turtle should be an animal that can inspire the design of a dive watch. Sea turtles are very interesting, endangered species and are real maritime animals – they travel huge distances to drop their eggs and are amazing to watch in the sea.
    Also it is pretty easy to implement in the design of a dive watch – a nice engraving on the back, lugs shaped like the legs of the turtle or even a case shaped like a turtle itself 🙂

  • Wagner Alex

    Blue? why not!!!

  • Dave Ryan

    A watch inspired by a swordfish

  • Andrew Shilov

    Cat. I love cats.

  • asif ali

    Lovey deep blue sea exploration

  • Kévin Lall

    Very beautifull watch with a blue dial.
    I think blue dial make wristwatches more attractive.

  • Rockymet

    A stingray diver, it’s dial would be from a 1960’s Vette speedometer and the strap would be stingray skin.

  • Arthur Zitter

    The blue of the ocean and the white dots of a whale shark

  • Kris Brunsden

    Love the internal bezel on compressor divers, this one is great!

    I’d quite like to see an octopus inspired watch, they’re so alien I reckon you could come up with some pretty interesting design features! Maybe a dial styled to look like hundreds of tiny little tentacle suckered, would be a great texture.

  • Rene Pedroso

    I own one already but would love this LE.

  • John Barry

    Great looking watch. Blue… can’t go wrong

  • bikeohio

    Incredible piece! Thank you for the chance to win one! Would be interesting to see a watch influenced by a jellyfish. Lots of possibility with attributes. Maybe one would be a hidden defense mechanism!?

  • Audun G. Kjørsvik

    Great diver! A shark skin inspired guilloché watch would be cool 🙂

  • coaxy

    I think that the shark should inspire a diving watch. Why? because its probably one of the most mentioned (as a dangerous animal) big fish in popular culture: movies, books, etc. It can impact the watch design in the bracelet, that should resemeble the scales that form the shark’s skin.

  • john schneider

    The dual crowns of this watch are very impressive looking. Great piece.

  • Tynan

    I would like to see a super chunky cushion case diver inspired by the blobfish, it would have very high WR lol.

  • Håkon Bratsberg

    Best summerwatch!!

  • Jay Ji Woong Kim

    For me dont why this animal havent been mentioned, Killer Whale!! It is the king of the sea and i think any dial with black and white would look awesome!! I really hope one day A watch would be inspired by Killer Whale.

  • Håkon Bratsberg

    A whaleshark 🙂 a beautiful animal

  • speedylover

    Hi, I would love to see a sailfish inspire a dive watch design. It’s the fastest fish on the planet and it would be Great to see a super hibeat movement 72k movement. You could have a sailfish mouth as the second hand or a sail on the dial also. Thanks abtw and Maurice Lacroix

  • Rob D

    The sparkling or Pygmy gourami, it has a labyrinth organ so breathes air at the surface like a free diver. It could be a dial colour that appears silver but reflects a blue colour at certain light angles like the fish, and could feature small amounts of red detailing (maybe minute track)

  • Steve

    Killer whale dial, not panda.

  • James Fann

    I would like to see a watch inspired by the anglerfish. The watch would have a very aggressive look, and be more suited as a sports diver rather than a classy one.

  • ?ukasz Cegielski

    Nice watch in great size

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Let the flood gates open.

  • Perfect for #TwoCrownTuesdays and as a buddy for my Legend Diver.

    I’d like to see a watch inspired by the Sea Eagle – flexible in the air and on the water. With a rugged case inspired by it’s hardy nature and streamlined lugs to emphasise its speed and agility. Dark brushed steel case and grey accents on the dial with a dash of yellow to pick out it’s colouring.

  • Jeff Durocher

    Polar bear. Rugged, big.

  • Adam verity

    Whilst a scary looking fish, the pacific viper fish would be a good theme for a deep sea diver watch. The viper fish lives very deep in the sea and has translucent teeth with a black body. A black rubber strap, with scales impression and translucent dial, showing the inner workings of the watch would be an interesting sight?!?! A touch of red on the dial would reflect it’s gills too.

  • Pete LeCren

    Cool colour combo. Whale shark would be cool with maybe a deep blue dial reflecting the speckled pattern of the giant fish.

  • Max Aidala-Brody

    Beautiful watch, thanks for doing the giveaway! Email=

  • wrong pixel

    Watches with the blue dial and blue strap combo are one of the hottest style trends today. It’s crisp, clear and refreshing like the oceans.
    Of course the prime goal is to find Dory! It is so obvious. The design very much reminds me a Blue Tang fish. Anyway, great looking watch.

  • Jan Florian

    an octopus! its hands and feet could be reflected in a swirly lug design and a logo on a transparent sapphire caseback or rotor could have the entire octopus carved out!

  • SuperStrapper

    Deep sea angler fish. Not only are they fascinating, but bioluminescence and dive watches are a perfect match.

    Also, an upfront thanks to ML for being such an ardent supporter of this blog.

  • Ricardo Reis

    It would be kinda cool to see a Hammerhead Shark inspired watch. It would be like regular watch but it would have on the top of the watch, between the lugs and the bezel (12h position) a bar where you could have the inner-rotating bezel pusher on one of the sides of this bar and at the other end of the bar you could choose the date. Imagine the Seiko Giugiaro but the bar on the right being on top, and not having the chronograph but having the fuctions to change the date and rotate the inner bezel on each side. The watch would be in steel since the shark is grey and white and the dial could be blue as well to match the color of the ocean. I think this would make an awesome watch, what do you think?

  • Mark Paves

    That is A STUNNING watch. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  • vasilis anagnostopoulos

    I think a octopus is a great inspiration as there are many tales about them, and it can be shown on the dial, and the strap could have this theme on it as well. Caseback could have this engraved as well.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Lovely colour, nice and clear, i like it.

  • Mark Paves

    That is A STUNNING watch. A octopus faceplate would be cool.
    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  • Chris Free

    Sculpin! Would translate into great metal color combinations

  • NGoes

    whoa, I absolutely love this watch! Ticks a number of boxes for me…
    It would be cool to see a cuttlefish-inspired watch, something that would change colour/ pattern depending on what you were wearing! Super practical, until you couldn’t find it on your dresser! : )

  • Artem Pervenyonok

    I would like to have any kind of fish, which hunts in groups. And each hour marker should be in a form of a fin of that fish, while in the center of a dial you can illustrate that fish’s prey. So it should look like 12 hunters (hour markers) surround their prey (in the middle of a dial).

    Or make it even more dramatic: hour markers are in a form of shark fins and hour and minute hands are in a form of a surfer on a board. So those surfers spins around trying to escape that surrounding… indefinitely 🙂

  • HereForThePrize

    Clownfish. Bright and colorful with lots of orange!

  • Thomas Skovdahl

    I think the catfish would be a great inspiration; may be grey and odd(even on the ugly side) looking to the eye, but the meat is as good as it gets, as a inhouse or a beautifully decorated movement would be in a otherwise ‘dull’ watch.
    And this ML looks great in blue and yellow!

  • Raymond

    Nice looking watch. Thick-billed murre – birds that are capable divers. Would like to see more watches in between divers and pilots.

  • Benny Reidiboim

    I’d like to see a dive watch inspired by the blow fish.
    Maybe it could use the decimals as the spikes…

  • Ryan Miller

    Id say a bass .. maybe bass boat themed!

  • Clint Chan

    look no further, seiko’s LE zimbe edition is quite nice. whalesharks,with their differing hues, would nicely be depicted in watches as they reflect light.

  • Jakub Grabowski

    The watch face should be inspired by the tortoiseshell combined with brass or copper details. Add some very precise depth gauge for free divers and I will buy that!

  • Joe0000

    Swordfish Diver perchance?

  • Joel Schumann

    Why not clownfish? They are always fun watching when diving. They live in a symbiotic relationship with their host plant – like we have a near symbiotic relation to our watch. Prominent splashes of white and orange against deep blue/black.

    Thanks to Maurice L. and ABTW for offering an attractive watch.

  • Serdal Sert

    A great model. I love this brand. Email:

  • Nir

    Absolutely AMAZING watch and the blue design is definitely a stunner. The fish that almost immediately came to my mind when I was thinking about the watch design is the Mandarinfish (AKA: “mandarin dragonet”). It is considered to be one of the most beautiful animals under the water, with its psychedelic colors and the vibrance of its patterns. That’s the way I would vision the piece of jewelry on our hands, vivid, colorful, and with breathtaking look.

  • Ruel Wallace

    I would love to see a watch inspired by a pelican. I live very close to the ocean and I frequently see pelicans diving into the ocean in search of fish for food. It would be nice to have a watch with an orange dial to represent the bird’s beak with sand particles sporadically on the dial. Also with white hands with the ends shaped a little like the bird’s feathers and a blue strap to represent the ocean.

  • mikes1929

    Love Maurice LaCroix, especially the Pontos S Diver. Such a great looking piece! Great giveaway!

  • Luke

    Love the blue on blue. Very nice looking watch!

    How about a Marlin? It’s a fast and powerful fish. It could inspire a sleek but rugged looking watch. Maybe incorporate Marlin’s spear nose in the design of the second hand.

  • Elliot Timmis

    Lovely watch… and 600m! I think fish that swim at the darkest depths of the ocean could inspire a fantastic looking diver, like an Angler Fish – a matte black, inconspicuous and mysterious specimen that comes alive with lume when the lights go out and is in its’ element!

  • GMTmin5

    How about a Marlin? Sword-like nose could be translated into the hands and add a colorful internal bezel, scalloped like their fins.

  • arimus25

    I would think that a Rainbow Trout dial would look cool on a watch. It may make it harder to read, but the colorful sunburst dial would be really eye catching lol.

  • Thea

    I would to see black panter on the watch because it is my favourite animal and I think that watch like that would really look bad ass 😀

  • Benoit Deshaies

    Barracuda! The hour markers should reflect its vicious teeth. Or maybe the hands?! The dial should of course be silver gray like its skin, with black accents.

  • Khoi T

    Would love to see a dive watched with ques from a great white shark. Why? Sharks are menacing, aggressive, and beautiful. The watch would incorporate and cushion shaped case with sharp edges. Serrated triangle hour our markers to portray shark teeth and maybe a red serrated tooth for the seconds hand.

  • Kanse

    Thought about an angler fish immediately when it comes to design. A matte black case and dial with one bright lume at the 12 like the light on the Angler fishes head. The watch of course needs to be a dive since the Angler lives at the darkest depths of the sea.

  • Black Coral. Every third dive watch is named after / inspired by sharks and octopuses – It’s time to give Cnidaria their due and pay homage to the backbone of the sea.

    By the way, this MLC is an absolutely gorgeous design.

  • MerricMaker

    Rayskin has been used for centuries as a covering for sword handles. It’s incredibly durable and attractive. Beyond simply making a strap out of it I think it would be interesting to see its pebble effect used as a finish on a watch case.

  • edo bhaskara

    Angler fish would be the best. Stick it on the end of the hour and minute hand, and put lume on the head of the angler. Priceless

  • Long T. Tran

    Octopus dial for me! They are known to have 3 hearts so i’m imagining 3 sub-dial representing those hearts. I’d like a black dial to give you an impress of the deep ocean floor, where they dwell and hunt.

  • j4m3z

    I like dolphins and I would like to see a watch design reflecting a beautiful dolphin motif on the dial and caseback.

  • DrFrancky

    I love the blue and yellow. Nice watch with nice colors.

  • hatster

    Nicely understated for a dive watch, I think. In terms of animal inspiration, why not something sleek in the water, like a penguin? They are iconic and endangered, so including some sort of small motif – perhaps on a crystal back to the watch? Or if you want a specific design wist, literally, hands based on a narwhal tusk?

  • Kristian Kohler

    Octopus for me! Sweet watch!

  • Rivfader

    Hmm I think a stingray would be cool. like maybe a stingray pattern as the watch face backing or the strap

  • Jason H

    I think stingray. They are smooth, sleek and muscular and I think that would translate well into a dive watch.

  • Kyle Weber

    The colour scheme from the blue tang (Dory in Finding Nemo) would make a gorgeous colour scheme. It would be cool to see a fin as the seconds hand counterbalance

  • drThrillman

    The Immortal Jellyfish. The colors are outstanding (lume inspiration) and the name is pretty awesome.

  • Albert R.

    A blobfish inspired beefy dive watch that has a stainless steel case with a pink tint, a domed crystal and a translucent dial.

  • Tony middleton

    I’d like a dive watch inspired by a barreleye fish which has a transparent head.the watch would be the same so you could see all the workings and plenty of lume

  • Mahoney

    Absolutely gorgeous watch.

    Tuna would be intresting. Silver/white guilloche dial with sharp hands.

  • Kfcislife

    Outstanding watch and giveaway.
    I would like a jellyfish inspired watch, a translucent watch case with and transparent sapphire on back and translucent surface On the front.
    It should be a skeleton used automatic movement.
    Key elements in the automatic movement will have lume applied, such as the micro rotor and escape wheel.
    This would mimic what a jellyfish looks like in the deep and the glow coming from within.


    Sea Turtle for its long life, far travels,

  • Evan

    Jellyfish like a Medusa. Wavy seconds hand, and/or maybe the lume inside the hour and minute hands is wavy. I think the lume in particular can get very creative in the dark to make it look like a jelllyfish from above.

    Closest comparisons I’ve searched for inspiration are “Jaquet Droz Quantieme Perpetuel Eclipse”, and “Aark collective Tide”.

  • eric

    I would like to see a watch inspired by Anglerfish, although it looks strange, it’s tough and live in deep under water, and most importantly, it got lights on its head! Which is similar to the lume on the dial of a watch!! The sharp teeth can be used as the pattern on the dial, with a bright lume on top of the dial, just like the Anglerfish!

    • Daniel Pinkston

      Anglerfish watch would be very cool.

  • Ernest Petti

    For some reason a moray eel was what jumped in my head first. Get imaginative with the lume element and give an electrical theme to it.

  • Sergio

    Octupus for sure. Nice watch!

  • KJRye

    Love the colour combo on this one!

    I like the idea of a jelly fish inspired watch. I imagine something with a transparent dial, the backside painted in full lume to give a transparent glowing effect. And some awesome colour combos on the dial.

  • Jon Catuccio

    I’m in, thanks to ABTW. At first I thought this was an IWC.

  • Dan Willingham

    Sharp watch! I’d like to see a neon tetra inspired watch. Maybe red hour hand, blue minute hand….

  • 112010

    I need this diver! Yes!

  • I would think about a Lion!
    because for me, Lion lion is the symbol of strength of power.

  • Cameron T

    This is my Christmas gift to me 🙂

  • The Darkness

    I have adored the Pontos line since the chronograph came out some years ago. Maurice Lacroix has perfected the internal rotating bezel.
    I would like to see a dive watch inspired by the great barracuda. They are fast and strong in the water exuding a presence that immediately conveys that they are not to be trifled with. They are easily identified by their long, sleek shape although their naturally inquisitive nature means they are not easy to loose. Sounds like a cool watch to me!

  • G L

    Very nice looking watch, have felt the Pontos S diver has a solid mix of vintage and modern aspects to it. Certainly would be a nice watch to own!!

  • Brian Hemphill

    I would like to see a watch designed after a sea turtle, or turtle in general. They are tough creatures with that hard protective shell and some have very long lives. Which is what I like in a dive watch, tough and lasts a long time. Plus I think turtles are pretty cool looking creatures. I think the watch should have a domed crystal like a turtle shell, and the bezel should resemble the shell in color and ridged shape of the outer ring. The watch face could also have the turtle shell pattern that would line up with the bezel. The back of the watch could have an embossed turtle on it. Thats my 2 cents.

  • Janko Bajagic

    Love it

    I’ve always liked the pattern of Mandarinfish. Might be incorporated as a special edition strap to a diver.

    Ofcourse having a jelly fish inspired watch, with a translucent case or luminescent face.

  • MFoley1956

    That’s a great-looking diver. I’d sell my seamaster if I had one of these.
    How about a watch inspired by a quahog (clam.) A bit plain-looking, but certainly waterproof.

  • Tom Federico

    I caught a mahi mahi once, the blue and green on that fish were amazingly beautiful. Id like to see that tastefully done…….Id also like to see it seared with butter and some basil…..the fish not the watch 😉

  • David Williams

    I reckon that one of the most impressive deep-sea creatures is the Sailfin Roughshark, which has been seen alive – from a deep-dive research submersible, off the Azores, at a depth of around 1000 metres – by only four people. This would be a great inspiration for a watch with 1000m depth rating.

  • It has to be the dolphin. One of the most beautiful and intelligent animals. The grey and white colouring will also translate well on a watch, especially this Pontos.

  • Randy Levinson

    Cool watch – love the simplicity and the bright blue color scheme. I would like to see a dive watch inspired by a marlin. Growing up near the Florida Keys I was always a big fan of Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea”. The minute hand could be shaped like a marlin with its needle nose pointing towards the seconds calibration with the end of the hand ending in a bifurcated tail. And the face of the watch could be textured to be like the iridescent skin of the fish with a similar blue and white color scheme.

  • Andreas Theodoulou

    A dolphin with its sleek , smooth body and intelligent brain.

  • Scott G

    Love to see the course, bumpiness of a shark’s skin on a dial.

  • sensemille

    Straight away I thought of a Pangolin.. the watch could have that earthy/metal color, maybe rust (think Romain Jerome Titanic DNA). Also, obviously the scales.. either the bracelet or even around the bezel. I already want one! I wouldn’t mind the Maurice Lacroix either though..

  • Steven Gusky

    I would like to see a diver watch based on the killer whale, or orca, because it is big, powerful, fast and the largest member of the oceanic dolphin family. The watch would obviously big big (44mm), black and white. Black dial perhaps with white hands, plenty of lume, and any subdial if chrono, also in white.

  • MGilman

    I really like this piece. The blue and the bezel are gorgeous. I’d like to see a dive watch inspired by a manta ray. I have smaller wrists and often find dive washes to be thick and clunky. I understand the is typically for the water resistance, but I’d really love it if someone would come out with a more refined dive watch with a somewhat thinner profile; a slim, sleek form like a manta ray. Not sure how that would be engineered exactly. The Nomos Ahoi is not too bad, but no rotating bezel.

  • Daniel Pinkston

    This watch is gorgeous. I love it.

    I think if I could choose an animal to inspire a dive watch, it would be a shark. Maybe it could have a sharkskin strap, polished shark tooth shaped hour markers, and maybe the second hand could incorporate a birds eye view of a shark in a contrasting color.
    I just woke up, so that’s my best pre-coffee idea. Lol.

  • Nikola Simic

    Beautiful watch.
    How about a dive watch inspired by frilled shark or a vampire squid (great body and eye color could translate well to the dial), both incredible deep sea creatures?

  • Nikita Sokolov

    As for me perfect inspiration are manta rays – perfect streamlined shape and black&white color. They are just refined as best diving watches!

  • Tr??ng V?n Si?

    gorgeous watch.lovely size and beautiful strap. In my opinion, shark should be the inspiration for watches because they are so cool, simply the most powerful animal you can find in ocean, Just like beautiful watches, you just can;t ignore them as well

  • Brad Herndon

    It may sound funny, but the color scheme of a clown fish is awesome and could make for a very unique watch; maybe a variation on the orange in the dial with white hands, with black accents…with either an orange or black band. I think that would be a cool look!

  • J. Will

    The German Blue Ram (small fish), with its primarily dark blue, purple and orange color scheme that sees flakes of luminescent turquoise throughout (looks like natural lume) would make for a striking dial. Paired with Calatrava style hands and indices in the same bright red color as the GBR’s eyes for visibility under water, and you would have a piece that is right at home ‘under the sea.’

  • Omegaboy

    Dive watch with squid inky blue dial and New Zealand abalone bezel insert covered over with clear sapphire to protect it.

  • Aaron Ryder

    The Great White Shark. I want a dive watch that will literally bite your f*****g arm off with its sheer badassery. This beast will sit at the top of the evolutionary tree eating oysters and other so called “masters of the sea” by the dozen. Yet despite all of the eat your leg off attitude on display there’s a hypnotic nature to this in its eyes. You stare into those lifeless black eyes you are overcome with a feeling of “holy s**t Batman.” Where you just know that this is nature’s ultimate killing machine and if it decides to eat you, you’re completely cool with that. Kinda like the feeling you get when you’re touching a nuclear missile.

  • Brian Sharp

    Very nice watch & excellent GAW. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Model a watch after the Viperfish. Its depth where it lives is appropriate for a dive watch along with its bioluminescence. Its needle-like teeth can be represented by the hands, dial, or even on the bezel insert.

  • David Wallace

    Seahorse. Rare, Hard to find even for the experienced diver yet a fascinating creature when understood. Complex, intricate, good looking and almost unique in the animal world. Exactly the attributes of a fine watch like the Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver ‘Blue Devil’ Limited Edition.

  • cris

    A dive watch inspired by an octopus.


    I’d love to see a watch reflecting the elegance of a dolphin, perhaps outlined in the background of the cadran, lit under the water – it’d also be the perfect luck charm for a diver, considering those magnificent creatures are incredibly friendly to men.
    Happy FB follower : Despina Veneti
    Google + : DESPINA VENETI
    Happy email subscriber, too 🙂

  • Marc

    A shark for sure, it represents the sea. Integrating in the texture and teeth into the dial would make for a cool looking watch.

  • Maxtor

    A tiger shark. Brown dial, orange hands and markers (with amazing lume). Sharkskin strap.

  • Rust

    The lion fish would be a good inspiration for a dive watch, for their beauty and notoriety in the sea world.

  • P Medina

    Wow, I sincerely like the blue version more than the awesome black version. I think a dive watch inspired in the Regal Angelfish would be a good idea. The Regal Angelfish is yellow, black and white which I think would be good colors for a sporty dive watch. It would differentiate itself from the sea of black dive watches out there. You could even use the stripes from the fish as an inspiration for the dial or strap. Thanks for the giveaway by the way!

  • Chase Bullman

    Jellyfish. The soldiers of the ocean should be represented with a clear watch face to see the inner workings of what keeps them moving. Incorporating as much transparency as possible would be the goal but still finishing it off with a durable strap. The jellyfish is often disregarded until a negative interaction occurs but in the end they are very peaceful to watch. While most of us fear these invertebrate, they are a main stay in our oceans.

  • Mike V

    Great white shark. Fierce, cunning, stealthy, tough and above all a survivor. It’s teeth would be reflected in the hour markers and hands. The dial and bezel would be a luminous color similar to the shark’s eyes.The strap would be made of sharkskin. The back of the case would be engraved with the open jaws straight at you.

  • It would be interesting to see a watch inspired by the lantern fish. A new take on the Seiko “Monster” with sharp indexes similar to the lantern fish’s teeth, made with Black Badger for extreme lume to reflect the “lantern” of the fish.

  • WImads

    I think the bioluminescence of some deep sea jellyfish could make a very interesting inspiration for dive watches. Imagine the lume on your watch lighting up in vivid changing colors when diving.

  • The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    Nice watch. I really like what this brand is offering in the last 5 years or so.
    How about an dive watch offering modeled after a ducks butt?

    Why? Well when one thinks of “water-proof”, not much else is tighter than a ducks butt !…;)

  • Vincent

    A watch inspired by the nautillus. It represents one of the still living ancient sea creatures. It has not changed for thousands of years and has a beatiful shell and not forget (water) jet propulsion!
    The colorscheme of the shell can be used just as the shape of the animal on the bezel.

  • Jim Davis

    A 50mm diver called the Blue Whale : ) This Pontos S, meanwhile, has a great color combo.

  • Thomas Sørensen

    I know it’s kind of weird, but i think that a honey badger would be an i idea for a watch. It’s super tough, while still light and agile.
    Plus it has a beautiful color scheme.

  • Marc Boekema

    Tuna, featuring a GMT-hand and a 24-hour bezel

  • Luis B

    Certainly opt for a shark as an inspiration, but a special shark. The red tailed black shark with its deep black-blue color and striking re d tail that makes you stand out from the others, transmitting security despite its size and knowing that it is able to govern its territory.

  • heck

    Nice looking watch there. I’d like to see a humpback whale-inspired watch. Maybe a textured dark grey color dial and barnacles engraved on the case back?

  • Randy Bradford

    Very nice looking piece. I’ve always liked the colors of the red tail shark.

  • David W

    I think the symmetry of an octopus or squid could be really cool in the hands of the right watchmaker. And a squid would have the bonus of two long tentacles available to be represented by the watch’s hands.

  • Fryling

    Octopus because it’s an amazing creature. Its tentacles could be used as hands for a watch with many, many complications. Turning the dial would change the octopus’s color (a la Revelation).

  • par167

    I’d like to see a stingray design where the wings spread from 3 to 9. Colors in black and ocean blue. Stingrays are mysterious and a watch like that would be attractive.

  • JT

    Oh wow, tough question. I really like Convict Cichlids, and think their stripy coloring could work well included in the watch face. A more off the wall idea would be to somehow incorporate the patterning of a Clownfish (Nemo) on a chunky kids watch in order to try and get the next generation on board for enjoying watches!

  • Harry Lakin

    How about a LE diver inspired by the Barracuda? Nasty fish…the teeth could be represented at the hour marks and the face could be silver/black scale inspired.

  • Jesse Sherer

    Very cool watch. Lets go with the blue whale inspired 60mm beast of a watch.

  • Mike Morrell

    Way back in the 70’s I owned a Seiko Sea Lion. This was a bold beautiful design with a dark grey face with silver hands. On the back it had a Sea Lion etched into it. I think they should come up with another watch with the sea lion. Too many times the dolphin is depicted as being the go to sea creature. Let’s see more watches like this one with a simplistic look and feel, but a complex movement in it. Often times we want all these gadgets on our wrists (smart watches) but I think less is more. Keep it simple and to the point. I do not see many watches with a subtle overtone to them anymore. Now-a-days it seems like there are so many loud colors. Maybe have a stainless steel case, a good automatic movement, and a satin finish dial of blueish grey with white luminesce hands. I may also have either a stainless steel bracelet band or a cloth mesh band that matches the color of the dial.

  • Erez Cohen

    My idea for a dive watch would be one that is inspired by the stingray, being mostly on the bottom of the ocean it is the perfect inspiration for diving, also it’s shape with sharp edges could be the inspiration of the case design, and make the watch more distinctive.

  • Christophe

    A shark eating the date on the front and only the tail at the back. A fin on the crown and a wave pattern on the dial. All ingredients to make a good design!

  • Yeoman Cheung

    I would say an Angler fish.. one that uses its lights to lure prey!! I would like to see an automatic dive watch with some kind of lighting other than lumenous paint of tritium like the angler fish!

  • tcoomber

    I like the idea of it being a fish because of the connection with diving. I would go with something with subtle colouring and something rare. Designing something based on the Bluefin Tuna might help bring awareness to its almost inevitable extinction.

  • Victor

    Love the blue and yellow colors. Great looking watch.

  • Jonathan

    I’d suggest a Great Hammerhead-inspired dive watch. The rotor could feature a silhouette of this endangered species, and some proceeds could go to conservation efforts.

  • Adam Jones

    This watch is gorgeous! I could see a watch inspired by a sea turtle, more specifically the Loggerhead or Green Sea Turtle. Sea turtles are loved world-wide and their shells could be replicated on the dial of the watch with the hands mimicking their fins (similar to dauphine-style hands). The case back would feature the turtle’s head/face with conservation info encircling it. Green canvas or sail clothe straps to finish off the watch.

  • Rocky Scaletta

    I’d like to see a “flying fish” dive watch, because they spend time in and out of the water, just like the watch. I think a flying fish graphic on the caseback would look great.

  • K7

    Nice watch – it has a cool vibe to it almost reminiscent of a circling shark.

  • Matei CP

    I think the beluga sturgeon is a good inspiration for a divers watch

  • jppereira_jp

    Nice color combination. I think it looks much better with the blue leather strap.

  • Steven Kirtley

    I’ve always been fascinated with cuttlefish. I think their shifting colors to show their moods and emotions could be amazingly represented in a watch whose dial reacts with light hitting it like ripples of sunlight on sand just below the surface of the water.

  • Trebus

    I would like to see a watch inspired by conger, it is something between fish and snake.

  • I would like to see a dial made to look like fish scales. I think it would look better than the mother of pearl dial personally.

  • Mitch

    I would love to see a Diver’s watch inspired with Hawaii’s state fish the


    This is a beautiful fish and quite popular with divers and snorkelers.

    I could see a few options for implementation. One would be a raised/embossed impression of the fish on the case back. Another could be a see through case back with the winding rotor engraved/embossed with the fish. A third option might be to have an applied relief of the fish somewhere on the dial face.

    Perhaps even a combination of a couple of these options would look nice.

    I love the color of this new watch. I think I’m going to put this on my radar for my next watch purchase.

  • Billde

    blue leather is certainly way to go… way more interesting.

  • Robert

    I know it’s fictitious but a watch inspired by the jaguar shark and Life Aquatic would be super cool! Love the blog!!

  • Coert Welman

    Maybe a marine chronometer style watch (keep it below 43 mm though) with styling inspired by a marlin. Blue, amber-yellow and white should lend itself to a striking colour combination. I can see this work with a grand feu enamel white dial with heat blued hands (shaped like a marlinespike) in a honey-gold case with blue leather naturally. It will definitely have to run a high-beat movement.

  • Mischa Vladivostok

    What a classy timepiece. Very desirable.

  • Pedro Dias

    It is the most beautiful Maurice Lacroix I’ve ever see. Fantastic selection of colors. Beautiful harmony between the blue and yellow and even the date window is very well framed, keeping the balance of yhe watch. If any animal this watch should be inspired is the Dolphin, it transmits calmness and peace but also strength.

  • Joshua

    The blue and yellow work well in this watch, very attractive. I think the mighty Blue Wale would be an excellent inspiration for a dive watch: the characteristic ridges in its skin would make a killer dial texture, the blue/gray color scheme would be beautiful and restrained, and a portion of each watch sale would be donated to wale conservation. Win-win in my book.

  • matthew marsden

    I would like to see a watch dial inspired by a jellyfish. Like many watch dials the skin of a jellyfish play nicely with the light. I think this could translate into a neat “dress diver”

  • neal

    A person more creative than myself might be able to work lume into an angler fish theme.

  • Glenno

    Beautiful watch! If I was to pick an animal…I would say a Sperm Whale! The toughest fauna to reach the deepest depths of the ocean. Robust charatertics of the animal would suit a larger diameter case and etched at the back as the insignia.

  • anthony feagin

    That watch is killer ?????? The blue dial with yellow accents help for some serious wrist appeal. It’s definitely a daily wearer!

  • Tristan Antecol-Branch

    I would like to see a watch based on the angler fish. It could be a limited edition deep diver since angler fish are extremely rare and reside at depth of 3000+ feet. Given the bioluminescence of the fish, the watch could use an abundance of extremely strong lume to ensure it remains visible while searching for them. Finally, the hour markers could be based on the long, sharp teeth of the fish, taking on an elongated pyramid/applied laurent ferrier style.

  • Andre Braz

    I would like to see a watch inspired by Piranha brazilian fish. It’s a very aggressive and should be a rugged watch.

  • Jason723

    I really like the look of the blue dial. I prefer the blue leather strap over the bracelet.

  • Jerry Davis

    I would like to see some type of field watch inspired by an elk or grizzly bear.
    Beyond colors maybe there could be a, same color, embossed image of the animal in the dial.

  • dn151864

    I would love to see a lion fish be represented in a watch. The colors are so vibrant that it can/should be represented on the dial with a lot of class, easily. They are beautiful and deadly creatures of the sea. I feel like they would be perfect as inspiration for a watch!

  • Alvaro de Elias

    I really like the bezel moved by the crown, impressive feat!

  • Homan Kwan

    I would love to see a shark inspired dive watch!

  • Mark K.

    Fabulous creation. I’ll suggest a stingray or skate on a rotating dial. Executed in a single hand Meistersinger-type watch with the tail of the ray pointing at the graduations as the dial rotates.

  • Hirasdo Julius

    I’d like to see a blue shark as an inspiration for dive watch. I imagined the case will be unique with shark’s gills around the case, blue dial, it would be super sexy !

  • Alvaro de Elias

    I can Imagine a snake fish draw in the moving bezel, getting out of a cave while you turn it by the crown…

  • William

    I would like to see a watch inspired by a tarpon. Beautiful silver and black with legendary fight. The watch could be very subdued at first glance, but have wonderful details upon closer inspection.

  • Mike

    Some kind of play on lume inspired by light coming down from the surface to outline the fish above or by the bioluminescent deep sea creatures would be interesting. Possibly something like the Lange 1 Moonphase Lumen but for dive watches.

  • anthony feagin

    The wolf is the animal I want to see inspire a watch. I see color schemes in greys and/or blacks. Like the wolf the watch must be tough and able to take on all comers — awool ??

  • Aravind Memana

    I would design a watch inspired by the star turtle.Mat finish dial inspired by the shell colour.Domed crystal of star pattern.the lugs inspired by its paws.Built from durable titanium,this watch should incorporate a valjoux movement.all for a budget friendly price tag of 2000$

  • Shootman00

    I think the shark is a ggod animal to inspire a watch. The desing will be agressive

  • Jake

    Like the blue, my fave color. Reminds me of the Atlantic Ocean in the winter and Miles Davis. And a little bit of Jethro Tull as well. It puts one in the contemplative, reflective mood, just to sit there sipping some decent single malt while listening to a scratchy LP recording of a long dead jazz musician. Melancholic, but yet brooding underneath that seemingly calmi exterior… Questions. Always seeking, probing, searching for answers. Will I ever dive again? But what if I don’t? What’s next for me? One thing’s for sure, if I get the watch I’m going unto those waves! I will be diving again!

  • Jonathan

    I’d love to see a dive watch inspired by a clownfish, due to the playful nature that the fish has. The dial would be orange, with a white second and minute hands and black markers on the dial!

  • Alex

    The color combination is beautiful, I love the yellow accents, looks better with the strap.
    A sea turtle inspired dive watch would be nice, I think sea turtles are calm and capable, which is essential to a good quality watch in my opinion.

  • Edrn867

    I would say the Marlin, and maybe have the dial capture the shiny progression of the deep blue of the marlin as the sun catches it.

  • JayM

    Interesting concept and inspiration for an already excellent diver. My favorite sea-faring creature is the dolphin so I’ll run with that. Accordingly the case would feature a smooth design, with flowing and organic curves. Titanium for those cool gray tones, with a bluish/gray dial and corresponding but darker gray bezel insert. The insert could be curved sapphire to reference the wet sheen of the dolphin’s hide and keep any hard edges to a minimum. The dial design would need to be clean, preferably without a date window. Handset could be Dauphine-influenced. Lume using C1 for a cool ocean-blue glow. Size would be a moderate 40-42mm – slick and fast. A fitted/integrated, smooth gray rubber strap would complete the look.

  • VVVincent

    A dive watch inspired by a jellyfish would be awesome (and never made before, the Prometheus only has the name)!
    It would be with a cream sunburst dial and quite long applied indices with a red burgundy bezel in to mimic the view from above a jellyfish!
    A transparent or squeletton case or dial may be too much though. A transparent rubber strap could work but the best would be a thin mesh bracelet.
    The hands and rectangular indices would have superluminova for the luminescence of course!

  • Mike Dalton

    I’d like to see the color scheme played out from a lion fish, with sharp edges playing on the sharp dorsal spines the fish is covered with. Thank you so much guys!!

  • TER

    First off, that is one nice looking watch. I’m a humongous fan of blue dials! This watch has that step down on the dial that gives a really cool depth to the face. Anyway – Love to see a watch based on the Blue Ringed Octopus – yep, octopus! If you’ve not seen pictures, the Blue Ringed Octopus has…uh, bright blue rings on its body. On some, there is a bright yellow/green hue around the blue rings. I think one interesting design would be for a watch with a relatively bright blue ceramic bezel, with blue fading into bright yellow/green as you move towards the center of the dial. Maybe a bit too dramatic for everyday wear, but legibility in a dive watch would be high! Cheers

  • Ghifari Ar

    I personally think is Barracuda, which could be then reflected by the agresiveness of the design and high water resistant. Also it has to be able to held extreme condition not only on water but also on dry land.

  • Simon

    Stunning watch by Maurice Lacroix. Nothing new with a blue faced diver but somehow they’ve managed to make it stand out.

  • Bill Tiemann

    Ok, I’m going to go with a blue crab for the design inspiration. First First because of the beautiful colors on the shell, second because of the tough and rugged design and lastly because I just love blue crabs. I think the blue crab would make a great logo logo design.

  • Bert Kanne

    An appropriate inspiration for a dive watch would be the hawksbill turtle, a highly endangered sea creature. A portion of each watch sale should go to qualified organizations helping save endangered sea life. The Ponto S Diver Blue Devil Limited Edition is an outstanding dive watch design. It’s distinctive, beautiful and original.

  • LapYoda

    That is one handsome watch! I would like to see a watch inspired by a dolphin, with a sleek, streamlined appearance and possibly a blowhole.

  • yehuda

    a beautiful watch

  • Taylor Glenn

    Very nice watch. A dive watch inspired by the deep sea angler fish would be interesting. It would have a translucent face and sharp edges.

  • Francis Polius

    A flying fish inspired dive watch, with a flying second complication. The hand for the flying second can feature a flying fish at the tip that will resemble the way flying soars through the air.

  • montananate

    I really love the Pontos S Diver, a classic aesthetic for sure. I’d love to see a watch inspired by a Blue Marlin, using the Marlins gradient of colors on the dial, because the Marlins colors change slightly and glint at different angles when hit by the sun.

  • Kael Racioppa

    Amazing watch! It would be my go to watch for sure! I would would like to see a barracuda inspired dive watch. It would have a navy blue and silver color scheme and have small triangular indices on the dial representing their teeth! The bezel would be 2 tone as well.

  • hoodoo1966

    Nice watch! Finding Dory anyone?

  • alexe christian

    I also think an octopus themed dive watch would be nice. With an octopus engraving in the back. And a dial that changes colour relative to the position you are looking at it (camo-like).

  • Mike Ciccarelli

    Love this. Want one!

  • Kyle Byron

    Love the yellow accents. The blue has a nice bright ocean-y vibe.

  • Rajat Patil

    Loved the blue dial, not that I will be wearing under water but leather doesn’t goes survives for long under water. And it would be a crime to damage that strap!

  • Mark Flanagan

    Since I have 72 Barracuda in Petty blue, I’d like to see a dive watch in the same colors with a ‘Cuda logo.

  • Shephild

    An interesting aquatic themed watch would include a Norwhal whose tusk would be the minute hand.

  • senfnas

    i would love to see a watch with a moonfish pattern dial

  • Marc Levesque

    One of my favorite diver’s I have yet to get my hands on. Like these new colors. Well done Maurive Lacroix!

  • robert d

    I would love to see a Barracuda influenced watch design with silver accents.

  • Amazing piece – frankly it’d be my go to daily piece if I had this. Very well balanced watch with hints of IWC aquatimer.

    I think a great animal subtype to inspire a dive watch would amphibious – and it’d be a great play on navy frogmen. The watch back could have a rotor with different sized drilled holes to to mimic the skin of frogs.

    It could have a dual tone ceramic bezel to play in the light and turn blue and black at different angles – that way amazonian frogs change colours.

  • Vincent Paul

    I would like to see a collectible series of dive watches with the pictures of endangered ocean species engraved on its back and printed in color on the dial.. maybe matching colors and straps in line with the theme.. people are not aware of how many species of ocean animals/fish that they’ve known and loved are now considered as endangered and may get wiped from existence in the near future.. this would be a good way to create that awareness and for people to flaunt their affection toward a particular endangered fish/animal.. “What do you mean the Atlantic bluefin tuna is endangered? i had no idea, i only knew they were delicious”

  • Allen Ross

    I love this watch and would love to have it in my collection. I think a watch with a case that’s reminiscent of a sea turtle would be cool.

  • VandyChiver

    The Wahoo fish. Sleekly designed watch hands with blue and silver color to the watch face and bezel.

  • kirintor

    I’d like to see a watch inspired by the blue whale. Big. Chunky. Dark blue color. Onion style crown. Maybe a white(ish) dial like the underbelly of whales. Yeah I know it sounds weird…

  • Gord Hay

    A pacific pink salmon would look cool. Dark silver with black and slight red/pink highlights. Would look pretty sweet with a red tie

  • Matthew Butler

    I would really like to see a dive watch based on a ray’s spike. They could use the stingray’s Spike as a second hand perhaps.

  • Abe Andon

    Love the BLUE!!! such a nice DIVER, with an inner rotating bezel. Looks great on the Strap and on the Bracelet 🙂

  • johnwithanh

    Basing a watch on a Halibut would give you lots of options. Dual time (both eyes on one side of its head. Ceramic or PVD dark case w/ a white/silver dial to reflect the fish’s countershading camo scheme.

  • Alberto

    Maybe a Viperfish


    A dolphin for sure. The blue dial represents the perfectly clean blue ocean that is wide open for the dolphin to roam. What a stunning piece! I’m a big fan of this watch one of ML’s best effort.

  • Steven Reizer

    This one’s easy. After being stung by a jellyfish this summer, that’s it… jellyfish! Probably some type of iridescence to the dial.

  • Lior Kerbis

    My grail watch!
    I own a tissot t-race and certina ds-podium . This watch is at the top of my wish list for quite some time!
    Please make my dream come true abtw!

  • Andrew L.

    Sleek, fast, and aggressive

    A nice slim aggressive dive watch would be awesome

  • fluxed

    A Portuguese man o’ war inspired watch. Blue and sapphire crystal elements, and a liquid filled dial.

  • jimley815

    I would like a platypus inspired dive watch, because it could have all sorts of different elements incorporated, the individual parts would look out of place, but together it makes an enjoyable whole, and not be pigeon holed into one type of activity.

  • david

    Very nice, I kinda love that blue dial look!

  • Gerwin

    A clownfish would be nice, with a white and orange dial. Titanium case and an orange rubber strap 😀

  • disqus_KsFyJ14Y7t

    I think turtles as the theme for a dive watch is very relevant; it’s magestic and solid. Turning it into a watch though I must admit is harder, I’m not sure the seiko Turtle goes far enough with this idea, maybe with the colour theme?

  • john dallas

    I think the telescopefish would be an excellent choice to embody on a watch. They have unusual tubular eyes and they look quite mysterious. Also, itlooks as if it is different shades of blue, and the fish likes being in the deep. Perhaps the fish could wrap around the face of a watch from head to tail.

  • jaemo

    A tarpon would be cool. Its very silver. Maybe the band could be scalloped like scales. Second thought…. maybe not. I wouldnt want my wrist looking like a silver shiny fish while diving… good for a desk diver though.

  • RM

    Awesome looking watch! I’d like to see something inspired by a hammerhead shark. Light grey satin finished case to resemble shark skin, white face and subtle (not noticeable unless you’re looking for it) shark tooth shaped arrows on the hands.

  • Johann Espiritu

    Definitely a killer whale. It would be like a “panda” chrono, but with more flowing lines, extending beyond the dial into the strap.

  • Samuel Loh

    I think a humpback whale inspired dive watch would be ideal, with their lines and barnacles on their body and their gradient body colour translating onto the dial and their massive size being translated to the actual size of timepiece itself coupled with a deep water resistance makes a great conversation starter!

  • Adi Lungu

    Not a bad looking piece…probably $1000 overpriced…

  • Corey

    I would love to see a dive watch inspired by the frigate bird. More specifically, the Magnificent Frigate bird. It is truly one of the great sea birds, with the largest wing are to body weight ratio of any bird and its ability to stay in the air for weeks on end. The frigate is a majestic bird, with slow and elegant wing beats, usually found high in the sky as it surfs the updrafts, waiting and hunting for the right opportunity to swoop down upon its prey. Us fishermen have long used the frigate as a tell-tale sign of where to find the fish. We always keep an eye on the sky, hoping to come across a frigate or two or three and if we ever see one actively feeding at the surface of the water, it’s a mad dash to get there and discover what might be underneath, pushing bait to the surface.

    The watch would be an all black case and bracelet. Perhaps even the dial. Although the dial could be white in order to play off of the belly coloration of the female frigate. I’d definitely have a pop of red somewhere, perhaps on the second hand and/or the lettering on the dial in order to pull in the belly coloration of the male. Maybe a wave dial to pay respects to the ocean. There could even be some creativeness with the second hand, using the distinctive swallow-tail of the bird to some effect. But overall, the aesthetic would be sleek and clean, yet distinguished with a sense of purpose. A watch meant for the ocean, meant for the graceful predator.

  • J Sicinski

    Angelfish inspired watch… bronze case and bezel, blue dial with guilloche or wave pattern textured dial. Probably on matched blue dive bracelet.

  • Evan R

    Tuna, something to convey the speed. Looks like a great watch, need to win.

  • Andreas

    I would like to see a watch designed to match a Barracuda theme. Barracuda engraved on the dial, possibly sandwich filled lume so the Barracuda glows. Of course the Barracuda would have to be engraved on the case back should it not be a Sapphire see through back. The watch model name? BARRACUDA…, obviously.., ???

  • benjameshodges

    Oohhh…Barracuda…watch hands.

  • Steve Bowden

    I would love to see a watch inspired by the King Angelfish Holacanthus passer. Why? The King Angelfish is beautiful and well-named. The colours of this fish are vibrant and would make for a wonderful dial. Alternatively, the blue and yellow would make for excellent colours for tritium markers. At the extreme ends of the fins, we see a gentle tapering that could be reflected in the design when creating the hands of the watch
    Many thanks to both ABTW and Maurice Lacroix for holding this contest.

  • Jonathan

    Great looking watch. Definitely a time piece worthy of a collector of diver watches…like myself!

    I’d like to see a Killer Whale inspired diver watch. I imagine it to be something like a panda dial. I imagine it having a black dial, with a white circle below the middle for a power reserve indicator, as well as a white enamel internal bezel. The back of the watch could be etched or engraved with an orca. There would ideally be a highly domed sapphire crystal, as well as two black ceramic tipped crowns for the internal bezel rotator, as well as for setting the time.

    One more thing: I’d love this watch to be a statement piece, like 45 mm in size, perhaps 16-17 mm in height, with 1000 m water resistance. Just to fit in with the orca style, I guess. Put it on an isofrane style rubber strap for utility. A watch that size might be too heavy if it came with a steel bracelet.

  • Frank

    Can we have a King Crab shell case and legs as bracelet? 🙂

  • Magnus Graven

    Rainbow trout would be cool. Grayish watch with a colorful stripe integrated into the design. Would make for nice contrast in a gray watch.

  • horohollis I am really impressed by this blue dialed Pontos S diver. There have been many attempts at blue dialed versions of various dive watches, but only a few manufacturers have “dialed” in the color so accurately. Maurice Lacroix has definitely done it with this one. I have always wanted a watch inspired by the colors see in the blue (ocean). One species of snapper that has always exhibited this beauty is a definite inspiration.

  • Jason Mirabello

    Love this watch, would be my daily wear..

  • Alf Fernández

    I would like to see a shark inspired diver. It should have a grey wave pattern dial and a blue bezel with some aggressive details in it.

  • Ryan Trifelitti

    Sea Turtle-inspired watch – brown strap, black case, dial with two concentric circles of different shades of brown, the outermost contains slightly raised ridges for hour markers.

  • Christian Henriksen

    A Dolphin diver, with a grey/blue and light grey “panda” style face, would look smashing.

  • roostergobblergookied

    Would love to see a bobbit worm inspired watch!

  • Gordon Sargent

    I would Love a whale I love whales tey are so big and bold. They are the commanders of the sea

  • RandyTorres

    Wow what an amazing giveaway. Maurice Lacroix is being unbelievably generous. Thanks for this Ariel!

  • Ryan B.

    A watch that honors the angler fish. I would love to see how they incorporate the lighted appendage into the mix somewhere.

  • Matthew Johnson

    I’d love to see a watch based off the Angler fish. Lots of Lume with big dial markers. Come and get it!

  • Shinytoys

    I’m thinking a Marlin, because it’s a majestic, sword equipped, angry fish, and I would like to hook one someday. Oh yeah, the watch is nice too, and I want to say Lacroix like a Frenchman 🙂

  • That version of the ML Pontos Diver is probably the best yet. I’ve always wanted to see a dive watch inspired by the Spotted Eagle Ray. I have no idea how to accomplish this, given the spotted tone variations, but it could be pretty nifty. Large Spotted Eagle Ray’s are some of the most majestic creatures in the oceans.

  • Giorgio

    a Shark, cause it’s the most dangerous fish in the sea. It would be having the arm of the clock as the shark shape

  • Andrew Metri

    Would love to see a watch designed around a tiger with a striped strap and cat eye dial

  • Nels Tankus

    What a lovely timepiece. So beautiful indeed. Maurice Lacroix “Hit it out of the Park!”. So generous. Picturing it resting on my wrist gives me chills. Thanks Maurice Lacoix, you Rock!

  • JayDub

    Sting ray! Thin dive watch.

  • Luis Amaro Lopez

    one of the coolest dive watches

  • Mark

    Cool watch. Would love to see something inspired by a giant squid. For many cultures of seafarers for many hundreds of years, giant squid inspired awe and fear. Perhaps the watch face could play on its great big eye… diving deep, you get one glimpse of it… highly convex, inky black in the center, red tentacles/ band, rare.

  • icius

    Beautiful watch! I have a very soft spot for blue faced watches. I think the obvious animal choice for a dive inspired watch would be the Blue Tang. There are so many ways to combine the brilliant blue with yellow and black. Perhaps an all blue face with a yellow swoosh up the left side. The numbers on the left side would be in black on top of the yellow part and Yellow on top of the blue part. Of course then we would have to deal with all of the finding Dory references 🙂

  • christopher jensen

    Barracuda could be interesting. Maybe a fish scale dial could make an interesting watch face.

  • Jeviar Dfirst

    A blue shark would be nice, with an off-white dial, intense blue aluminum diving bezel and shark “teeth” on the bezel’s circumference, with shark body shape as the base of the hour minute hands and another teeth shaped tip on the slim second hand, then fully lumed bezel indications in light blue color and the dial is lumed with green color… Of course, no date. Paired with shark fin shaped rubber strap,
    It would be damn cool!
    Cool watch right there! Thanks for abtw team to make this possible!

  • Laurens W. Floyd Jr.

    Love the look of this ML Pontos!

  • Drew

    Mauricio Lacroix!!!! what a beautiful watch!!!! my favorite dial color, too: royal blue!!!!
    a stingray would be something to strive for in design perhaps for the next divers watch of note!!!! the slim shape the stingray has is one to aspire to in a traditionally, somewhat very thick dive watch! it’s the technology, can it be made to work???

  • revek

    An octopus, because under water activity means octopus since I read 20.000 leagues under sea, since then confirmed by my readings of Lovecraft and Chtulhu Myth 😐
    It could be reflected on a gun metal sanded case by “traces of tentacles” (circles not sanded). Of course the back of the casing will show a kind of giant octopus (a kraken like stuff) 😉

  • Ridzuan Taufik

    Love the watch. Would love to see a watch inspired by a sea snake!

  • Neal Goodacre

    Like to see shark inspired watch. Maybe integrate part of a sharks tooth into the dial.

  • Steve Deyer

    Have liked the original version of this watch since it came out. Now a blue one?!!!! This is awesome and it would definitely look great on my wrist.
    How about a box jellyfish watch with a cushion case and an iridescent but translucent dial?

  • Edward Tsui

    It would be very cool to have a watch inspired by deep sea fishes, like the Humpback Anglerfish. These are predators and the Bathypelagic level they live in are great character to reflect the toughness of the diver watches. Also, their bioluminescent lure in front of their heads is perfect analogy of the importance of strong lume for diver watches.

  • PJ Dechaine

    I’d like to see a watch with details taken from a Coelacanth, strap details in a dark brown/khaki shade, dial details reflecting living fossil ideas, with fishhook markers (lumed and at the 12 o’clock) commemorating the first one caught years ago. I was an avid National Geographic reader when I was a child. Think Romaine Jerome with silght steampunk cues, nothing overly retro, but with a historic vibe.

  • Tom Scrivener

    I’d be really interested to see a dial taking influence from the Emperor Angel Fish – iridescent, irregular circular patterns. Might need to be something super high end though.

  • Matt Rowe

    The common loon, or great northern diver, is the state bird of my home state Minnesota. They diver for small fish and migrate thousands of miles to breed in Minnesota lakes.
    They have distinctive red eyes and very pronounced calls that can be heard from far away.

    So, alarm movement diver. Red alarm hand with “eye” counterweight. Flecked bezel insert to mimic their making dress.

  • Eduardo Ariño Gil


    This watch can be inspireted in the Blue Whale, with an image on the back.
    I think that os an beautifull and great animal.

    Thanks for the chance.

  • Marius Estel

    Just imagine a watch inspired by a balloonfish. Perhaps some kind of fancy complication that allows the watch to change its size when pushing a button. Anyhow, this ML certainly is quite stunning.

  • BWright

    How about a shark-inspired dive watch with shark tooth bezel and an engraving of a Great White on the caseback?

  • lional

    A seal, as it is a semi-aquatic marine mammals, just like a dive watch to be able to both dive in water and perform desk diving. The shape tooth of the seal can be incorporated to the dial and the choice of colour will be the same as the colour of the seal which is a dark grey.

  • enfinityx

    Definitely a manta ray. It perfectly fits the personality of a dive with it’s gliding pace and majestic motions.

  • david rittenhouse

    I like the idea of a watch designed after a sturgeon, sleak, efficient, smaller (not some monster 45mm).

  • Jeff K

    A shark watch would be cool. Gray with a white face with a leather shark skin band. The face could have a design that represented shark teeth

  • Jeremy Ng

    I would love to see an Octupus-inspired watch. One that fits perfectly on any wrist, at any occasion. Much like how an octopus can change colours, to match the environment. A clear caseback that allows one to see right through into the movement that’s minimal yet mesmerising. And on the front, a colour shifting-bezel with suction cup-inspired face. And of course it would come with various straps suited to an array of occasions.

  • Robert L.

    I would love to see a shark themed dive watch. If you take a look at how classic the Seiko Monster has become, then you can understand how a clean watch with (literal) sharp detail stand out from the crowd and maintain relevancy, years after it’s initial launch.

  • Alison Braidwood

    I think a dolphin-motif in silver, around the watch face, or on the band would be fab. Because I always think of dolphins whenever I see divers. They go together, in my book.

  • Andrew Steel

    Sweet watch. Great brand. I’ve owned the Miros before. Low numbers of production on their watches, what like 140,000 a year. Independent brand too if I remeber right. They are worth the money. Would love this watch but I know others would too. I woundnt blame hem for a minute.

  • Raul Diaz

    I like how everything matches on this watch. The designers gave special attention to details and it shows. Horses may not dive, but they are very good swimmers. I like them because of the combination of strength and gracefulness. They move with firmness and speed, and yet, also with dignity and elegance. Would be Interesting to see how a watch could capture those qualities.

  • Brian W

    I think it would be really interesting to have a watch designed after a stingray and have the case be an oblong sphere and have the crown of if a chrono, the pushers be either the eyes or the tail. I would make an exhibition back that would have strips like gills and you could see the inter workings of the respiratory system (the heart of the watch). 45mm and a stingray skin strap.

  • Marty C.

    Dolphin watch, please! It should have twin inverted pulse radar,

  • michael schafbuch

    Love this piece! The devil is in the details: nice yellow ring around a valve – looking crown for the bezel turn, the red or yellow (can’t tell) painted minute hand and the domed glass. This watch is a diver I would wear everyday. Nice work Lacroix!

  • mohamed zied sghair

    wonderful inspiration,good job “–“

  • Jeff Kolodny

    What an awesome watch! I always liked the Maurice Lacroix and the Pontos is the style that really makes this brand stand out. I have always been partial to sharks. I would like to see a shark inspired watch that also incorporates a shark skin band as part of the design. The face of the watch should also have the texture of the shark skin as well.

  • kitc39

    I’d like to see a more streamlined watch, inspired by dolphins. Nevermind diving; something sleek and able to withstand water, surf, and tumbles. I want a watch I can wear surfing, paddle boarding, or swimming laps. I don’t care for the trend of large, chunky watches. Let’s get back to 39mm, but 20atm water resistance, made from something light- titanium or ceramic.

  • Akmal Raja

    A black and white tiger inspired watch would be great. The colours could be matched with a leather strap.

  • Jack Davenport

    Love the symmetry, color and minimalist design of the Pronto S Diver. Here is one for you. How about a watch with a design rooted on the humpback whale.

  • jra716

    Penguin inspired dive watch because it’s a stylish and fun animal. Tuxedo looking style with yellow/orange accents.

  • Mur McMullen

    I’d go with the Orca. It’s fierce and graceful at the same time

  • awildermode

    Blue-Footed Booby. Have you seen these guys in action? They hover above until they see their prey. Onece they spot one, they dive from about 100 feet up, hitting the water a 60 mph. Then pop out of the water with a fish in their beak.

    A silhouette of a diving Blue-Footed Booby at the end of a second hand, as if hovering above the water.

  • Humphrey Mar

    I’d go with the narwhal. It’s rare, elusive, and mythological. The unicorn of the sea.

  • Jennifer Miller

    A shark would be good because they are tough and sleek.

  • Andrew Wirya

    I’d like to see a koi on a watch, it would be elegant

  • Fernando Charvet

    I would go with a blue whale – I think the color and texture would make for an interesting time piece – specially since the whale’s underbelly has those wonderful ridges – would make a great design style

  • mandimemike

    A perfect watch to wear at a Golden State Warrior’s game!

  • Squale1521

    Much inspiration can be gathered from a shark. They are streamlined, agile and bold. If you could incorporate the texture of their skin into the dial, it would look great and catch light in different ways depending on the angle.

  • Laurie W

    I would love to see a dolphin inspired dive watch because dolphin’s are so intelligent and so much like humans in their behaviour. Maybe it would be in the colour or texture of dolphin skin or a smartwatch to reflect their intelligence.

  • German Andrade

    A starfish, because it fits neatly within a round dial

  • StudioXcel

    I would have to go with a butterfly, like a Blue Morpho. Create a dial similar to the nanostructures of their wings which reflect incident light to appear iridescent in different angles. This would be pretty amazing, especially if it was organically “grown” so each watchface could be unique!

  • A M Fiver

    Pangolin (or any endangered animal as a potential fund raiser). Pangolin’s have a nice armor pattern that translates well to a bracelet or case back.

  • Timb77

    Really nice looking watch. I think a manta ray would be a great inspiration for a watch. Black, grey and white colors and a graceful movement.

  • Justin

    As a Duke Blue Devil, I can see myself wearing this watch in Cameron Indoor Stadium cheering along with the Crazies.

    The Barracuda’s scales can take on many different colors depending on the light, from a rich blue, to slate Grey, to even a golden yellow. I would like to see a dive watch with a dial that mimics the scaling of a Barracuda. It would look pretty sweet!

  • Tom Venables

    A KILLER WHALE inspired watch designed would be Interesting.
    A Black dial with the words Killer or Killer Whale with white luminous hollow hands.
    There would be a huge fin on the back and the strap would be white and black metal.

  • Jim Manley

    A killer whale could be neat. Minimalist, contrasting black/white design aesthetic. Big, bold case. Brings to mind a Bauhaus diver.

  • FlyingMoose

    I would like to see a dive watch inspired by mermaids, with a beautiful mermaid painted on the dial.

  • Samson Chung

    I would go with clown fish, like Nemo. Playful and fun but can be classy if made with the right material and finesse. Could be in collaboration with Hermès for their signature orange leather, a nice white dial with darker bezel. Instant classic.
    I want this Maurice Lacroix timepiece!


    Big fan of ML they make some nice modern pieces yet very well made.
    In terms of animal well maybe the manta ray, really cool and graceful.

  • Scott Rhue

    How about a Curvier’s Beaked Whale? Deepest recorded dive at 2992 meters and the genus , Ziphius, says “dive watch name” to me ?. Since they dive so deep the watch should have Tritium tubes on the hands and dial markers, with a deep midnight blue dial, the case could be bead blasted to resemble their dark grey color. Maybe the hands could have stylized versions of the teeth the male’s have.

  • Bob Sebastian

    Using coral as inspiration for the face of a skeletonized watch would be cool. Add a small fish to the end of the seconds hand and it also becomes fun.

  • Roy

    Nice colours!

    A dive watch needs lume. There are a whole host of bioluminescent species in the deep sea, such as the giant squid. Graceful, colossal and can glow naturally. A perfect inspiration for a dive watch!

  • Ivan Machuca

    Tardigrade (water bear) talk about toughness!! A tool watch inspired in this resilient creature.

  • Jim H

    I know they are an invasive species, but I would live to dive and look at lion fish in the southern florida coast.

    For watch design, that’s a crazy looking fish. I could see it being utilized a lot of concept or even steampunk type of designs. I could see bronze and straight case edges being a feature of the case. The dial may be multi color.

    The watch wouldn’t be poisonous like the lion fish. That would suck, and I would leave that part out :*{

  • Cin Rupp

    Ooh la la, what a great looking watch. Love the blue. I think a sea turtle would be cool since they’re my favorite sea creatures. But honestly, I cannot think of how to incorporate it into a dive watch.

  • Marcel Schulze

    I see a Lippfish like Thalassoma in yello and blue. Unusually colorful and show a great variety in size, shape and color.

  • Ruud

    I think a stingray inspired watch would look great.
    Dial and strap with stingray texture and a engraved case.

  • Harold Buttolph

    Love the watch, hope to win it.The animal I would pick is the Wolverine, tough, fearless and tenacious. Would feature an image of the wolverine on the casebaack.

  • Kslugg

    I would love to see a shark inspired watch as they are the most feared predators in the water. Some lumed hour markers shaped like sharks teeth would be a sweet design inspiration.

  • Damien

    A shark inspired dive watch of course, as the shark is one of the most fascinating sea creature, and it has been around for millions of years.
    The shark leather strap goes without saying, but also with shark teeth shaped indexes, made of actual shark teeth…

  • moss1310

    I would love to see a watch inspired by a Stingray. They are so sleek and stealth, a wonderful design by nature. The shape of the watch could be based on the fish, with grey and silver face and case with an unobtrusive, minimalist face.

  • Andrew Reittinger

    This would be perfect to take snorkeling on my upcoming honeymoon! An interesting dive watch concept would be to use a wild lume pattern, similar to what sarpaneva does, to mimic those biolumimescent creatures of the deepest parts of the ocean.

  • Northtor

    I’d love to see a dive watch inspired by a Snapping Turtle – something as at home on land as it is in the water. Something hardy, virtually impervious to outside forces, but sleek and purpose-built.
    Get on it, people.

  • Anthony C

    I would like to see a watch inspired by one of the most interesting sea creatures, the mantis shrimp. It offers a distinct color palette and has evolved to be highly specialized to carry out it’s function better than any other living creature.

  • Dennis Joseph

    This is a lovely watch, particularly like it with the blue strap.

  • Jason Yee

    I would like to see a watch inspired by a Koi fish – you could make the dial/bezel/strap colorful to match the coloration of a Koi.

  • Anthony Henderson

    I’d be intrigued to see a timepiece inspired by the pufferfish. Could lead to some seriously awesome textures and, if even some James Bond-esque deadly features to fend off any bad guys!

  • William Wallace

    A watch designed inspired by an abalone shell. Different colors based on how the light hits.

  • BrandonS

    Design inspired by the oarfish

  • Brian G

    I think a starfish would be great inspiration for a watch design, basically using the same texture of the starfish’s skin on the dial and potentially even matching the color of the starfish, like orange; would be great for diving.

  • Late in the Game

    The Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (Hawaii’s state fish) because of the stripes and colors. They would make a “rad”, if somewhat busy dial.

  • Phil S

    A watch inspired by a Narwhal, the combination of black, grey, and ivory would be sure to make a beautiful (but maybe not PETA approved) watch

  • Jay

    Awesome edition of the Pontos! – love the colors.
    I would like to see a diver inspired by a sea lion. With a ligh grey titanium case, and a sunburst grey/silver dial to simulate the fur of a sea lion. Bone white indexes and hands, and with a alarm complication.

  • I would love to see a watch inspired by an octopus. A lot of potential to explore. The colours, the arms and the round suction cups are great elements that can be brought to a watch,

  • Ben Garner

    I think a jellyfish inspired watch is also a great idea. I think Sarpaneva is the guy to do it right, too.

  • Carlos Marin Aguas

    It is a very nice blue dial diver! I like it

  • Aaron Mok

    A watch inspired by the graceful deep sea turtle – Robust yet elegantly gliding through the open sea. The buttons of the watch can replicate the turtles legs in a subtle fashion with a robust construction to replicate the tortoise shell.

  • Luciano

    Killer whale. Sharp design, black and white.

  • Jeffrey Gougeon

    A giant squid is a good inspiration for a watch. The watch would need a huge depth rating to survive being dragged under. You wouldn’t survive but your watch would.

  • Mike Lewis

    Sharp watch. How about one inspired by alpheidae, aka the pistol shrimp? I’m thinking luminescent oranges and blues in the color scheme, and a novel snapping clasp mechanism. Maybe even hide emergency stun gun functionality in it, a la James Bond.

  • Char

    I really love each of these designs. They are all so unique and special. My father or boyfriend would really enjoy any of these. Thank you for the amazing offer! I love your blog!

  • James Doyle

    Love the designs would be so grateful to win 🙂

  • serenitysmiles

    I would like to see Portuguese man o’ war or the Lion Fish be inspirations for another Maurice Lacroix Watch!

  • steve weber

    I’m loving everything about this watch!!

    groogruxking40 @ gmail dot com

  • Chinginud

    I’m kinda tired of seeing shark teeth inspired dials. Clownfish colors maybe?

  • Nice watch. I think the octopus is a nice inspiration for a diving watch. I’d like it to have more than two dials to reflect the octopus’ legs.

  • David Heath

    Love the Pontos line, full of style with loads of functionality. This watch particularly makes me think of the cuddle fish. Which can adapt and adjust to any setting but at the same time is extremely functional when it needs to be. Just like the Pontos. You can wear this watch on any occasion but find it extremely use when needed for its primary use.


  • Leah Martin Donaldson

    Beautiful Watch! It would be neat to see a watch designed after the Aequorea forskalea (Jellyfish). The face could encorporate subtle variations of blue that appear to glow on a deep dark background:×750/2012-11-04-0258.jpg

    • Stefan Alexandru Marinca

      I’d like to see that!

  • Thor Deichmann

    I find that watches with slightly altered shapes are interesting. There’s this fish called: “sergeant major fish” and it’s slightly oval. A watch case with this as a starting point could’ve been interesting (e.g franck muller-ish designs).

  • Matt

    Very cool, here’s to hoping!

  • Murdock

    I’d love to see a Abraliopsis Squid squid theme – dial could be ink filled like a ressence watch with some bio luminescent features like an hyt. Maybe the buckle could be a squid!

  • Santiago Llaguno

    A dolphin inspired watch would be awesome, shiny light gray and classy.

  • Imre Kovács

    Divers kinda make me feel ” anything can happen”..

  • Giorgio B.

    Awesome watch, the stainless steel bracelet really makes the blue and the yellow of the dial and hands pop!
    If i were to choose i’d pick the white shark
    First of all a solid brushed stainless steel bracelet and case, screw-in crown at 2, and sapphire glass with magnified glass at 3 to better display the RED coloured date numbers.The hour and minutes hands are shark-teeth inspired, with curved and sharp looking sides, and polished, while the seconds hand is bright red. I’d like the dial to be a nice deep black with hints of silver for the hour markers, fin shaped at 12,3,6,9.
    I hope i recreated precisely enough what i have in my mind ahah 🙂

  • Duffy Olson

    I’d like to see the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish in a watch, because they are huge and cool. You could have the jellyfish tentacles etched into the watch face and have the movement rotor be the jellyfish body. I probably wouldn’t buy it, but would be cool.

  • MeaCulpa

    European perch, a super compressor case with a green fading to black sunburst dial (green center and black edges) with red index reflecting the colour of the perch.

  • Richard Shapiro

    I love the blue… stunning piece. My choice of creature to inspire a dive watch is a stingray. The strap material is obvious – stingray straps are unique and gorgeous. The dial could be lightly mottled as the strap would be. Dial colors would be black background with white markers. The coup de grace would be a stingray shaped counter weight on the second hand!

  • Great looking watch. So, how about a polar bear inspired design. All white, bone/claw like hands, maybe a textured/furry look to the dial.

    • Adam McBride

      The textured dial, would be great! Maybe something like what we find on the Grand Seiko Snowflake’s dial?

  • Pacheaco

    I’d love to see something modeled after a Mahi Mahi. It could be a cushion or pillow case with an irridecent dial similarly colored to one of the many species.

  • Edwin Ashurst

    A Kraaken of course, or something more Lovecraftian, one of the deep ones like Chtulhu.

    • Traeger

      yes- exactly!

  • Frank

    I’m going to go with the Tiger Fish because it is an extremely fast, aggressive and agile hunter, and can grow to be huge. Its massive teeth make this an extremely scary looking fish.

  • MMIChris

    I’d like to see a pelican inspired dive watch. As pelican’s don’t live in water but do perform dives, humans do the same (yes, I’m aware of the Aquarius Reef Base and other such installations). The watch could be a hydro-mechanical design mimicking how the pelican’s beak expands when it scoops up water and contracts when it’s empty.

  • Jason Tucker

    Let’s see a watch that takes after a Tiger Shark.

  • Joel

    Very nice. I would like a peacock with the colors in the background of the dial.

  • Tainan Lu

    I would love to see a watch inspired by a whale.

  • Stephen Thode

    How about a lion fish theme starting with the color pallet, subtle oranges and browns with accents of white.

  • meghan b

    Would love to see one inspired by a sunken ship

  • funkright

    The rainbow trout, majestically inspiring a Richard Mille tourbillon

  • Andreas Hjelm

    Stingray! A stingray strap with a carbon fibre case and sunburst dial. Boom! =)

  • David Humphrey

    An African Jewel Cichlid because it is a beautiful fish! The watch face could be bright red, the subdials dark purple and the indices black.

  • Sarthak Sharma

    I think a dive watch in a traditional Sub or Fifty Fathoms style but with a dial design inspired by the vibrant front profile of a lionfish.

  • Josef Schmid

    A Seahawk would make for a great inspiration. A majestic animal on a beautiful watch.

  • Edis Zuki?

    I would love to see shark inspired watch. If possible I would make its iconic open jaw be on case around the bezel, it should be really tough made and of course diver watch. These are only ideas I have for now.

  • Michael Harvey

    Beautiful color, and the Pontos S Diver Blue Devil Limited Edition is very easy to read. I’d like to see a watch dedicated to an endangered species, with an engraving of a picture of the species and some basic info.

  • Apollo Frost

    I’d like to see a watch inspired by an otter, because they’re so dang cute. Two of the subdials could be shaped like paws, and on of the sundials could have a pearl like finish to represent the shells they eat off of thier tummies 🙂

  • Ray Bradley

    Not really a fish, but I’d like to see a dive watch inspired by the “honu” (green sea turtle). Love seeing these in the water whenever I’m diving or snorkeling in Hawaii. The exact coloring probably wouldn’t translate well into a watch, but maybe the shell plate motif could be worked into the dial or bezel.

    Big fan of the color combo on this “Blue Devil,” esp. since I went to Michigan. Go Blue!

  • Adam McBride

    A Gulper Eel: I love the chunk of a lot of dive watches, but something sleeker could be interesting. This eel is smooth, yet bold and aggressive in its shape; it is dark in color, but has a bioluminescent tail (natural lume, anyone?). Make it happen!

  • Daniel Park

    A stingray: sleek, mysterious, understated yet dangerous

  • Marc-Alexandre Nolin

    A jelly fish. Since it is translucent, I would be able to see the movement at works 🙂

  • Saeed Al-Suwaidi

    Diving watches lose lume and color the deeper you go down therefore I think the fish should be an angelfish themes with a crazy lume that is as crazy looking as the fish itself.

  • OmniWrench

    One of the bio-luminescent animals from the deep ocean. Dive watches needs lume, so a glow-in-the-dark fish seems a good candidate!

  • GKS

    A black-banded sea krait: This venomous sea snake only has to surface every 6 hours or so for oxygen so it’s definitely an underwater vibe. It’s nocturnal with dark coloring, so it’s skin would make a great band for a stealthy dive watch with a dark gray or mercury case finish.

  • Panchoskywalker

    The polar bear since it support hardest weather on earth.

  • NC

    I would go with the Sea Cucumber, a graceful creature. The Hour hand should be shaped like one.

  • Deegehokie

    I think a great white shark would be a good inspiration with a white dial and red accents.

  • McGee

    Great looking watch. How much of the cost is attributable to 600m wr and helium release? Not many fish at 600m to inspire such a good looking watch. Down there they mostly look like this fang tooth

  • Mark Page

    Pyrocystis fusiformis is a sea dwelling bioluminescent microorganism. Normally translucent, it produces a beautiful blue colour when agitated. This serves as inspiration for the dial colour and the lume of the of the numerals and hands. In addition to glowing from sunlight, the movement on the wearer’s wrist would create more glow. This would make it a great tool watch for those spending extended periods of time working under water and at night / low light conditions. This microorganism also changes shape in day / night. A limited edition open case back would have a beautiful movement on display, part of which is concealed / revealed as time progresses with the mechanism.

  • Jason

    Amazing piece. I could see a koi fish integrated into the dial of a diver.

  • Daniel De La Cerda

    Very nice watch! For some reason a sword fish comes to mind. It’s a powerful and majestic fish and translated into a watch I feel would be a very clean design, with a powerful movement and sharp lines. A cool textured strap similar to their back fin would be a nice addition as well.

  • Ghassan Nassar

    I think blue dial diver watches are AWESOME, I would like to see a stingray related dive watch

  • Stefan Alexandru Marinca

    A white whale inspired piece would be nice because of it’s rarity. The silicone strap could mimic the texture of it’s skin and other elements like hands and indices could be white-colored lume.

  • giannakis anastasios

    The perfect blue for blue mondays.
    The clown fish would be a choice, contrasty orange and white ascents for the right divewatch. Thank you!

  • Wow – this watch is incredible – such a beautiful design. I would like to see a dive watch inspired by a blue ringed octopus – such a beautiful and deadly creature. Well done again to Maurice Lacroix and aBlogtoWatch – this really is an outstanding Giveaway.

  • aslogar

    How about a goldfish inspired watch, its got to be gold and have scales

  • otaking241

    Let’s see the Patek Philippe Walrus. “Based on the timeless Gerald Genta designed Nautilus but walrus-sized at 54mm, it features a genuine walrus ivory dial and walrus skin strap. Indices are carved from oosic (walrus penile bone) and contrasting stitching is spun from genuine walrus whiskers. MSRP is 149,998CHF and 10% of proceeds from each sale will be donated to the Save the Walrus foundation, which advocates for the preservation of vintage Beatles vinyl. Limited to 500 pieces worldwide, the run is already entirely sold out to members of the Saudi royal family to give as door prizes at the next OPEC meeting.”

  • Yojimbo

    something involving a moray eel would certainly be on point.

  • Lauri Mäkinen

    A whale inspired one.

  • How about a nautilus (the actual mollusk), with spiral guilloching around the dial?

  • Brnjamin

    How about a platypus? A dive watch that can do both.
    Dressy yet a true tool watch in the integrity of the build. Waterproof hide strap that will truly hold up. Deep browns. A white dial because platypuses lay eggs. Haha idk I just want a white dial. Full lume but in a patina shade.

  • SH

    I agree a whale one, a tribute to moby dick, white with maybe whale bone (from a beached one, not from one harpooned) as part of the face. A literature tribute too.

  • Anthony Philips

    Good looking watch – I particularly like the yellow band on the helium release valve

  • Thijs

    Manta ray

  • Hans Kolkhuis Tanke

    Beautiful blue dressed-up diver!

  • Stephen C

    My ‘fish’ watch already exists – I’m quite fond of the Bernhardt Binnacle and it’s subtle sharks tooth dial

  • qudths

    not a fish, but a turtle or tortoise would be great inspiration. by referencing their hard shells (case) and also incorporating the crystal into an acrylic bubbled curved dome that mimics the dome at the top of their shell, it think it would bring an old world feel (in line with the age, warmth(?) and majesty of tortoises) to the watch case in general. the lugs can be a bit shorter to loosely call on the leg of a tortoise. the case back can be solid and engraved/etched to look like the scales of the shell. the dial color could be a very dark blue/green, and the crown could even be engraved to look like a head or tail (maybe too far with the analogy here). haha, maybe even have a HEV valve that looks like a head that is still inside the shell of a turtle!

  • Tony Williams

    Now, there’ s a good question to ask. I think a penguin would be a good inspiration for a dive watch because on land they’re a bit clumsy but once in the water you can see how perfectly they suit their environment, and my view is some dive watches are the same. The attributes that make them so perfect for diving can make them a bit heavy and inelegant when worn at the office. The colours would be the obvious reflection in the watch design. White and black with yellow accents.

  • EMOS7

    The Frilled Shark. The shape of this shark lends itself to smooth lines and the shark itself generally stays at depths of around 1500m. Rarely encountered by humans.

  • Riando Sembiring

    Oh I don’t know. An octopus-inspired watch came to my mind.

  • EdipisReks

    I’d like to see a Sea Urchin. Dive watches tend to be big enough to support the spines.

  • Travis Cannata

    It would be pretty cool to see a watch designed around a jellyfish. Maybe a sapphire case with a clever display of color, while still keeping the indices visible.

  • Thor Svaboe

    I would say a Marlin, the perfect analogy for a tough diver, size wise I would go for something super chunky like my eternal favourite the Ploprof 🙂 though this lovely blue piece would be a just as perfect addition to my collection, and being such a limited edition, the halo dive watch in my collection.

  • Mr. Blandings

    An Opah. It would go well with the big watch craze and they are quite pretty.

  • John Chapdelaine

    Like many have posted, a dive watch should have great lume. I would like to see a watch inspired by bioluminescent jellyfish, especially ones with the rich blues and purples. I’m thinking something along the lines of the Angular Momentum Dive-Tec 500 watch but with blue and purple as the lume colors. A transparent/translucent dial would really give it that jellyfish look.

  • greggo325

    I’d like to see a penguin inspired dive watch with black, red, white, and orange colors. They’re pretty prolific divers, and we can all agree they’re damn cute.

  • Iliyan Iliev

    It would be cool to see a watch inspired by the cheetah – sporty and graceful at the same time, thin case, sleek lines.

  • Gary Aerne

    I think a watch dedicated to american Staffordshire terrier would be great. They are fiercely devoted to their owners and family and defend them in any situation!!! A flip open back with a dedicated inscription and and image would bring it together nicely. The flip open back would also allow for a skeleton view of inside works.

  • Eric

    A watch based on the jellyfish would be awesome. The slow languid movements, perhaps with a semi-transparent dial….

  • Eugeny Buslaev

    ??????????? ?????? ?????, ????? ???????????.??????? ??? ?? ??????????? ??? ???????? ?????? ? ?????????? ???????. ?????? ?????????. ????? ????????? ??????? ?????????.

  • Alex

    The humuhumunukunukuapua’a could be a pretty cool watch inspiration. The name is obviously great. As for design, it could be a black dial with white indices and numbers as a majority of the fish is black and white. To add some contrast, just as there is in the fish itself, there could be outlining in light blue and then a yellow minute hand.

  • Hadži Dalibor Jerini?

    Meduza. Opasno, nježno stvorenje. Bilo bi zanimljivo vidjeti reljef na ciferu u obliku meduze.

  • David Schreiber

    Wow! What a great looking watch! My favorite sea creature is the cuttlefish. Not only very intelligent, cuttlefish change color and shape depending on mood, surroundings, etc. I’d like to see an analog watch with an e-ink dial that changes pattern perhaps with a random pattern generator. Even better would be a mechanical means of pattern changing – kaleidoscope style where turning a bezel or crown flips and turns dial elements…

  • romeo

    Love the blue dial with bright yellow border on the minute hand. the adjustable inner bezel is just superb.And the NATO strap just complete the watch. Overall i would like to own this watch since I never own a Maurice Lacroix watch before and a watch that has and inner bezel own it.

  • coltrain5041

    A dolphin inspired watch. Smart and sleek.

  • cyklopz

    I would like to see a barracuda…I think it could make for a cool engraving on the backside. The Pontos on bracelet looks great.

  • TPaulD

    Shark. The Shark Diver. Sharks are the kings of the seas. A good, robust, automatic Diver`s watch with the Dorsal Fin Motif as a marker on the rotating bezel or a fin shaped second hand.

  • Y Til

    owl, painted on the dial, for “sophisticated” watch lovers.

  • Sean Kim

    I think a watch inspired by a clown fish would be interesting, mainly because its colors are very attractive. I would like to see a color combination of bright orange, black, and white on the dial, hands and index of the watch.

  • cg

    I would like to see a dive watch with cues from a Baracuda. Prehistoric plates for the band and the empty Baracuda fish eye for the dial.

  • Dallan Haynes

    I think a Mako shark inspired watch would be cool, high speed low drag kind of mindset that could be used

  • Andrew Billisits

    The Sloth watch. Tolerance is +0/-a couple hours based on how in tune you’re feeling that day. An alarm indicator that won’t work, because sleep is more important, and hands work occasionally, but really just indicate when it’s time to leave work (earlier than required of course). Also tracks your steps, and informs you when you should sit down and take a nap just to be safe. Added bonus feature? Easily hangs off most tree branches when you don’t want to wear it.

  • Adam Goldstein

    Something unique like a monk fish of puffer fish would make a cool watch theme.

  • Chris Davis

    For me its got to be a manta ray – dive watch obviously – perhaps you could play subtly with the shape. Also dark, sleek and titanium.

  • Shawn Lavigne

    i think a sea otter would be a good inspiration for a dive watch because they are great divers. i’d engrave the otter on the caseback.

  • Scott Wolfe

    I’d love to see a stingray – I own a stingray wallet – so the hide would make a nice strap in a black or dark gray!

  • Heigo Protten

    A shrimp-inspired watch maybe? Some pattern on the dial + caseback design could be interesting.

  • Kevin Drake

    As always the M.L. delivers the Pontos Diver with winning aesthetics. The blue is reminiscent the IWC Aquatimer a few years back with the touch of yellow, for a great contrast! clean lines, uncluttered dial, and a case just big enough to feel like a modern diver. classy addition to their already amazing diver. love it!

  • AM

    Keeping to a sea related theme… the mighty tuna. Relatively unchanged over years of evolution they are a hugely powerful, thermo regulated and an amazingly example of biological engineering.

    Blackfin, Yellowfin and Bluefin would be the colour themes. The Yellowfin and Bluefin would be limited production lines to highlight the endangered status of the species.

  • Jermaine Scott

    This seems like a really nice diver. 600m seems just right.

  • Fredrik Norum

    Gorgous watch! I would like to see a watch inspired by manatees as they have a slow moving but playful nature. Maybe a large power reserve inspired by how a manatee can stay underwater for 20 minutes at a time. The watch would be manual wound inspired by how la manatee can exchange 90% of the air in their lungs in a single breath. Green hints in dial design based on that manatees are primarily herbivores.

  • Alistair Salmon

    I think a tiger shark inspired divers watch would be beautiful taking full advantage of the unique look of Damascus steel 🙂

  • Patrick Cahill

    Very nice dive watch….winning this might actually get me to learn how to SCUBA. I think it would be fun to play with the idea of a watch being an instrument of accuracy. The animal that came to mind is a falcon and it’s ability to dive for prey with uncanny accuracy or it doesn’t eat. ?

  • Harry Bishop

    Great color variant. I’d like to see a tortoise based dive watch – classy, perhaps a single piece case, some tortoise-shell design, brown/orange colors – it’s about dive limits and solidity, connection with nature.

  • quang tran

    I would like to see a dolphin inspired dive watch with sleek elegant and streamlined lines and curves.

  • ?????? ????????

    I always prefer some extreme sports, and thus said, I’d go for shark diving or whale diving. I’d really like to see whales in wild in person.

  • Anton Marek

    OMG, its perfect, I love it!!!

  • Cary Lewison

    I would like to see a watch based on the octopus. Possibly with an octagon shaped case.

  • Justin Sparks

    I would like to see a pitbull…one for the love of my pitbulls. And also because people misunderstand them and blame the wrong end of the leash. They are very loyal and great dogs. Which is what I also want my watch to represent…loyal and strong.

  • Brian

    Beautiful watch, I would love to see one designed based on an octopus due to their elegance and beauty. The face could fade from a dark black to grey to represent the ink. The hands could be curved in an ess shape to show off the curves of its tentacles and have a beak incorporated into the power reserve or day/date window.

  • Tony Law

    What a beautiful dial! also very elegant matching strap. Reminds me a little bit of the legend Diver from Longiness.

  • Steven Williams

    This is a cool looking watch…I almost got the regular Pontos S Diver earlier in the year but purchased a Longines Diver instead….This blue one is a nice looking watch!!!!

  • Traeger

    Definitely an octopus-like theme, only dark and hidden, revealed only here and there- a watch for the cult of Cthulhu

  • Rob Melick

    A Bluefin tuna – would be a maritime inspired dial with an aggressive case structure – likely a simple strap or bracelet but with beautiful lines. Would be priced at an entry level. An everyday working man’s watch with simple beauty, pulling from the east coast blue fin fishing industry

  • Test Runn

    A parrotfish- the beautiful colors would make for an interesting dial.

  • Ilya Shcherbatov

    I think whale – big and strong

  • ald

    A squid might be fun – made with damascus steel to represent its colour shifting ability.

  • Eelco Bikker

    I would like to see a seahorse watch because they are so cute! The dial of the watch should be seahorse coloured and the back should contain a engraving of a seahorse.

  • faruk

    Beautiful watch, I would love to see one designed based on a shark and Beatiful straps!

  • Abjarv

    Gorgeous watch. Silly as it sounds, I’d love too see a cat inspiried watch. Perhaps the face could have a lumed cat eye that is only visible in dark settings.

  • Ilya Evgenevich

    jellyfish, beautiful and mysterious

  • Mikko

    Angler fish! Some lume to lure the prey and some design ideas from the sharp dagger like teeth to indexes. Something sinister.

  • Pons Caparas

    Great design. Would like to see a Nautilus-inspired dive watch, possibly in the case and dial design to add some mystery.

  • Josh Graves

    Quite a beautiful diver. Regarding an animal theme, I think an eel theme would be cool. It would be interesting to use an eel wrapped around a self winding rotor…maybe an electric eel theme, a sunburst blue Indiglo electronic lume. Ideas abound. Good luck to all.

  • Douglas D

    Great White shark with stylized teeth for hour markers.

  • Sandi Tymchuk

    I would love to see a Koi fish on a watch face, with a mildly iridescent scaled-pattern band. My husband has a symbolic tattoo of a Koi fish on his arm, and this would be a wonderful gift for him!

  • Young Bryant

    domed crystal diver, inspired by a puffer fish.

  • Rufaro Gomwe

    If they make a chrono, it can be called the “Blue Angels”

  • Matt L

    I would like to see a watch inspired by wild salmon, one of the healthiest fish in the world. I love salmon coloured dials for their uniqueness and i think more watches could use this colour to great effect on dials.

  • Tim Nicholls

    I would like to see a Yellow Bellied Sea Snake integrated into a watch design. Its distinctive yellow and black colouring could be blended well into the bezel and face of the watch. The watch could also reflect world time as well, as the snake is distributed across the Pacific and Indian Oceans

  • David

    Fantastic watch. Would love to see one designed based on a Candy Basslet. Without Date. Black steel w/ Black Nato, Black Rubber, Black fabric and Black bracelet options. Orange face w/ bright lavender markers and red numbers.

  • Andrew Beaumont

    Always liked the old Citizen Orca, pity it was discontinued.

  • sko2386

    How about a hammerhead? The crowns can be on both sides, extra heavy duty diver watch.

  • Étienne Perrier

    a sea turtle, because it is magnificent animal close to extinction and part of the profit can be sent to proctect them. The design should reflect tough diver watch with small yellow and blue mosaic pattern on dials.

  • Jamie Clearihan

    Dreaming, maybe one day I may be able to have this stunner on my wrist.

  • Marc Wensauer

    A whaleshark! Dark underlying colour with a speckling of dots.

  • Colby

    A sea turtle would be my choice because they are such beautiful, gentle, giants of the sea. The shape of the watch could mimic the shell with any buttons or knobs in place where the legs of the turtle are.

  • Zach Wummer

    I really like this watch. It’s nicely done and I quite like the color combination. It reminds me of a blue tang. I would love to see a watch inspired by any of the birds of paradise, in particular Paradisaea raggiana, the Raggiana Bird of Paradise. They are spectacular creatures, endemic to New Guinea, and they’d provide a plethora of color combination and exotic design elements for a watch creator to explore. I could imaging Patek or Vacheron doing an enamel dial illustrating the birds or, a more subtle alternative, where the watches color palate would be inspired from their illustrious plumage. Using birds of paradise as inspiration would make for one hell of a flashy watch, I’m sure of that.

  • Horacio

    Whaleshark, with the dots in the center of the dial, kinda like guilloche, in dark blue with black textile strap like the ones that Blancpain uses in their fifty fathoms series.

  • Keith Ritchie

    Wahoo, fast and sleek like the Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver.

  • Alex Medeiros

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this beauty. Keep the great articles coming. I agree with the guy below… a Whale Shark would be really cool inspiration.

  • Winston Dogge

    This Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver Blue Devil L.E. is a beautiful timepiece and would look great in anyones collection, mine included. As for a watch inspired by an animal or fish, I’d like to see something that reflects an Electric Eel mostly because I’ve never seen anyone else do it. Maybe with an electric blue color dial with a Electric Eel on the caseback.

  • Tim Komendant

    I would like to see a watch inspired by a great white. A 44mm diver with a grey dial on a stainless steel shark mesh.

  • Frank Kotarski

    The Wolverine, tough as nails, fearless and never backs down from anything! An image of one on the dial would be a nice touch.

  • Caglar Gursoy

    Eurhinosaurus (ancient cool swordfish) , star-burst aquamarine dial with dark blue bezel. Watch hands like Eurhinosaurus ‘s nose-skull.

  • knofensa

    mention an animal or fish you would like to see inspire a dive watch, why, and how it would be reflected in the watch design.

    I’d like to see a frog inspire a diver watch because it’s colorful, decent and special. 🙂

    It could be reflected in the design in form of a bulky diver watch (high case, big diameter, maybe plastic glass) that can resist huge deepness under water with a nice camouflage strap on it. 🙂

  • Arnprior

    How ’bout a Sharknado watch?!? Come on, you know you waaaaaant it!

  • Kenneth Alcott

    A Humuhumunukunukuapua from Hawaii because it makes a statement with its looks like this watch.

  • Bjarne Hedén

    I would choose the Lion fish since is such a beautiful creature. The watch design could be inspired by it´s colour scheme (such as black, orange, yellow, red, brown). The Lion fish would be imaged on the back case. The strap could have a structure/pattern/colour inspired by the colours and possibly also somehow integrate the venomous spines into the design.

  • JF Beaulieu

    How about a tiger inspired watch, just mix up black and orange on the strap and dial

  • John Bastian

    How about a sting- or manta-ray? I think they’re particularly graceful as they glide through the water, and you could make a second hand stylised with the body as the counter-balance and its tail as the actual hand!

  • Nick

    I’d like to see one inspired by a goldentail eel. Caseback would have an engraved eel and the dial would be textured similar to the pattern of the eel. Seconds hand and bezel would be yellow.


    I would like to see a watch inspired by a dolphin – one of the smartest creatures – it would have to be a timepiece with multiple complications.

  • ZBT71

    A very beautiful watch, love that blue, and an excellent give-away since there will only be 100 of these in the world. Thank you Maurice Lacroix and A Blog to Watch. I would love to see a watch inspired by the beauty of a deep sea coral reef perhaps with a dial fashioned in the overlapping design of a reef but made of burnished silver to reflect the colors of a reef. The watch could also be an inspiration for the conservation of reefs worldwide.

  • adrian

    I would choose sea turtule,it could be implemented in the design of the dial(textured dial)and it could also be implemented in the design of the movement,which have a “shell” to protect it from shock

  • Tiri Pest

    I would like to see a Whale Shark influenced design – because they have an incredible presence in the ocean, and the design would be a blue face with subtle white spots.

  • mattron

    This is a lovely dive watch. Always a sucker for a rotating internal bezel. I would like to see an octopus inspired watch. Could make for an interesting texture for the dial (with some color changing). I’m thinking an excellent engraving on the caseback as well.

  • louis martinez

    One of the newly discovered deep deep sea fishes and the watch would have tons of lumns.

  • Chris MacEwen

    I think that the dolphin should influence the design . Dolphins are probably the most clever creatures in the sea and the design should fit that . (only dolphins and humans can recognize their own reflection as being themselves) This watch would have to evoke a sense of happiness though like dolphins do . Who in the world would not like a dolphin !

  • Gregory Gonsalves

    Very nice watch! An octopus would be an interesting inspiration for a dive watch. Its intelligence would be analogy for an innovative watch. Key features such as its ability to adapt to its surrounding and to attach itself to almost anything with its suckers would be good elements to include in the watch”s design.

  • D Young

    I would like to see a dive watch inspired by the Tiger Shark.
    The Tiger Shark represents elements of strength, stealth and speed and an ability to see in low light conditions.

    These are attributes you want in a dive watch. Toughness and sleekness and low light visibility.
    What more could you want in a dive watch

  • Jeffrey Co

    How about a giant manta ray inspired diver’s watch. You can really be awed by their majestic presence in the sea and yet can still be very graceful as they glide. Maybe incorporate their shape on the watch itself instead of the usual round watch.

  • Andrew

    I would like to see a parrot fish design incorporated into the design of a dial, with a complementary strap design that has the tail design meeting the watch lugs.

  • Antoine Rollin

    An orca, because of the dual perception we have on them, nice looking and terribly dangerous at the same time, exactly like big depth.
    Its scheme, white dots on black body, exactly like a diver watch, could be reflected in the watch design : one part on the dial and maybe bezel, the others on the two parts of the bracelet/rubber strap.

    Thanks ABTW !

  • Nick Hallas

    This watch looks incredible. I think a watch inspired by an octopus would be interesting. It could have have gmt and chronograph complications to add more hands to the watch, to reference the octopus’ many arms. The dial could also be made of a material that ha a different color depending on the angle it is viewed at.

  • Robert O’Keefe

    Beautiful watch. My inspiration for a dive watch is the purple squid they found in California. It can withstand the pressure and I would love to see that color on a dial. Already has a good lume!

  • 0059mike

    Great watch.

    Diver watch, ocean blue. Strap with fish scale pattern to complement it.

  • Farris

    I’d like to see a catfish dive watch. Not so much inspired by a catfish as an actual catfish on a bracelet that you’d have to noodle to wind.

  • Stan Lipnowski

    I am a sucker for that shade of blue.Please, please, please……

  • disqus_17KKSKsoJv

    I’d like to see one inspired by a squid, with its enormous eye and beautiful coloring

  • SeanM

    A Mako shark inspired watch would be interesting. Mako’s are the fastest sharks and are extremely stream-lined. This stream-lined design would transfer well into a dive watch

  • Curtis

    I’d like to see a watch inspired by Dory from Finding Nemo. Every few minutes a flyback mechanism would engage so that it would forget what time it is. In all seriousness, I think the lines of a stingray could inspire a very fluid case design and dial texture.

  • Mark

    This may sound weird, but a watch with a jellyfish theme. Use some kind of iridescent color for the bezel and a darker shade of blue or purple for the dial. See the picture below. I took it at the Monterey Bay Aquarium during the jellyfish exhibit. Integrating these colors would be beautiful.

  • Bryan

    Great, but simple looking sport watch.

  • Mike K

    I think an Orca whale would be a cool inspiration for a dive watch because of the bold and contrasting colors. The watch case would be black DLC because of it’s durability and strength (like an Orca), and dial would be white enamel because of it’s pure beauty. The hands and indices would be black, and the center seconds hand would have a custom Orca tail counter balance.

  • Tirthak Shah

    I would like to see something on the basis of Dory (blue & yellow) plus Nemo (orange & white) together…too many colours arguably but if they could be accommodated in accents then that would be interesting….
    This ML Pontos S is nice, clean & simple which i like.

  • Ashkan Garshasbi

    I would like to see a mahigoli witch lives in specific area of Iran and it will sine under a litel beem light under water.

  • Michael Mak

    I would like to see a dive watch with a dolphin as one of the hands on a wave-like dial because dolphins are friendly and they belong to the sea. The combination of a moving hand on a wave-like dial would make it look like a dolphin is swimming in the sea.

  • Matt K

    The King Crab
    Some of these guys have been found 2400 ft below sea level and are generally found in cold seas. Clearly, comparable to a dive watch – durable and adventurous.
    The watch would see the colour of the King Crab (burgundy) on the dial with prominently white hands with bright, high shine, red tips – similar to the King Crab’s legs. A tribute medallion of the crab would feature on the reverse. A respectable but fun visual; potentially with a crown on the crabs head to suggest the species.

  • Dhary Al Rasheed

    Everything about this watch echoes Diver. From the ocean blue dial and strap to the lumed indexes and internal rotating bezel. So simple and yet very pleasing to look at. Well done Maurice Lacroix and thank you ABTW for keeping us informed of the offerings and advancement in horology.

  • G.Stuck

    Doing a quick search of deep sea creatures, I think a cool animal to emulate in a dive watch would be the Viperfish. According to my source(NatGeo), they go as deep as 4400 meters and use “bioluminescent photophores” on their underside to attract their next meal. And from the photos, they have some wicked looking teeth. Viperfish just sounds cool too. The watch could have a dark mother of pearl dial to simulate the skin of the fish, with thin blue lume hour markers to reflect the fish’s needle teeth and bioluminescence.

  • Xavier Higuera

    Super fan of ML, in the ‘cheap’ watches I find them pretty cool, with a good design, and this one is excellence, love to be the winner.

  • Milton Altamirano

    I think an octopus would be an cool inspiration for a watch, because since they are active predators, they need to explore, understand and remember their environment and the behavior of other animals such as a diver

  • Chris Baskin

    Love.This.Watch. A number of commenters have mentioned a dive watch inspired by a puffer or blowfish, but I’d choose an animal with similar prickly and protective characteristics like a porcupine. The Porcupine Dive Watch case would be protected by a quill-like ultra hard shell and the distinguishing feature would be the raised crown that would hide a small sharp pocket knife within that could be deployed from the tip of the case like a spear for protection while diving or self defense with the press of a button (that would have a gun-like safety feature for security purposes).

  • Jesse B. Jiang

    I would like to see a dive watch inspired by the Yeti Crab!
    Yeti crabs are beige white in color, with fluffy white, “hairy” arms that resemble the arm of the Yeti! Living on the deep ocean floor, the hairs on the Yeti Crab actually act as sensors that help the blind animal navigate. I think the beige white color of the and hairy arms of the Yeti Crab, may be able to inspire some interesting design for a dive watch dial and bezel.

  • Raul Garza

    A blow fish because all the cool sea creatures were already taken. An you could etch one on the case back.

  • Cahley Tod-Tims

    Cephalopods (squid, octopus) can sometimes appear translucent so maybe have some transparent aspects to the watch? They can also have a beautiful iridescent quality to their skin so perhaps adding that pearlescent feature to the face of the watch?

  • Lawrence Pickrem

    I would like to see a watch inspired by a shark because they are truly the most fearsome and interesting creature in the sea to me. I think the watch designers could make the hands on the watch resemble shark teeth and the watch cool be a cool, metallic (shark-like) color.

  • Joel Woodward

    I’d like to see a dive watch with an octopus spread out across the face, its tentacles stretched out as illuminated indices.

  • Sully

    I would like to see a dive watch with a jellyfish theme. Maybe use alot of lume or have a special design that glows in the dark.

  • bryan arent

    Sword fish, using sharp, razor thin hands and markings on the dial.

  • MD

    I’m thinking the Loch Ness monster would be the perfect inspiration for a dive watch; elusive, smart, able to live for generations, and can’t be properly captured in photographs. The design could be reflected in subtle details that can only be seen in the metal or perhaps using more uncommon watch materials; gun metal, tungsten, maybe paladium.

  • Ron McKelvie

    The Blue ringed Octopus, a beautiful looking (colors and shape) animal but packs a punch (deadly). That is what should be on the Dial (colors)and back (the shape).

  • berniesiao

    A barracuda would be a nice inspiration

  • JB

    An Anglerfish because it’s a badass with its own lume. Think a watch with subdued colors and sharp spikes of lume.

  • Torben Nelson

    I think that a Kingfisher would be a great inspiration for a watch

  • J Patton

    I’d go with a watch themed after the Narwhal. Beyond my childhood fascination with 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the Narwhal lives in the Arctic, feeds under the ice pack, can dive to 1500 meters and males have a long spear like tusk. The second hand could resemble the tusk and an engraving of the whale would be found on the case back. The watch face would be a dark grey to resemble the the Arctic Ocean in winter.

  • Kevin Lam

    Would love to see a watch inspired by deep sea jellyfish and similar creatures. The coolish neutral color palette, translucent surfaces, and luminescence would make a cool dive watch.

  • Fitifazrul Rahman

    I think that a watch might looks good if it is based on nudibranch.

  • Kevin Gallagher

    I like it on the strap much better than the bracelet.

  • Jairo Alan Gutierrez Jaime

    Nice watch and a really good color combination

  • Carlos Martinez

    A watch inspired by a Megalodon shark with a piece of a mytical tooth, with dial colored in dark grey (stealth wise like a shark camuflages from the top) and black titanium body, with a blood-red GMT hand. Dive rating should 300mts or higher. Strapped with a super cool water resistant leather nato

  • jroot1974

    How about an Orca whale with a cool black and white colour scheme?

  • Igorek Safronov

    Blue Shark! It is a strong and deadly fish. The watch will be in blue color like this Maurice Lacroix and will represent the toughness of this fish. The shark logo can be made in the back and on the front top of the name.

  • Anurag Binani

    Would love to see a watch inspired by beluga whales with their sizeable bodies yet swift movement. Given the habitat they are found in, I would expect white and light grey to be the dominant color themes with a very wide range of temperature tolerance and intense blue lume.

  • angela

    I think a starfish would be a great idea. The watch could have a textured band like the bumps on a starfish and the face could have an etching of a starfish. The arms could be two starfish arms

  • Jason

    That’s a beautiful watch. I’d like to see a dive watch inspired by trilobites. I suppose this could be reflected in the shape of the case or the design of the face, while being very tough.

    • Andrew Hughes

      This is a cool idea.

  • Rajeeva Jayaratne

    a dolphin. the most intelligent sea animal.on the face of the watch with a blue background.

  • Matheus Krüger Clajus

    A shark, aggressive and fascinating.
    this is an amazing watch that would fit me perfectly.

  • Abdiel Vargas

    I would love to see something named after one of the many of the translucent sea creatures that amit their own light. And the premise for such a design would be that it would be an absolute lume monster. Possibly a combination of both BGW and C3 luminova, with tritium markers lumed bezel, just an absolute light show but somehow during the day just fly completely under the radar.

  • Bryan M

    i’d like to see a dive watch inspired by a megamouth shark because it is so interesting. the dial should be lumed to mimic the sharks mouth.

  • Riste Pejov

    Giant squid, patina style case or beonze would match perfectly for the case design

  • shannon fowler

    I would want one inspired by a dolphin. I would want it sleek and classy, but with a touch of whimsical.

  • Bucky Katt

    I dunno, an electric eel? Maybe you could use lume for the design, and when you go from light to dark, boom! eel!

  • Ernesto Jr Ramos

    I like the simple blue face. I would like to suggest to make the minute markers smaller(not as large as the hour markers). The price is also quite attractive.

    I would like to see an Asian Arowana(Super Red or Xback Gold) as an inspiration for a watch. It exudes elegance. It should be in leather. The case or face can be in red gold(for super red) or gold(for Xback gold).

  • Elijs Dima

    No joke, I’d like to see a futuristic, sci-fi/spaced-out dive watch inspired by jellyfish. (Because they are everywhere, they are taking over the oceans, and they look so very alien).

    So, how to reflect this in the watch design – obviously, case shape should be something domelike, perhaps with some partial translucency. Luminous material integrated below surface instead of being painted on top. Strap integration could have something to do with the hanging jellyfsh stingers, perhaps? Not sure.

  • Marcus Tee

    Oh my god. That watch just look awesome. Would love to win this amazing watch. The ecstatic of this Maurice Lacroix look attractive, legible, and symmetrical dial. And the deep blue dial make me wanna go for an adventure with it. Woohoo … The specification is supreme too. I also love the bit of yellow accent on the dial and the pusher which make it look more unique and spice it up a bit sort of like tropic. It’s indeed a Devil among the goddess.

    Hope Ablogtowatch could let me win this piece. You guys just made me fall in love with this watch. @.@

    • Andrew Buckley

      Always read the instructions before taking…

  • circlesof

    As a Duke fan, I want this watch.

    Now, as for an animal inspired dive watch, I’m going walrus: big, burly, tough, arctic – those walrus-relevant adjectives should inform the design. Like the mindset of the Project Alaska Speedy with a diving bent.

  • jek1212

    Even though I went to Michigan State and would get ripped by my friends for wearing a watch in Michigan Wolverine I really like this watch.

  • Jason Dunn

    I’d like to see 5 gills somehow worked into the design of a shark-themed watch. I’ve seen plenty of dive watches associated with sharks, but none of them have a shark feel to them aside from occasionally having a bas relief image of one on the case back.

  • Mohamad Faizul Mohd Ruslan

    It is such an adventurous and happening to see a watch inspired by shark. Could you imagine shark as the king of the sea made as an icon for diver watch with solid and strong case, deep water resistance, remarkable mechanical engine and of of course the design itself.

  • Ralph Jacob

    I’d like to see a watch inspired by the spotted eagle ray. I like the way it smoothly glides across the water and such grace could become the muse for a dive watch. The spots on its body could decorate the strap or dial in some way. For authenticity, the strap could also be made of stingray leather. The wings of the ray could inspire the design of the watch case. If the watch were automatic, the case back should be visible and the rotor shaped like the ray seen from above with its wings spread.

    Email address:

  • jek1212

    I’d like to see a dive watch inspired by a sperm whale and the teeth could be incorporated into the bezel notching.

  • Felipe Garcia

    I would like to see a watch that looks robust and is big as a grey whale. The way it looks is amazing and the way they have the skin might be innovative for the strap, with some look to the gray color mimicking its aspect. What better mammal / animal than a real diver whale.

  • steve

    How about a watch inspired by the long lived clam? I heard one lived over 500 years!

  • Bandi Hegedus

    Make the watch incorporate a Sea Otter. They are magnificent creatures on the endangered species list.

  • Ronni W

    I’m looking blue dial watch to add to my collection, like some blue dial Omega.

    But Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver has incredible looks, like combination
    between Longines Legend Diver and Omega (both are my favorite).

    By have this watch , like “one shot got 2 birds”

  • Bob Tawillager

    How about the glistening fin of a sailfish as it arches out out the water

  • Grumpy Cat

    I would like to see a narwhal inspire a dive watch because it is the unicorn of the sea but a real mammal. The watch would have a polar dive watch theme (white dial and ice blue hands) and have an image of the narwhal etched into the case back.

  • Jonathan Tang

    The yellow minute hand, is slightly longer and is a good contrast with the blue dial. I like the sharp contrast that makes it for easy reading.

  • I’m currently fascinated by sharks and I would love to see a watch inspired by the Great White. I reckon it would have to look sleek and tough at the same time.

  • Krishna

    I would like to see Hammerhead as an inspiration for an automatic dive watch. It would ideally have a ‘semi’ see through case back with the rotor mimicking the head of the hammerhead with the rest of the body creatively engraved onto the rest of the case back. The strap could be made to copy shark skin.

  • S. Mark

    I’d love to see something replicate an oyster shell. The rough outer could serve as inspiration for a bezel and of course the iridescent inner lining of the oyster would give the timepiece a mother of pearl dial.

  • caye74

    Manta ray, as a white faced diver with manta ray logo on the back case

  • Darwis Abidin

    Marlin fish ! inspiring fast moving (gesit) and strong, king of the sea..

  • Harlan Chapman-Green

    Conger eel, such power and grace! I guess you could put it as a case/bezel design or something

  • César Héctor

    The great white shark, I’d love to see a design inspired by its fierce looks and the skin color. Maybe the hands could look like the shark’s fangs or have some motifs like the fin on the dial and/or the back. I guess I would like to see this because I admire white sharks as they seem to me as the ruler of the sea.

  • snf

    White Shark, for me is the king of the sea

  • Daniel D.

    I would have to go with the Hammerhead. It would be nice to incorporate a 24 hand that had a slight profile of the shark. Good luck to all.

  • batye1

    Manta ray – LOVE it 🙂 the white

  • Ronald Roberts

    I would like to see a watch inspired by a Orcha (killer whale). One with a sleek all black design, with a white dial, and some white spots on the band.

  • Emiel

    I think a puffer fish would be a cool inspiration for a watch. Quite docile at first sight, but impressive when looking closer….

  • Andrew Buckley

    How about a “scallop diver”, named for diver caught scallops and incorporating a scallop shell pattern bezel?

  • Barzuma

    Talk about devil in a blue dress 🙂

  • Yongjie Leow

    Would love to see a watch with a shark design with the shark’s fin acting as a choro pusher in support of the growing threat of extinction for the species

  • Martin

    The whale! Biggest of them all. A big, meaty chunky diver, whith whale logo on the backside and the crown, and on the watch face. Blue color is only option

  • Heikki Mantere

    One of those deepsea fish that are bioluminescent. I don’t know how that could work in a watch but would be nice anyway.

  • Danil Krivosheyev

    blue diver for deep blue

  • Marek

    I would like to see watch inspired by eagle ray. They are excellent swimmers (which is very important for divers, obviously) and they have really special body pattern which would look really great on watch dial

  • Alexander Georgiev

    I would like to see a watch inspired by a clown fish (bright orange and white stripes). I believe that the white watch hands would look great on a divers’ watch orange face.

  • Alex van Rensburg

    I would like to see a watch inspired by a scorpionfish. It would have spikes and poison sacs to kill anyone who tries to touch it.

  • Sirbu Vlad

    hello! i would really like to see a watch inspired by the sea turtles Carreta Carreta, wich are an endangered species, because it would help make people consider respecting and involving in their survival. I think it would look great on a turtle like skin dial and the hands be inspired from the wing-like beats of its fore flippers. Thanks and keep up the good job!

  • Akshay Rahate

    very cool blue

  • Ben S.

    Something inspired by deep-sea fish would be very cool, with dark matte colors, weird lume effects to mimic bioluminescence, and unusual shapes and angles.

  • Mira Kresta

    It’s simple – catfish! Big heavy-duty body (45-46mm case), night swimmers (perfect lume), specific beard (design lugs), hard to catch (limited version), resistant skin (darkish structural dial) and specific crown as fish tail.

  • AW

    Stingray, make it everyday wearable thickness with stingray inspired silicon strap and another leather one.

  • Claudiu

    A shark would allow all sorts of modern designs on watch I imagine

  • Justin

    I think a watch cam be designed around a Bioluminescent Octopod. The center of the dial would be luminescent, while an outer ring would be of a different color.

  • Daniel Hercman

    A watch inspired by a tuna! A great silver bracelet mixed with a deep black dial. Since the tuna fish is a pretty normal fish the watch should be simple. And since so many people eat and like tuna the watch should be for most peoples taste.

  • Greg Lee

    The Blue whale. A whole new level of size on the wrist (at least 65mm!), a deep blue dial and a price to match!

  • Fat Owl

    Polar bear. Great diving mammal as a watch should reflect it’s owner.

  • Armal Sadak

    A dive watch inspired by a nautilus, because the nautilus can go from the abyssal plain to the surface of the ocean, the coast to the high seas. A bracelet inspired by the shell pattern and color. The dial should be off white (and textured/brillant like a shell), the minute hand and hour hand should be colored between brown and orange.
    The overall watch should be something precious and original, in the mean time, it should be usable for deep diving.

  • Miles Okazaki

    Moby Dick, an all white design, inspired by the deepest diver of them all, the sperm whale. Magnetic compass, Harpoon style second hand.

  • BG

    Wow! I would like a hammerhead shark which could provide inspiration for some very cool hands

  • Lloyd Spivey

    A Great White shark. It could have a grey and white dial and strap.

  • Svetoslav Popov

    I would like to see a dive watch based on anglerfish. It is a really hideous fish and extremely deep water. The light it produces could be simulated very well with a bright lume pip, which should be much brighter that the markers and the hands, maybe the minute hand should be as bright as the pip though. The dial could have teeth embossed pattern, because that fish is all about lume and teeth 🙂

  • Kaynaro?lu Emrah

    Awesome, i hope to win.

  • Azhigaliyev Maksat

    Wow! That’s one awesome diver watch! I would like to see a dive watch based on a sailfish, the fastest fish alive! The watch would be light and tough at the same time, maybe made from carbon or titan material, it would have a grey dial with a chronograph, with blue hands and blue chrono pushers and a blue rubber bracelet, or a titanium bracelet, also its bezel will be like the Rolex Bezel, sharp and deadly, and this watch will have an inside tachymeter too. As this is the fastest fish alive, the watch must look fast and you may count your time how fast youre swimming.

  • Dionisis Koumouras

    how about a sponge? sponge divers are legendary in island cultures and a sponge diver watch should feature some bronze details

  • Baaart

    Amazing looking watch. I think an Orca themed watch would be cool. The black white pattern on the watch face or strap should be cool.

  • br1ce

    I’d like to see some watch inspired by whales and their protection.

  • Allan Lê

    Magnificent watch.

  • A G

    Design is really cute? ?specially numbers and crowns!

  • Richard Buckalew

    Wow, what a beautiful watch.

    My college mascot was a muskie – that’s a kind of fish – and there was a rumor that a certain famous alum’s car lay at the bottom of the pond in the middle of campus. If there were a muskie inspired dive watch, i would be inspired to take the plunge and find out if the rumors were true!

  • Alex Strîmbeanu

    I’d like to see a great white shark. Teeth for markers, similar to the Monster.

  • khaw Pei Jing

    masterpiece , hope will win it

  • mrWagner

    I would love see a gigant octopus insipired watch gripping on my arm

  • Frits van der Veer

    I look very good in blue!
    nice watch!

  • Abhinandan Dixit

    Looks awesome. Really wish I get a chance to wear it 😛

  • Nick D.

    Love the color and pushers!

    How about a watch inspired by a cuttlefish, with a dial that could affect light’s polarization and change color at will. There are some “chameleon watch”, but none are really interesting.

  • pigsnuck

    A very nice looking watch. Yellow and blue are a great combination.

    I would love to see a watch that simulates the type of shimmering colour of the wing of a butterfly or the plumage of a kingfisher, for example, which changes colour depending upon the viewing angle. That would look really amazing on a watch face and I sure haven’t seen anything like that on the market (but happy to be corrected – although it will probably cost me whatever the price of that watch is).

  • Basil Othman

    I would like to see a watch inspired by dolphins, a smart and very intelligent creature 🙂

  • Matt Jaffe

    I’d love to see something based on a tiger shark. A super-compressor diver, probably in the 40-42mm range, with subtle striping or coloring with a slight shark-skin pattern on the dial. The primary dial color could be black or possibly the dark-grey to match the shark’s coloring. Offer it with two bands – a leather strap in shark-skin pattern and a shark-mesh bracelet. Maybe even have a shark-tooth accent on the minute-hand, though nothing overt. I’d take that!

  • Doctor Ben

    I’d say cod, it works well with thyme (sorry)

  • trainman

    Firstly, slick watch. Love that color combo. Secondly, while this may be breaking the rules, what about a wildlife themed field watch? Aren’t there enough fish themed divers out there already. The field watch needs a little more respect – how many of us are diving that often. What about a deer [hunting] themed field watch. A subtle bow and arrow shaped second hand with light brown dial with white accents.

  • LtDarthWookie

    Personally Id like to see one inspired by a starfish, it’d be great if the watch broke it would be able to repair itself.

  • Doyoung Max Lee

    I would like to see a Humpback Whale. I have watched a documentary a while ago and saw that Humpback Whales are very gentle and friendly to other animals and humans even though they are very huge in size. They save other animals that are in danger too. a Humpback Whale version of watch will appear in bigger size than a normal one, large bezel, water proof, colored black and dark blue, wouldn’t need any special sub dial features. A simple and slightly large watch that has a feel of a ocean inside.

  • Greg

    Dive Skeleton watch based on an electric jellyfish with the movement lighting up under water

  • nhzaci

    A lanternfish, one of the fishes that live in the deep sea, suited for a dive watch. I’d imagine it to look something like a monster perhaps with a twist such as lume in the centre to act as the lantern of the lanternfish and seiko monster-esque markers due to it’s sharp teeth.

  • Jeremy

    The Blue Devil is an awesome watch. As far as creating a great watch, the peregrine falcon is an amazing animal. If you don’t believe me try watching a youtube video of it maneuvering through the trees while hunting, it’ll change your life. Plus, who doesn’t like a great aviator style watch? Of course, if the peregrine falcon doesn’t suit you then you could always make a watch based on the Millennium Falcon.

  • Ivan Kiskinov

    Lacroix Pontos S Diver Blue Devil is a great watch with skillfully combining technology, materials and style distinctive design and vision!

  • cassfan3

    everyone thinks of the ocean when they think diver but what about inland rivers/lakes?? i’d take a salmon diver – a fish that swims upstream from salty to fresh water. The bezel could be half blue/ half white with with a silvery/scaly textured dial. perhaps a waterfall engraved on the back to evoke the other half of this fish’s marine life. but of course it wouldn’t be as good a looker as this blue devil which i’d love to win!!

  • david nutt

    Love this, with the pop of yellow on it. Really like it on the blue strap as well.

    You could maybe move slightly away from fish but sticking with the underwater theme look at some of the different corals around the world and use some of the patterns that the corals have on their surface and integrate this into the dial or the bezel maybe.
    If I was going to have something fish related, maybe the Mako shark, something quite angular!

  • kku

    definitely a great watch!
    as for an animal that would be an inspiration to be used for watch design, perhaps a wolf or lion!


    Personally I´d like to see a Seahorse represented in some kind of way but I reckon a starfish would lend itself better to a watch design, orange/red starfish in a blue dial for example.

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    I just saw a beautiful documentary featuring Whale Sharks. They are a bit larger than expected. Their colors are striking and recognizable but at the same time calming, not jarring. All this might be great inspiration for the designs of many things.

  • Ben

    I’d say a squid, something interesting in the casing

  • Ed Parr

    My border collie… so the watch face would be mostly black with white numbers and hands, while the strap would be brown leather (with a red nylon alternative) and the identification label would look like a dog id tag… what could go wrong?

    Oh, and it would have an RFID chip embedded in the case so you could waft it over some sort of sensor… for some reason.

  • Chris

    A swordfish. The colors would be great and the fish would be fun to put on the back!

  • Mark Gillies

    A saltwater Crocodile could be a good animal (reptile) to inspire a dive watch. Most of the time, Crocs spend on land relaxing, which would compliment a dive watch user as while i’m sure divers would love otherwise they’re most likely sat behind a desk 5 days out of 7.

    Also Saltwater Crocs can dive to significant depths, and while not recorded as yet, is likely well further than the average diver can manage. For instance the Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver Blue Devil can withstand depths of up to 600m, which is almost double the SCUBA world record depth. While the inspired dive watch would be able to reach at least the same depth as Pontos S Diver, it’s inspiration would drive divers to go further and set new world records.

    Lastly there is also a long history of croc leather straps being used on watches. While this wouldn’t be ideal for water and especially salt water, a rubber faux crocodile strap could be used for diving, while a croc leather strap could be provided for the working week.

    Either way, interested to see what they come up with next!

  • Chris Martin

    I’d go Sea Turtle. Could emulate the shell via imprinting on the leather band. Use some soft greens / turquoise on the color and incorporate some eggshell white (pearl) on the face or hands for color contrast.

  • Michiel Schroeyers

    Something inspired by deep living sea creatures! dark colors and lume effects

    • at1time

      Nice watch.A whale theme for a dive watch would be nice.

  • Sophy rindler

    I would go for one of these neon fish that glow in the dark and use it to bring light to the dial. If there was a way to use shark skin and cover it with some kind of rubber material to completely waterproof it, I would add this as a marine touch, and a badass animal too for the strap.

  • Ryan Michael

    I’d like to see something inspired by my favorite Hawaiian fish, the humuhumunukunukuapua’a. I think the colors and pattern of that fish would be interesting inspiration for a dive watch.

  • Joon Chang

    I would love to see a watch with an clownfish orange bezel like the old Planet Ocean.

  • Albert Kwan

    Sawfish. Matte/sunburst grey dial, bwg9 superluminova blue lume with stainless steel bezel’s shape similar like its saw, but of course without its sharpness and should be easy to operate.

  • Tres

    A snowflake eel. They have a great black and white pattern that could be used on the face of a watch to interesting effect.

  • Brian Kautz

    beaked whales due to the ability to dive to extreme depths

  • marco

    That’s a pretty watch!

  • Al

    Love the retro style and blue face I have two inspirations for a dive watch. Killer Whale – Black case, white rotating bezel and a grey face and a Black clown fish with an orange face – again the black case, white rotating bezel and an orange face. The face of the watch needs to stand out.

  • zach

    Crustaceans would make a good inspiration for their angular/organic bodies. Plenty of ideas there for case and bracelet design.

  • JosephWelke

    Lovely watch, I like!
    As for the animal, how about a Blue Marlin? Sport fish, and a beautiful one at that. Dial color taken from its scales, lugs shaped rather like its dorsal fin, indicies like its bill seen from above.

  • Brett Cavanaugh

    Really impressive design! Always liked the IWC Aquatimer. The Pontos S Diver would scratch that itch nicely!

  • Nat N.

    I’d like to see a watch inspired by the green sea turtle, perhaps drawing influence for its case design.

  • Tom Venables
  • Philip Martin

    I would like to see a turtle design. A slightly elongated case with a massive sapphire dome crystal. Also, have the lugs look like legs coming off the side of the case.

  • @ilplife

    I want I want i wantttt. 99.9 times everyday!

  • BasDidge

    Manta Ray. They’re both elegant and formidable at the same time. Most likely reflected in the case back and could make for a less rugged diver design.

  • TR

    Portuguese dogfish – deepest living shark, lives at 3600m below sea level, that could be the watch rating.

  • nm

    “the squid” inky black dial with swirling tentacle themed etching.

  • Mark Mason

    Wow, lovely watch.
    I think a dive watch inspired by a Siamese Fighting Fish, in the purple/red/black guise, would be pretty interesting. Would lend itself nicely to add a different coloured textured leather band along with a dark face and maybe some MOP elements.

  • Peter Landory

    Fabulous dive watch. A shark moiif would be appropriate I think!!

  • kvkskumar

    May be a shark especially at the back

  • Gabe Chambers

    I think an octopus cos they are intelligent and multi task

  • dennis

    nice looking watch and a fan of this brand, and a dolphin fits here well.

  • Nikolas

    the watch is amazing for a diver, blue like the sea. The one sea animal (fish) that i would like to see in a watch and specifically this one is a blue fin tuna. Silver in the body, blue in the face and upper body and yellow fin details (numerals). The fish can be designed in the back but also in the front in a deconstructive manner.

  • Tom Schleicher

    Cool watch. How about something inspired by a bioluminescent fish. The entire watch could glow for night diving.

  • Rados?aw Sosna

    This watch’s dial remind me of Blueface Angelfish. A next inspiration for a watch could be a Clownfish (most famous Nemo :)) – a perfect inspiration for more casual diver watch!

  • Brian Wells

    Gorgeous watch. I’m thinking something based on the color pallette of the Mandarinfish would be amazing. Deep blue, orange hands (or accents), with yellow accents (or hands). It shouldn’t work, but I think it does with this fish… and could on a watch.

  • Jess Meyers

    Wow! This would be a great addition to the start of my collection. I’m at 9 now, I think that’s not terrible for being 22. It seems each watch I buy becomes more high end, this would really start my high end game.

  • Nic

    I wonder if something like a clownfish would work as inspiration for watch design. I love orange, and I think the orange, white and black (plus, perhaps a sort of texture like scales) would make something like a clownfish watch a really nice piece!

  • A beluga whale would be neat, I just love them. Maybe it could be brilliantly white with ceramic accents.

  • David Daniel Trevino

    i would love to see an ocean sunfish inspired piece. Maye it could have a combination white and pale blue ceramic case on a grey suede strap. simple in design just like the fish.

  • edmoree77

    Shark it may be the best inspiration for a watch. The nice silver blue colors of the shark`s skin may influence the color&trim. Also a good point it may be the texture of sharks skin to be found on the numerals or maybe even the bracelet!

  • Jack Sexton

    A killer whale with their nature and beauty a natural choice for a dive watch. It’s black and white colors reflected in the dial. Add a rubber strap. And hands shaped similar to it’s dorsal fin.

  • lionstan

    It should be modeled on the Great White or Bull Shark. Big and powerful and dangerous. And that is what the watch should be.

  • Nick Gangi

    Penguin. I like Penguins. It would probably look Milgauss-y.

  • Eric Gordon

    As a fan of dive watches, I have been intrigued by the Pontos S. This one with a blue dial in interesting. I would also like to see a dive watch inspired by sea coral. Maybe a coral dial, or coral motif on the rotor with a sapphire case back.

  • Jörg

    Great watch!
    I would love to see a watch inspired by a turtle. A lightweight case with a big crown (turtle head) and a thick saphire glas which overtowers the case a few milimeters. Perfect matching with a rubber strap and a massive clasp.

  • Elliot

    A killer whale. A nice simple dive watch with black and white colors mixed in. Not a fan of dive watches with a lot going on. So something simple and smaller, like a Submariner.

  • Tony Duronio

    Barracuda. A tough fish like a dive watch should be

  • i like a sunfish inspired piece. it could have a combination Black and blue case . simple just like the fish.

  • Tommy

    Dolphin. Very intelligent mammal. Case would be inspired color and smooth curves of this animal.

  • mrneddles

    Manta Ray. Coolest looking creature with a cool name. Would design a dive watch with elegant case curvature and a black case.

  • Filip Tokic
    Well it would definitely be a dolphin, because of its speed and depth it reaches. Not to mention its sleek and sporty body, perfectly evolved to break speed limits in water. It is inteligent, open and communicative. And it is a mammal, perfectly adapted to living in open sea. That’s definitely it.
    In a watch I see it in blue colors, bright and wearable, either while diving in deep sea or just strolling on the street. Clear and not to flashy, but manly and sturdy.

  • Kevin Luong

    Clown fish. A cool color scheme in my opinion for a dive watch

  • Brendan Riordan

    A sea otter. There is nothing about a sea otter that you cannot fail to like. This watch has that same attribute.

  • Michael Zeidman

    Hammerhead shark. I think it would be cool to take design elements from this unique animal. Possibly utilize the sides of the case to perform a function ala urwerk or mb&f


    Very nice good looking modern diver. I think a lion fish could be a great candidate to model a watch theme. Bold, bright, and a bit edgy.

  • Svetoslav Popov

    How should my comment be confirmed and approved ? I’ve already made one earlier and did not receive anything as a response?

  • Jim Ainge

    A Cozumel Splendid Toadfish. Unlike any other member of the toadfish family, it is distinctive for its vibrant colors, distinctive patterning and bright yellow fins. It is a species of toadfish entirely endemic to the reefs around the island of Cozumel. It is very difficult to coax one out of the reef so they are not seen in their entirety all that often.

    However, if you get to see one free swimming you will be in awe of its color, patterning and those Bright Yellow fins!

    The watch face could be done in a color and relief pattern matching that of the Splendid Toadfish, or perhaps the face of the Splendid Toadfish, with bright yellow accents and a yellow strap.

    Their habitat, the coral reefs of Cozumel, have been damaged over the years due to the construction of Cruise Ship Port(s). Maybe a watch manufacturer could donate some of the proceeds to the Cozumel Coral Reef Restoration Program, or other similar reef preservation program to help protect the beautiful reefs where these animals live.

  • Steph C

    Love the looks of this watch! As for the animal I would say a sea horse!

  • Brian H

    Beautiful looking watch! The blue really stand still out! I would like to see dolphins!

  • Neill Levine

    I would like to see a penguin-inspired piece. It would be like a ‘panda’ chronograph. Instead of normal pushers you would have representations of its’ wings on either side of the case that would serve as start/stop and reset paddles. Much like the steering wheel-column gear paddle shifters on sports cars.

  • Raynor

    This new Pontos S Diver is absolutely stunning. I would love to see a new diver inspired by a deep ocean marlin. The stunning pattern of colors you see when they come out of the water is simple breathtaking. There are many ways to incorporate the colors, but I believe this could be achieved through a multicolored strap.

  • AghastinFL

    Fabulous design, beautiful colors, legendary watchmaker, in total a package well worth the retail price point.
    The blue devil or other damsel species make for vivid colors possibly only matched IMO by the vibrant colors of the moray eel… greens, yellows, browns, blue accents and just imagine the strap possibilities! Yeah, how about an eel based diver…

  • Zach Riggs

    The blue just amps up the classic look.

  • Mark ZuVerink

    I envision a diver’s watch with the design aesthetic of a pilot’s watch. The animal would of course have to be one that dives from flight. Hmm… yup. Has to be the pelican. 😀

  • gbsaff

    Gorgeous blue watch! I would love to see a watch based on the sailfish – one of the fastest fish in the seas! The design should be sleek and speedy. The sail component could be reflected in the color – either a deep blue or a reddish-purple. The spear of the jaw could be reflected in the hands.

  • Bartman Hawaii

    I live the blue, but I’d like to see a watch based on Koi, with the hope that occasionally may school.

  • Andrew Hughes

    This is an interesting contest. First, I would like to say that this watch will look great with both my blue Subaru WRX and yellow Honda S2000 (cue daydream sequence here…). I would pick a fictitious sea creature that one might see drawn on an ancient map. These creatures could be long and dragon-like with elements of the creature engraved on the outer case and continuing onto the dial. The watch would be more of a desk diver to show off the engraving skills of its maker. It would be in bronze like the old diving helmets… of course!

  • Kevin Peterson

    a sea turtle. they are beautiful creatures floating in the ocean.

  • Vexed

    Dolphins. Would make a really sleek watch in my opinion. Plus they are one of the smartest marine animals so i guess one could say its a smart choice for a watch design

  • Thomas Almond

    The great white shark for its fame with the diving community and power. A guilloche pattern of the microscopic pattern of it’s skin, adding this to the dial finishing or movement finishing.

  • Crustaceans would make a good inspiration for their angular/organic bodies. Plenty of ideas there for case and bracelet design.

  • Kevin

    A pistol shrimp would make a great symbolic connection to a dive watch. The shrimp has a special claw that creates 80 kPa of pressure that also produces sonoluminescence. The idea of a dive watch that can withstand high pressures and glow brightly in the dark is a great dive watch symbol.

  • Ian Goodfellow

    As a Californian, I’d have to vote for a watch based on the Garibaldi fish, which is California’s official state marine fish. The watch could be a dive watch that makes use of a lot of orange.

  • Sebby Borriello

    A GREAT WHITE goes great with BLUE

  • Fern

    Squid. Certain species of squid have the ability to change color. I’d like to see that characteristic in a fume dial. One color in daytime, another at night

  • Eugene Smile

    Its a fantastic watch! Amazing design and colors. Beautiful 🙂
    It would be nice to see a Nautilus inspired design. Something like a dial and/or rotor decorated with a pattern of a Nautilus shell.

  • carneius

    Love this watch in blue! But how about an urchin-inspired watch?

  • Don Q

    Love the blue and the yellow combo. I think a watch modeled after a shark color pattern with a shark skin band would be cool.

  • Ariya Schneider

    what a great timepiece,as blue is my favourite colour. and at my place blue resemble simplistic and freedom just this watch designed to. i hope at least i can touch this watch ^^.

  • P Oktori

    Love this watch. I’d also like a watch with a dial that like the Long-finned Eel manages to change colour depending on the temperature.

  • Riksa Andanawari

    Fall in love at first sight with this watch. And I’d like to see the design based on angler fish. It represents power and icon for deep sea. The design also must have luminous part as iconic as angler fish.

  • Jose Flores

    love the blue and yellow. how about a jellyfish design with tritium dial under a transparent layer and blacked out hour markers?

  • Gal Sh

    i would like to see a watch inspired by a Manta Ray. It is very majestic and gentle. Maybe the watch can mimic its unique shape or just color scheme.

  • vanick

    A squid motif, especially using HYT’s liquid hour display using black fluid as the ‘ink’ would be amazing.

  • William Hargen

    I like the blue face, rather pretty

  • byo

    I’d like to see a sword fish, engraved on the back of a dive watch

  • tony kwok

    this watch looks sweet in blue

  • Cam Nadeau

    I would like to see a dive watch inspired by coral. Incorporating both the colour and texture into the dial.

  • stumpelriltzchen

    I think a watch case in the shape of a clamshell could be interesting. This shape would be ideal with retrograde hands, and a guilloché dial could take up the sea. theme.

  • Nonde

    Awesome blue in this watch, very beautiful.
    I would like to see, yes, very usual and expected, a shark, shown at the caseback. There are ome brands who have already done something similar ( see Crepas El Buzo, for example)

  • Rafael Dominguez

    great watch! I’d like to see a dive watch inspired by an orca whale with an aggressive black and white look as the apex predator. cheers!

  • Linda Meyers Gabbard

    A clowns fish. The dive watch should be bright orange and white.
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  • Wilfred Yeo

    I think I would love for a dive watch to be inspired by a jellyfish, I am no jellyfish expert but more specifically the Bathykorus Bouillon. It just looks like an amazing creature, simple yet it packs a mean punch with those tentacles, just a mere 4 of them. Its brilliant luminous colour also gives it that mysterious aura, all features I would love in a cool dive watch!

  • ik299

    Such a nice watch! I would like to see a watch inspired by swordfish. Beak of a swordfish could be hand for seconds on a watch. Also it would nice if swordfish woudn’t be robust and If watch would be in white and light blue color.

  • vikacong

    Definitely an astounding watch to wear in almost any occasions. Perhaps a manta ray will be a great source of inspiration, as they are friendly towards divers and an important parts of our ecosystem. The watch would be wide and colored with either gray or black dial, with a hint of blue crown

  • betty23

    I love blue on a dive watch. If Rolex made a blue sub in SS, I would buy it.

    This ML is a beauty. An animal or fish inspiring a watch – particular a diver: I’d say an octopus. The caseback would have an octopus on it (solid), and the color of the dial could be inspired by octopus ink.

  • Minh Ti?n Nguy?n

    wow such a masterpiece from Maurice Lacroix! I think I would prefer wearing a dive watch if there were a shark on that dial. The reason is that shark is an icon for the strength of ocean!

  • droo

    Maurice Lacroix is not very popular in France, Nevertheless they know really well how to evolve on the marketplace by creating amazing products with a very nice finish and a good choice of components. I own a perpetual calender chronograph that people always notice but never recognize the brand. Definitely Maurice Lacroix should gain a deeper impact on the French marketplace. Concerning this blue diver, It is a killer watch but I don’t like the blue Nato style bracelet that don’t deserve the model, I would buy it with the cool steel bracelet.

  • G Street

    Inspiration should be a killer whale because they are beautiful creatures that deserve protection. A black and white colour scheme is perfect for a diver and a killer whale would make a killer case back!

  • eboldo

    A shark, because it would be a dive watch with very aggressive design.

  • janim

    A crab to make a skeleton watch.

  • ChrisA

    Angler fish. All. Black. Batons would become sharp teeth. Tritium powered lume on the hands to lure prey (or tell the time). They are very cool fish

  • ted

    A dolphin, because they’re smart. A skeletonized dial with a dolphin shape in it.

  • Keith Hauser

    I think a shark inspired dive watch would be an aggressive style. The lugs could be shaped like shark teeth and a strap made of shark skin would have an awesome durable texture.

  • Pavel Evstratov

    it’s a nice example of classic dive watch!

  • AbeFroman12

    Definitely an orca themed watch would be awesome. Mostly black with a little white in there and a smooth glossy rubber strap. Wicked!

  • Sarosto

    I would love to see a kingfisher themed watch, and considering the plumage it should have a sunburst blue dial and yellow accents.

  • Chia Christopher

    A lion fish to rule them all in the sea.

  • Tommy Higdon

    How about an octopus or giant squid, with the arms fanning out to the numbers and N, E, S, W in the 12, 3, 6, and 9 locations. Make it a Captain Nemo type design in bronze with exposed gears, etc.

  • AreaMan

    A manta ray to inspire an all grey and silver diver. Grey face with subtle reflective pattern integrated, silver hands with lume, grey rubber watchband. Orange numbers or hour markers for contrast and flair.

  • NihonSerow

    Cuvier’s beaked whale. A dive watch with a nod to the deepest diving whale species. I’m thinking a bead-blasted stainless case, matte grey dial with luminous yellow hands/numbers, and a matte grey silicone NATO strap.

  • C. Dator

    This is an absolutely magnificent timepiece! A dolphin theme would be a great idea with the blue dial. It also would be great if the “seconds” hand is red instead of black.

  • German Lopez

    Hhmmm how bout a Regal Tang. A gorgeous blue dial with some yellow subtle features.

  • Paniga V.

    I think MB&F did a good job emulating a frog in the HM3. Why not do that in a dive watch too? Big faces, bulbous display would bring that out.

  • David Gimenez

    I’d like to see a guilloche pattern of octopusse.

  • Nelson Lima

    Great color I would love to sport one!

  • Jae

    Cutlass fish. Flat

  • Brett Lintvelt

    Dolphin. Arguably the most intelligent marine mammal.

  • Yang Jiashun John

    A beautiful watch that makes me want to wear everyday!

  • Jean-François Moscato

    Tiger Shark, because a watch of this type is in its element in the ocean. A sunburst gray dial, black bezel with while markings in a stainless-steel case: the signature colors of its namesake.

  • Steve Costa

    Although many fish species come to mind, I have to say a polar bear – with sleek white dial with a fat hour hand marker

  • Irek Kolasi?ski

    A swordfish would be perfect. I imagine the hands of the watch in the form ot the species’ “sword”.

  • Alex Becherer

    I’m not sure I’d like the idea of a watch inspired by an animal. Shark skin would make nice straps probably though, so i go with the Great White.

  • Manzur Dan

    i like to see a watch inspired by a shark, with sharp edges, sunbrust blue dial and blue strap and extreme water resistance.

  • A desirable timepiece indeed!! No problem if the design/names is inspired by an animal, remember the Orient Mako, for instance. Nice watch anyway, but a pity that is only available at the North American market.

  • Alan G

    For something local to me; Crystal Jellyfish. A small, delicate jellyfish that is bioluminescent. I have seen them floating in the waves and when they light up it looks like a star field in the ocean. Its shape could be used for a subtle pattern on the dial and lume applied to enhance it.

  • RMC

    Maurice Lacroix did an excelent job on this Pontos S Diver Blue Devil model, congrats!!! A good inspiration for a dive watch could be the seahorse, combined with other animals’ strap, such as stingray or shark skin. Another idea would have diving tools or even a submariner as inspiration for new dive watch model.

  • Jarett Schaumberger
  • Tim

    I would like to see a watch inspired by a Stingray. Dark and smooth design.

  • Hrvoje Holett Hadzic

    I guess mantis. Simple, yet strange.

  • Andrew Thomas

    I completely agree that this Pontos looks fantastic! I have always thought sharks are amazing creatures. Perfectly adapted to their environment. A shark inspired watch, as a few others have mentioned would be cool. I am thinking a textured grey dial to mimick the coarseness of shark skin and very triangular hands (maybe even minute serration along them) to mimick teeth. Of course it would have to be a smooth automatic movement as sharks must be in constant motion to breathe. A nice textured rubber or canvas strap for diving with at least 30 atm. Solid case back with a nice etched shark perhaps.
    Good luck in the draw everyone!

  • Mansur Khan

    a menacing and dark piece inspired by a great white shark, with sharp lines would be amazing!

  • Jonathan Renfro

    Any bio-luminescent jelly fish would provide a great base design. Using the semi-transparency of the jellyfish as a key element, you could produce a semi-skeleton dynamic where the movement is rendered visible through the face. As for the luminescence, you could go wild.

  • Lawrence BonForte

    The Phoenix, because of it’s association with reincarnation and the cycle of birth/death/renewal, is a symbol for time. This could be incorporated into a watch through the use of a 24 hour subdial, or a Sun & Moon disc. Either would interesting, but a 24 hour subdial would be more useful on a dive watch.

  • IanCognito

    Everyone does sharkmesh bracelets or sharkskin straps, but why not do the sharkskin as a dial texture? That would just be awesome on a diver!

  • McFly998

    I LOVE this watch especially on its steel bracelet.

    I‘d like to see a dive watch inspired by the OCTOPUS. Also known as the “Devil Fish”, which would be the nickname, and it would sit rather well alongside the gorgeous Pontos S Diver “Blue Devil”.

    I would choose the octopus because it is such an amazing lifeform. It’s blue blood has qualities that allows it to live at great depths and low temperatures. It has a collective of 9 induvial brains that work together. Each of it’s amazing limbs can be regrown if lost through injury. It has 3 hearts, no skeleton and 90% of its body is muscle. It is also a master of camouflage, with the ability to change colour and shape to blend into its environment or imitate other creatures.

    It is both highly intelligent and highly dexterous. Able to learn, remember, solve problems, use tools and fit through impossibly small spaces. They make impressive escapologists, in captivity they often break out of their aquariums looking for food.

    Taking the Pontos S Diver “Blue devil” as a starting point. I would give the steel case and steel strap a black PVD coating, matching darkness of the sea at great depth. The watch face would change from blue to black depending on the light and viewing angle, mimicking the
    octopus’s ability to adapt its colour. The face and caseback would have an image of the mythical Kraken, a monstrous giant octopus that would drag ships to the depths. And finally, the bezel would feature a thin ring of bright iridescent blue, matching the rings of the deadly Blue Ringed Octopus, one of the most venomous creatures on the planet.

    • Jarett Schaumberger

      Portuguese man o war because it’s unique looking and deadly. Use its florescent colouring in either in face or the hands

  • Larry Holmack

    What a beautiful blue dial!!!

    As for a watch named after a fish or sea creature…man that’s a tough one. Maybe, the Blue Whale….but I am not sure if Invicta hasn’t already named one of their giant 63 mm watches after them already!!!

  • davysard

    Beautiful dial !

    As for the watch, how about a sting ray inspired watch ? A nice dark green dial, and a nice case back engraving ?

  • Max Attack

    Love the Pontos! What a lovely shade of blue on the dial.

    As for the sea animal I would like to sea a sea tortoise inspired watch. Maybe a dial texture reminiscent of the tortoise shell, with a tortoise engraving or stamp on the case back.

  • Kyle Herret

    I think something along the lines of an octopus where it can change colors depending on background or environment or even the angle of the light.

  • Ian

    I think a watch that showcases the nautilus would be great. A watch designed with the Golden Ratio (Phi) and an animal that has been on this planet for over 500 million years would be a great statement for the measurement of time.

  • Siwash

    The nautilus shell is interesting because of its symmetric features. I’d start with that or perhaps a starfish. Best of all, consider a whale, since there’s so much you can do with that, so much you can refer to, in great literature like the Bible or Moby Dick, etc.

    ML staffer reading this! Here’s my take on this product

    –great colors
    –love the clean 60s aesthetic
    –like internal bezels
    –like the spare bezel indices
    –nice hands, crowns and lugs

  • James Eynard

    A starfish would be an amazing source of inspiration . . . snug fit, durable, color changes with temperature or stress, and aesthetically beautiful!

  • whiskybarel

    Gorgeous watch and I think the matching blue strap looks on point!

    Coming from Hawaii, I have a deeply rooted love for the humble opihi. It’s an edible shellfish found on the coastal edge where ocean waves pound and crash against Hawaii’s rugged shoreline. The opihi itself has a rich, briny taste and included in a wide spectrum of Hawaiian seafood.

    It’s served as the inspiration of songs, political nicknames, band names, jewelry/wealth, and sadly deaths as well. There are millions upon millions of shell colors, shapes and patterns – all of which could rightfully serve as inspiration for a dial’s symmetry layout and pattern.

    I’d love to see the opihi incorporated into a dive watch – and best yet, you’ll be using it every time you pick opihis!

  • Théodore Atx.

    I think a plunging kingfisher would be looking great on a diver!

  • arsenal55

    Sweet color combo! 43 is on the outer limits of my comfort zone but the dial and case are really beautiful and, based on the previous Pontos S review, this brand is a nice value. I’m in.

  • Phil Lee

    Gorgeous Watch. I have always loved the navy blue faces, and think they’re dressy as hell. Loved the blue Omega Panda when it came out, and this one as well

  • Marco Apollonio

    I would like to see a watch inspired by a sawfish (carpenter shark), the second hand could be designed with the actual saw of the fish. I think that would be super cool and would buy it immediately!

  • Ritesh Sirigiri

    I would love to see a watch inspired by Octopuses. Octopuses are intelligent creatures that also have alien-like characteristics and are overall interesting sea creatures. I think they’re interesting enough to have a watch based on them. The hands and lugs of the watch could be oddly curved to resemble the tentacles of an octopus. The dial of the watch could have a shimmering or color shifting effect (think Rolex Milgauss) to mimic the camouflaging abilities of an Octopus.

    I think it’d come out pretty great.

  • James

    Id like to see a watch based on the leatherback turtle. Big, dark and sleek; with a deep waterproof rating and moonphase complication.

  • Cristina Lim

    I once had an experience diving with whale sharks . I therefore would like to see the skin pattern of the big fish adapted in a watch specifically by Maurice Lacroix!

  • Mark

    I would love to see a Macropinna microstoma (“barreleye” fish)-inspired dive watch, for no other reason than to have a deep sea fish-inspired diver’s watch (isn’t that what professional diver’s watches are all about?). The way I see it, there are a few ways this “‘barreleye’ fish watch” could be achieved: any complications in the watch could be represented by being slightly bulged to represent the eyes of the fish (the date and day could both be bulged); the dial could be half-opaque from three o’clock to the bottom, and half-see-through from three o’clock to the top to represent the fact that the barreleye’s head is transparent while the rest of the fish is not see-through. The strap could be made of a synthetic material that represents the texture of a fish, perhaps… okay, I’m kidding; just put it on a NATO.

  • AirborneAl

    Nice watch. I love the blue color! It’s neither sleek nor powerful, but I’ve seen schools of jellyfish that move rhythmically as though they are keeping time. And they are translucent and can glow. So, I’d like to see a dive watch that is skeletonized with generous lume on it. A quartz movement could mimic the rhythmic pulsating of jellyfish.

  • mojomarc

    I’m not sure what animal I would like to see inspire a dive watch, but I know I wouldn’t be too keen on a sea urchin-inspired watch. Too pointy!

  • Jacob Irvine

    I would love to see a Manta Ray be used as inspiration for a Dive Watch, despite the fact that they are massive animals, they possess such elegance and grace. I think it would be fun to see that replicated on a watch with the colorings and sleek design, where the black and white colour tones on the dial and bezel could represent the manta rays two skin colors.

  • bbfrid

    Ooh yeah! Barracuda! Nice looking Maurice Lacroix diver. Aesthetics similar to the LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm.

  • Trevor Hirst

    Don’t know how practical it could be, but a diver inspired by the great white. You have the 12 o’clock marker be the head of the shark, a la jaws video cover. The rest of the hour markers could look like the shark teeth. Sword hands would tie it all together.

    Dial pattern can have that scale pattern to it, maybe a nice matte color. The lume can be a nice blue.

    The bracelet ideally would be like the Tudor Pelagos with wet suit extender.

    It would have a nice monodirectional ceramic deep gray bezel.

    Movement would be automatic, Selitta Sw200 to be accurate and keep costs down. Hackable and hand winding, natch.

    Case would be a nice mix of brushed and polished in the sides-stainless.

  • Benjamin Denay

    Love the blue and yellow it reminds me of the UM Wolverines, GO BLUE! Now a watch based on the orca whale would be cool too. Use the black and white and some how incorporate the dorsal fin into the look.

  • Jeff Addison

    One could say the clown fish, with its bright orange and white coloration has already inspired many dive watches, the Seiko Monster, to name just one.

  • Wandi Marco

    the great white shark would be an awesome inspiration. Its color and maybe the teeth can be use as engraving inspiration 😀

  • SDF-1

    An octopus, with beak shaped indices and suckers around the bezel for grip texture. Perhaps a color changing dial as well. Fascinating animals due to both their high intelligence as well as their interesting physiology.

  • Mike F

    Good looking watch. Consider Beluga whale white with the blue green of the Hudson Bay.

  • Kelvin Wong

    A sailfish which represents speed and precision. The dial of the watch would mimic the texture of the tail fin and the hands to mimic long beak.

  • Fearless_fx

    I think a mako shark would be a good inspiration for a watch. Streamlined and aggressive. The face of the watch could have a motif based on stylized shark teeth and the band could be a grey color similar to shark skin.

  • Blissful Ignorance

    Being a huge fan of the animation finding nemo, the colour of this diver immediately reminded me of the Blue Tang (Dory) so I would love to see a diver watch that draws inspiration from the beautiful combination of orange and white of the Clownfish.

  • TresGut

    How about the Rolex Haddock – a watch you can wear everyday. It will come packaged in newspaper and include chips. (or fries if you are that way inclined.)

  • Vincent Y

    Wow I have looked a Maurice Lacroix watches in the past, but none of them really appealed to me. This one looks great.

    Regarding the question posed, that is a tough one. I don’t think a watch taking design cues as far as case shape or dial design from a fish or any really other marine animal sounds appealing to me. Maybe you can do an anglerfish inspired watch with a huge ball of tritium at like a 12 o’clock pip. The deep water fish would convey images of a true diver watch, and the nightmare inducing looks would make for some creative design.

  • Mikael

    Lovely colour combo with the bright yellow details. I’d like to see a watch inspired by the transparent Glass Squid.

  • enxhi av

    Well regarding the question post i think a nautilus shell because of the symmetry that can be added easily to the dial and with nice contrasts can be an eye catching dramatic dress watch or smth themed with Moby Dick as a diver watch.
    Nonetheless the Pantos S Diver is an interesting watch with the colour choices.

  • Aaron O’Reilly

    I think the blue ringed octopus would be a great inspiration. The iridescent blue ring would be great for the bezel.

  • Nice watch. I find the scales of the shark skin fascinating – would love to see it translated on a watch face.

  • Skootertrash

    It would have to be inspired by my all time favorite sea creature, the cuttlefish! A truly amazing cephalapod with the ability to rapidly change color, texture, and bio-luminosity! How exactly this would be translated into a dive watch would be difficult to say the least but could be amazing if executed properly.

  • Ken Shilcock

    Like so many others have stated before me, the shark is the obvious choice. With sharks teeth being readily available due to them losing and regrowing them on a regular basis, a finely cut slither of a large tooth could be used as the watch face in a similar way to how Jaeger Le Coultre slice the rocks to make the face for their Meteorite watches

  • Durand Dunsmore

    Such an amazing piece. Love the blues

  • taylor

    I think a shark-themed watch could be pretty great. Hour markers shaped like teeth would look sweet. It could come with a sharkskin strap, though it would also need a more waterproof option for serious diving. I think a dark blue/black dial, reminiscent of deep water would be awesome, something like a seadweller deepsea but with the outer edge being blue and the center black.

  • Markus

    I am still waiting for a marine chronometer that doubles as a dive watch. Would need a smart way to handle the bezel, but I would basically be happy with a highly waterproof marine chronometer.

  • L Kun

    My choice is the sea turtle. I know, this is absolutely not new, but the shape is perfect for a dive watch. Some of my favourite watches have turtle-shape, Seiko, Doxa Sub etc. And the turtle lives in water :))

  • Jordan56

    The Pontos S Diver has been a watch I’ve been looking at for a long time. Love the new blue dial. A piranha themed watch has the appropriate menacing factor to set the tone for a beefy tough watch, something with a nice “toothy” bezel!

  • Dale

    I think a giant squid would be an interesting inspiration for a dive watch. They live at great depths, so the watch would need to be water resistant to at least 2000-3000 meters if not more. They are enormous, so the watch should be oversized, probably somewhere in the 45-50 mm range. I think the face should be black with red hands, but rather the being straight, the hands should be wavy to represent the tentacles.

  • Ben Alderson

    I would like to see a Plaice inspired slim dive watch, with scales engraved into the casing and a fish fin used as a bezel marker for time keeping. This new blue Maurice Lacroix is stunning! I would love to win it. It impressive when dive watches are designed well enough to be worn as fashionable sports watches for ‘dressier’ occasions.

  • Andrew Campion

    Sea cucumber!

    …but really. I think a flying devil ray would be great inspiration for a dive watch. I could see it as a thick bezeled diving chronograph with an inky black dial.

  • George Flammer

    I would like to see a turtle inspire a dive watch. The shape of the shell could be incorporated into the casing.
    Beautiful watch, hope to win this one more than any I have joined. Love the blue and yellow, it’s the colors of my undergrad Go Blue Hens!

  • Wai Ma

    Certainly a pretty watch. Love the blue and yellow.

  • M Martinez

    Awesome watch. I think a dolphin would be cool to see jumping out of the water, or maybe a whale.

  • Eric Koldinger

    Oh, that’s beautiful. If I had that, I’d go diving to see the humuhumunukunuku?pua?a (Reef Triggerfish), and swim with the Honu….possibly some Hawaiian Spinners as well….

  • Andrea

    Manta ray because is a majestic. Would have a sleek design, brushed steel case 40mm(like some sinn), with a sharp second hand similar to the manta tail. maybe gray / dark blue dial

  • Sam Kryszek

    I’d love to see one inspired by a tiger shark. Something with a sleek yet aggressive design and somehow incorporating the stripe motif.

  • james

    a salmon based watch. Nice salmon pink face with a black rubber strap. Would look awesome

  • Marco Sampuel

    A nautilus inspired watch, with the logarithmic spiral theme.

  • gtbr

    A hammer shark, it could look very cool 🙂

  • Neil McCall

    I’d like to see a watch inspired by the giant squid; they’re as close to real sea monsters as can be and they’ve inspired countless legends and artwork.

  • ?????? ??????????

    A rarely seen diver with great build quality and a perfect timepiece for its money

  • Shane Kleinpeter

    That’s a nice looking watch, and I like the blue and yellow which is different enough but not obnoxious. How about a watch styled after a killer whale?

  • Lawrence Newman

    I have a limited edition Tag in blue and this Lacroix looks absolutely awesome so I am really lusting for it. I would like to see a watch inspired by a West Highland White Terrier as they are so confident and noble and I would like to see the results of the challenge to have the inspiration based on the color white.

  • dmiller

    Definitely a shark…. the design could include accents inspired by the teeth of a shark and the color pallet.

  • Michael

    beautiful watch. I would like to see a watch inspired by the iridescent shark (actually a type of east asian catfish) . Could be reflected in an iridescent sunburst dial.

  • Calvin Lamb

    Wow I love this watch. I think the Manta Ray would be an excellent inspiration. I saw mention of hands that looked like the Rays tail (which would be cool) but how about a dial that was textured to look like their skin?

  • Omar Absar

    I think something unique yet awesome like a narwhal would be awesome. Unique, mysterious and hardcore in the nautical sense.

  • matevz

    Wow, this one is truly a stunner! That blue dial is straight gorgeous.
    It would be interesting to see a watch inspired by a rainbow-colored lobster. Tough armor and funky colourfulness make it interesting combination. The watch should be a tough diver, deep sea dweller like. But with the bright dial, full of colours and pizzazz. There could also be an open heart movement, with colorful screws and wheels.

  • Marcel Sakr

    Awesome watch! Love the color and the style. It would be interesting to see a dive watch with inspiration on the great white shark. Maybe with a reference on case back. Thanks!

  • JAS

    Continue to be a fan of the blue dial/dark rubber combo. And although not a deep diver, maybe an homage to the species Ursus, whether Kodiak or Polar. “The Bear” might have a vintage brown dial, sized ~ 44, or an eclectic spelling of bear at 3, 9, 6, 12. Would also lose the date window.

  • Marc Truant

    thats a fantasic looking watch and would be welcomed into my collection.
    i think the Blue whale could inspire a dive watch with the dial being that muted but deep blue colour of the whale.

  • tfreud513

    I would like to see a watch based upon a mountain lion. It would have to be a subtle design and emphasize sportiness. Ideally it would be a chronograph.

  • Pedro Vittor

    I think an Orca Whale would be awesome on a Dive Chronograph watch the dial might be white and with two chronograph subdials on black, and the logo might be a silhouette of an orca whale playing with that color combination.

  • Dave

    I would like to see a jelly fish inspired watch, with a clear case that has the same refractive index as water so when wet the movement appears to float on your wrist. You could also use some green fluorescent protein for lume, which was isolated from a jelly fish, and is used extensively in biological research.

  • Alec

    Would like to see an otter inspired watch. Effectively a less tropical focused diver, one which does well in the sort of water off of Monterrey California. Cooler colors and some nice rich brown.

  • David Gibb

    love the color and the style

  • Graham Anderson

    As a fly fisherman I would love to see a watch inspired by a rainbow trout. I think they are some of the most unique looking fish, and I think the colors that appear on a rainbow would make a face look similar to mother of pearl.

  • gchahinian

    I say ostrich….long & skinny case, ostrich skin leather strap, Add feathers. Bam!

  • Christopher Finstad


  • Vijay Tilwani

    Nurse Shark for able to practically rest on the ocean floor and what better analogy for a dive watch with a cool 100atm, super compressor style, superluminova arabic on the dial and as well the internal bezel. Slightly curved case on the wrist to snug perfectly and available in 40mm or 44mm. This Maurice is a the blue and the compressor style

  • Shekhar

    A bombay duck. Its a fish called ‘duck’ – two birds with one stone! And add to the fact that the fish is so ugly that its almost beautiful.

  • Greg Dutton

    A jellyfish-inspired watch, since jellyfish are colorful and come in different shapes and sizes. Something like a mother of pearl dial, with colorful straps. I’m not saying I’d wear it myself, but I think the concept works.

  • Steve Jacobs

    That’s easy.. A blue footed boobie. This watch appears to be influenced by this amazing species of bird.

  • Duy Pham

    Wow this watch is absolutely beautiful!

  • Brian Bezel

    I’d like to model a watch after the Giant Squid, always reported but never seen alive!

  • Brian Bezel

    I’d like to see a watch model inspired by the Giant Squid, always reported but never seen alive!

  • Mark

    I think a Walrus inspired watch would be interesting. I’m not a designer so the specifics would have to be left to someone else but a bronze, cushion shape case would be the starting point as I think this shape gives watches a sense of heft and the Walrus is a large and powerful animal. A dial with a vintage style would also be good as Walrus always look like wise old men.

  • Daniel H

    I would like a diver inspired in an oyster :), you know, superb design and do it all watch, I bet I could be a famous watch in the long run

  • Scott Macmillan

    I would like to a shark incorporated into the design of a watch.

  • John Egan

    I would love to have a watch dial inspired by the color of octopus ink–dark & iridescent. Octopuses are extremely intelligent. A diver watch with dial and bezel commentating the vibrant color of octopus ink without using an obvious octopus icon on the dial face would be very appealing to me

  • jeanhl

    I would like to see an abalone inspired watch as its shape can be interesting for a diver watch design

  • Hector

    I think a watch inspired by a marlin whorls be great. It would be a chronograph with a deep blue rubber strap.

  • Stephan Chan

    Lovely watch. Blue is mysterious and instantly remind me of the vast ocean and Willy/Killer Whales
    . Big presence and inspiring. Michael Jackson will be proud.

  • Howard Heng

    A red and white coloured watch to represent the deep sea Japanese king crabs. Long and skinny hands to represent the long crab legs

  • Arnold S

    Thought about this for a while, and came up with the Mantis shrimp as the inspiration. They are truly fascinating creatures.

    Drew a quick sketch below. Sorry if my handwriting/drawing skills aren’t the greatest!

    1. The numerics and body would be jagged. (Thought it’d be a unique departure compared to circular watches.) This is suiting to the shell.

    2. The hands would be jagged, to represent their fearsome claws and appendages.

    3. The movement would definitely be quartz since they seem more staggered in their propulsion.

    3. The face, would have different “scales” with different paints that react to different light sources. Some would light up under UV light, while others would light up with Infrared or other wavelengths. (Mantis Shrimp can see more spectrums of light than a human can!)

    4. The lit “scales” could show a different symbol, logo, or text when reacting to different light.

  • James D

    I imagine the face of the watch to resemble fish scales themselves. It would play with the light to create a watch that looked different depending on the light and environment that it is seen in.

  • Chris MoJo

    I think something crab inspired would work well. It could have the warm ruddy brown colours and maybe some additional protection that could be fitted to the watch for extreme diving conditions. Also, I like the pop of yellow on the crown of the pontos s, it is a nice touch.

  • Dominick Sireci

    I would like to see a whole series of dive watches inspired by whales. Make them big (50 mm) and color them according to each species. The killer whale watch for example, would be a white face with a black band. A blue whale watch would have a blue face and band, so on and so forth…

  • Bryan

    I would like to see a diving watch based on a dolphin because they are so majestic.

  • michael mescher

    I think a dive watch with either a barracuda or a stingray would be fascinating.The barracuda one could have the hour markers sort of resemble sharp like teeth and the stingray model could be constructed of sleek graceful lines like that of the stingray

  • Westwest

    Nice watch

  • freezer101

    I’d like to have a dive watch incorporating the colors of the saltwater orange and white clownfish, except using gold, and white gold as a substitute for the colors of the fish. These gold and white gold stripes would be just incorporated on the face and the hands would be the actual color of the fish. Sounds crazy, but I think it would be neat.

  • Jake True

    I’d love to see a Dolphin inspired watch. I think it would be that blue/grey color of a dolphin’s body and be sleek with maybe a dolphin’s body silhouette in the background. I would also have it be smart looking since dolphins are some of the smartest mammals.

  • Jussi

    Such a stunning watch! I would like to see a watch inspired by a hammerhead. It could be reflected in the hands which would give watch subtle but special look.

  • mikes1929

    I’d like to see a diver based on a shark. Deep grey gunmetal case, blue-lume hands or even panda dials sort of looking like shark eyes. That would be awesome. And on a NATO of course.

  • Jncky12

    I would like to see a dive watch based on the narwhal. I mean, what a strange animal! The minutes hand would be in the same style as his horn. The face and the case would be a mix of gunmetal and white.

  • Daniel Lim

    Angel shark watch! Always loving reading your content 🙂 – Daniel

  • Jayden Navarro

    Dolphin. Maybe a light blue dial.

  • RDA2

    I’d like to see a watch take styling cues from a shark, as it’s the ultimate ocean preadator. Bluish tones, with “shark tooth”-inspired markers would be cool.

  • ellistyle

    I guess the Oyster thing has been done. Let’s go full porpoise on a timepiece. This Pontos diver is slick. Very nice

  • Laszlo Kun

    I’d like to see a diver inspired by a Spanish Dancer on a night dive. Black dial, bright white markers and brigh red accents. Maybe a red second hand that advances constantly and smoothly. No ticking.

  • Dr. Steve Johnston

    I would like a dive watch inspired by a barracuda which is thinner, sleeker and edgier than most dive watches out there currently.

  • Kristen

    I would like to see a watch with dolphins, I love dolphins.

  • Norbs K

    I think a divers watch should be inspired by an animal, which actually dives from the outside so to speak.
    My first thought would be the kingfisher. A magnificent diver bird with beautiful blue, orange and white feathers. As nowadays blue is a common colour with wristwatches that would be a more then fitting animal.
    Other than that we could have a one inspired by polar bears, with a white ceramic watchface, or maybe the whole case could be out of ceramic.
    Penguins anyone?

  • cuica

    Cod and Sardine. While being a very important part of the Portuguese gastronomy, these would make a perfect his and hers pair of dive watches!

  • Lukáš Pitka

    Manta, all dive watches are quite bulky and this one could be a bit slimmer with still some potential for divers. Mantas can also be a nice inspiration from a design perspective.

  • araziza

    A mandarin dragonet, due to the vivid colours and trippy patterns

  • Justin T

    Discus fish for the large variety of bright colours.

  • Jim Yee

    A cuttlefish for its evasive skills with changing colors like a disco lights.
    The watch would have a dial that is out of this world with flashy bezel.

  • Manta Ray. They are incredibly large and made for the water like most dive watches. I think a large (43-46mm) black ceramic case with white or yellow accents/markers would be a design that could utilize the manta as inspiration.

  • thecouchguy

    An angler fish would be a cool inspiration for a watch. A strong resilient fish which can survive at incredible depths and uses a blue light to lure it’s lunch. The watch could feature blue top quality lume (or blue tritium,) and feature the beast on the case back. Perhaps some sort of laser etched patern on the dial however I would need to see some mock ups first to see if this would be tasteful enough,-)

  • Luminous Angel

    The bioluminescent comb jelly would an interesting creature to inspire a dive watch.

  • senrayan

    it is a fantastic watch

  • Mic Corrales

    This could be my first blue dialed watch!

  • Denae B

    I’d like to see a watch inspired by orcas. Something clasiically black and white,

  • sicil

    A hammerhead shark design, have not seen it before, caseback with hammerhead shark, and maybe the tip of the seconds hand with the head of the shark design which is flat and almost arrow shaped , lumed ofcourse.

  • Tom V

    I really like this retro blue Lacroix Pontos watch

  • Minh Hoang

    I’d love a blue dialed watch good luck to everyone that commented !

  • Jason Sheppard

    I would like a male guppy design, some thing smaller but very bright, you could add in tritium hands and maybe a mother of pearl face,

  • Joerg Pasch

    For me it has to be a Manta Ray, once you have seen them , you are hooked and can’t take your eyes off them – that is what I want from a dive watch 🙂

  • Bo Simms

    I would like to see a dive watch inspired by the beautiful dolphin. that is highly intelligent and social. A dive watch design could have the tail of the dolphin as the shape of the hands on the watch, colors of the water with grey representing the dolphin. Dolphins have been known to protect humans from sharks, so a dive watch representing the dolphin would be a significant reminder of that amazing spirit of the dolphins.

  • grobbins09

    I’d love to see a dive watch in which the face of the dial would look like fish scales, a colorful fish!

  • e maddock

    I’d like to see a dive watch inspired by the angler fish, where it would have a dark dial and lollipop hands with really bright lume

  • Julli

    Moose with big horns could inspirate watch makers. Brown theme.

  • blessedta

    A dolphin because they are so sleek

  • ?o??a?e?

    A turtle. Kind of strange, old, mystic animal, and its armor associates to the reliablity of dive watches in deep water.

  • himem65535

    How about an octopus, with wavy hand set and an oversized cyclops bubble for both day and date. 😀

  • Lynton

    I would base the watch on a Deiopea Comb Jelly because it is an hermaphrodite, that is beautiful to look at and functions well in the depth it lives (also it is named after sea nymphs who were of assistance to sea goers). The case would be 36mm, so it is unisex. The back of the case would have an etched image of the Deiopea. The dial would graduate from an azure at the top to a deep matt black at the bottom. The Arabic numerals would be blue tritium (laid out like the Rolex Explorer 214270) the dauphine hands would red tritium.

  • sam-b

    To be perfectly honest, I won’t buy a watch that bears animals on the dial, but I like the idea of showing the qualities of a timepiece by drawing comparisons to them: For instance Certina by engraving a turtle on the back side to hint at ruggedness or – in the past – Enicar to indicate if a watch is just water-resistant (shark) or even water-proof (oyster)…

  • Ryan Donovan

    This was a tough one. I like watches for what they are and how they work and look. I never really think about the inspirations behind them, so trying to decide an inspiration myself was tough. I thought instead about what cool sea creatures I remember from growing up and could any of them be anything close to watch related.

    After thinking of all the obvious ones I remembered this weird transparentlike fish I saw years ago and it reminded me of some of my favorite automatics. The barreleye” fish, or Macropinna microstoma (had to relook it up to get the name and make sure I didn’t just imagine it), is a deep water fish (600-800 meters deep) that has a transparent dome on his head that it is able to see out of. Also letting you see inside its head in a way and see inside the thing. Its eyes are tubular and generaly look up through the transparent dome to watch for enemies, but shift to the front in order to hunt which is just generally cool, but also could be fun to somehow work into a watch.

    My thoughts were that this all could inspire a dive watch that has some transparency to it. You’re able to actually see inside and see the mechanism work. I know there are some skeleton watches on the market but haven’t seen any dive watches. My few are all only at most 5atm. Have the guts of the watch visible and maybe even have a dial to rotate an inner besel or some other inner working necessity so you get functionality, and the view of how it works all in a nice deep water dive watch.

    OR, have the dial of the watch have a really cool luminescent/transparent looking face like the head of the barreleye fish. Like I said I’m no designer. I thought and still think this is a pretty cool fish, and I love so many different type of watches that it’s hard to pick just one design or style to stick with.

  • Gregg Turcich

    great looking blue watch… I don’t have a blue watch and blue is one of my favorite colors

  • Ben W

    I’d love to see a dive watch inspired by an armored fish. Maybe the case and dial could reflect the armored plates present on the ancient armored fish Dunkleosteus with lines and panels.

  • sixspeeddreams

    I’d love to see a Whale Shark design, Big (like 46mm) bead blasted steel or Titanium( for that matte finish that matches the whale sharks skin) cushion case ( because whale sharks are big) Maybe a cool spotted dial ( to homage the whale sharks skin pattern. I have no clue what kind of markers to use on the dial though maybe diamond shaped would be cool, with diamond shaped hands. No date wheel or at least one that matches the color of the dial. Closed back case. Instead of rotating bezel a count down complication or maybe an alarm function.

  • Normz

    hmm thats a good question.. perhaps a shrimp or crustacean of some type? i think trying to implement the design theme of the shells would be very interesting as well as relevant for a tough dive watch.

  • Kyle Tan

    I would say an Arowana. Wether it be the case engraving for the dial design of the scales.

  • Erwin Viado

    I would like to see the Queen of the Rivers, Carp to be inspired by a Dive Watch. Simple Dive Watch design with the Carp’s scale pattern on the dial.

  • David

    I will go with the obvious – a shark. I would like to see a shark´s skin imitated on the dial.

  • André Brö

    I would like to see a classic diver watch inspired by an octopus. It would be nice if the dial can chance to every color or structure.

  • jonathan walmsley

    Does a cthulhu count? That’d make a pretty awesome inspiration for a dive watch, I reckon. Tentacles as the lugs, some great design on the strap. Maybe some teeth as the hour indices…

  • g vd linden

    First of all: Divers are awesome. Best described by the words “yes, but it CAN”.

    I thought of depths where even the (mostly very ugly) fish need fancy lanterns…but that
    was not it…Then it hit me; there is but one fish that really deserves it to get honored; the Beluga

    I mean, luxury watch snobs have been eating it’s unborn baby eggs on crackers to near
    extinction. We owe it to the poor b*sterd!
    So let’s give it up for this extremely old (durable), critically endangered (exclusive),
    protected species listed in the BERN convention (ain’t that a nice touch)!

  • Alessandro Montanari

    Very nice diver indeed, would light up my collection with some colour!
    A diver that would be inspired of a sea-lion would be awesome! Meaning= Heavy duty, big and bulky and with a nononsses approach.

  • Whoisi

    Orca is top of the food chain in the sea. Orca, the killer whale, would be my choice for dive watch with theme in black and white as the colour of orca.

  • Michael

    Interesting question..I honestly can’t see a watch inspired by a fish looking would have to have scales and fins for much as I want to win the watch..I can not morally answer this question.

  • Trey

    Would be cool to see a watch inspired by a barracuda. Could keep aspects of the watch slender and torpedo-like such as the hands and markers. maybe a nice wave pattern on the dial and a tonneau case.

  • D.C.

    A Tiger shark for inspiration with a 2-tone gray color scheme.

  • Noah Panitch

    Haha, I mean it may not be the best looking watch ever, but my favorite animal is a giraffe so I’d love to see a giraffe-inspired watch. White and brownish-gold face with blue accents for the tongue. Of course the hands would be giraffe necks/head and there would be a tiny little giraffe at 6.

  • Ulysses31

    An elephant. Who doesn’t love elephants? They evolved from sea mammals but grew enough in intelligence to get the hell out of that cold wet mess.

  • krick

    Turtle/tortoise, which could be reflected in the design by (i) having the crown recess into the case when locked down, and (ii) having a turtle shell pattern on the back of the case.

  • Jeff Sole

    one of the Angler fish – fantastically weird but also timely because many are found in Antarctic waters and it’s time we did something about global warming.

  • Aenaos

    I would like to see an ctapus inspired watch!

  • pinksuzanne

    I would love to see a tiger inspired diver watch as tigers are the real king of the jungle and divers I believe are kings of the water. The tiger’s markings could be reflected in either the face of the watch or the strap.

  • M G

    THE Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver IS AWESOME!

    Would love to be lucky enough to win this beauty — This watch can be worn on every occasion from diving, formal affairs, business, to everyday casual.

    I would like to see a Swordfish (Strength, Elegance & Blue, Silver & flash of yellow color) be the inspiration for a dive watch.

    Could it be that the “Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver” is just that watch?

  • M G

    THE Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver IS AWESOME!

    Would love to be lucky enough to win this beauty — and I would use it when diving as well as everyday.

    I would like to see a Swordfish be the inspiration for a dive watch. (Strength, Elegance & blue & Silver Color – could it be that the “Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver” is just that watch?)

  • Eric K.

    How about a Narwhale? The hour/minute hands can be twisted like the narwhale tusks

  • JP

    I grew up with a variety of Oscar fishes so I’d go with them. Straps black and the dial in an orange and black Oscar pattern.

  • steve

    What about jellyfish watch? The bezel is an ice blue clear-ish sapphire and the dial has some sort of unique transparent quality/motif about it. And when you put it on the caseback stings you and you have to pee on yourself.

  • emoonshot

    I’d like to see a watch based of the octopus. Active camouflage is a must!

  • BillQuist431

    How about a shark: grey white dial and markers with the ends of the end of the hands shaped like shark teeth?

  • David

    A shark!

  • Jeremy West

    So…a cuttlefish. I’m not sure how this would look, but a watch completely adaptable to all situations, and yet perfectly suited to each situation.

  • cvguild

    A Mako Shark, if it can inspire the Corvette why not some beautiful wrist artistry?

  • Otso

    Stingrays are cool and somehow mysterious. Maybe something with same kind of shape and colour

  • joel gautschi

    Since this is a dive watch it would have to be a sea creature that lives deep below the surface of the water. a Greenland shark could be a good base for a watch design. the Greenland is a large deep water shark that can live up to 400 years. Long life is exactly what you want in a dive watch, a large robust watch that is easy to read under water and wont corrode and break after a few years in the ocean.

  • Alexander V

    First of all, I love the colour on this watch. It also looks great with the leather nato strap with the yellow details, although I’d personally prefer the bracelet I think.

    To inspire a (dive) watch: A glass squid: skeletonized dial to match the transparent body and then add lume on the hands and markers, to resemble the light emitting organs.

  • chris_1860

    A Great White Shark.
    A fascinating and completely misunterstood creature.
    The texture of shark skin could be implemented in the strap.

  • Yee Kang

    I’d love to see a watch inspired by an Orca, subtle curves but with properly proportioned 2 tone color contrast. Dive watch with panda dial!!

  • Sam Ward

    A great white shark would be interesting to see inspire a diver. A shark strap would compliment the design.

  • yannick roux

    this may be the only chance for me to grab such a beautiful watch as it s restricted to US market whereas I live in EU.

    My guess would be a watch that speaks for coral. Horological mechanisms are geared one to another by a physical interaction aimed to please the owner’s eyes. So is coral. A lush and colourful animal world where every coral is linked to its neighbour and also linked to other species who wander and reproduce peacefully among these reefs.
    Divers are aware of the coral’s importance yet no watch (AFAIK) render this aspect.

  • Arnold

    I need this. I mean MEDICALLY need this…..

  • Száler György

    I would like to see a watch inspired by a swordfish, Maybe the watch can mimic its unique style because it is very unique and gentle.

  • Frode Svinterud

    A brown trout watch, with fishshell like dial and bronze case. With a dark brown leather strap od course 🙂

  • papa_giorgi0

    Orca would be cool with the color scheme, and use part of the sale toward conservation efforts including freeing the existing population that’s in captivity, and doing stupid shows for humans.

  • JL

    A jellyfish inspired watch for their elegance. The watch would be a skeleton style with transparent back.

  • Jay

    A kraken themed watch would be cool. The tentacles could be the hands.

  • Ko

    Tiger shark would be a good inspiration for a dive watch, and the distinctive coloring pattern could be featured on the dial.

  • Michael Leon Chang

    A starfish would be an interesting design because of it’s many suction cups. 2/5 of the legs could represent the hands of the watch.

  • Gabi Balas-Baconschi

    a lot of fish species are already used in watch industry, but none of the watch brands used Anglerfish till now. Anglerfish use some source of light to attract and hunt other fishes, and this feature can be used in lume hands and bezel inserts, and as well on the back case.

  • Daniel Greengarten

    A divers watch based on a dolphin would be cool. The bezel could include a small fin at the 0, 15, 30,45 markers

  • johnnyc40

    How about a watch inspired by the colouring of Starlings or Grackles. The hands could be bright yellow to represent the beak and provide a great contrast to the iridescence face based on their amazing feathers.

  • Elmar Tobi

    How about a watch, limited to europe for a change…., a watch based on a fish that has been very important for north european cultures for centuries; the ‘plain’ herring. Its a boring looking fish at first, but closer-up and in the light you see it has a very beautiful, almost luminescent, skin. So a nice textured (fish skin type) dial with a slight sunburst type coating with silver and gold specs.

  • Graham Congdon

    Red lion fish. Lots of colours (red/maroon/brown), the spines could provide some inspiration.

  • nesta39

    Coelacanth scale or other fossil. (Don’t read this, Romain Jérome XD )


    theres a bizarre deep water fish called the Barreleye which has a oddly mesmeric transparent head – could inspire a nice skeleton watch with a Tourbillion

  • Nate

    I’m thinking a brass case to give it an old school nautical look, with a coral texture dial and sharkskin band. That covers all the bases, right?

  • zahid ali

    I Think the blue one is just perfect

  • Ross McS

    It’d be interesting to see watch manufacturers experimenting with biomimicry. Something like the articulated skeleton of a Koi to inspire a flexible watch bracelet, or a dial with the beautiful structural colours of a Japanese fighting fish that change appearance from different angles.

  • den_6

    Would love to see a dive watch inspired by a shark, using a combination of brushed and polished steel.

  • Reg

    I’be always lusted after the pontos s and the blue one looks great.
    How about a dive watch influenced by the cuttlefish which could change colour to reflect the environment the owner wears it in? A barnacle watch, with a ceramic barnacle encrusted case would also be interesting.

  • Terry Gastelu

    Possibly something down the line of Moby Dick would be amazing. It has a classic novel connection too, which would bring literature buffs to the industry, collecting, etc. Design ideas are endless. But for me it would have to be subtle similar to the Omega Professional limited edition snoopy watch.

  • Nelson Bautista

    A diver inspired by a tortoise. Possibly something with a brushed finish. OR something brushed with a new twist.

  • Alex Passlow

    This limited edition pontos looks great! I think the Chameleon could be a great influence for a dress watch. The dial could have an iridescent finish to represent the colour shifting ability, the strap could be snake/lizard skin.

  • John Simpson

    I would love to see a stingray or Manta Ray as an inspiration.

    Love the blue!

  • Ewan Hall

    I’d love to see a watch the colour of a Mahi Mahi (or Dolphin fish)

  • epps720

    They can make one after an electric eel. The dial could mimic the wave in it’s scales and put some incredible green lume on the watch.

  • Lorenzo

    A diver inspired by yellowfin tuna, an elegant and powerful animal, a real predator. It’s very Beautiful.

  • Azeem Nazir

    Definitely penguin. Simple black and white. Nothing more nothing less.

  • Pensive Dog

    Maurice Lacroix is one of my favorite watch companies. I discovered them from one of the previous giveaways and been a fan ever since. I would like to see them do a sea urchin inspired dive watch, perhaps even using real sea urchin spikes as the hands. Maurice Lacroix dive watch designs incorporate fairly narrow lines and borders, and moderate tapers in the width of the hands. If any sea creature most resembles the design aesthetic of Maurice Lacroix dive watches, it must be the sea urchin. If it is not already the inspiration of their designers, it would be interesting to see what they might do with the concept. Really hope I win the watch!

  • David Sparks

    A mouse, or more precisely mickey mouse – everyone loves an ironic Mickey mouse watch don’t they?

  • Caillin

    A dive watch should represent its purpose. I’d like to see a dive watch inspired by an Orca. Being a mammal, like us, they need to return to the surface when their air supply runs out. Like us they can think, problem solve, and hunt in packs. The stark contrast of the black and white of the orca would provide a nice opportunity to have a white face (like the eye patch on orcas) with black case, band, and hands.

  • Jason Tsang

    Neon tetra, because the bright blue and orange accents would be great on a dive watch.

  • Anders Malm

    A stingray inspired watch would be interesting. Maybe a bit asymmetrical square, but roundish, case. Matt blasted or brushed steel, or titanium.

  • Jon Heinz

    A mammal known as the porpoise, AKA bottlenose dolphin….intelligent, graceful and they’ll mess up a shark like nobody’s business. The watch: Sleek and clean, stainless steel design with a grey dial and add a little color—orange minute hand maybe? to make it pop. A cool touch would be to have a little silhouette of one on the dial as part of the logo.

  • Liutauras Balsys

    Great White would be obvious choice for a “killer” dive watch. A strap mimicking shark skin would be a nice touch and no shark would be harmed in a process. This Pontos looks beautiful and would fit nicely on my wrist on my next dive.

  • Edward Osso

    Watch looks very pretty,but i would like to see 46 mm version plus some fish predator logo on a buckle as well

  • Uberto Brunicardi

    Would be an stingray inspired diver watch, the strap could mimic the texture of the animal and one of the hands could do it with the sting as well.

  • David Fisher

    A silver fox watch sounds interesting to me. A sleek silver timepiece with subtle detailing.

  • Chisholm Deupree

    A great watch! There are already so many good examples in the comments, that I can hardly add to them. Nonetheless, it’s a great choice for ML to provide to ABTW .

  • Westwest

    Yes please

  • Mjk1414

    I find it hard to imagine extreme class and a design that portrays a certain fish specie.

    I would design a watch that is worthy of the pricetag, and (preferably on the back) use a discreet great white shark picture of some kind. It will leave admirers wondering, until they can ask whether your watch has a shark on the back. Do you really own a great white?

  • Jasper

    I’ve always been struck by the colours of the moon wrasse, which could make for a very interesting retro style design

  • Marco Tatone

    Beautiful watch. A divers watch inspired by the Blue Marlin, which would be depicted in the watch face as well as the buckle.

  • David Watts

    I think it would be cool to design a watch from the inspiration of an angler fish. Having a mean and aggressive dial with sharp edging, but putting a unique charm in the lume, just like the angler fish, would give the watch an interesting look.

  • Norman Lever

    Full marks for legibility here!
    Putting the bezel on the INSIDE also makes it less prone to slipping

  • Wayne

    Stingray! I really like the texture of stingray skin and that could be used for the strap and possibly the dial too.

  • Andy Y

    Completely agree with the stingray. Gorgeous texture. The blue in this blue devil is stunning, as well. Well done ML

  • Rahul Joshi

    I think a dolphin can be a great inspiration for a dive watch, as a dolphin can measure various things in the same way a dive should be able to calculate water pressure or depth and various other required features.

  • Nkosiphile Nyathi

    The colour of the obese Dragonfish would make an amazingly beautiful watch face, but it’s a little experimental. Really cool all the same though.

  • eikeberg

    The mackerel fish has amazing skin colors and patterns. This could be a very nice dial. I would love to own a mackerel edition, This could be used in a diver or watersport watch. Dolphins, sharks, whales, turtle, octopus and other “cool” sea creatures are widely used in designs and naming for all sorts of product, whereas the mackerell is so common its not appreciated

  • Matt Hyde

    I live in Perth, Western Australia, dive recreationally, and regularly see Blue Devil fish – if I win I promise I’ll get a photo of the watch with one!

    I would like to see a dive watch inspired by the Whale Shark, the largest fish in the ocean. They have a distinctive skin pattern that could be miniaturised for the face, or use the beautiful blue/grey tone as the dial colour with accents in the white of their spots. A portion of the proceeds would go towards conservation efforts for these amazing animals. The hardest part of my concept would be finding one that died of natural causes to get leather for the strap, although I’m not sure how well sharkskin works in a watch strap having never seen it before.

  • Said AZIZI

    A watch inspired from a sea urchin will look fine i think. A bezel with pointed (yet refined) edges on a diver will give it a killer look imho.

  • Derek

    The Blue Devil would be hard to beat. What a great watch. But, I’m a big fan of classics, so black and white comes to mind. As far as sea creatures go, this combination makes me think of the killer whale. A steel bracelet with a white and black face would be sleek and cool. It could become as iconic as the Seagull 1963 Panda.

  • JeremyG

    I love the blue dial! A stingray inspired dive watch would be the perfect… floats through the water gracefully yet deadly when provoked..

  • Lucian S

    What about a turtle themed watch with the dial textured as the turtle’s shell?

  • Marchien

    A nudibranch should inspire a design. Because divers appreciate the small and beautiful.

  • Dan B.

    I haven’t been any more excited about the remote possibility of winning a watch than this. This is a great giveaway!

    Anyway, I think incorporating some attributes of an Angler fish would be awesome. I know it’s an ugly fish, but the though popped into my head immediately. I think the fact that an angler fish uses luminescence to hunt could be interestingly incorporated with lume (especially a bright lume pip on a bezel). Also sharp, pointy indices could be made to represent teeth. Or a bezel could be designed to resemble the open mouth of the fish.

  • sumowrestler

    i would like to see a turtle for the logo. It seems unusual, but would look cool. dont you think?

  • Jecopo

    I think a blue ring octopus would be an interesting inspiration. Their blue seems to glow so could be a lume tie in perhaps.

  • Gary From LA

    Nice giveaway! I hope I win!!!

  • BetaRho

    A stunning watch, love the blue with the yellow accents. However I wonder how many people would be prepared to wear a higher end watch while actually diving?

  • Alexander Crawford

    I think a Niger Trigger would be fascinating. One could imitate the impression of scales on the face, and I think the colours would be lovely and fairly unique.

  • Jordi

    Black panther. Would be a gorgeous watch with black ceramic and some luminescent details on the dial and/or hands.

  • K W

    Yellowfish . the blue dial like ocean. yellow lum. like a yellow fish swim in the watch. just add a fish logo on second pin.

  • Christopher Redhead

    Firstly, this is really a great giveaway. Since “Oyster” has already been used ,I would have to choose something like Clam or Limpet to inspire my super resistant dive watch case.

  • Adam Afiq Mahathir

    Wow, I love the Maurice Lacroix especially when the use the Blue Devil fish as inspiration.
    An animal or fish…….hmmmm………maybe a stingray. How? A stamp on the case back and maybe a cool stingray inspired bracelet. Oh wait, and blue lume.

  • Arun

    A big dial blue whale inspired watch. The skin texture would be great inspiration for textured dial design and the color is perfect for a dive watch.
    BTW this one’s great looker too!

  • Giorgos Antoniou

    Love, love, love the Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver Blue Devil. After all blue is the new black. I think the ultimate fish for a watch is the caretta-caretta sea turtle of the island of zakynthos. It needs special protection and lots of help to keep making the greek seas more beautiful.

  • Alex Ngai

    Everyone is going with the stingray for the diving theme, but what about a jellyfish inspired design, especially for a ladies watch?

  • Ealaag

    The Ponto S Blue Devil is a gorgeous watch. Does anyone know the movement for this? The text doesn’t specify. As far as inspiration, I would say the octopus. Not the tentacles so much, but I think the dial could change an array of different colors. You can imagine some shimmering effect that is passive, or a button that somehow electrically changes the background. It would be handy to have a mechanical watch which changes the face elegantly to match whatever outfit you’re wearing for example.

  • Aaron

    Beautiful watch. And such different looks between the leather strap and steel bracelet. Well done, Maurice Lacroix. As for an animal or fish that I would like to see on a watch, I guess I would go with a sea urchin, mostly because they’re ubiquitous. I would etch its distinctive image on the watch face. The engraving would be subtle, almost unrecognizable to someone who casually glances at the watch, thus representing the many hidden creatures found below.

  • William Ramirez

    The puff fish. This animal will affect the design in a way that the bubble back of the early 70s if brought back in today’s date it would make it look bubble but with more bubbles.

  • Roy Radin

    I think a shark would be a very inspired choice for a dive watch representing the prowess of the species in the depths of the seas. Design wise, perhaps a shark fin as the logo on the dial and crown head. This Maurice Lacroix is a beautiful piece, an elegant yet solid looking tool.

  • Ah Shumaker

    A watch themed on the dolphin would be nice. The dolphin is sleek and ca rise out of thewater. I envision a sleek case with a gray blue dial.

  • manivelle

    I think the colossal squid of Jules Verne merits a place on a dive watch, although I’m not so certain Jules Verne didn’t mean Octopus. These watches might cry out for extra hands/tentacles.

  • GalaxyGuy

    I’ve long been a fan of Maurice Lacroix and this limited diver is quite stunning. As far as a fish or other sea creature that I would like to see inspire a watch, I would pick a starfish. They are beautiful animals and come in a wide range of colors and shapes.

  • Michael M.

    A beautiful hue of blue on this watch, I especially like the clean look that just gives off a classy look to me! As for the theme: a jellyfish themed watch would be quite interesting to me. I would imagine that the hands would have some sort of diamond shape which gets larger and smaller every other second, eliminating the need for a seconds hand. A blue backdrop with a pinkish grey theme for the color would look interesting and of course a couple engravings of jellyfishes(on the dials and back) would be quite a watch to buy.

  • Colby M

    Love the look of this one!

    I’ve always thought a blue marlin would be an excellent inspiration for a dive watch, certainly the long nose and colour could inspire the direction the watch takes and perhaps the bezel could have a marlin etched into it.

  • Horatio Rockefeller

    I think a Deep-sea Hatchetfish would be a good inspiration for a design. Much like human divers, the Hatchetfish can be found in tropical, subtropical and temperate waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans and spend most of their life a few hundred meters below the surface (and occasionally at depths of 1500m). The watch would have a dark blue gradient/sunburst dial and matching bezel to represent the light filtering through the ocean to the depths that the Hatchetfish inhibits.

    The fish itself is covered in delicate silver scales although some segments of its body are transparent and has light emitting organs along its belly. The Hatchetfish would be reflected in the watch design by a Milanese mesh bracelet option representing the scales, a sapphire caseback to represent the transparency of the fish and the bioluminescent ability represented by silver-framed blue tritium markers on the dial, hands and bezel pearl. The bezel would also be enhanced with an applied lume. The body of the Hatchetfish could be further represented by a 42mm case and engraving the automatic rotor with a silhouette design.

  • Charles Herbaugh

    The watch does a good job of linking itself with the 1950s dive watches. The blue really sets it off. Personally I think it looks better with the NATO style strap versus the metal bracelet.

  • William

    Another nice offering from Maurice Lacroix. I’ve always been partial to Barracuda’s. The cars and the fish. : ) I think a diver inspired by the barracuda would be an excellent addition to the genre.

  • drhrva

    A thresher shark would be good inspiration for watch. Graceful yet powerful.

  • ismiv

    I think a shark inspiration with a grey dial and a bezel with gill slits design.

  • Harold Yeung

    I’m joining this giveaway! This blue, yellow and silver remind me the strong and beautiful bluefin tuna. Nice watch! 😀

  • Ste Kerry

    I would like to see a dive watch inspired by Barry the fish with fingers. The hour and second hand would be denoted by two different lengthed breaded fish fingers. The face would be blue and on the case back it would be inscribed with Barry was no ordinary fish . . Barry was a fish with . . Fingers!!!’

  • cosmin cosmin

    Hi guys,
    That blue dial is killing me!! I love it!!
    A dive watch inspired by a polar bear. All white, but black hands and black bezel, black hour markers.

  • Stanimir Mateev

    Nice watch

  • Dave

    Great looking blue dial. I especially like the yellow accents with the blue. I would design a shark style dive watch with angular accents in tough submarine steel with indices shaped like shark teeth.


    Clean looks, love the blue dial and the simplicity

  • JC

    First saw this Pontos S Diver during your giveaway 2 years ago. Fantastic looking watch.

  • Amogh Khadke

    Maurice Lacroix this is your Indian admirer,i got to know about this luxury brand because of my friend who visited Zurich. The eliros chronograph would be my dream watch. Blue devil is a perfectly designed automatic. A shark in a dive watch would look discerning. Bazel markings with artificial/real shark tooth cuttings would make it wanting.
    I would be so honoured to get Blue Devil watch from a giveaway
    Thank you !
    Do respond !

  • JC

    Introduced to the Pontos S Diver during your giveaway 2 years ago. Watch strikes a ton of chords. Great giveaway, Ariel…

    How about some badass Orca-inspired watch…
    ~ JC ( jcnyc public @ gmail )

  • IVA the LT

    Wanted to win the Pontos the last time it was up, fine looking watch.

    Sure it’s been noted before, but a shark style watch where the the indices appear to be open “Jaws”!

  • Darin Humphrey

    Love this watch. I’d like to see a parrot fish inspired piece with an iridescent dial. Not only are they cool looking fish, they’re tough enough to eat choral and crap sand.

  • Noah Plays

    sick watch

  • Chris Enstad

    Sign me up please!

  • Ezra

    My favorite shark is the basking shark. They are the largest shark that can fully breach at 10 meters long. A 1:280 scale basking shark with a watch on its dorsal fin would be sick.

  • Garelyn Williams

    My favorite is Manta Ray I would like the colors to be gold and the band should be black and the dial should be black. The hour/minute markings should be Photoluminescence.

  • F1B

    Seahorse — I like them — have its image on the dial

  • Patrick

    A jellyfish would be cool, I haven’t really seen them at all in dive watches. Perhaps a translucent dial to reflect the jellyfish in the design and a jellyfish on the rotor or case back.

  • Michael Bell

    As an ex-submariner, I’d like to see a Dolphin.

  • Mark

    Loving the Pontos with the blue dial.

    I’d like to see a African Elephant inspired piece. Ivory coloured dial (fake of course), black hands and markers, and a grey leather nato strap, with a percentage of proceeds going towards the conservation of the animal.

  • Power Honolulu

    i would like to see a watch dial inspired by the blue fin tuna’s skin/scales because it has a beautiful silver and blue color depending on the angle that the light hits the surface.

  • KrzysiekJ

    The Bobbit worm – very rare predator with beautifull rainbow-pearl shell – would be nice to see dial in these colors.

  • Uzair Khan

    Blue fish with the watches dial inlay pattern based on the fishes scale in intertwined light blue and white/silver pattern.

  • Darh109

    The Asfur Angelfish- deep dark blue with bright yellow details.

  • Alistair Dickie

    Cuvier’s Beaked Whale holds the record of the deepest dive by a mammal, at 2,992m. Thus this is the perfect animal to inspire a dive watch. She is an elegant looking creature with a mouth shaped in a perfect smile. This smile I feel would be a very interesting second hand or bezel tooth design. Also, the ability to withstand and limit (if possible) the pressure resistance to 2,992m would be cool.

  • Marco

    Really like this watch, so here is my take on a sea-animal watch: The orca. Ever since the Blackfish documentary I think these are very special animals, and the black and white/shape would be really nice fit for a watch!

  • Roshdin Rahmat

    Dolphins because they are highly intelligent and a smart eco powered dive watch would celebrate the dolphins and that certainly would have admirers worldwide.

  • Jusuf

    Fantastic looking watch. Love the colors.

  • Walter Tsibula

    Awesome looking watch. For inspiration, I would say an emperor penguin because they are able to dive very deep (up to 565 meters) and stay under for more than 20 minutes. I’d like to see their colors on the dial, hands, and band. Hour and minute hands shaped somewhat like penguin beaks would be pretty cool too. Furthermore, I am of the opinion that Carthage should be destroyed.

  • MaxB

    Great looking watch. I think a SEA TURTLE could be a great ispiration for a dive watch especially for the shape of the case and lugs

  • Gyorgy Gosi

    I love this watch! My inspiration would be a gannet for their awesome plunge fishing technique (
    I’d go with a white/light gray dial with dark gray bezel, slim case and an arrowish (beak) hands. I think I’d call the model Gannet as well 🙂

  • Bill Clarke

    Love the clean classy look, particularly with the blue leather strap. Always been fascinated by cuttlefish, so versatile, so intelligent and have evolved amazing traits with cuttlebone, incredible eye structures, venom, camouflage and blue green blood. A dive watch taking the best features evolved in manufacturing techniques, but with a nod to the great creature of camouflaged strap, blue green face and an obvious subtle engraving on the back.

  • Avi

    Wow this is an amazing watch!
    As for the question, I would like to see a watch inspired by a Whale shark. This beautiful fish has spots on his dark body, a watch strap and case designed like this fish can look stunning!

  • H2

    Great looking “deep blue sea” look here!

    Maybe something different for design, like a narwhal? Pearlescent touches? Even the name sounds cool 🙂

  • Michael Moran

    Beautiful diver! I’d love to see a watch inspired by Emperor penguins since they’re one of my favorite animals. White face, black indices, yellow minute and hour hands. Sleek, slim shape that curves right into the lugs, something that represents how they glide through the water.

  • Ryan S.

    Really just a remarkable watch that could be worn on special occasions or diving(600m depth is perfect for the avid diver). The pictures really capture the nautical blue version of the Pontos S, as well as the high-end aspect of the beautifully crafted and well balanced watch. Bravo Maurice Lacroix, this watch truly sets your organization apart and confirms your objectives.

  • jerry

    A seal. I feel like a grey face with white accents would be very legible in the water. I can’t get enough of divers.

  • wesley


  • TickTockTyler

    How about a Montblanc dive watch called the Squid that squirts ink to refill your matching Montblanc fountain pen? 😀

  • Julian

    I would choose the killer whale, aka as orcas. These animals are the strongest predators in the sea if I’m not mistaken. Even white sharks aren’t as efficient, clever or powerful as them! Those characteristics and the fact they can swim in really deep waters for a long time (whales after all), could be perfectly mixed and shown through a diver’s watch. Technically on top and esthetically too with some white and black touches on the dial/bazel. The wacht would be like a Submariner: perfect as a sport and dress watch.

  • Gerald Clarence

    I’d like to see a watch inspired by a snow leopard. Such an elegant and powerful animal, the watch would be striking but refined, maybe with a subtle leopard pattern etched into the rotor/movement to be viewable through a display caseback.

  • Caleb Yoon

    A penguin would be fun. Mix between a dress watch and dive watch.

  • tknospdr

    It’s my birthday month! I should totally get this watch as an awesome gift.
    A very cool watch could be patterned after a Snowflake Moray Eel. Black and white with a few subtle gold accents.

  • Richard Baptist

    This watch would be based on the barracuda fish.

    1. The watch would have a mother of pearl dial either a white or black pearl dial.
    2. There would be applied triangular indicies based on the teeth of the barracuda that would be filled with lume
    3. The hands (hour and minute hand) would look like the body of the fish from a distance. So narrow at the tail (that is where the hands connect to the center of the watch). Size of the hands increase in middle (body of the fish) and narrow closer to the indicies at the edge of the dial (the head of the fish). The second hand would have a triangular lume filled shape at the end of the seconds hand based on the teeth of the barracuda.
    4. There would be a barracuda logo on the crown
    5. There would be an internal bezel that is turned by another crown (with the barracuda logo of course).
    6. The strap would be stingray eel top with a rubber bottom.
    7. There would be a date at 6 o’ clock with a magnifier that is internal. Meaning the crystal is smooth on the top and the magnifier is on the inside of the crystal.

    I think that would be a pretty special watch. I know a dive watch is a tool watch but why can’t we have a mother of pearl dial?

  • Peter T

    A dive watch designed after the Deep-sea Dragonfish would be fitting. Not only does this creature reside in the deep-sea of the ocean (as its name implies), it has light-producing organs that could be represented with some nice lume

  • Jon

    I’d like to see a watch inspired by the Red Panda with a shiny red dial and some interesting complication that requires a high level of curiosity, much like the RP itself.

  • Vlad

    If I were to choose between an animal and a fish, I would go with a pelican eel which is a deep sea fish that lives over 1000 meters deep.
    The pelican eel has hair like spikes along its body that would resemble a mechanism which can set the time, similar to the one used by Pita Barcelona in their Oceana model.
    My dream dive watch must have a monocoque case and no crown and I hope more watch manufactures will create a watch based on Pita or maybe Harwood innovative case construction.
    This is what you need in a dive watch, deep pressure resistant case and no screwable parts like crowns and case backs.

  • RobertC

    A watch inspired by the sea-lion: with the brown leather strap, dials like the tooths and the hour marks like it’s eyes. Also incorporating the tough looks. Because the sea-lion is a very flexible animal, so this should be translated tot he watch also: used as a tough watch but that can also be wore with a shirt without trouble.
    This Pontos actualy reminds me of finding nemo,
    All the best!

  • Nick Tonna

    I am obsessed with blue watches need to add this to my collection

  • Mitchell Brandt

    I’d love to see a watch based on the enduring beauty of elephants. They’re masterful on the land, but also adept in the water. Varying shades of gray in the watch face with black markers and a charcoal strap would reflect the simple beauty of these beasts. The ashen palette would look stunning set against an ocean blue backdrop.

  • Adam P

    I’d like to see a dive watch inspired by a barreleye fish. They have translucent heads that allow their eyes to rotate and point forward as well as straight up. I could imagine a watch with a domed crystal that allows the watch face to tilt depending on the orientation of one’s wrist.

  • ???????? ????????

    A whale. Inspired by Melville’s Moby Dick 🙂

  • bert gillespie

    The “Blue Tang” with the deep blue, black stripe & bold yellow tail it’s a winner! As I hope to be with this months drawing. :0)

  • tim blanz

    I’d love to see a deep sea angler fish inspired dive watch. I’m a diver and love the dark bezels and faces with just that bright green, yellow, or orange pop of color. I’d buy one. 🙂

  • Bem W.

    A clownfish inspired watch. Orange dial should be very easy to see…

  • Jason723

    I’ve been looking for a blue diving watch. This looks great!

  • Marcelo Teson

    I would like a Mantis Shrimp-inspired dive watch. Just for the colors alone.

  • A Blue Whale. Biggest animal to ever have lived on Earth! A deep blue dial with big hands and solid dark gray titanium case!

  • Sylvain

    An olive ridley sea turtle, color is also fantastic for a dive watch.

  • antoc

    Inspired in black panther, i would be a strong and beauty watch with black carbon fiber and luminescent dials and hands

  • Markus Rosenbauer

    Inspired by a giant trevally (GT) which is an ordinary fish characterized by its special anatomical structures like its strong tail scutes just like the Pontos S Diver “Blue Devil” watch with its very little but remarkable details which makes it so special just like the GT.

  • KQH

    I would love to see a dolphin inspired dive watch with a smart, functional and elegant design, good legibility, white dial with black hands and bezel on a gray rubber strap.

  • Ed Rosack

    I think a Barracuda inspired dive watch would be interesting. Barracuda are attracted to shiny objects, so this watch would be subtle and understated to not attract them. Those in the know would understand the inspiration.

  • Eric Miller

    i like this watch a lot. Intead of the crows at two and four like most (Longines etc) i like the 1 and3 positions

  • David Harman

    Surely a penguin. Sleek, fast and perfect for with a tuxedo! Black with a white inner dial and yellow edged hands.

  • William Hargen

    I do like Maurice Lacroix

  • arrvoo

    How about a glowing sucker octopus, they live at great depths have fantastic colour and pattern and glow in the dark which can be reflected with the dial and bezel lume

  • Shane Woonton

    Surely a dive watch inspired by the Orca is the way to go. Black inner and white outer dials. Careful selection of strap material to evoke the sleek skin of the orca.

  • Pandybelly

    Maurice Lacroix are an excellent brand with a fine range of watches.
    I would like to see a dive watch based on the Great White shark. Possibly with a grey blue ceramic case. Shark teeth batons for the hours. Aggressive looking but functional.

  • Kevin Atkinson

    For a dive watch this is nicely understated. Clean. I like it.

  • George

    I love the colors and classic look of this Limied Edition Maurice Lacroix. I would like to see a dive watch created around the endangered Loggerhead sea turtle. I have had a chance to encounter this turtle in the wild and it was an unforgettable experience.

  • Laurent

    I’d love to see a dive watch inspired by stingrays (eagle ray). Stingray leather bracelet, blue or grey accents and a lovely white face. Maybe some orange stitching on the leather to spice things up, combined with orange on the handles.

  • Douglas Johnson

    I never cared for blue on watches — but this one is gorgeous.Wow!

  • Michael Sigman

    I think the bioluminescence of some undersea life would make a good inspiration for a watch face! See the deep sea anglerfish or some squid.

  • ianhinz

    i would like to see a diver watch inspired on a sea bass because they’re known for their toughness and the resistance of a diver is one of their more important qualities, they watch could be black with grey details because most of the sea
    bass are black or grey and it could have a sea bass engraved on the backcase.

  • Horacio Razuk Filho

    Beautiful watch, I think a Tiger Shark Inspired watch would be very nice.

  • As a designer I love the blue/yellow combination. It always works well.

  • Gianluca Giacomel

    Beautiful watch! Love the blue dial. a perfect watch to wear everyday.

  • Fabian Smith

    I would like to see a watch inspired by a Sea Lamprey. Because, like a watch, they are parasitic. The lamprey stucks itself to a host. Also they’re one of the most prehistorical fish in the ocean.
    I think a dial that looks like the lampreys mouth would look awesome. Maybe in silver with a big round crystal covering it.

  • JD

    A turtle shell inspired face.

  • Tuomas S

    This is a lovely watch! I would love to see a watch inspired by the Atolla, a bioluminescent deep-sea jellyfish which sets off very bright lights when attacked. Plenty of inspiration for a nice lume there!

  • Mike Pinter

    I really like this Maurice Lacroix. I would have to say the fish that I would like to inspire a dive watch would be a great white shark. I think the muted colors of grey and whites with sharp lines would look great. But it would definitely have to have some incredible lume on both the face and the bezel.

  • Xavi Meca

    I really like it. Maurice Lacroix its an awesome brand.

  • Rickard Jönsson

    Great looking watch, I would like to see a Peacock Mantis Shrimp on the Dive watch

  • Gabriel Tan

    Such a beautiful blue watch, I would love to see a blue whale to be embossed onto the dial of a dive watch.

  • Jonathan Tan

    Amazing watch and giveaway! I’d like to see a sailfish as an inspiration for a dive watch. The sail patterns would make a great design for the watch case and the blue-yellow flashes of the sail would be perfectly represented in the lume too!

  • Peter Duggan

    Nice dive watch, blue dial really sets it off.

  • Tan Zhuo Yao

    I’d love to see a diver watch with a shark skin textured dial, just like how divers wear their sharkskin suit. Also, if the watch is paired up with a stingray leather strap I think it’ll be even more magnificent!:)

  • les

    I would love to see a mermaid on the dial.

  • K7

    Pretty cool watch. Let me know if you need my address. 🙂

  • Grant Hopkins

    I would love to see a watch made with a colorful dial that reflects the sun similar to some fish scales. Thanks for the chance!

  • ????????? ??????

    I really like this watch. It is suitable to my dress. I would like to have one on my wrist everyday. Would it be chance for that. I wish I could.

  • Conservatarian TX

    I don’t know much about fish, but I think the lionfish could make an interesting inspiration for a watch. Those fin rays could be used to influence the hands or even the hour/minute markers. There is also enough color and markings variety to come up with some interesting face options. Regardless, it’ll be tough to top this beauty.

  • Gary Alford

    I like watches that have numbers, and what watch usually has numbers? A pilot watch. Ergo, my choice to inspire the design of a dive watch is a pilot fish.

  • wei jian Phan

    Would love to see a dive watch inspired by a snake, perhaps with scaly reflective design to be more visible during dives.

  • Dave Brioso

    Intense blue – I love it

  • W00DY

    The lines of a Sturgeon as well as the color schemes of their bodies would be interesting at play on a dive watch. Plus, they are an ancient fish and essentially a bottom dweller. Tropical fish? No. Tough as hell? Yes. Their knurls could be inspiration for a bezel.

  • Steve Jacobs

    great looking watch. I love the blue.

  • Reciprocal1891

    I love this type of blue colour! I think this watch inspired by emperor fish! Because when a person is swimming and sees a fish with colors striking that person is directed towards the fish to see it more closely!!! The emperor fish is a tropical fish, but their colors are of the devil!

  • mhavilandwriter

    Blue is my favorite color, especially after our country’s prevailing modd has taken a turn for black. As a warm color, blue symbolizes hope.

  • Jason Mar

    I’d like to see a dive watch inspired by an Orca. Black dial with white hands. Classic

  • Bones Over Metal

    An Octopus has the ability to change the texture and colour of it’s skin instantly for purpose of communication and camouflage. It would be neat to see a watch with some interesting dial or case, colour changing abilities.
    Fascinating creatures.

  • sidney004

    This is hardly an original idea but I do want to qualify for this beautiful Maurice Lacroix diver. The Sea Turtle is my inspiration.

  • arik tmpaddress

    Jellyfish inspired watch would be interesting, think about the translucency and the flowing lines.

  • Christina Kkona

    blue is the warmest colour! the clarity of the dial matches the beautiful leather nato…great!

  • Bryce Fitzgerald

    i would like to see a wrist watch inspired by a sword fish. it would be neat to see the scales as on the face of the watch as well as sword like hands.

  • Ruadh V

    Lionfish done with a guilloche dia