WATCH GIVEAWAY: Tsovet SMT-RS40 Or SMT-FW44 Automatic

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Tsovet SMT-RS40 Or SMT-FW44 Automatic

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Tsovet SMT-RS40 Or SMT-FW44 Automatic Giveaways

This month on aBlogtoWatch, one lucky winner will get to choose between two cool Tsovet automatic mechanical watches. Tsovet is a Californian company that takes a lot of inspiration from tool watch designs of the past to produce stylish, modern, and affordable watches. Their products vary in price, style, and movement, with more affordable quartz pieces and mechanical models like these two Tsovet SMT-RS40 and SMT-FW44 watches near the top of the range, incorporating a lot of the qualities watch enthusiasts appreciate.

Both watches feature black PVD-coated steel cases, sapphire crystals, and Swiss automatic ETA 2824-2A movements visible through display case backs. The Tsovet SMT-RS40 watch is inspired by aviation instruments and is 40mm wide (as its name indicates) and water-resistant to 50m. The Tsovet SMT-FW44, on the other hand, with its angular lugs is based on the field watches of WWI infantrymen, is 44mm wide, and water-resistant to 100m. We recently reviewed a couple of Tsovet watches here including a version of the SMT-FW44. Each watch comes with a leather strap and has a retail price of $975. You can enter to win one of your choosing this month by following the directions below.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you've signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment, mention the greatest durability challenge your watch might face if worn over the course of a year.

2. "Like" or Follow the social media sites below to confirm your entry:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on June 30, 2017, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor's policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Tsovet, sponsor of the Tsovet watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

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  • ??????

    I accidentally hit my watches over the walls, doorways, columns, bathtubs, etc. I confess for being a real stress for my watches 🙂 so, I cannot use any watches made from ceramics or any other brittle material.

  • Akos XS

    My durability challenge is not too special: when I play football with my kids, they tend to hit my wrist with the ball (as I tend to protect myself with may hands).
    No real damage happened yet, but I think it’s just matter of time.

  • Greg

    I’m a new dad with a clumsy streak – I’d say I’m the biggest durability challenge in my life right now 🙂

  • Sonny N Ton Carlos

    My durability challenge is that, I always wear my watches on the beach.

  • Alexei Nosachenko

    The greatest durability challenge my watch may face is two little daughters.

  • SH

    Trying to do 20 year old activities in a mid 50s body and falling a lot , hard on watches as I like them shiny and perfect.

  • Ilkka Kemppinen

    My greatest watch challenge this year probably would be skiing trip to Switzerland´s alps.

  • James Co

    The greatest challenge have yet to come, for now it’s the bath. Cheers

  • Stefano Blandina

    My durability challenge will be to tick the time when I’ll teach a course for 8 hours about safety to my coworkers

  • Jessie Hobbs

    The greatest challenge it will probably face us working at my new job in a warehouse

  • Mihails Solovjovs

    Probably at the hunt, when you need to cross deep forest with mud and water.

  • kubanm3

    surviving concerts and such

  • StudioXcel

    Travelling Europe for the last year has put my watch through a bit, including bumping it on walls of both caves and churches, and nearly jumped into both ocean and saltwater pool. Also glad it hasn’t been stolen while travelling through touristy areas.

  • Stefanos Stylianou

    As an engineer, I tend to stick my hands in a lot of things that are either very hot, very humid, very hard or may be magnetised.
    As a snowboarder, I used to wear an oversized beater watch on top of my clothing for ease of access, but after 2 years it has given up the spirit. (it was just 50m water resistant)

  • Brian Mazanec

    Surviving a barrage of academic conferences full of hot air. Thanks for the contest!

  • Dimitri Barsonov

    Every day I cycle all the way from one side of my city to the other, a 10 mile journey each way. We have some terrible roads, full of potholes, so this would shake it up pretty good!

  • KrzysiekJ

    Sailing, especially in strong wind, when I often hit the watch with various things on the boat.

  • Moltas Nilsson

    The watch looks good.

  • Dominic Wellington

    Always loved the look of Tsovets watches – would love to take one on a road trip with me!

  • Boško Ba?i?

    i work in a coal thermal power plant so you could say my watches dont get royal treatment with all the dust, moisture, heat, oil, … i even lost few.

  • Edward L. Guan Woei

    The greatest durability challenge my watch might face would be the watch straps if it’s a watch with leather straps on, since I tend to sweat a lot the leather would worn off pretty quickly. And another challege would be the casing of the watch, after a year there will be a few sketches on the watch’s casing, sometimes I’m a pretty clumsy person.

  • Vincent Kruse

    The watch would need to survive my 9 month old daughter. She loves biting my watches, drooling all over them, taking them into the bath with her and hanging off the strap while they’re attached to my wrist. It’s amazing how much weight a watch strap and those little pins can actually hold…

  • Jim B

    Being retired and somewhat Lazy, the worst my watches endure are hours at the gun range and/ or yard work and maybe the jarring jolt of my wife’s foot being placed firmly in my back side!

  • Jeffwb65

    I have to have a tough-ish watch just for everyday life. Yard work, car repairs, general home maintenance, etc. just being generally busy. No halfway active person should have a timepiece that’s more fragile than they are. Plus I’m a longtime owner and fan of ETA’s 2824-2 movement. A true workhorse.

  • Benefon

    Finnish winter, be it skiing and skating in freezing temperatures, or ice swimming.

  • SeanM

    I’m in the Army. Every day is a day to challenge the toughness of my watch

  • Chris Enstad

    Biking, hiking, bbq ing!

  • Ryan

    As a US military service member my watches have to withstand the elements of weather and also sudden impact with the ground and equipment during training. As a soldier I especially can appreciate the design being derived from WWI military models.

  • Chris Bos

    It very risky to accompany me while doing around-the-house maintenance jobs.

  • Mike Potts

    Loving the utilitarian, work-horse look; nice, clean, simple and easy to read when I’m flying. Plus they’re automatic – a winning combination. As I’m in Mountain Rescue the watch would be subject to all weathers plus lots of scratches, knocks and scrapes off equipment and rocks etc. I don’t have pristine watches!! 🙂

  • Dave Goh

    Back to the Army, going through many toughest condition, need a watch like this to go through with me and when back to work life a watch like this will still bring out the class in me!!!

  • René VooDoo Wendtland

    Survive a year surfing, skating and sailing. And of course drinking.

  • Peter Duggan

    Like the look of the SMT-RS40as the smaller size suits me better.

  • Jason

    Working on car engines without getting scratched and/or otherwise destroyed!

  • Dave Patey

    The greatest durability challenge my watches ever face over the course of a year is a couple of skiing holidays, where they are subjected to occasional impacts with the ground (usually I come off worse though!) and extreme temperature changes – From the freezing pistes, to the hot and sticky apres ski bars!

  • F Woodson

    Leather strap on pin buckle soaking up sweat and daily wear and tear.

  • Billde

    Very nice watches. I’d take either but really dig the smaller face.

  • Bart Thans

    Running, swimming, sitting at my desk 😉

  • David M Hannah

    Great simple looking watch would love to have it on my wrist. It should have no problem surviving my life style of jogging and weight training, a few splashes of water and little kids in the classroom. Oh wait, those little kids can break anything without even trying.

  • Demonix

    Simple, understated but elegant design so different from my usual dress or dive watches.
    The full blackf w44 pvd for me as I am intrigued to see how hard wearing these coatings actually are? My other timepieces are all ss and it would be good to see which is more resistant to scratches from daily wear and tear.

  • Stuart Lees

    Nice watch. Probably banging it on doors and such like. I am quite clumsy and uncoordinated

  • da ss

    The greatest durability challenge my watches face is through day to day activity which includes getting saturated in water and blood, bumps and bashes against plastics and metal. Also variable temperatures throught the whole day as i am constantly walking in and out of a coolroom with meat that is chilled at nearly 1C

  • johnnyc40

    Really liking the look of the RS40, the 44 would be just too big for me.

    I find that sailing really takes its toll on my watches, should really buy a cheap and cheerful Casio Sports Tide and Moon Graph at £25, but where is the fun in that?

  • Robert

    either watch would be fine to me as I don’t wear them I’m fighting the gov to get my due fund for disability and will prob sell if won to eat

  • luis miguel bonilla

    working outside without getting scratched]

  • Rafael Lirio

    Brazilian weather and all humidity we have 24/7.

  • Gonçalo Câmara

    Well I work on my Classic Mini myself so it can get very dirty and exhausting. I’d expect it to survive that

  • SPITX206

    The Tsovet SMT-RS40 watch has a very interesting dial and its size is perfect for my wrist. As to the greatest durability challenge my watches face when worn over the course of a year, I have three very active grandchildren all under the age of five, enough said!

  • Yan Fin

    I really like these two models. Devil is in details like matching color date background, and symmetry of the dial – 05 instead of 5 marker. 40 mm hits the spot with gray dial and whimsical 0 instead of 10. Nice job!

  • Timb77

    nice looking watch. the biggest durability challenge for me is just everyday life, banging the watch against surfaces, kids pulling on it, dogs trying to chew it etc

  • Doctor Ben

    A baby full of bodily fluids ready to burst out without any warning

  • Clinton

    Beautiful pieces the both of them. I’d be proud to wear one. As for challenges, there are many whether it be the day-to-day grind of an office (desk rash on those buckles!), weekend hikes, a three-year old toddler who thinks anything Dad says “don’t touch” is the holy grail, work-flights, family vacations….how do my watches even survive!?!!

  • Paul Rubenstein

    I love the straightforward look of that dial. I destroy watches on a daily basis due to a combination of long arms and clumsy behavior. The struggle is real

  • Jose

    Great watches, but how well do they stack up against those terrible terrible door handles?

  • Jesse

    Scratches, definitely scratches. I have a watch of titanium and sapphire glass which helps and remains unscathed. But I notice I’m always careful around potential sharp objects. Although you would consider this common sense, I would love to see a watch completely scratch resistant no matter what you would do with it, so you can always wear it care-free.

  • Jerry Davis

    My watches don’t get much abuse except for the one I normally wear backpacking.
    Everyday accidental bumps and bruises around the office are about the extent
    of the rest of their wear.

  • Jay Lingelbach

    I’m hard on watches. For me the biggest durability problem I would face would be shock resistance. I bump and drop my watches often. So they need to be tough. ?

  • twentyfourseven12

    Simple – my unmistakably klutzy personality and the ubiquitous presence of anything affiliated with doors will be the bane of the existence of my watch.

  • William

    My toddler presents the greatest challenge for my watches.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Nice all rounder, strap it on and go. Clear legible face with a handy date. It would look smashing on me.

  • Nelson Lima

    My greatest durability challenge is easily bumping my arms/wrists against objects. I’m tall and have long arms. I have scratched, dinged plenty of my watches this way.

  • Jeff Story

    My biggest durability challenges are running into door frames, which I seem to do daily, and desk-diving, where the clasp is constantly rubbing against the desktop.

  • Mary

    Nice simple watch. The strap is my biggest pain with my pieces.

  • JosephWelke

    My young daughter constantly wanting my Divers Sixty-Five so she can rotate the bezel again and again and again and again…

  • Dave Ryan


  • Apostolos Agalos

    When you leave the watch in a desk and sometimes it falls

  • Steve Jacobs

    Nice looking watch. For me, the most likely damage would be from banging the watch on door frames, walls, etc. I’m a klutz.

  • Rajiv Rajan

    Likeliest damage would occur from my motorcycle trips…. I can’t travel without a timepiece.

  • Cody Nelson

    Currently I wear a Citizen field watch whenever I take a hiking or backpacking trip. That watch would surely be replaced by the SMT-FW44 if I had the option to switch out. The watch case might take a beating on these trips so I’d definitely consider that the greatest challenge to durability over the course of a year.

  • L_cal89

    I’m a maniac when it comes to watches. They always have to look like new, even after one year. So for me, the biggest challenge is a watch to be 100% scratchproof. In particular the scratches at the bottom of the strap. The weakest point of the bracelet is definitely the clasp. It’s the place where you always put your arm on the desk when you are working. That always creates scratches through shifts over the desk. Just look at Rolex oyster bracelets, after a while, scratches begin to form on the bracelet closure. Thanks guys!

  • Luke

    Just every day wear and tear. Bumping into things, playing with a baby, etc. I’ve been careful/lucky and I only have a few small scratches…

  • 112010

    I can be clumsy at times but I still need this watch! Yes!

  • Jack Sexton

    Working on the house. I have a beater watch for that. With the shock and vibrations from hammering and power tools.

  • larry

    To me a watch is a tool it’s sole purpose it to give a accurate time,day,date and other functions are just added gravy.

  • Douglas Weedman

    Temperature extreme: +110F down to -50F wind chill.

  • Jeffrey Portouw

    Honestly the greatest durability challenge my watches have faced, and will face, is my own clumsiness. Flailing arms, or taking corners too tightly in the office have led to many an unpleasant auditory reminder that something nice affixed to my wrist has had a run in with a solid object…

  • Alex Tan

    Never owned a black PVD watch but I do not babysit my watches. They run on work horse ETA movement and are meant to be worn daily under harsh conditions. So I expect it to pick up scratches here and there. It’s the scratches and worn look that give a PVD watch it’s character.

  • TresGut

    Nice. My watches tend not to get too scratched up. The only risk is when I’m doing a bit of DIY, but I tend to take the watch off then. Sorry, abit boring.

  • Brian Hemphill

    Falling onto rocks while hiking or being mauled by a bear. Very slight possibility with the bear mauling, but it sounds hard core.

    • Deniz Ultanur

      LOL I don’t think the bear would like the taste of your watch. The question is wouldhe care??

  • Rui Franco

    The biggest durability challenge a watch has to face in my wrist is surviving my mountain bike tours!

  • The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    Having been the recipient of a “boutique” brand watch a few years ago there are several items of concern which I think should be considered.

    Lest you wind up like me with a very attractive paperweight instead of a well-made watch.
    1) After sales service – will the company respond in a helpful manner to inquiries.
    2) Service – is the mechanical caliber of the watch serviceable by a local, or non-local, repair-person?
    3) Parts availability – Is the watch so “specialized” that nobody can get parts for repair?
    IMO and experience – these are very important things for consideration.

  • Joel

    Great looking watch. Most durability challenge for my watches is light yard work.

  • George Gecko

    time to win this little beauty

  • Tanis

    I lift pints or sometimes a refreshing G&T, so that may be the greatest durability challenge the SMT-FW44 may face over the course of a year. Nothing compared to the challenges faced by WWI infantrymen. I thank them for their service. We will remember them.

  • SuperStrapper

    Occasional mild shock and shallow dip is about the worst I throw at anything other than my pathfinder, which has saved me many times and is essentially indestructible. I have a bigger concern for swirlies and light scratches.

  • Jason Tucker

    Rough and tumble activity with the kids, maybe gym lifting as well.

  • Humphrey Mar

    swimming in the ocean (salt water!); or the effects of kids on “borrowing” daddy’s watch…

  • Brian Bezel

    In the healthcare field, I am constantly washing my hands. Most watches have their Water Resistance noted, but I really need to know what the Purell Resistance a watch has. I’m sure hand sanitizers wreck havoc on the seals of a watch.

  • Greg

    Sat behind a desk all day the roughest activity my watches tend to face is some weekend DIY

  • Alistair Brown

    The greatest challenge for my watches would be a pedal prix (recumbent tricycle) race. Dirt, water, and shocks from crashes and jamming arms into tight spaces.

  • nfromto

    Greatest test for me would be the dings it gets on weekends working in the yard or on a camping trip.

  • Carlos Javier

    My watch must survive in a third world country, crossing the jungle of cement, diving in the beautiful and white beaches of the caribbean, supporting the rainforest, climbing the mountains, enduring high temperatures.

  • Chris

    Biggest durability challenges my watches face is the occasional bump into a door jamb or baby drool.

  • Won Matt

    Always hate accidently grazing my watch on something as I’m walking and then I usually have a big sigh of relief when I see there isn’t a scratch. Great looking watch.

  • Boryueh1

    Weekends in the garage and garden always seem to result in an unexpected scratch or ding.

  • Brad Herndon

    Great watch! I like to camp, RV, hike, and I need a watch that can stand up to the elements; dirt, water, temp changes. Plus the normal chore challenges of yard, garden, cars, etc.

  • Warsh

    These are great looking watches! The greatest durability challenge that my watches face over the course of a year is shock protection. I often bike around town with all the bouncing and jostling that happens and I worry about how my mechanical watches will hold up.

  • Mitchell Brandt

    Beautiful watches. The numbering is very interesting too. That “10” on the leather-banded version is very unique. I don’t know that I’ve seen that position represented as “0.”

  • Deniz Ultanur

    Love Tsovet watches, the CN38 is what got me interested in them.
    I choose which watch to wear carefully according to what I expect to do that day so no ‘nice’ watches endure any hardship. The most durability challenging things I do are working (lots of reaching in between metal stuff to get my watch looking sand blasted), diving (no damage whatsoever except to the straps), offroad motorycling (a few watches utterly destroyed) and most harmful my general clumsiness :)))

  • Trey Walpole

    I’ve been eyeing Tsovet watches for some time to be possible nexts in my collection.
    I don’t really put watches through the ringer, but just generally knocks and scrapes and sweat can take a toll.

  • j4m3z

    Working near the wharves, I guess it would be subject to sea salt spray and possible corrosion issues. Also knocks and scratches from contact with objects and equipment while working.

  • Pintér Balázs


  • Larry Holmack

    Nice looking military inspired watch. My greatest durability challenge is my daily life. Being disabled is no fun, and just walking most days is a challenge. I have to always guard against falling, and even when I am careful, sometimes that doesn’t even help. In April, I was taken to the hospital because of a fall where I injured my right shoulder and hip from a fall. Luckily I was wearing one of my G Shocks, and it survived the fall!!!

  • Eric Chen

    I go snorkeling and stuff, but the toughest thing for my watch would probably just be my daily life. I’m very accident-prone and clumsy so falling off my skateboard or bumping into a wall is a daily occurrence.

  • bryan arent

    I’ll often clip/bang/nick my watch on a corner, or at my desk so scratching the crystal is always where I notice the most damage on my Lum-Tec watch.

  • Tan Qing Wei Philemon

    The greatest durability challenge my watch will face if worn over the course of the year will definitely be during my military reservist in Singapore with the armour infantry unit, where the watch will have to withstand inevitable bumps and knocks in the daily course of dealing with armoured vehicles as well as out in the field of duty.

  • dn151864

    The greatest durability issue i see is accidental dings and scratches due to bumping against walls, desks, anything arm height

  • Benjamin Sermersheim

    To me the greatest durability challenge is definitely the day-to-day life of walking around my humble abode. We have granite counter-tops that jut over the edge, and a hardened steel work table… Many watches have met their match after being accidentally scratched to a point of no return from these inconspicuous killers.

  • johnwithanh

    I have a very excitable 2 year old who has gotten ahold of one of my watches and nearly thrown it across the room. I love him, but he loves to destroy stuff…

  • McFly998

    Like ’em both. The greatest durability challenge for my watches would be vehicle related. Any issue with my cars or bikes, and i can’t stop myself diving straight in to fix it. Doesn’t matter what I’m wearing, I dive straight in. Clothes get an oil bath and watches take a kicking (but so far, keep on ticking).

  • Abdulrahman

    impact specially the crystal

  • Mr. Blandings

    My greatest durability challenge in the course of a year is this weekend’s Spartan Race. The Tsovet looks a little too nice to wear to that so I will stick with my beater g-shock.

  • Tim

    My biggest thing would be scratching on the finish of the casing.

  • outdoorWI

    I would have to say that surviving the weekly bike maintenance and cleaning regimen would be my watches greatest durability challenge. Oil, degreaser, lots of hand tools, soapy water, pressure hose…none of those things are very nice to a watch.

  • hawaiicanal89

    For my work, I often have to take off my watch and put it in my pocket. I put it in the pocket without my keys, to avoid scratches on the face. However, I’m sure simply walking around with my watch in my pocket is pretty bad for the watch. I’ve yet to damage any of my watches this way, knock on wood, but I know that there always is the risk of doing so.

  • Liutauras Balsys

    I’d say the watch should be able at least to handle swimming/snorkeling and a high temperature while I’m sunbathing 😉

  • Maxim Pyankov

    This is going to be sandy beaches and salty Gulf water!!

  • Art L.

    Biggest challenge would be to maintain it’s timekeeping accuracy over the long haul

  • Pacheaco

    Must be able to take the abuse of keeping up with my kids sports.

  • Mike Andrews

    The greatest durability challenge my watch might face if worn over the course of a year is scratching from daily wear.

  • VandyChiver

    My biggest durability challenge is scratches on the crystal. Somehow my watch is a magnet for edges of counters and desks…

  • Duffy Olson

    My biggest durability challenge is sandy beaches and salty water.

  • Joel Rosenfeld

    I think that battling humidity and salt water are serious challenges that a watch may face during a year, especially here in FL. I believe that the early iPhones actually started rusting for people living on the coasts here.

  • Eric

    biggest durability challenge is banging it against rocks while hiking in the mountains.

  • David Harman

    I’m a policeman so it would have to deal with the occasional knock and being clattered against kit. And the strap needs to cope with the rain!

  • Carol Roberts clark

    as a mother i run i tend to sports we swim over the course of a year the leather strap wearing out

  • Jonathan Yang

    biggest durability challenges for me is being able to stand desk diving and the occasional bump doors and shelves

  • Chris Martin

    For me it’s always going to be scratches on the face. I bump my wrist into anything and everything it seems.

  • AK

    The biggest durability challenge any of my watches could face would be a trashing from my toddler if he ever got his hands on a watch while it was off my wrist. He’d be like Bamm Bamm from the Flinstones waving it all over the place.

  • D.C.

    I can be a bit of a klutz, so scratching the crystal is always a possibility. Or the inadvertent dunk.

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    The biggest curability challenge will be mi ing house again. Lots of opportunity to bang it on doors and boxes.

  • I travel a lot and of course the greatest challenge would be to keep it safe from scratching against the rocks.

  • lionstan

    Scratches and salt water, particularly from hard surfaces and being in and around seawater.

  • Bernardo Chabert

    I love watches that can take a keep up with me banging them on doors. We all have a mini-heart attack every time it happens.

  • Mischa

    Ooooh, “inspired by”, but it’s OK, it’s a post for a watch giveaway, so the trolls are hiding. (-:

    I ride a motorcycle daily, so vibration is clearly an issue. But the knocks it can get while doing maintenance are the ones I’m really worried about.

    • The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang


  • Steve

    The most durability which I need to face are heavy storm and reading time at night, as I need these 2 elements on watch to stay in the field once in a while.

  • Rust

    The greatest durability challenge my watches face is my klutziness.

  • Blaize

    The toughest test my watch is likely to endure is while using my hammer drill: I forgot to take it off a few times before..

  • Daniel Gilland

    My greatest durability issue is easily my kids who love to grab and pull on them. And, just playing with my kids creates lots of watch contact with tables, walls, balls, etc…

  • Martin Chiu

    My greatest durability issue for my watch is me dropping it and cracking the crystal.

  • N8

    My greatest durability challenge I’d have is because I work on set and there’s always the possibility of having the watch Bump against something that it would get scratched on the sapphire crystal or the housing and definitely the watch band. But that gives it character too.

  • jahenson

    My greatest durability challenge for any given watch in my collection is when my son (he’s two) gets a hold of it and then decides to throw it across the room. Needless to say, he does not get access to my Speedmaster DSOTM any more.

  • Kourosh Simpkins

    The Greatest durability challenge my watch would have to face is being scratched by a knife during model making sessions. It may ruin the band, but will make it look well worn, which I like in a watch.

  • Nathan Schneider

    Large shocks to the movement from playing sports or accidentally hitting it against things.

  • snausages

    My greatest durability challenge us getting scuffs and nicks on my watch through everyday wear. As a lefty who wears his watches on his left hand i am particularly hard on my watches.

  • NC

    The greatest challenge my watches have on a daily basis are door-jams.

  • Josef Schmid

    I will wear the watch at work so it will be subject to all kinds of nasty things, bumps, scratches, dirt, etc.

  • at1time

    Ido some custodial certainly would be tested daily.

  • Y Til

    the greatest durability for a watch over long time would be stable accuracy.

  • treefroga1

    As a fisherman and boater, the greatest challenge is regular dunkings.

  • Saul Sloota

    Loving to want. Dreaming for Ariel Adams to truth my dream.

  • Vladimir Milenkovic

    Very nice and clean look

  • Bradley Francis Cunningham

    Interesting durable and good waterproofing a really desirable everyday watch…

  • nice addition to my pilot watches. I really like watches with clean faces.

  • Luciano

    The greatest durability challenge that my watches suffer is diving in the ocean. But that’s only with my Seiko Monster. The rest of the collection is not up to durability challenges. 🙂

  • Nixa

    The greatest durability challenge my watch might face if worn over the course of a year would be the bumps, scratches and schock from mountain biking.

  • Tamás Schneider

    Being a dad of two boys and living an active life, my watches need to be shock resistant and able to withstand some hard objects 24/7 without a “crater” appearing after two days 😉

  • zergdaeva

    My boyfriend has been a teacher for 10 years, and he’s starting graduate school to teach college. He’ll be starting this fall. He also LOVES watches. Could be a good gift!

    • John Woodward

      yah,but,they want to know the greatest threat of damage to the watch OR your not in the draw.

  • Subby Subramaniam

    The greatest challenges my watches face is my 9 year old, she adores watches as much as I do. She will wear it, play with it and put it to test as if she is a “watch test pilot”. So far all my watches survived the “test”.

  • Matt

    Thanks for another great giveaway! Considering the gravest threats to my watches, I immediately jump to the oddities of my job – scaling cliffsides and loose scree slopes to access field sites, climbing Douglas fir and ponderosa pine trees in the mountains of British Columbia to monitor bird nests, or avoiding the tenacious grasp of a chickadee’s bill (you can laugh, but wait until you have one of those feisty buggers in hand, you’ll never look at them the same way again!). But if I’m being perfectly honest with myself, the greatest challenge a watch of mine must endure is avoiding the perpetually gooey hands and grabby fingers of my 3 and 6 year olds!

    bonus: photo below of my Damasko shrugging off the not-so-vicious attack of a female mountain bluebird

  • Elmer

    I think the greatest durability challenge my watch might face that I wear everyday over the course of a year at work when I do a lot of hot works in the lab that usually subject the watch with wielding sparks and then submerging my watch into a wash basin when I load the steel for cleaning and also when doing metal works which also sometimes get hit and bang in the workshop. During weekends, I am active and subject my watch in salt water when I swim, paddle boarding or kayak in the sea and probably fall when I go mountain biking and bump the watch on a rock. But a good tool watch will take all of the burden and still works like nothing happened. Cheers!

  • Kenneth Barnhart

    Oh wow! If worn daily, mechanic resistant: grease and grime, sparks and flames, impacts and shocks, solvents… oh wait, maybe I shouldn’t use a nice watch in the shop.

  • John Woodward

    Camping ..with canoeing—-has to survive wet and the inevitable banging on canoe when paddling.

  • Randy Bradford

    another retro style watch I would thoroughly enjoy wearing. It is large enough, even an old
    guy like myself can see it, but not flashy. would not be afraid to wear clearing land or helping my wife create another piece of yard art.

  • Jonathan

    Dings on polished bezels… 🙁

  • louis martinez

    I am retired so working on the house, doing “Honey-Do’s” I do change my own oil and filters on two car’s. I think probably scratch’s would be the main thing to watch out for.

  • Dorijan Sinjakovi?

    If worn daily it would probably suffer scratches from work around maschines.
    And of course once I visited my home country, where I do some harder, physical work it could earn a dent or two while working in the woods or in the field.

  • Rick DiLouie

    A watch of this caliber should never get dinged! Everyday wear can lead to the easiest scratches; bumping into things, resting your wrist on the desk, polished bezels are a magnet to scratches. Any idle task can easily cause some damage. I would take the utmost care of such a nice product, but, casual wearing can lead to potential damages!

  • Gary Aerne

    I am an electrician by trade and am very hard on my watches. If I wore it everyday it would see many hardships and get banged around a lot. I hope it is made of sturdy construction.

  • Iko

    The tegimented case would do the deal for me personally…

  • Calum Leckey

    I work in the energy sector and regularly have to put my hands through sensors leaving the area leaving many…. cough (citizen) non sapphire watch faces scratched. I’d be interested to see if this is any different

  • Elliot

    Shock resistant/scratch resistant for both the case and the crystal. I tend to be pretty rough with my watches when I am not paying attention, and can bang them around often.

  • Jeff NZ

    I have destroyed a few (cheap) watches with epoxy resin – they don’t like it.

  • David Charles

    FW44 looks sweet! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Matthew Rowe

    For me, my work place! I’m in an asphalt shingle plant, where same, water and granules come in contact with my hands regularly. My watch has to handle that and keep ticking.

  • Oliver

    Deal with dust in a construction site has been rough for my watches.

  • Hans Peter

    A car crash

  • Steven Servantez

    I have the problem with animals damaging my watches. I am a veterinarian and dog bites, scratches are a concern. Banging into door frames and tables also take its toll on my watches

  • Yoni

    The greatest durability challenge a watch of mine would face, if I would wear it on a daily basis, would defiantly be dusty working environment with endless possibilities of getting scratched.

  • Bartman Hawaii

    My greatest challenge is when I work in gardening or carpentry and forget to take off the watch. Also, not so steady on my feet all the time.

  • Steven Antalics

    The most strenuous things this watch would undergo in a year would be the impacts of playing ice hockey and rock-climbing/hiking.

  • johan sahlman

    One year on the wrist to a father of 4, greatest test of them all!

  • rhyino

    Greatest durability challenge for me would be fine dust on a construction jobsite.

  • Andrew Buckley

    This watch will need to be able to withstand all the s**t I have to wade through at work. The ability to hose it down at the end of each working day is therefore essential…

  • Daniel Park

    The greatest durability challenge is my own clumsiness! I’ve scratched (and even ruined) many a watch so ruggedness is definitely a big plus.

  • Phil leavell

    I would need this watch to put up with -30 – 40 degree weather blistering Heat be able to take extreme vibration caused buy chainsaws ,cut-off saws ,pics ,axes jackhammers, a watch capable of being submerged in water basically take care of my everyday needs on the job and then still look good on my wrist when I play.
    These are the things I need from a watch and I find necessary in my Ascential service job

  • HereForThePrize

    The greatest durability challenge your watch might face if worn over the course of a year? Unintentional knocks against objects.

  • Mike C

    Interesting way to balance the “10 on the dial

  • Bob

    I like this watch,the black one is very nice. Well if you mean my watch I wear right now. Witch is my Mud master G-shock . I live a hard core life.I do hard core things for work and play.My body will go way before my G-shock will. From wet,cold,hot(IE)heat,and just every thing alse in a years time.I think because it’s Quarts crystal it last through the Hard core where a Mechanical might not. Not to say there art well made Mechanical watches out there but with that the premium price. Say can a person just own just one watch?,and if so what watch would it be?.

  • Keith Ritchie

    The greatest durability test over a year would be extreme and continuous changes in temperature.

  • Douglas D

    A years worth of concerts fending off drunk revellers and a hot and humid Southwestern summer.

  • Dan Baxter

    The biggest test of durability I can thin of would be to wear it during a Spartan Run. Mud, obstacles, fire? It has it all.

  • JF Beaulieu

    I wear a watch at all times so my beater watches take a real beating!! Gardening, playing sports, renovating, they see it all!!!

  • Cagbass

    The greatest durability test of my watches is keeping up with 3 crazy toddlers!

  • Mr. Snrub

    Long day at the gun range, sometimes shooting from prone. That or a day at the water park with my little girl.

  • Rodeojones000

    I’m a zookeeper. Over the course of a year a watch I own might be halfway down the throat of a tiger, submerged in a tub filled with fish guts, cover in monkey feces, and licked by a lemur. Durability is a big factor in my watch purchase decisions. It’s actually why my “work watch” is a G-Shock. All others are saved for evenings and weekends.

    Oh, and in the event my email? address isn’t attached to my account here, it’s

  • awildermode

    I am pretty clumsy so dinging the crystal or scratching the clasp/buckle are my durability challenges. Heck, if it was not for a watch (as protection), I would have even more wrist injuries.

  • Daryl Okayama

    Greatest durability challenge would be going to the shooting range and getting knocked around or running into steel targets or dinged by flying steel or brass cartridges.

  • Krishna

    I am city boy….the most durable challenge withstanding the knocking of my wrist against doors, walls etc etc.

  • Adam Goldstein

    Working in a professional kitchen, dealing with temperature extremes, water and getting banged around.

  • John Bruegger

    Home construction and remodeling. Power tools test the movement, the inevitable bumps and bangs will test the case finish.

  • Vexed

    The worst things that my watches usually come across is coming into contact with walls and getting scratched up. Though, thats just the reality of wearing a watch

  • Darren Williams

    The greatest challenge other than general wear and tear is keeping it clean and presentable for nights out especially after going beach fishing and having sand, salt water and fish guts all over my hands.

  • Steve Haley

    For me it would have to be water. I need a watch with good water resistance.

  • Aside from usual wear and tear (eg water, sweat, doors, the antics of my Australian cattle dog) the biggest durability challenge my watch would face would be me playing drums and percussion.

  • Stan Lipnowski

    Great looking pilot watch. Would look better in my wrist!

  • Andre Braz

    Excellent design !!! I really love it, odd ! I would like to have an impact/ vibration proof watch.

  • dylan

    The watch would be put to the test in the mud, surviving the shocks on a dirt bike

  • I have a terrible tendency to whack my watch-bearing wrist against a metal pipe or other obstacle when hanging lights at the theater.

  • Bob Sebastian

    The greatest challenge my watch would face is being lovingly cared for and cherished in appreciation of this wonderful prize.

  • Barzuma

    For some odd reason I keep thinking of them as “Soviet” 🙂

  • iBradcon

    It would have to survive visits to multiple power plants: exposure to magnetic fields, heat, vibration, shock.

  • Luke Monahan

    It would need to survive a fair bit of chainsaw use. The watch won’t be at the pointy end, at least.

  • Alexander V

    It might suffer extensively from the repeated checking of the time when my train is running late again.

  • Asif Tebani

    scratch proof and water resistant

  • Martin

    Definetely scratch resistant watch, especially face (crystal, bezel); other features are more-less overpriced and we are used to have them but dont actually need them (200m water res. for example)

  • Coert Welman

    If I had to wear a single watch for an entire year, it would face office work, lots of driving, playing with the daughter in the yard, garden work, home maintenance (including vibrations like sawing, drilling, hammering, grinding, sanding, etc), swimming (on something other than leather of course), camping and just me being a general klutz and walking into things.

    I love the 40mm size and the general look of the watch. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Ricardo Reis

    For me it would have to to survive day to day activities, like desk job, some knocks on the doors from time to time, some water…

  • Ionesi Victor

    My watch will face the usual challenges but above all I have to mention that sometimes may hit a wall corner or a door or something like that and it should resist for sure under water because I forget very often to take it off in the shower.

  • Michael Harvey

    The Tsovet SMT-FW44 is my choice…I love retro styles. My toughest challenge is not so bad – wearing a watch in the shower!

  • Bill Davidson

    Cobber down here in Australia mate either one of the bewdies would cop a real workout, what with mountain biking, sea kayaking and dodging the usual assortment of wildlife, human or otherwise, not to mention the bloody kangas, koalas and maggies. Struth mate she’d get a real test – not to mention the bloody marketing ops of course. Just marvy.

  • Jamie Clearihan

    Love the style and my choice would be the SMT-RS 40. Being in the military it would get a serious workout.

  • Martin Ricci

    Great looking watch!

  • Mikko

    I don’t usually take my watch off when working with my motorcycle or other manual work, so my watches are in risk of taking a bit of beating.

  • Mechanical movement under $1000 is awesome!

  • Marco Gerard

    My choice would be the RS40, small wrists. My toughest challenge would probably be my own clumsiness. I broke a watch by falling down and whacking it against a wall by accident.

  • Muhammad Yasar

    For me, shock resistance is the most important feature in a watch. I am yet to see a mechanical watch that could survive my lifestyle for longer than a couple of years.

  • Tyrone Wright

    Probably be banging it on doors, happens to me at least once a week!

  • alex ioancio

    the most rugged part of the year when my watch has to be ok is in summer when I ride my bike.

  • Christoff Koekemoer

    I work in the scrap metal industry, so there are many hazards in on a daily basis.

  • Zeljko Ergic

    Challenge 1: work meetings.
    Challenge 2: swiming and hiking when on vacation.
    In my opinion Tsovet SMT-FW44 is the only choice because of the 100 m water resistance. It is a really good looking watch too.

  • sensemille

    unfortunately the greatest durability challenge my watches face is the sharp corner of the steel handrail from my workplace combined with my natural clumsiness.. it took the life of two watches already!

  • Mario Magalhaes

    It has to survive a rough day on man activities – from office work, to hazardous city and client sites

  • Manzur Dan

    I’m maintenance man so I’m banging my watches all the time,(unfortunately) for me this is durability test.

  • tombellamy

    I bang stuff all the time so this would be ideal for me.

  • Darh109

    A couple of nasty looking rough walls – don’t even want to think about possible damage.

  • Hrvoje Holett Hadzic

    I prefer not to wear it during toughest times 🙂
    But I guess the grilling is the toughest thing.

  • Allen Ross

    The one durability issue that my watch face during the course of a year is the face of the watch getting scratched by inadvertently hitting a wall or railing at my job.

  • Richard Hicks

    The biggest challenge would be it getting scratched up because I wear my watch constantly

  • mtnsicl

    That would be mountain bike riding.

  • Frank

    As far as durability goes, I’d challenge this through a combination of desk diving, summer heat, daily hazards (walls, tables, hand rails, supermarket shelves, etc.), biking, and hiking.

  • mihai857

    The greatest test my watches take is either when i go scuba diving or when i go skiing.

  • Jesse Sherer

    I frequent the Pacific Ocean, various time zones and temperatures, and sweaty workouts. But the greatest test of endurance and durability would have to be what my one year old son can dish out.

  • Kurt Quackenbush

    Durability challenges? My watches don’t really have it very difficult in terms of durability hazards… accidentally smacking it against my desk perhaps. The only water they touch is any splashing from washing my hands or sweat when riding my bike

  • Joshua Zike

    Well I’m on an icebreaker in the Great Lakes, so the extreme cold weather that we operate in during the winter months would probably test the movement the most.

  • Mahir

    Durability challenge over a year—considering day to day use I would say crystal of the watch is most vulnerable, then the basel which can often get a bang and finally the clasp guard or the clasp itself

  • Peter Jones

    The durability over a year would be most challenged by canoeing and hiking where water and hard rocks would test its strength

  • Brian Kautz

    Keep the crystal from getting scratched

  • christopher jensen

    Door dings and hits at the gym for sure.

  • Paul Aislabie

    General wear and tear of daily wear

  • Mitch

    These are great looking watches. I would love to own one. The biggest durability challenge my watches face in the course of a year are wearing them while feeding my wood chipper tree branches. That chipper literally vibrates your entire body when trying to feed it larger branches. I doubt that any mechanical or quartz watch can withstand that much shock.

  • Jonathan Davies

    My biggest durability challenge would be scratches. I tend to wear stainless steel watches with stainless steel bands so my watches build “character” pretty soon after purchase.

  • Chris MoJo

    I’m an electrical engineer so I do work in HV substations and my watch could be exposed to all manner of electromechanical fields, especially under fault conditions!

  • Adrian Lessek

    Scratching the glass or scratching the case in my daily wear and worst is the risk of broke it if somehow I accidentally drop it down on hard surface.

  • arik tmpaddress

    Biggest durability challenge is casual bumps and dings

  • Steve M

    Its when you least expect it that it happens. That bang off a door knob or smash into a desk drawer that create much of the scars on our day to day wearers.

  • Daniel D.

    Scratching or damaging the glass while adventure bike riding.

  • Tom Shih

    Scratching the crystal.

  • Joel Schumann

    Bike touring. Constantly exposed to sun and rain and whatever else comes along, but the real test is is the constant small shocks it receives. I haven’t killed any watches on that account – a few lenses for my camera have fallen apart …

  • mojomarc

    I have this annoying habit of banging my watch against doors as I’m walking in. So that is probably the most realistic durability issue. But I have broken a few lower cost watch movements (Seiko 7s26, for example) by wearing them while refereeing soccer or rugby.

  • Brian Leinfuss

    Definitely gardening with my daughter. A watch needs to be able to clean up easily and water resistant. I think I get watered more than the plants do!

  • Forever Great

    I’ll tell you now I’ve had only a few watches that really did well on my wrist working as a freight conductor here in Chicago and the biggest challenge for this skimpy watch would be in mid January-30 below wind chill exposed while I’m shoving my train 1.5 miles into the wind, THEN banging the side off the car I’m riding with it then hopping into warm engine, getting back into the cold all day. Spring is just the downpours that’d be too easy. The coldest most brutal winter I’ve seen yet, I had the Early Tissot Seastar 1000 automatic on, and it took more abuse than any watch maker woulda dared to try, kept perfect time and stayed snug. Still wear that today once in awhile. It’s one of my faves.

  • David Johnson

    My wife and I really enjoy kayaking and biking in Vancouver BC Canada. She has made a few unexpected discounts from her bike avoiding various dogs and I have made attempts at rollovers Kayak that have not went as planed ( tongue in cheer) anyway that’s what this watch can expect from us. Oh and did I mention my wife loves it ware my watches.

  • Kanse

    Biggest issue is the occasional accidental bang against a door or my desk.

  • Adam McBride

    I don’t worry about my watches when I sail or work on cars or anything like that; it’s my kid that tests their durability. He’s two and he loves to pull on the case when it’s on my wrist (I fear for the spring bars), or he gets it and drops it, he’s a kid with it, and that can be taxing on them.

  • yohan tejeria

    The accidental banging with doors or walls.

  • Matt Kelm

    Maybe dropping – one time I dropped a watch against a wooden floor and it stopped working. I opened it up and found that one of the balance staff pinions had broken off, so I swapped it out with another 2824 and was on my way.

  • Steve Bowden

    Over the course of a year, the worse damage a watch I wear could expect to receive is a big dose of radiation from the ageing reactors that are near my home.

  • Jarrod

    Over the next year, the worse damage could be from playing with my 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter. They like to pull on the strap when we’re playing.

  • Trond Bjørshol

    Scratches and dings on the case.

  • Eric Thompson

    Surviving an energetic three year old! He loves dad’s watches!

  • Sam Anderson

    Splitting wood for the fire in winter time (now). Although, I take my watch off for that. Other than that, goofing off with the kids.

  • Grant D

    Scratches to the case or the face

  • Jennifer Miller

    The greatest durability challenge my watch might face is the 12 hour shifts that I work.

  • Brett Lintvelt

    Durability, shift work, oil gas hard knocks. Sapphire a must, salt water exposure and waterproof.

  • Bill Flannery

    Time and date in a watch for everyday wear anywhere, what more do you need. I particularly like the RS40 for us with the smaller wrists.

  • basnobua

    for an everyday watch, durability is a major concern for me. In the past I had a cheap-o hand wound chronograph with an ST-19 that wouldn’t stand up to normal shocks, I’ve had cheap-o watches with mineral glass that resulted in a degree of scratching that almost defies belief, I’ve had middle tier so-called divers watches that did not have a locking crown that would show moisture under the glass eventually. Durability in an everyday watch for me is a shockproof, scratch proof, and functionally waterproof case/movement.

  • vanick

    A big risk for me is rummaging in my camera bag.

  • Brian Leenheer

    Over the course of a year, the most challenging situation that would require durability would be banging the watch around while working inside engine bays and the occasional desk dive 🙂

  • Jim Davis

    I need to time my deep dives into technical literature so I don’t get the bends from industry buzzwords.

  • M?n Phi

    I would say it is some scratches on the crystal

  • Zeljka

    The greatest durability challenge my watch might face is the waving of my husband’s hand while screaming of joy for getting it from me, well you. Every single day in past year he made me watch videos or pictures of this watch. So here I come admiring The watch
    . It realy seems durable to any lconditions.Challengeproof.

  • Gerard Cardinal

    What does my watch deal with? Mostly my clumsiness!

  • Jason Hackworth

    Great durability challenge? Definitely me slamming the face into things…doors, walls, desks, anything! The crystal is the key!

  • Skootertrash

    Durability challenge? Just my daily life as a P&D truck driver. Bumps, knocks, scrapes, extreme heat, blazing sun, humidity, downpours, dust, dirt, grease, diesel fuel, sleet, hail, ice, sub-zero temps, and constant vibration from the truck. And then there is just my regular daily life at home. Working out, biking, gardening, dishes, home repair, projects, auto repair, playing with the kids, killing spiders for the wife, and baking bread (flour is no joke!) In summary? Just plain old GETTING AFTER IT is my durability test.

  • Robert

    in the course of a yr the biggest threat any watch I have would be a teething dog so if its dog proof then yall have something worth getting

  • Robert

    not sure how to “circle”

  • My usual daily routine for years was not working in mine, but still…lots of sweat, especially in summer time. Leather straps are those which will be damaged.

  • In course of the Year my watch does have to with lots of drop,dash,water exposure & sometime spill of food and sauce

  • gtbr

    The best durability challenge is resisting the nocks on doors, tables and walls

  • Razvan Cojocaru

    Hits,water,extreme temperatures.

  • Yohaan Jacob

    Scathing Desert Heat, rain,and mangrove humidity

  • Bob Jordahl

    knocks on various power tools, dings on various household items i.e.: doors, counters, tables, & hits around a drum set (drum bearing edges, stands, cymbals)

  • sam-b

    Years ago I let drop my old Omega DeVille down on the bathroom tiles, which causes an ugly blemish in the case at 9 o’clock. Apart from this, my watches are almost safe from danger…

  • Gregg Turcich

    both are nice designs… but if I had to choose I’d probably go for the field watch

  • Sean PIzzle

    Banging into doorways. I’m a clutz.

  • GalaxyGuy

    As many others have indicated, the biggest challenge for my daily wearers are surviving the small bumps and knocks that everyday life throws at them. Hitting door frames, getting bumped on the faucet when doing the dishes, and the like are a constant source of degradation of the quality of my daily wearers.

  • Wilson Meeks

    Constantly banging my watch against every available hard or sharp-edged object.

  • BobHoover Tiangco

    Receiving a direct hit on the watch face from a poorly timed attempt to hold open an already closing metal door at the office.

  • Shawn Wells

    My biggest problem with my daily wearers, like everybody else, is constantly whacking it on stuff

  • David Johnson

    Surviving the many bike rides, golf outings, kayak expeditions and backyard frolicking on the deck.

  • Jeffrey Gougeon

    Doorways are the only daily challenge for my watch.

  • Alex Van Slyke

    The biggest challenge for my watch on a daily basis is the doorway monster. But, I also like to stick to water resistant, tough watches for daily wear as I love hiking, biking, snowboarding, and spending time at the beach.

  • Ovis

    The challenges that my watch faces are bumps on the door frame, water and magnetic fields…

  • Eric Jarrell

    Watch?? What watch??

  • Ealaag

    As others have commented, the building I happen to work in has many of those doors with the horizontal (about waist level) push bar to actuate the door latch mechanism. They are not elegant to say the least. All day long people shove those things, and they go BANG each time they open and close. It’s a constant shock to the wrists, and the eardrums as well. It cannot be good over time for the bearings in automatic movements, or for the escapement. Sadly we do not live in a future where all doors are pneumatic and open as pocket doors would automatically.

  • Claudiu

    The biggest challenge would be low temperatures (-20 degrees Celsius) during winter I guess

  • benjameshodges

    By being a chef. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

  • Fitifazrul Rahman

    My kids.

  • Nick

    The biggest challenge would be wearing it while working on cars, or driving on a track.

  • Andrew Gasper

    I work in a restaurant and over the course of a year the two most common exposures for me would be hard shocks and water. My family and I also spend a lot of time outdoors so a good solid sport watch that can withstand the elements is essential for me as well.

  • Anne C

    My watch is subjected to daily bumps and scratches. Those damages accumulate over the course of one year.

  • MichelleCat

    The greatest durability challenge my watches go through is my kids and everything I do with them from hiking to gardening to surfing and more.

  • Andres Gutierrez

    I see this watch as a really durable watch with a tough movement, the toughest activity would be biking in Antigua Guatemala.

  • gchahinian

    Biggest challenge it would go through with me is a tough mudder/spartan race type of thing, i love running those.

  • wisper

    I really like the circular date window. It’s different from the typical rectangle.

  • carneius

    Honestly, taking a shower or hitting a door jamb would be about the worst.

  • JD Ouest

    Nice and along the lines of what I have been looking at – will need to consider.

    In terms of durability – water, always with the water.

  • SetNick

    Nice looking watchs. Either on can be worn as a general everyday, or dressed up according to your clothing.

  • Doober

    Biggest problem is being banged, and also watches tend to get scratched on the bottom buckle when you lay your hand down frequently.

  • Don Johnson

    Afraid of scratching crystal while wearing it

  • John – db

    The nicks and ticks the case can get. My only watch to withstand daily scratches is my ice hardened Damasko. Which is the same reason I have my eyes on Bremont and Sinn.

  • Craig Daniels

    The scourge of scratches! So hard to police. I’m always attracted to watches with good crystals as a result.

  • When I start off the day and I put on my watch, it stays there till I take it off when I get back from work. My watches do not face a lot of durability issues as my job does not involve a lot outdoor activities. I guess the biggest durability issue would be water resistance as I do not take them off while washing hands or my face during the course of the day.

  • Mehmet Kasap

    Scratch resistance of the case and bracelet 🙂

  • Kyle Weber

    I’m really good at hitting walls with my wrist! Thank god for sapphire and ceramic.

  • TadW

    Being a parent: playgrounds, puke, poop, projectiles

  • Yave Lozano

    Resistance to scratches particularly when accidentally hitting the edges of doors. tables and my working desk where I spent most of the day.

  • JN

    All my watches end up scratched on the crystal. Between kids and work it’s inevitable. The case I can usual polish or sand out. Crystals not so much. They also face chemicals, I’ve had many that end up with spots on the AR from various chemicals.

  • Stephen Thode

    The greatest durability issue would be impact on the crystal. Mainly just from daily wear and being clumsy.

  • John

    Clean design and functional

  • Joanna Shine Eaves

    clean and functional

  • Sean C.

    I don’t think “desk wear” will be a huge concern but that is the most action any watch of mine would be likely to see.

  • cvguild

    The greatest durability challenge over the course of a year, other than the obvious need to be mindful of scratches, would be the everyday wear/tear and signs of any uneven aging on the leather strap. Good looking timepiece.

  • iJeeg

    The biggest challenge would be the thermal excursion, -20 degrees Celsius during the winter in the mountain and +40 degrees Celsius during the summer to the sea, in Italy.

  • Michael

    Just simply, scratches and bumps. No matter how hard i try, the case gets scratched.

  • RDA2

    By far, scratches are the biggest challenge when wearing a watch regularly.

  • Manuel

    Mountain biking and kite boarding during summer. Snowboarding during winter. I actually wear a watch (GPS) for all these.

  • Dan Dolar

    Scratching! Always a concern, from G Shocks to Rolexes!

  • Mark

    Both watches look good to me. The greatest durability challenges the watch would face by me wearing it for a year would many. We can start with being sprayed in JetA, or Skydraul, or Aero40. Another challenge would be the vibration beating from working with a pneumatic rivet gun with an old man attachment. And yet another challenge it would have to survive is dealing with all the yuck involved when you have to change the lavatory filters on a commercial jetliner. And that is just the beginning. Don’t get me started on what I would do with it on my days off.

  • Pepe Gar

    The watches are great and look incredible. The greatest durability challenge will be to have it with me; going from a meeting, to a pool, to the caribbean as those will be my next vacations and even more things. While I’m not so radical this is a great watch to have it in may BAU activities.

  • aaw234

    For me this is a dream watch, solid craftsmanship without the absurd bells & whistles. Looks like a masterpiece.

  • JF Schnell

    Not complicated design and no flowers and stuff that goes around in the higher end of the spectrum…. so they got me. simplicity is my rule for 2017 (when it comes to watches). Great to know another brand and their craftmanship

  • jasohill

    A black watch dial with a leather strap. One needs nothing more. I work in a school and sometimes just watch close to corner causes me to slam a watch into them. I’ve tried to avoid it but I’ve destroyed a number of watch crystals this way.

  • Imperius

    Love the simplicity of these watches.
    Greatest durability challanges for these watches would be getting scratched from me doing sports- downhill longboarding, mountain biking, road cycling etc.

  • Huseyin Emrem

    Greatest durability challenge will be strap aging if it will not have a metal bracelet.

  • Joe in WI

    For me it’s working around the house and yard. Taking implements off the tractor seems to be a dangerous proposition for my watches.

  • David Fisher

    Occasionally I have an episode of clumsiness and my watch usually gets involved with some minor scrapes and scratches. I haven’t worn a PVD coated watch before but it has a great look.

  • Benjamin Denay

    Good looking watch! The durability issue I have is hitting the crystal and bezel on door knops and hand rails! They all seem to be just the right height for my watch!

  • Shammy K

    My toddler might get his hands on it and might use it as a hockey puck.

  • Jowin

    Good Watch!.. The durability issue I have would be the leather band getting spoilt in a year of use

  • The biggest challenge my watch will face is the high number of times I just walk into walls and door frames.

  • Shane Kleinpeter

    I do a lot of work around the house; repairs, renovations, working on cars. There’s always a chance that you’ll slip, get a little careless, or just mis-judge something. I’ve got the dinged bezels and scratches to prove it, unfortunately. This is a nice looking watch; I like the contrast of the strap with the monochrome case and dial.

  • Tauseef Anwar

    Great looking watch. Greatest challenge is not having my watch thrown around like a rag doll once my toddler gets his hands on it…

  • Christian Henriksen

    It could bump into the armrest of my chair. Or it might have someones beer spilled on it at a baseball game. Or it might get eaten by a family of rabid racoons. You know, the regular challenges of daily life.

  • Erik Sorensen

    I’m somewhat clumsy, which can be an issue when you are rummaging around under the hood of an 18-wheeler

  • bastien koert

    I generally beat the crap out of watches outside, whether its swimming in the pool or biking and crashing or skiing, they take a lot of abuse.

  • Rodney Stone

    Nice watch, i would love to win it


    When I do rigging for concert lighting I truly give my watch hell! It’s subject to getting slammed into aluminum trussing and steel base plates, to getting smashed between a light and it’s road case. I have been so thankful my work watch has a sapphire crystal and a strong steel bracelet! I’d love to win this piece and give it a run for its money!

  • WhiskersInCalif

    Durability…. the greatest durability challenges for a watch over the course of a year are numerous. Scratches of the face, broken pins when lifting things, impact on doors walls in passing and water. Water is a challenge. Water and perspiration sometimes leak into a case and also challenge the strap. A well made leather strap deals well with water. Well chosen steel copes well with perspiration and water.
    All of which are easy when the timekeeping and face of the watch are top notch.

  • Thomas Ely

    Great watch! The greatest durability challenge my watches face are from keeping up my 3 year old daughter 🙂 Moving her vehicles (bikes) & structures (teepee) around, bath time, saving her from the “mortal danger” she finds herself in and the occasional “toddler theft” where I find my watch at the bottom of her toy drawer (2 weeks later).

  • babermac

    love the SMT-RS40! I’d say the greatest challenge to durability for my daily driver would be my bike commute. I ride on some pretty rough city streets, so my watches take quite a bit of shock and vibration.

  • Matt Jaffe

    Getting thrown across the room by my 18 month old son. He’s tried it before, luckily with an Ironman. This watch better be able to take a beating and keep on…. running. No ticking with that movement!

  • Eric Yang

    For me it’s banging it on something and having the spring bar’s pop loose and dropping the watch.

  • Raymond Leung

    The greatest durability challenge for my watches will be the weather and me that occurs everyday. Given the hot and humid weather in Singapore for 365 days in the year, a person will constantly sweat especially in areas such as the wrist. To maintain the watch, constant wiping and time is needed to allow the watches to dry off.

  • Gabi Balas-Baconschi

    the greatest durability challenge of my watch, is to keep good time even in a very hot enviroment during summer and cold enviroment during winter time, but also to be scratch resistant, since my job is related to agriculture.
    Thanks for another great giveaway 🙂

  • Upul Ratnayaka

    For me it would be whether the watch could survive various knocks, bumps and scrapes that I would be putting it through. I usually end up damaging my watches unexpectedly and I think its mainly due to my own movements.

  • MSM

    Not knocking it around. My watches have lots of “desk diver” marks, but thankfully I have not scratched the crystal on any of them! (Some vintage watches already had small scratches before I got them.)

  • Pedro Quaresma

    Having to fight it out with my other watches on my watch box! 🙂

  • Matthew D Martin

    As a chef, the hands-on work I do is hard on a wristwatch. Constant banging on equipment leaves many “character” marks.

  • Claudiu Ferlai

    Just wish one bad!

  • Ulysses31

    My greatest durability challenge isn’t much really. When i’m walking close to a wall my watch-arm might scrape the watch against it. That’s about it lol.

  • Tom Wisdom

    The only durabililty challenge would be golf or badminton for me.

  • Ah Shumaker

    Withstanding sudden impacts.

  • Fritz Duppon

    Being exposed to my little daughter: She’s worse than an earthquake!

  • 0059mike

    Durability would be for accidentally banging it off doors or walls, otherwise swimming and golf.

  • Logan Finch

    The biggest durability challenge a watch might have for me is either hiking (rocks) and going in and out of gloves or just getting banged repeatedly in desk at work.

  • Andy Berrios

    I always worry about the durability of my watches when banged against a wall or scraped against some other object. I ruined one of my last watches going down a mountain sled with my kids when it scraped against the side of the slide and pushed the crown into the watch thereby ruining it forever! It never worked again! I can understand why we have crown guards in instances such as this.

  • Marc-Alexandre Nolin

    Swimming happen very often and I never remove my watch

  • julien

    Choc resistance because it happens to get knock around alot.

  • BrandonS

    anti-shock resistance running a chainsaw, lots of lumber here!

  • njlou

    great blog. you answered some questions I needed to know…well done!
    durability of the crystal is the most important.

  • Paul William Dow

    Not sure what the test would be – but I worry about swinging a golf club or a bat or something like that.. I think “is this going to overwind it or something?” — but that’s my biggest worry. Waterproofing and stuff I understand… but I worry about over winding.

    • Robert Carson

      If you’re worried about an automatic watch over-winding, don’t be! To address that very concern, automatic movements feature a slipping clutch so that if the watch is fully wound, the winding mechanism just slips and goes around harmlessly.

  • Sangsuri Chun

    Every year I go out to the wilderness and camp. I build fire, do some wood and swim occasionally with my watch on.

  • David Sparks

    My toddler gives my watches a durability test. Plenty of mucky stuff to be exposed to

  • Steve

    My biggest durability challenge is actually the bracelet. If I am too active it could break.

  • cajko

    Well i’m very clumsy, so alot of random stumbles and falls throughout the whole year.
    And as i’m a student now, you never know where i’m going to end up working

  • Robert Carson

    I’d have to say that the biggest durability challenge that my watch would face over the course of a year would be blunt force trauma at work. I work in R&D and I’m constantly building and modifying experimental rigs and I’m not in the habit of taking my watch off (in fact, I often use my watch to time segments of experiments if they aren’t so critical that I need a stopwatch), so there is a small to large chance that my watch will come into contact with steel fittings or a wrench from time to time. (Yay sapphire crystals!)

  • Michael Bell

    The greatest durability challenge for my watches is the constant lifting and shifting of equipment at my work. If I remember I’ll either take my watch off or wear a cheaper one if I know it’s going to be a whole day of moving stuff, but, alas, “if I remember” is the operative phrase here.

  • Edward

    This watch is quite a unique design!. Over the course of a year my watch is subject to the vigors of outdoor living.I hunt my own meat, grow my own grains and catch my fish in traps and makeshift poles I made myself. A watch needs to be as tough and self reliant as I myself is. I gots no time for tempermental timekeeping. I need a watch that tells “o8ty

  • AbeFroman12

    The biggest durability challenges for me with a watch is the accidental knocks throughout each day. Also the strap has to be good quality to last from daily use.

  • Matt Dawson

    The greatest durability challenge my watch might face over the course of a year is my kids. They are active, boisterous, and not at all careful when playing. My watches are always getting dinged or scratched by them during the course of whatever we are doing.

  • João Raposo

    Over the course of a year: Motorcycle trips with a VFR750F (road motorcycle) on local unknown, sometimes rural, bad tearmac or dirt rodes. I ride with care and slow, but the vibrations can be a a problem as the large spectrum of vibrations can damage the watch movement. I also camp on some trips, and i have started to offroad recently. When i know that the work i’m going to do may harm the watch, i do not use it, but neve the less, i find myself frequently in situations where G forces may ‘test’ my wrist companion.

  • Nick

    I would say the greatest test of durability my watches face is the exposure to sunscreen and sweat, various soaps from constant hand washing, and daily bumps and dings.

  • Andy

    Biggest test of durability would be daily use – doing jobs, working at our stables with the horses and chickens (chicken wire is the worst!) and then the sweat and sunscreen exposure on the band.

  • Cheryl Medley

    The greatest test of durability this watch would face is getting wet and your regular bumps and dings throughout the day.

  • Andrew Metri

    Desk Diving

  • Pilotwatches

    I would bet more than a penny if the watch survive close to a magnet during our physicists experiments.

  • stumpelriltzchen

    Water, sweat, and bumping into things, which happens to me more often that I wish. However, I am not — luckily for me — a member of special forces or working in a coal mine. I am also — alas — not a rally driver, or a Jacques Cousteau kind of diver.

  • Metal door frames have been the most common cause of “character” on my watches

  • bikeohio

    The greatest durability challenge my watch might face if worn over the course of a year… The rigors of cycling or the adventures of wrangling cattle.

  • David

    The biggest challenge for my watch is me randomly smashing it into doorframes, tables, car doors etc. I´m real expert in that.

  • mark

    25 jewels 100mtrs and 50mtrs depth so its a reasonably hard wear and tear watch, Its just questionable how it would look if scratched. Black always looks good when its straight from the box.

  • Jason

    The greatest durability challenge I face with automatic watches is definitely shock. I am not the most graceful person in the world, and I have been spoiled by not having to worry about banging my watch up against things because I’ve been wearing G-Shocks, but since I’ve begun wearing autos again, I’ve been so paranoid (but certainly not so paranoid I haven’t been clumsy and banged my watch on anything from doors, tables, desks, pillars, etc). I fear that the black PVD would show scratches so much easier than a non coated watch, but these look really nice. Who dares, wins.

  • Sam Ward

    The greatest durability challenge for my watch is daily use. The casual bumping into things and accidentally scraping on different surfaces can wear down any watch pretty fast.

  • Willis

    During the week I’m a desk diver, but the weekends demand a lot more from my watch, hiking, climbing, kayaking, building, and its gotta survive a night of drinking!!

  • Jarred Edgecombe

    I am a captain on our volunteer fire department. While I would never intentionally wear a watch that nice to a fire, fire calls come at strange times. The last thing on one’s mind is to remove a watch. This watch would endure heat. When in gear, it would be immersed in water from all the work. Finally, there is a lot of ripping, jerking things apart, and bumping into things that the watch would endure.

  • BrikE

    This Tsovet looks very nice. I did not know this watch before, I will certainly follow it. The most durability challenge is scratches, but with sapphire is it minimized

  • Perry

    The Tsovet seems like it would hold up well to our high wind, sand/dusty environment in West Texas. Their 40mm is nice.

  • George Flammer

    Living 5 minutes to the beach a watch of mine may have to put up with sand/salt water if I’m forgetful that day since I usually take my watch off before heading to the beach

  • Karl Moltrecht

    I am prone to carless movements when my daily watches are on my wrist…..I am particularly tough on bracelets….they seem to exhibit wear rapidly…

  • mmurayam

    I frequently end up leaving my watch in my car. Living in a tropical area, I swear that the heat gets to my watches’ accuracy.
    Love the watch at 40mm.

  • Anthony Poon

    I LIKE! hope I can win one!

  • chris_1860

    Greatest durability challenge will probably be hacking and sawing wood over the summer.

  • Jean-Marc Dertinger

    My biggest durability challenge is Traveling around in Europe 🙂
    And alot of desk diving…

  • Brian Russell

    I’m a dad, and I’m a bit clumsy. So the kiddo and the rest of the world (doorways, edges of furniture, etc.) are my durability hazards.

  • er chin

    Pretty much just scratches as office work is a daunting challenge to navigate around.

  • UofASouthpaw

    The biggest durability issue I have is scratching the crystal. Granted, my watches are mineral crystal, so maybe that wouldn’t be a problem with sapphire. I’d like to find out!

  • Andrew Hochberg

    I am fearful the anti-magnetic protection afforded by the watches in my current collection will not stand up to the Gravity Flux Drive from the crashed UFO I am excavating from an undisclosed location. They run backward while I’m working in “The Pit.”

  • Chisholm Deupree

    The most durable feature i would look for is a black pvd finish that does not scratch off and fade out from wear on the buckel. I have a traser automatic w black pvd that has taken a beating on the bracelet over two years. Still i love traser too

  • Galen

    I laughed when I read this question. Of course I’m going to be fearful of doing something dumb with a nice piece of kit on my wrist and it’ll probably happen while I’m being plain clumsy. My watches’ scrapes and dings come from bumping into doors, tables, and everyday objects. I expect it’d be the same for this watch.

  • Bob Acoff

    Scratches to the crystal is the greatest durability challenge for my watches.

  • Mark ZuVerink

    Biking. Vibration, shocks, and scratches (more like gouges) if you should happen to crash. Enough said.

  • Ow Yeong Mun Yip

    the most durable feature would be PVD finish that does not scratch off

  • scoop42

    I’m a klutz so the a PVD finish or DLC finish are very important to me to avoid the dings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

  • kibbyster

    scratching the face is a big deal for me.

  • Mario Montealegre

    Right in the month of my birthday, excellent gift!! ??

  • Ryland Brown

    I’m down with the field watch look. I’d put it to the test in the sun and salt while running tug boats on the Pacific Ocean.

  • Jon W

    Greatest durability challenge has to be a scratch to the crystal or PVD finish from banging on a door or wall corner

  • Abjarv

    The greatest durability challenge a watch like this would face with me would be related to the PVD finish. Mainly, surviving park trips and other playtime with my kids.

  • Scott Cole

    I like to do routine maintenance on all of our cars and that’s the biggest wrist! That’s why I have a gshock!

  • Christos Nikolaou

    Great solid watch, would be great to win it for my wedding this summer in a Greek island. SUPER!!!

  • Richard Chen

    An amazing watch, would be amazing to use as my hardcore field watch. I would take it on my travels in Europe in the Alps and sightseeing tours! I would also want to do my first hands-on-review of a watch for my new menstyle and watch blog that I have recently started with a friend. This would be an amazing opportunity to start something like how aBlogToWatch and Hodinkee have become!!

  • Stephanie Phelps

    Wow this is such a beautiful watch. The greatest durability challenge my watch gets is snagging it on things and scratching it up from work. my4boysand1 at gmail dot com

  • Benny F

    The greatest durability challenge will be trekking in the woodlands

  • Aaron Thompson

    Either of these watches would be fantastic additions to my small collection. Probably the greatest durability challenge one of my watches would face from being worn over the course of a year would be either falling overboard while fishing, or bashing it against the doorframe entering or exiting my RV, because I’m constantly whacking my watches like that!

  • ???? ????

    I do not have a watche before I wish to have one of you .

  • Andrei Mihaila

    Beautiful watches. The greatest durability challenge is and it will always be riding my bicycle with them on my wrist. I don’t mind wearing digital watches when riding but i’m afraid something will fall from the analog ones. Especially the mechanic ones.

  • Rahul Rao

    Nice watch! I play sports every day for 2-3 hours with my watch on. I play cricket, soccer, badminton and squash and my biggest concern is how the watch will be impacted by the sweat and perspiration – both the movement as well as the strap.

  • I often go out and where my watch almost everywhere I go. With that being the case, I only have one watch that’s still working, it’d be a great worry to have it outside especially for sports.

    In fact, it has already started to crack and water has started coming inside because I was always doing heavy activities with it. I also work with a small table, so it has dropped quite a few times when I wanted to move my laptop and such.

    Well, if I am given the chance to win this. I will surely keep my old one as a spare and only use the Tsovet during non-heavy activities.

  • n1sha

    Will be great to wear over the year everyday and for my wedding in around 8 months. There’s also a skydive in between – atmospheric pressure / gravity!

  • Bassem Assaf

    For me the greatest durability challenge i always face is during diving or paying any kind of sports like soccer, basketball, or ewen fighting with my brothers. I wear watches since i was 10 and its very hard for me to leave it and not having it on my hand.

  • Michael Young

    I work at a mental health facility. There are times when we the staff have to take down aggressive clients. Many times you don’t have time to remove your watch or other jewelry. So you have to have a durable watch to handle physical conditions at work.

  • br1ce

    I wear my watches 24/7, even during sport or when working outside. I think I’m giving them hard time, so the greatest durability challenge for a watch would be surviving without scratches for some time!

  • manivelle

    Gotta stay on my feet, not fall off the bike. You have enough pieces, the greatest durability challenge is the taking on and off, the constant changing of one piece for another.

  • les

    I travel overseas a lot so I am constantly time changing.

  • Antoine Rollin

    Durability challenge for my Squale 1545 :
    Swimming in the sea almost every day half the year, diving max 10 meters as often as possible, sailboat, water skiing (can be very agressive for both watch and bracelet when falling), cleaning/painting/work on mentionned tools…
    Thanks ABTW

  • Carol Roberts clark

    gardening swimming climbing hiking the list goes on in a year

  • Nicolás Robertson De Ferrari

    The greatest durability challenge are wall corners, for sure. That and wearing your watch 24/7 as a woodworker.

  • Jeffrey Schechter

    I have always wanted a Tsovet watch!

  • Tim Huber

    Could face a trip all over Africa in July. Would love the 40mm one!

  • Tim P

    Working as a pathology resident, my watches will have to withstand autopsies, specimen dissection/preparation, and the constant washings afterward!

  • Evan59

    I love the look of these watches. The biggest challenge for my watches is to withstand hiking and yard work. These seem to be very well made.

  • eitan

    Wow this is such a beautiful watch. The greatest durability challenge for my watch is daily use

  • Dan_the_man

    Durability challenge would definitely be any time you bring a watch to a beach or water source.

  • André Lopes

    I work in an office environment, so the greatest durability challenge would be some minor scuffs from hits against walls or furniture, but worst would be some eventual coffee spill.

  • Stanley Ezeonah

    Awesome watch, the greatest durability challenge will be water resistance due to the nature of my job.

  • Ryan

    I travel a lot for work, so the greatest durability challenge for my watches is probably getting packed in my bags and going to the airport where anything can happen – getting dropped, getting bumped into, etc., but I do always pack my watches nicely for traveling.

  • Iheb Issaoui

    I like this watch and it’s design. I m a student and I m very active so the great durability challenge is the water resistance because I forget a lot xD and I always forget my watch in my wrist when I am at the beach.

  • J Wysong

    The biggest durability issue I could face is scratches to bezels and glass. Working and moving downtown puts me near other hard and durable materials like concrete, marble, and cast iron. My heart races a little each time I accidentally hit my favorite watches on a surface. I prefer finished metals that are scratch and ding resistant.

  • Aji Smith

    Slamming against door jambs and other metal surfaces.

  • Vishesh Chhabria

    The biggest durability issue I would face is exposure to water.

  • trxtr

    I ride bicycle a lot during summer. fallen from a bike is not so uncommon, but even besides possible impact damage, it’s a lot of vibrations for a watch on my hand

  • Adam Afiq Mahathir

    I beat my watch a lot the other day. It was a Seiko 7002 and i dropped it on the concrete floor twice in that day. It was ok though. Then during my tennis competition i banged it against a metal pole twice. I decided i had to test it to its limits. I put the watch in a freezer for 1 hour. Still working after. Then i left it inside my pocket and off it went into the washing machine. Still ok. Its still alive and i have to say, it is extremely robust. Its the Hilux of the watch world

  • Korrey6

    The biggest durability issue my watch would face is hitting the door frame, swimming and changing the straps.

  • Sojoerner

    I travel extensively, so the greatest durability challenge a watch faces over the course of how well I can adjust it to each time zone, pulse getting knocked around airport overhead bins, bar counters, etc. The SMT-FW44 with black strap looks nice.

  • Gabriel

    I am civil engineer, actually working at a subway/train construction, so I am all day in the civil work with all the dust, sun, machines and well everything involved in the construction. So my watch must survive againts this. Hope to win this beautiful watch!

  • Robin Van der Straeten

    The watch should sustain all the envious looks when it’s on my wrist.

  • Jorge Chacon

    I often hit door frames with both hands, so my (wrist) watch needs to survive these unexpected (and undeserved) hits.

  • Trey Hawkins

    The toughest challenge my watch faces is getting banged around in my office, on my desk, etc. I really need a beater!

  • applepride

    I’ve never owned a Tsovet and these two models look pretty thick on the wrist. Can anyone comment if they’re as massive on the wrist as they look? If one of those were mine the greatest durability challenge it would face over the course of a year is surviving a few backpacking trips. I like to keep my watch on the outside of my pack for visibility but that leaves it open to some serious abuse. My last two watches (timex expedition, casio G shock) only lasted a few trips before giving up and I’d hope that RS40 can hold up better. It would be nice to give one a try.

  • bakoglumgit

    i live on an island in the middle of the pacific and things weren’t meant to last out here. my clothes and passport molded and everything else i own has been rusted or eaten (not by me!). i agree with another commenter – sun, salt, and ocean is the greatest test.

  • Bojan Matijevic

    It would be great to own this watch and use it during snorkeling this summer, what an adventure this would be!

  • Norman Lever

    I really like the ‘pilot’ watch for it’s readability.
    The question is – is that white paint or is it lume on the hands and markers?
    There’s no mention in the reviews.

  • benmfisher94

    Probably my dog furiously shaking my wrist when I am playing with her haha

  • Eric Shen

    Surviving life with a newborn would the toughest thing this watch would go through!

  • Miguel Guzman

    I hope these watches are durable! The Tsovet SMT-RS40 would be my choice and it’s greatest durability challenge would be living in Northern Arizona on my wrist! The desert really takes a toll on everything I own. My lifestyle is very busy and my hobbies aren’t forgiving on my wearables. I spend my days designing and printing, my weekends are spent as a freelance photographer, and during my “off-time” I’m hunting and fishing, blowing glass in my garage, or running/hiking and loving life with my daughter in the various terrains Arizona has to offer. Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to everyone who has entered!

  • Kevin Peterson

    sitting through boring meetings at work. LOL.

  • PaulDean

    I want one.

  • Stephanie

    The greatest durability challenge for me is the band. If it’s a leather band, it tends to wear out more quickly than a metal band. There’s gotta be a way to make leather bands more durable!

  • Lance Litwin

    I’d suggest that durability would be reflected by an active, or impact heavy work.

  • ???? ????

    I hope to wear that watch, because it is so wonderful.

  • Mktcrasher

    Probably my office….including banging it against office doors, cubicle borders, door handles, stair railings, and of course desk diving. Corporate world is a dangerous place for watches.

  • Uriar

    The greatest durability challenge my watch might face is a motorcycle crash – but I keep being optimistic. Thanks for the chance!

  • Marcus

    kids ….
    I saw the posts about crashes, extreme sports etc, but nothing requires more durability than two very active little munchkins! and nothing makes a dad happier than having a nice ‘toy’ that be enjoyed and then handed down to those same munchkins!

  • Ruel Tolentino

    This Tsovet watches look real tough to stand the test of time… the ruggedness and the looks of it screams “Durability”… and as a watch enthusiast I have always been keen on watches especially on how it is made… durability is really one of the key factors in me choosing a watch.. like for one, the straps always give out first then the crystal case… hopefully if i win this watch, it would really prove me otherwise. thanks in advance for choosing me.. 🙂

  • Miles Okazaki

    I’m a big fan of field and tool watches. These both look very handsome and well built. I’m a musician and always carry gear, suitcases, and such, so the usual damage comes from whacking the crystal on a doorframe, railing, or some other sharp object in transit. Thanks!

  • sarah custer

    I like the butterscotch color strap.

  • Darki-san

    The biggest durability challenge it could ever face would be exposure to water(if i forget to take the watch off) and hitting door frames and table frames.

  • Grenouilleman

    Very sharp looking watch. It would look great on my wrist whether at my bootcamp sessions or at the movies. My greatest durability challenge this watch might face if worn over the course of a year… Actually, I don’t really think I have any. I’d be so careful that in a year it would still look brand new.

  • Kevin Dodge

    The black on black is a nice looking time piece. Durability test would be hitting some ski moguls on the slopes to make sure the band doesnt break off.

  • Bryan Loo

    My greatest durability challenge is the band, sometime i accidentally used too much force to pull and wear my watch. Wish i can have one of that watch. Thanks.

  • Mikael

    The everyday activities of a father of two small kids.

  • Abdulrahman

    scratches and impacts for both the case and the crystal

  • BDwide

    Lovely piece. Durability challenge? Either trout fishing (cold water/banging against canoe/rocks) or surf fishing (sand/salt-water).

  • Lihao Ng

    The Tsovet SMT-RS40 is classic in design. Like the simplicity. For durability it has to be able to survive my travels to the beaches and of cos trekking trips. Not sure if the PVD coats can withstand the abuse. Then after all these it has to still look good to be worn for a fancy dinner!

  • Moshe Y. Gluck

    Bad habit of inadvertently banging my hand against hallway walls… 🙁

  • Paul M

    Playing with 2 young kids any where and every where. Maybe mountain biking trough trails.

  • GratisShark

    Durability is such an expansive term. I actually think that I run a greater risk of damaging my watches during my daily activities than when I’m about to embark on an unusual one. Personally I am more hypervigilant when taking on anything out of the ordinary but I just don’t pay that kind of attention during my daily routine.

  • mhavilandwriter

    Need rugged, need easy to read designs. Two children, two jobs, love the outdoors.

  • Tim Reynolds

    If it can survive the rigors of entertaining a three year old it can survive anything

  • Fady337

    I generally wear mechanical watches. The greshest durability challenge my watches face is the heat. As I often forget my watch in the car when I remove it due to sweating. I forget it in the car and it stays there all day long while I get done with my chores. Thus the heat is the greatest durability concern for me.

  • William Spruce

    My 40 mile commute for work to and from DC every day is a tale of cars, buses and a few block walk… that’s the durability challenge for my watches. I take them off when working in the yard!

  • GKS

    My biggest durability challenge is just avoiding the inadvertent knock on the watch face when moving a large object around or working on the car. Leather straps are a routine wear item that could be much better in terms of daily exposure to sweat, light, and an occasional dunking.

  • Mike Ciccarelli

    very cool. My watch takes a beating going to the beach every weekend in the summer. That is my greatest durability challenge for my watch.

  • Michael K

    The greatest durability challenge for my watch is my work in clinical microbiology lab where I deal with corrosive chemicals, medical machinery/instruments, magnetic devices, sharp objects (ie scalpels, screw drivers, application wires), heaters/incinerators, gas flames, -80C freezers for RNA preservation, and last but not least lots of water. Combine that with my travel/hiking hobby and durability for my watches is a must.

  • Arik Gurevich

    The greatest durability challenge for my watch is just weekends. Going to the beach, training and hiking.

  • bpearcej

    The greatest durability challenge for my watch, is my PT. . . weights and watches don’t mix haha.

  • ???????? ????????

    Scratches from outdoor activities. And of course, swimming. Lot of swimming.

  • Louis

    Each summer, I usually go for an adventure type vacation.Watches are sometimes put to the test in such trips. I also do a lot of jet skiing in the Mediterranean sea, wich I think is quite a task to take on for any watch.
    Other than that, I have a very active lifestyle. So everyday use can be demanding as well.

  • Richard Citra

    the greatest durability challenge my watches might face is daily undeliberate knocks with any hard surfaces things in my office, whether against the side of my desk, armchairs, office doors, stairs handle, etc.

  • Ikkijkooknooitnaardiestommetal

    Greatest durability contest? Not much I think.. lucky watch! Maybe a little splash in the North Sea, or a little dive in a Delft recreation pond… so, come on and give me the “” thing.. ?

  • H F

    Scratches to the metal or scrapes to the finish.

  • Donald Levy

    I would love to win this watch. I need another black one. Greatest durability challenge is to not bang it on a door jam or wall.

  • Steven

    I like the seconds hand. Looks like a magic wand.

  • Hamed Mokhtari

    overall looks good and love the display case back

  • F??? ?ž

    i want this one

  • Joshua A.

    The greatest durability challenge my watch might face when worn over the course of a year has to be my children and my dogs. Those little sticky hands are always mucking up my watch face and dials. On the off chance they managed to get their grubby hands on my watch, mini-heart attacks have been had watching them mishandle or almost drop it onto the hardwood floor. Don’t even get my started on my dogs…They like to greet me when I come home with an enthusiastic lunge of sharp claws and teeth. Good thing our watches are built to last!

  • Trevor Hirst

    For me, my greatest challenge of durability is the movement- I play guitar and drums, and I love the feel of a watch on my wrist whilst playing. If a mechanical movement can take that abuse, and stay accurate, then it’s definitely built tough!

  • Leo

    For watches with bracelets, the biggest challenge is the movement. It does make much sense to service a low end mechanical watch, so time itself is a challenge to the movement. For watches on straps, the greatest challenge is the straps.

  • Auris Galvydis

    It has to be my day to day usage. From cycling through the streets. Getting over bumps. The movement has to vistand it.

  • The greatest challenge would certainly be my almost daily drumming gigs and practices. It risks getting hit by drumsticks, having movement malfunction for excessive moving (but absolutely powered up automatic watches lol) or simply flying off my wrist.

  • Ian Nevins

    The greatest challenge is dust, shock and water being that I am in the construction field. There is no perfect watch for those of us in the construction field that also enjoy the mechanics of a finely made watch. Divers have heretofore been the best bet with gshocks reluctantly behind them.

  • wcse

    Various bumps on hard objects throughout the day. I find the shower is tough on resins, which is a shame since its an easy way to clean watches.

  • timmy06

    walking the dog in the wood and going fishing I need a watch to hold up in hard use.

  • bala Sarvesh

    the greatest challenge for me over the course of a year would be the leather straps wearing off compromising the durability of the watch…with wet and dry conditions in my region that is my primary concern

  • Vivek Miranda

    I’d love to have this watch! Great durability challenge it would face over the course of a year would be our five kids sneaking it their separate ways to play with it!

  • Popescu Dan

    I’m a neurologist with involvement in emergency neurology, my greatest chalenges for a watch would be to withstand magnetic fields from MRI machine, dings sweat. The watch looks nice and I would like to have one.

  • Schizzle in Cle

    Greatest challenge would be home DYI renovations and chasing after my 11 month daughter this summer. Love the watch guys! – Jason

  • David Watson

    I work in a lab, so the greatest challenge to my watches throughout the year is occasional contact with caustic chemicals. I sometimes take my watch off and place it on the work bench, and although it’s embarrassing, I have to admit to spilling bleach on it, ruining a nice looking NATO strap.

  • Janko Bajagic

    I try to take care of most of my watches when wearing them but there are times where you just can’t do much about it. Having a bracelet on the watch means that if you use the computer, the clasp is going to get scratched up from desk driving. I suppose it give it character? Needs more scratch resistant clasps!

  • Dan

    I work in an office, so the greatest durability challenge will be avoiding nondescript but deadly objects that seemingly appear out of nowhere. The dreaded paper cut, the deadly stationary desk, the innocuous stray binder, and worst of all, the daily monotony that iwll cause me to play with the watch constantly.

  • William Busch

    Greatest durability issue I have with watches is the band. Any leather band does not seem to last more than a years worth of wear. I go from a computer to site visits so a watch on me can get some wear and tear!

  • Eng. Abdullah M

    I want to wear a watch that suitable for an Engineer to represent my style and accuracy.

  • eric chan

    I think the major durability challenge of my watch will be expose to magnetic fields, the place that I work is surrounding my numerous machines with strong magnetic fields. A watch with high resistance to magnetic fields is extremely important! By the way, nice watch with a clean design!

  • Anthony

    The greatest durability obstacle my watches face are impact related. I work as a shipping clerk so climbing metal ladders, unloading trucks, and packing and moving 30 to 40 pound boxes without dashing the face of the Audaz diver I wear is constantly on my mind.

  • OJ

    It’s look heckin sweet

  • Borchard

    I travel for my job. I have a tendency to get my watches banged up in airports, cabs, planes, etc…

  • susinfla

    My greatest durability challenge has been the crystal. Doing better. I cringe each time I bump my watches. Love wearing a watch! I now change to a tougher one when I needed.

  • William

    Nice example of a basic aviator inspired tool watch. I like the PVD coating. For some reason the matte finish or PVD coated watches are a draw for me. Likely the greatest durability challenge would be just day to day wear and tear between my office job and raising a toddler at home.

  • susinfla

    Great looking aviator style. Would love to add it to my collection. It’s sharp and durable, just what I like. Everyday, anytime watch. I wouldn’t have to worry about my greatest durability challenge, breaking the crystal. That’s an pricey problem.

  • Volker Rose

    Challenge over a year. Well, clearly the restauration of my father’s old BMW bike would be a challenge. I don’t change watches before I start working on the bike so there’s painting, there’s welding, there are a lots of fluids. Bumping it on hard steel, scraping against machinery. That’ll be a real challenge!

  • Lukas

    As I’m not fond of bracelets, the greatest durability challenge for me would be strap condition. Changing strap so often is just annoying.

  • Jeff Harper

    Surviving daily life with three young children who like playing with Daddy’s watches.

  • David Gimenez

    A holidays with my son’s friends

  • Aaron

    Can’t go wrong with a clean, simple design. Would love to take this watch out for a nice long hike in the woods and see how it handles the great outdoors.

  • Edward

    Both sharp designs, Love the view of the Swiss automatic ETA 2824-2A through the back

  • Keith Cannon

    I like the easy-to-read display and old-school simple design — has the feel of a military watch. Biggest durability challenge for me wouldn’t be the watch, it would be the strap. I’m rough on them.

  • heather c

    I walk daily, rain or shine. Sometimes it’ll rain cats and dogs, so mostly, this watch will have to stand up to cats and dogs.

  • Lucian Virciu

    I absolutely love the look of this watch. Classy and stylish. Well done.

  • Henry RH

    Being in the military, I’ll put put this watch through it’s paces on exercise. Cold, rain and a few bumps – but I love the simple design and classic look!

  • Deb

    I would wear this on a great day on a golf course, rain or shine.

  • Denis Danijel Puhar

    There are “only” a few possibilities (at least in my case) in the unfortunate situation, that I damage my two watches, I wear regularly over the year. I don’t know, if this can be called a durability challenge, if the watch is worn over the whole year, but nevertheless:

    In the summer months, I go sometimes mountaineering in the Alps (nothing too difficult, but a little experience and help from a guide is still welcomed). The watch could easily be scratched by the rocks all around me (because in situations, which are a little bit “rugged”, I wear on a regular basis the one which has hardened mineral glass instead of sapphire).

    The other watch I wear regularly, when I’m at home (and at ALL other casual situations over the year), has domed sapphire crystal. And though I watch over it maybe even too much, because of my clumsiness, it already has fallen twice out of my hands onto the floor. Fortunately the floor was in both cases made out of wood and the height was negligible. The third time I may not be so lucky….

    This what I was describing in the second half, is hardly a durability challenge, but we all know, what happens (or can happen) to a watch with sapphire crystal, if it falls directly face down. Combine that with a little bit of height and floor, that is not so forgiving as wood is. If something like that happens, I need no durability challenge in a classical sense to practically ruin (or severely damage) my watch.

  • John Quinn

    I work in maintenance as a planner/scheduler and often have to go out and survey job sites and assets before I plan the work. This watch would have to survive tight spaces, water and construction sites on a daily basis!

  • trainman

    I run and it’s pretty hot down south. My watches – especially the bands – have to soak through a disturbing amount of sweat.

  • nm

    I work in a hospital, so anything below the elbow is at serious risk of being contaminated by blood or any other number of bodily fluids, fecal or otherwise. Yum

  • cassfan3

    Stealthy looking piece – weird name though. I don’t work anywhere particularly exciting but seem to manage a fair amount of knocks on my watches by not knowing where my arms are swinging in proximity to door frames, tables, chairs, and so on…

  • FilmEditorFL

    For me it’s the bracelet/strap and/or the glass. My watches can easily get beat up, and these are the first to take hits, nicks and scratches.

  • Ranchracer

    If it can survive a session on the racetrack on my wrist it’s a decent watch. I’ve killed more than one cheap Chinese movement at my home tracks of Sonoma, Laguna Seca, and Thunderhill.

  • Might get cut on some rocks.

  • Thibault Peere

    The greatest durability test my watch could face is surviving my clumsiness. The watch bumping in to something more then often…

  • MikeC

    I do a lot of sport so the watch straps take a lot of abuse with the amount of sweat they would come into contact with…

  • AM

    The marauding daughter and daily bath times! Those soapy suds will get anywhere!

  • Brian Wells

    I wear all of my tool watches while cycling. They have to endure vibration, excessive sweat, and a few of them have had to endure massive wrecks. I once wrecked going over 22mph, which caused the front wheel of my bike to be ripped off (the front carbon fiber fork shattered). My body also took a beating. My watch, however, was fine. I expect any tool watch to endure the same. Hopefully one of these watches can be put to the test!

  • imatwerk

    Trying to survive exposure to MRSA and other drug-resistant bacteria.

  • Dave

    Having rambunctious boys and using MRI machines put my watches through the wringer every day.

  • raxan1

    Desk diving. Nothing too exciting.

  • Keenan Komoto

    Rock climbing as well as scrambling on trails

  • Peter Sikachev

    Scuba diving to a ship wreck

  • Dave Harrington

    Windsurfing or windfoiling, Water/salt/sand/shocks when crashing.

  • ik299

    Most wear would come from working at desk and spending time in nature – driving bike.

  • Gx

    My work is pretty much deskbound. Only when I am braving through the morning crowd that my watch may get some knocks against other watches.

  • Steven

    The biggest challenge my daily watches face is all the dogs jumping on me at my work! Sapphire crystal is a must.

  • Jack Sear

    The greatest change it would face is being deployed with me in the Royal navy which could be anywhere so very high impact and some water

  • DocSanti

    The greatest challenge would be water resistance since I have to wash my hands numerous times a day .

  • jimley815

    I have twin 4 year old daughters. Besides a deployment to Afghanistan with the occasional Roadside IED, I don’t think anything can dish out the punishment these 2 girls can. My nickname for them is Shake and Bake.

  • Kamal Jagasia

    Thanks again for the wonderful giveaway. For a year atleast, my watch will undergo a rigorous regimen while taking care my unguided missile; I mean my daughter who is in her terrible twos 🙂

  • OmniWrench

    If the past is any indicator then the greatest durability challenge my watch would face would be being dropped, crystal down, onto a pool change room floor. It did not go well for the watch.

  • BF

    Based on this year, greatest durability challenge is withstanding cross country motorcycle travel, and the resulting handlebar vibration, and inevitable dings and scrapes. I generally only wear quartz/digital display watches while riding for this reason. Save the automatic movements for other times.

  • Tony middleton

    The greatest challenge the watch would have is with my job.grinding and welding sparks.
    Then again I wouldn’t wear it for work

  • variable11

    Backpacking the pacific coast trail.

  • Oliver

    Surf and waves punishment

  • Erica Carnes

    Dealing with a toddler will be the worst.

  • Sam Moskow

    Beautiful watch. The greatest durability challenge for me is just constantly banging it into stuff. I’m a clutz! All of my watches show signs of love- and that’s how I like it!

  • honeypie411

    The greatest challenge would be lasting through an iron man challenge for us.

  • Sean PIzzle

    Playing with the baby in the three-six inches of surf at the beach. The sand loves to get in the NATO and scratch up the back of the watch, there’s just so much of it. Alternatively, I recently picked up skiing, and thinking of all the terrible things that could go wrong scares the heck out of me!

  • Joe McHugh

    For me, it’s work. If my hands are any indication, the fact that my daily wear watch looks as good as it does is astounding. Rusty old metal is unforgiving to watches, and skin.

  • Fred

    I’m a mailman in Canada. Durability will be tested by the 4 seasons, from 35C in summer in rainy conditions to -35C in a winter snowstorm. All the movement and banging an automatic watch can endure through out a regular day of delivering to hundreds of letters and packages to customer daily. Great shoes don’t last 1 year…

  • Raymond Wilkie

    A nice all day watch, nice and legible ( which is always a plus )

  • Eric Gordon

    My main durability tests are the heat and humidity of Texas (plus the pool, of course)!

  • David Williams

    The greatest durability challenges always seem to be those off-guard moments – maybe hitting a door frame or other fixture – rather than obviously risky activities such as mountaineering or sailing, when one is (or should be!) concentrating and likely to be more careful.

  • Samson Chung

    The greatest durability challenge is the knocks that it’s gonna suffer since I’m quite careless knocking into walls, doors and others. But in the end, the watch is going to look that much nicer after.

  • André Lötter

    Awesome looking watches…..will look awesome here in Cape Town, South Africa

  • Benjamin Noren

    Sweet Watch

  • Brandon Blahnik

    Love the SMT-rs40 a lot. So clean and perfect for my skinny arms. Thanks for the opportunity and fingers crossed.

  • Karen Drake

    The greatest challenge would be water, I often to forget to remove my watch and hop in the shower with it on.

  • Mika Vääräniemi

    Two durability challenges: Knocking to steel objects & rubbing against rocks.

  • dglatt

    Greatest durability challenge would be banging it around the hospital, and the chemicals/body fluids it would eventually come in contact with

  • Jack Sexton

    Greatest challenges would be small scratches and shocks from rubbing or bumping against. Ran into the scratches when I had to work with a sand box.

  • Leo

    To me the greatest would be exposure to salt water. Often without rising it afterwards.

  • NinerZulu

    For me, the greatest challenge is from knocking my wrist into things 🙂

  • Colin

    The greatest challenges my watches face are cold winter camps held by the Finnish army in the woods. The conditions are rough and you’ll become one with the nature.

  • edmund0996

    Durability challenges would be quick movements from working out or the occasional bump on a door frame.

  • J.Edgar

    Scratches on the case. And sand from the beach.

  • EdipisReks

    Probably just my clumsiness, more than anything.

  • Roxanne Marie Fairyz

    Durability, sense we are a large family and my husband works hard every day!

  • John Andrews

    Great looking watch. My durability challenge would be knocking it around all day. Between kids, work and play, my watches take a beating.

  • Jeff NZ

    Dog (even though he’s a fantastic friend)

  • Joe

    The greatest durability (or longevity) challenge for my watch over the course of the year would be…competing against other great watches on this website!

    There are so many nice watches out there that it’ll surely give way in that timeframe, especially if I win a Tsovet 🙂

  • Dihye Sezen

    My greatest challenges are entering surgery rooms and neonatal intensive care units due to sterilization.

  • James D

    Living in a hot and humid climate I worry about the effect of perspiration on my watches and their leather bands.

  • Nick Lessells

    As a jeweler I thought I would be less likely to damage my watch, but our glass cases have sharp edges which have caused quite a bit of damage to the polished surfaces on my watches as I’m reaching for jewelry. (My NOMOS and Tudor Black Bay specifically.)

  • m0lasses

    The greatest durability challenge your watch might face if worn over the course of a year? My falling down,which happens more than I’d like.

  • Graham Congdon

    The greatest durability challenge for me is two kids under 5.

  • Obsydion

    Where I work, this will have to withstand splashes from all sorts of solutions. Bumps from squeezing in and behind equipment and the odd stray laser…

  • Giles

    The greatest durability challenge would be the dog and jamming your arm in tight spaces to retrieve dog toys while forgetting that you’re wearing a watch.

  • Matt

    My greatest durability challenge will be salt water and sand.

  • Xander Bennett

    Taking the next steps with the s/o, my watch will have to survive the knocks of a new city. Through bike rides, home improvement projects, and being a big bug killer, it has to at least keep me on time for dinner.

  • Andres

    The greatest challenge of durability that my watches should endure is my two-year-old son. He loves the watches just like me, but when he is angry i see my watch flying from one side of the room to the other.

  • funNactive

    Greatest durability challenge; rock climbing, canyoneering, scuba diving…

  • Jens Harsem

    The greatest durability chalenge for any watch that I own i to surviuve my children. they destroy everything they can

  • Mike Lewis

    The only durability challenge my watch will face this year is in my constant fiddling with them. I don’t just wear watches; I handle them.

  • Scott Needham

    The greatest durability challenge for any watch worn for a year would be wearing it in the workshop. I work with both metal and wood and forget that I am wearing a watch. The face gets banged and the strap accumulates dust and sweat.

  • Sung T

    greatest durability challenge: knocking the watch on my desk as I type on my keyboard and move my mouse 8hrs a day, 5 days a week

  • Colin

    Greatest durability challenge is for a watch to be worn during all my cycling events. Last year my watch saw me ride 10000miles. Lots of it while shaking and vibrating along. Never missed a beat. I have been very impressed.

  • Aaron Ryder

    The greatest durability challenge my watch will face during the next year is a four year old, who has suddenly become obsessed with watches. He’s not exactly gentle.

  • Bizzarrini

    Playing with my kid will mess up most watches pretty well!

  • Mario

    The greatest durability test is the 5 weddings I have in line. Control myself with some extra drinks is hard and we all suffer (my watch and me)!!!

  • RaOl

    Greatest durability challenge for my watches? I’m clumsy so it’s not that uncommon for me to smack my watch accidentaly against door frames or my desk…

  • Scott Gordon

    Cool post and cool watch!
    The greatest durability challenge your watch might face if worn over the course of a year?
    Unfortunately its not some cool extreme sport or epic tale of manliness… the biggest durability challenge for me is desk scratching and clumsily knocking into things…

  • karanvir dhillon

    My dad once had a Tsovet for 6 years, he gave it to me but it broke last year.

  • janim

    Since I never take it off, just surviving the whole day with me is a big durability test.

  • Tony G

    Bodily fluids in a hospital.

  • Richard

    My watch has to survive being thrown around the kitchen by my 3 year old daughter.

  • Jonathan Fisk

    I seem to be very gentle on watches, even though I wear one every day. Biggest challenge is probably changing time zones every couple of weeks.

  • Jaran Flaath

    Diaper change gone wrong 😮

  • John Rivera

    Interesting Watch!! For the straps, the greatest durability challenge would be its quality such as maintaining its leather in sleek form when the same fit is used everyday and when it is mixed with sweat (I’m in a tropical country and I sweat a lot also) or rain (cuz it rains often here). For the watch, the greatest durability challenge would be in taking hits such as from accidental bumps on commuting, hits on the desk, floors, sudden vibrations, and all, and retain its form factor when its bombarded with dust and particles

  • Aaron

    This watch would make a great gift for my nephew in his heavy-duty factory job.

    [I like/circle/follow]

  • Wajih

    Knocking on doors/cabinets/walls etc

  • In terms of watch durability I am looking to wet/water resistant, shock absorbed and bracelet durability as this is the first thing it is broken/worn out. Cheers and good luck!

  • skaapsker

    My watches all go through the rugged tests of living with a three year old as well as having to go through endlessly grueling days of sitting in front of my laptop.

  • Warsh

    Gorgeous watch! Biggest durability challenge for my watches is the crystal, which I often bang into things.

  • mohammed fadil ashraf

    Durability challenge for me always been chain screws, i am quite careless around environment, and always my watch hit on the surroundings on regular basis, which over the course of time, force the screws to loosen. Because of that, watch always slip down from heights and hit floor. On several fall, finally watch mechanics inside get damaged. Whichever watches i bought, the screw will be either difficult to replace or such parts not easily available in local watch repair shops, as I prefer to fix my watches there as it is cheap and i prefer to support local small businesses.

  • Bill Clarke

    Love the look of the watch – biggest durability challenge would be the temperature & humidity changes affecting the mechanism and accuracy while travelling round Australia!

  • If I wear it at work (automotive testing environment) it would be more than enough. We’re talking exposure to various fluids, including concentrated salt/mud combinations (think stuff that’s concentrated enough to simulate years of corrosion in days), knocks and scrapes and all that jazz. PVD could prove to be a savior.

  • Bogdan Petrache

    As I work quite often around the house I would say the case and the crystal need a certain degree of resistance, of course water protection as well.

  • Niall Boland

    I’m not going to lie, my biggest durability challenge would be my clumsiness knocking it off doors and the like when wearing it

  • Red side of Mersey

    Unlocking the gate downstairs. I always seem to catch my watch when I stick my hand through to unlock the latch. I do it every time! Grrr.

  • dan negoita

    I thing riding the bike through the woods would be the greatest challenge as I tend to fall…

  • Chris Lashmet

    Probably climbing up the rocks when cliff jumping, I still like to wear my watch when doing so.

  • Chris H.

    Greatest challenge for me would be wearing it for a year. I am an electrician & my watches take a beating.

  • jzh10

    I’ll take the 40, thank you very much.
    Biggest durability challenge for a daily wear watch is that most days I am visiting residential construction sites. So lots of dust, materials that come off on the case, sharp edges, etc.

  • WatchMark

    Looks nice. Glad they have automatic movements. Not sure which one I’d pick. Maybe the 44. Hope I win!

  • O Emmanuelli

    Very elegant watch.

  • lionstan

    Great look. The outdoors. Watches can get banged allot.

  • Alexander Margaris


  • Jim Snider

    I always worry about knocking the crystal against hard surfaces. Good lookin’ field watches…

  • Anders Haglund

    This bulky watch would get tangled a lot as I reach deep inside server racks removing and reattaching cables and such. Lots of snags and sharp edges to catch this big beatiful piece.

  • Robert Wanat

    I want this one to handle sub zero temperatures, wind/humidity/rain&snow & me bailing a lot on sk8/snowboard.

  • The bad roads in the Kalagadi affects my watches in two ways. Firstly there is the dust that gets in everywhere. Then it is the constant shaking of the steering wheel due to badly corrugated roads. It can even loosen your dental fillings 🙂

    So the watch must be dustproof and the movement must have good shock absorbtion.

  • babanatale

    Love the face…it’ll keep you warm through the long cold winter to come.

  • Jarrod Portwood

    My watch has to withstand all the abuse I do to it through my woodworking. Loading/unloading lumber, hitting it against tools, etc.

  • Robert

    I really need this watch time flies way to fast without a watch to watch the durability will be from if I don’t wear it everyday and my dog gets it then we will see if it can hold up in a stomach for it to get passed or surgically removed

  • Rhino67

    Lasting readability in low/no light conditions is important for me in the work I do in a ship simulator. I really like the laser cut writing on the front. I have several military issue wind-upss that have these type markings on the case back.

  • Shannon Baas

    while carrying heavy pieces.

  • Spyros Pandis

    Nice watch! I realy like it!!!

  • Tony Williams

    Most of my watches face no more of a challenge than a day at the office, although the might occassionally get damp if it’s raining on the way to work. My sports GPS watch, however, has to suffer hours of swimming, cycling and running in all weathers. It always amazes me that something so inexpensive can contain amazing functionality and tolerate such abuse.

  • Mike B

    The greatest durability challenge it would face are the bumps and knocks faced daily by a clumsy individual like me (against furniture, door frames, tables, vehicles, unfortunate passers by, etc.).

  • ChrisA

    It’s all about the daily bumps on doors etc

  • Nick D.

    Working in an office, my watches don’t get much abuse. I guess it would need to survive my daily commute on bike, even during winter, with sub zero temperatures and snowy roads (I can’t count the number of times I feel, altough none of my watches have taken a hit yet).

  • Y Til


  • karanvir dhillon

    My one was crushed between the door and broke the glass, but my hand was ok.

  • The challenge for an everyday watch for me is the dust and bumps of a construction site along with running and hiking. I’d love to put it to the test!

  • Sam

    For me, the amount of the glass and surrounding case front have to be strong, in order to protect the watch from my quirky habit of my watch hitting desks or doors.

  • Kevin Gallagher

    The greatest durability challenge if worn for a year would be getting my body into shape post back surgery. After recovery I want to run, swim, hike, bike, etc. I want to push myself to limits that weren’t possible pre-surgery. I hope these aren’t distant dreams.

  • Bino Valencia

    Nice looking watch!

  • Adam

    Scratches, scratches, scratches… I’m OCD about them.

  • Chazz

    Look out for dents, dings and scratches.

  • Fernando

    The greatest durability challenge for my watches is when I’m snorkeling.

  • Jim Davis

    I will block Tsoviet attacks on democracy with large watch.

  • Ed Nemmers

    I heart a cool timepiece!

  • Debbie Penney

    when I am cleaning and doing dishes

  • Roman Santillan

    Nice watch!

  • F Woodson

    Leather strap absorbing all the sweat and dirty during summer time.

  • Tristan

    Probably bathing my children. Is it waterproof to 20cm?

  • michelle

    I put my watches through the wringer. Earlier today I was digging holes to plant flowers and washing dishes, but I also exercise (sweat), swim, swing a hammer, and occasionally tinker with my car. I’d like a watch that can stand up to all that and still look great.

  • Greg Douros

    Transporting stone and getting them into the ground for a xeriscaping project over hot summer days.

  • bbfrid

    Most likely vacation at the beach in South Padre. Water resistance?

  • Holly Kennedy

    Nice giveaway. Gardening.

  • alice

    I work in healthcare, so getting slammed into things, water, bodily fluids, you name it, it’s happened

  • Lyndon Tan

    I’d like to be able to use this watch when swimming at a pool or sea, or jogging, so this watch needs to be water and dirt resistant, as well as withstand motions (swimming, jogging).

  • Brooke Rose

    The greatest durability for my watch would be for when I’m working out.. sweat and water proof when swimming..

  • William C. Smith

    Nice prize. The greatest durability challenge would be a year of construction work.

  • Jonathan

    The greatest durability challenge my watch would face would be getting hit on the wall/ stained with blood

  • Maximilian Dewaguet

    The watch would have a hard durability challenge while climbing in the Alps

  • Julie Terry

    The greatest durability challenge my watch would face would be getting banged against stuff daily, walls, and everything else while I am chasing my kids around and doing daily chores

  • joy venters

    The greatest durability challenge my watch would face would be getting wet by my constant hand washing and also the crystal would always be in constant danger of being smacked into walls or other things and possibly breaking because I am always in a hurry

  • Ernest Koh

    If I win this watch, I will give the SMT-FW44 to my brother who is serving in the military. I’m sure this watch will serve him well out in the field and equally while on desk duty. I have the white dial quartz SVT-FW44 with blue hands on one of Tsovet’s Italian rubber straps and I really love it- it really stood up to all the knocks while I was in the service. The etched description on the bottom of the dial is a nice touch- understated and very discreet. The only downside was that it lasted just over a year before requiring a change of batteries. I would be thrilled if my brother could have an ETA version of my field watch to call his own.

  • Bogdan B

    Crystal being damaged by different smacks on walls/doors/something else. I a couple of watches with no sapphire crystal and they all are scratched.

  • Ally Porwal

    For me, the biggest durability challenge for an automatic watch would face if I was wearing it daily for a year would be the shocks that come with a bike ride over rough Irish roads! Something I’d normally only do with a quartz, but a suitably tough auto I’d give it a go with.

  • Gene

    nice looking watch. Skiing will be a challenge

  • Sergiu Luca

    In terms of durability I must say that due to the nature of my work, not so many watches that I have could sustain a daily usage. I work in ship’s survey industry so working clothes with durable fabrics, metal all around, hot/cold temperatures, smoke, dust, etc. Any watch that I had at work wore the sign of this environment but some of them looks even better with some scratches or some patina. In time I realized that some of the main features for a durable watch, beside the schock proof design, are: simple shape casing (easy to clean the dirt), no polished surfaces (scratches), bezel protecting the glass (bumping on different objects), well designed bezel (if any) no painted or plastic inserts, enhanced readability etc. As to what I consider the greatest chalenge I think that is the case design and finish. In challenging service condition is impossible not to scratch the watch so the only solution is that the watch will look better with the signs of wearing.

  • Sky

    So Tsovet is US based? I had assumed Russian or Eastern Europe. Regardless, this is an attractive, no-nonsense piece.

  • Ariya Schneider

    no word can express, this watch make my wrist feel awesome again.

  • Ben

    Sandy beaches would probably be the greatest challenge!

  • Giorgos Antoniou

    Both the Tsovet SMT-RS40 and the SMT-FW44 model are beautiful watches and they will definetly cheer up my summer! I get my watch banged on walls, doors, bags, bicycle, bike, car (the list never ends). Moreover, i guess the stress from the sea and the sand during summer. Good luck everyone!

  • Roshdin Rahmat

    My clumsy self would be the greatest challenge for that I would knocking the watch against the wall,car door,side mirror,the house door and many other things

  • Mehmet Kasap

    Scratch resistance of the case and glass, as well as the magnetic resistance due to flying all the time, thank you.

  • Christian Alejandro

    To be honest, simple stuff like slamming my wrist against things. I often scratch up my watches that way when I’m trying to run around and get things done.

  • JonnyB

    Definitely the strap! I find a leather strap comfortable as it moulds to your wrist, but even sturdy good quality ones wear out and begin to look scruffy after a year

  • Fabian Matei

    I like the size of the small one and the design of the big one. Regarding durability test – one day at my work when we have an equipment failure, I might have to run, to climb and to get my hands inside the dirty , wet and oilly machines.

  • DV

    My greatest challenge would be handling sweaty summer days

  • Taylor Glenn

    The greatest challenge for one of my watches would be handling sweaty cardio workouts or swimming in the ocean.

  • David

    greatest challenge be keeping it from getting getting scratched up from normal wear and tear

  • Luc Harvey

    Greatest challenge is to keep a black stealth watch pristine…without marks…grrrr

  • MRC

    The greatest challenge the watch would face would probably be travelling…

  • bbfrid

    The greatest challenge for my watch would be golf at 98 degrees with 90+% humidity.

  • Leela

    Just lots of humidity.

  • Bryan E.

    The greatest durability challenge this watch might face with me is high temps (i.e. summer in AZ), and immersion in seawater when we go on vacation !

  • JD Ouest

    That SMT-RS40 is good looker. Door frames, definitely door frames.

  • Kristen benson

    Awesome item. Water would be the biggest problem for me.

  • Nick

    I tend to keep my watches away from anything too stressful but I would say temperature swings would be the biggest issue for me, with my watches being out in everything from -10 to +35.

  • Humphrey Mar

    My kids! Not that we rough house (per se), but we’re an active family, including hiking, travel, swimming, and they like to get into my stuff…

  • Brian Kautz

    Avoid scratched crystal

  • S. Mark

    The biggest challenge for my timepiece is working on my family’s vineyard. Big machinery, sticky grape juice, water, rocks and dirt.

  • Doober

    Biggest challenges are knocking my watches on different things what I am taking photographs in unusual places, and positions. However, I do have a knock around watch when I am doing photography, but I have busted out a couple of crystals on some rocks after losing my footing trying to take a photo.

  • Chris Nibert

    Water resistance and sapphire is a must. A lot of camping, bike riding (vibrations), Water sports, and general active life style means a lot of general abuse to a watch. I opted for a too quartz, INOX Diver for just such activities so none of autos get out of alignment when being active.

  • Harplayr

    With biking and other outdoor activities the durability of this watch should put it on my wrist and not be sitting in it’s case when I’m out and about

  • marcus leef

    an heirloom that ties back to our families roots for 4 generations ago that I can pass on to my children. Sharp timepiece!

  • Al

    Nice timepiece. The biggest wear and tear in the year would be scratches on door entrances and door knobs.

  • The challenges what my watch could face is

    Creases in leather belt
    Scratches on glass
    Expose to Rain / moisture
    Accidentally drops on the floor
    Might the color of belt fade too.