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After the successful release of their flagship dive watch, Zelos is now giving their 1,000-meter diver a visual refresh. This summer, the Zelos Hammerhead Dive watch will be offered in five new colorways that push the design of this ’70s-inspired diver to the next level. While Zelos can be considered yet another formidable player in the golden age of micro-brands, they’ve made a name for themselves by combining interesting materials like meteorite dials with bold, bronze cases. Pair this with with rock-solid construction, hefty specs, and a vibrant array of new color options, and you’ve got yourself a serious diver that stands out from the rest.

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The Zelos Hammerhead Diver was built from the ground up to be a watch that offers the latest in material and production technology at an affordable price. Introduced in July of 2016, the Hammerhead was met with a great deal of positive feedback and established itself as one of Zelos’ most popular models. Now, with a dedicated following, the Zelos Hammerhead continues to shine thanks to its rugged design and considerable value. It’s far from anything derivative, and that’s what makes the Hammerhead just a little more special in the eyes of enthusiasts everywhere.

One of the Zelos Hammerhead’s new color options with its deep blue dial and ceramic bezel.

Not long ago, the Zelos Hammerhead Dive watch was given a full review here on aBlogtoWatch. Not only did it prove itself as a worthy diver, but it also showed watch lovers that materials like CuSn8 marine bronze and meteorite dials can in fact be obtained within the sub-$1,000 price range. This kind of material combination often comes at a premium when purchasing from larger brands and the Hammerhead was able to break away from that while offering distinct and visually interesting wrist presence.

A shot from David Bredan’s review of the Zelos Hammerhead.

The case of the Zelos Hammerhead measures 44mm in diameter with a very attractive 49mm lug to lug length. This allows the watch to wear comfortably on a range of wrist sizes, which can be a relief considering how large it often appears in photos. It’s 17mm thick including the double domed Sapphire crystal with inner AR coating and the watch also delivers 1,000 meters of water resistance. Combine this with the trusty Seiko NH35 automatic movement and a 120 Click unidirectional bezel, and you have yourself a reliable diver that offers a cool bronze look that’ll patina nicely with age.

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Another new color choice – the Zelos Hammerhead with an olive dial.

What’s more exciting is witnessing how these new color options will potentially work with bronze that will eventually show age. The same can be said about the new stealth ceramic bezel, which offers a look you don’t exactly encounter every day when paired with the meteorite dial.

A version of the Zelos Hammerhead with a meteorite dial and stealth ceramic bezel.

It’s exciting to witness just how popular the Zelos Hammerhead dive watch has become in a little less than a year. While the design certainly isn’t for everyone, the watch undoubtedly offers something special in the way of modern construction, interesting materials, and straight-up dive watch appeal. Now, with a range of new colorways available, watch fans have the option of choosing something with an extra splash of color to go with the Hammerhead’s design.

The pre-order for these new colorways is now live here and prices vary depending on the color, bezel, and material combinations. The Zelos Hammerhead with a black dial plus the stealth ceramic bezel and the version with a grey dial are both priced at $429. The version with a blue dial and ceramic bezel is $489 and the olive dial Hammerhead is $459. Finally, the Zelos Hammerhead with a meteorite dial and stealth ceramic bezel is priced at $629. zeloswatches.com

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