Zelos Helmsman 2 Dive Watch

Zelos Helmsman 2 Dive Watch

Zelos Helmsman 2 Dive Watch Watch Releases Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser.

Indie watch brand Zelos has officially released the latest iteration of the timepiece that helped jump-start the company back in 2014. In essence, the Helmsman marked the birth of Zelos, and the Zelos Helmsman 2 dive watch has been redesigned from the ground up to live up to its predecessor while delivering everything that's expected from a superior timepiece. This release comes hot off the heels of their recent Zelos Hammerhead announcement, but the Helmsman offers watch lovers a slightly more restrained look while bringing even more balance to their extensive collection of watches. Naturally, you can still expect a range of material combinations and those impressive meteorite dials that have become somewhat of a Zelos signature.

Zelos Helmsman 2 Dive Watch Watch Releases

Zelos Helmsman 2 Dive Watch Watch Releases

The Zelos Helmsman 2 is a pure dive watch through and through. Perhaps the most obvious indication here is the twin-crown layout, which is reminiscent of some of the more famous designs of the 1960s. However, though the watch pays tribute to those designs, Zelos made sure that the watch can stand on its own merit. This was achieved by an intricate combination of CNC machining, sand blasting, and polishing on the case sides that results in a diver that's more visually playful than the watches that inspired it. Additionally, since the bezel is built upon a simple screw-down design, you can swap it out to create a unique combination of materials if you desire. Water resistance is generous at 300m.

Zelos Helmsman 2 Dive Watch Watch Releases

In addition to the watch's sloped lug structure, the Zelos Helmsman 2 also comes in a very wearable 42mm size. It measures 13.5mm thick and 48mm lug-to-lug - an important measurement that's often overlooked. This makes it a comfortable option for a range of activities and although it is a little more restrained than the Zelos Hammerhead 1000m, it still offers unique and bold styling that can sometimes be hard to find in today's growing list of micro-brand dive watches. Like the Hammerhead, the Zelos Helmsman 2 is available in both 316L stainless steel and CuSn8 Marine Bronze, which is sure to patina nicely with age.

Zelos Helmsman 2 Dive Watch Watch Releases

Moving on to the dial, we see a practical and visually appealing approach to legibility. While the layout is simple, with multi-faceted baton style hands and a prominent seconds hand, the internal rotating dive bezel offers a little more eye candy. It's lined with BGW9 lume all the way around which can also be found on the hands as well as the dual signed crowns.  There are black and blue dial variants and the option for a meteorite dial, which adds quite a bit of visual depth under the double-domed sapphire crystal.

Zelos Helmsman 2 Dive Watch Watch Releases

Powering the Zelos Helmsman 2 is the Seiko NH35 automatic movement, a reliable and solid choice for a watch that's sure to see some action. Also, the watch comes fitted with a Horween leather strap and a custom Zelos buckle. However, the watch is compatible with the range of strap options available directly from Zelos.

Zelos Helmsman 2 Dive Watch Watch Releases

As a brand that's committed to offering true value at the highest quality, Zelos is happy to announce this significant addition to their growing lineage. It's a reimagined evolution of their first watch, and a testament to where the brand has been and where they are going. The Zelos Helsman 2 is available directly from their store and pre-orders are open now. Currently, prices for the Zelos Helsman 2 dive watch range between $369 and $549 depending on the case, bezel, and dial materials. zeloswatches.com  

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  • Mikita
    • Moonraker

      Where the heck is that backshot??

      • Mikita

        Not sure if Ray will stand another backshot today 🙂 one backshot per day keeps the doctor away

        • Moonraker

          Sweet Zelos micro-rotor!

      • Mikita

        Not sure if Ray will stand another backshot today 🙂 one backshot per day keeps the headshot away

        • Raymond Wilkie

          That reminds me,it needs changed.

    • dennis

      Just ugly.

  • IG

    Whose ponytail is under the loupe on the first pic?

  • Pete Pete

    there might be a reason why they don’t show any close-ups of the watch.

    • Yojimbo

      I’ll let you know when my Bathys arrives this week (leather strap on diver)

    • Elshan

      It will come with a rubber strap in the package along with the horween leather. The leather makes for better photos 🙂

    • dennis

      They don’t show close ups because it’s not worth looking at.

  • SuperStrapper

    > pure dive watch through and through
    > comes on horween leather strap

    Pick one.

    That error aside, this indie has nice designs and I enjoy how they embrace materials.

  • DanW94

    Good looking watch, I like it much better than the chunky cased Hammerhead. Not a huge fan of the meteorite dial. That first picture of the SS with the blue dial would be my choice.

    • egznyc

      I like it too (particularly all the lume!) – though the Hammerhead is more unusual, it’s just too massive for me!

  • Matthew Rowe

    Can bronze cases just go away already? Who wants rust, or “patina” as it were?

    • egznyc

      It’s not quite the same as rust – but I hear you. With bronze, after the patina sets in, it prevents further corrosion to the underlying metal. Not so with (non-stainless) steel.

      But it definitely requires wanting the visual changes that are bound to occur.

  • Moonraker

    TWO LUMED CROWNS!? Too brodacious. Can’t process the awesommitude. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c23de32207cd79664b287191ed122867a8f77c8b6ccc1e75686150ef196e23bf.gif

    • Mark1884

      Johnny cab! Awesome!!

  • Ranchracer

    REALLY bad choice on the strap. Rubber or steel for a dive watch guys.

    • Elshan

      Comes with a rubber in the whole package too, most watch guys have a drawer full of straps so finding one shouldn’t be a problem as well.

      • Moonraker

        A rubber or a rubber strap? I mean, I didn’t know Zelos would look after us like that. Kudos. Now I don’t have to go to CVS.

  • BRH2O

    Nice watch, but only for the steel model. Some IWC Aquatimer genes in it.

  • Juan-Antonio Garcia

    Cool watch, read in their site that it comes with 2 (two) straps, one leather and one rubber. Frankly, it looks much better than some (all) RM or other fancy (crappy) nouveau riche stuff out there. so for $500 bucks, no reason to hyperventilate. Stay calm and carry on.

  • Mark Holland

    I have to say that silver and blue dial combo is VERY slick! And for $400 that is one hell of a value.

    Love the design, LOVE the lumejob and overall just looks really slick. When micros can do this much lume (not to mention the other features) it just puts the Oris 65 to shame – was in love with the latest version of that watch for a long time, but the p*as poor lume just killed it for me.

    This looks Stella though and very tempted.

    The other colour variants don’t do much for me, still look great in the chunky Zelos style they have going on, but are lacking that ‘oooh’ factor that has never made me consider the brand before.

    That blue though… Consider me impressed!

  • Raymond Wilkie

    This would make a great monthly giveaway. Very nice. Am not fussed which model i win 🙂

  • Moonraker

    I wouldn’t use an old map with ‘Negroland’ on it for publicity shots.


    For roughly the price of a beer and pizza for a family of 4 in NY you can get a really nice looking piece. The case profile looks nice the movement is the correct one at this price range (dare I say a movement upgrade w a bit extra cost would still make it a nice offering) and the size for once is reasonable…

  • Ross Diljohn

    The two crowns with lume looks odd to me.

  • Dénes Albert

    There’s a lot to like about this watch and considering the movement the price is right, too. It would be even better if there was a choice of at least one more upmarket movement and a steel bracelet.

  • Yan Fin

    Kudos! Great job!

  • Robert McKean

    Definitely a buy with a steel bracelet.

  • Ulysses31

    Pretty nice. Who doesn’t love powerful lume?

  • Jose Miguel

    There’s a lot to like in this watch of me the CNC cut-outs works as a standout in the diver’s niche… perhaps the thickness of the hour and minute hands as others have point out it’s an area to improve.

    Nevertheless, this is a sponsored post that didn’t burst down to flames!! Please Note all future sponsors, you must use this as a guide… No no-sense marketing brag, a new proposition with a great value and, a more direct and humble approach to a blog site full of WIS.

  • Brent P.

    Well done. I placed an order today. How can you go wrong with such a solid value proposition, and a great looking watch to boot?

  • Marc Levesque

    Can’t fault this one. Super nice offering. WELL DONE!

  • Julius Swerving

    Love that SS case with the blue dial. Odd choice to pair it up with a leather strap, but I don’t dive anyway, so no matter to me.