Zenith Captain Winsor Annual Calendar Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

As you would expect, the case is topped with a domed sapphire crystal (AR coating on both sides), and also has a flat sapphire crystal embedded in the caseback. One unexpected part comes in with the strap. You might be wondering, well, what’s so special about it? We’ve seen alligator straps before. Well, with this particular strap, Zenith actually gave it a rubber lining. This is for some protection from water (the watch itself has a 50m WR rating), but I think it will also extend the life of the strap, giving it some additional strength and support. The strap comes standard with a pin buckle (in rose gold), or you can opt for a folding clasp.

In the time I had with the watch, it was a pleasure to wear. While no one will say it’s a slender watch (at 13.85 mm thick), it wears quite nicely. Even with that height, I didn’t have any problems fitting it under a shirt cuff, and with its 122g weight, I didn’t feel that it was weighing me down at all. When it came to reading the time, that was very simple to do quickly, as the hands extend quite nicely to the appropriate track. This is something I really came to appreciate, from a design and usability standpoint.

Zenith Captain Winsor Annual Calendar Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

If you look closely at the dial, you’ll see that the hour hand extends right to the edge of the guilloche circle, which is also at the edge of the hour indices. The minute hand, then, extends just about out to the very edge of the case, allowing for precise (to the minute) timetelling, as it’s right against the hash marks on the outer edge (also for use with the chronograph seconds hand). Handsets are an item we tend to be tough with, but here I think Zenith did a superb job, both in sizing them, as well as keeping a cohesive look with the indices.

As I mentioned at the outset, this was my first exposure to Zenith and its El Primero – and I think I’ve been spoiled! As many others have said, having a watch on the wrist powered by an El Primero is fantastic. Having the movement modified as it is to get the annual calendar included really elevates the watch as a whole. Top it off with the clean styling (whether in rose gold for $22,200 or steel for $10,400), and you’ve got a watch that I don’t think anyone would hesitate to strap on. zenith-watches.com

Zenith Captain Winsor Annual Calendar Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Necessary Data

>Brand: Zenith
>Model: Captain Winsor Annual Calendar
>Price: $22,200 (Rose Gold), $10,400 (Steel)
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Most certainly – though I’d personally opt for the blue dial / steel variant
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Someone who’s been around watches for awhile, and understands the weight the El Primero carries with it – and wants a watch that can replace everything but a hardcore sportwatch in their collection.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Some may be put off with the layout of the dial appearing off-balance.
>Best characteristic of watch: This is a tossup between the modified movement, and the overall design, particularly expressed in the well-proportioned handset


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