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Zenith Defy Classic Watch Exclusively For Farfetch

Zenith Defy Classic Watch Exclusively For Farfetch Watch Releases

Just shortly after announcing the release of a boutique-only Zenith Defy Classic special edition, the LVMH-owned brand is back in the news once more with the release of the Zenith Defy Classic Watch Exclusively For Farfetch. Farfetch is one of the world’s premier shopping destinations (both online and now in the physical world, too) for cool-hunters in search of high-end fashion and watchmaking alternatives to the items found more frequently on the high street. In keeping with the modern bent of Farfetch, the Zenith Defy Classic Watch Exclusive is a hyper-modern white ceramic version of what is fast becoming Zenith’s go-to collection.

Zenith Defy Classic Watch Exclusively For Farfetch Watch Releases

The partnership between Zenith and Farfetch is now one year-old, and, following a successful first go around the Sun, both the brand and the retailer feel that the new Zenith Defy Classic watch in white ceramic is the perfect way to mark such an occasion.

Zenith Defy Classic Watch Exclusively For Farfetch Watch Releases

Originally launched in 1967, the Defy collection returned in 2017 before it shot to the top of the industry’s consciousness as the new/old housing for the Zenith Defy Lab 15Hz concept watch. Since then, the case has become a mainstay in the Zenith catalog and has been the basis for collaborations before (including a particularly attractive and wisely subtle team-up with Land Rover).

Zenith Defy Classic Watch Exclusively For Farfetch Watch Releases

Given its old-school origins, it is no surprise that the Defy range has a bit of vintage flair to it. By making the 41mm case from white ceramic, however, the watch, with its characteristic spider web dial, looks like something from the future. Through the skeletonized dial, Zenith’s Elite 670 SK caliber can be seen. Boasting a silicon escape-wheel, an operating frequency of 28,800vph, and a minimum power reserve of 50 hours, this automatic watch is as reliable a timekeeper as it is a conversation starter.

Zenith Defy Classic Watch Exclusively For Farfetch Watch Releases

One of the more interesting aspects of this release is the partnership at the root of it. Julien Tornare, the CEO of Zenith, said, “Enhancing our online presence is a key element of Zenith’s strategy going forward, and our partnership with Farfetch is the ideal embodiment of this philosophy. As aware as we are of the importance of our proud tradition, we are equally excited about being part of this important initiative.”

Zenith Defy Classic Watch Exclusively For Farfetch Watch Releases

Exploring new online channels is something that many established luxury brands have shied away from. But it would seem that times are changing, and the growing credibility (and barnstorming effectiveness) of reputable high-end destination stores online offer an avenue to accessing a new audience that cannot be ignored. Exploring these partnerships through limited-edition offerings is also a smart move, as it allows the success of the partnership to be better gauged on both sides (for example, a brand’s presence on Farfetch may result in a spike in sales, but it would be very difficult to ascertain whether or not this was directly the result of that new presence if the core collection was all Farfetch had to offer). The new Zenith Defy Classic Watch Exclusively For Farfetch retails for $7,500 and is available now. With a relatively accessible price (given the average cost of Farfetch’s inventory) and a striking, fashion-forward design, limited to 25 pieces, it seems likely that this watch will fly off the shelves. To discover more about Zenith and the Defy collection, please visit

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  • AlbieC

    The spiderweb skeletonization makes the time legibility look problematic… and I can’t tell what date the watch is trying to display. I like the original Defy classic design, but in a solid dial with a clearly delineated date window..

  • Pedro Lambareiro

    That date is way off-centre. Even replica Zeniths get that right. Still waiting on my Inventor here so this will be a pass, even if its related to a venture by a fellow Portuguese.

  • ray h.

    This would be the perfect casual watch for the winter months .

  • FS1900

    I believe …mond is a cool-hunter.

  • Ayreonaut

    I like the white, but legibility is a disaster. I think a red stripe down the middle of the hands would be better than the half white, half black stripes.

  • A chameleon could not be better camouflaged than those hands.

  • Pierre LaFontaine

    Exclusive as in, “hopefully I’ll never have to see one in person.”

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I don’t know where to start, so I won’t bother.

  • iwantswtortobegood

    I always liked this watch but it is perfectly unreadable, the hands just vanish in the dial.

  • PowNation

    What exactly makes this a limited release compared to the standard white ceramic version of Defy Classic? The different strap? The article doesn’t mention anything, so I take it there is nothing of note to discuss.

    Too often these “limited release” variants are an exercise to drum up publicity. Lack of imagination Zenith… put more creativity into it!

  • I can’t see too many dudes wearing this watch and the supplied photos seem to indicate a feminine audience.
    So, do the ladies really want a 41 mm (and $7.5K) mechanical watch that is really, really hard to read?

    Oh yeah, one more thing – seems to my eye that all white ceramic cased watches look like plastic watches…

    • Gokart Mozart

      I would say virtually all ceramic watches look like plastic.

      Only difference is some plastics look like they came off a BMW, while mist look like like they came off a Chevy.

      I will let you decide which is the higher quality plastic.

  • SuperStrapper

    Love ceramics but they just never translate a great look in white.

  • Gokart Mozart

    Interesting movements or not but this Defy range is ruining Zenith for me.

    They are moving into a Hublot wannabe brand. Where is all the Zenith refinement and DNA (relatively speaking) going.

    Zenith is more than than the El Primero. It needs more respect.

  • Mikita

    Looks like a $50 Swatch.

  • Jared

    I wish manufacturers would stop trying to make white ceramic happen, it never looks good and makes any watch look like a cheap toy

  • Reprobus Marmaritarum

    Prefect if you want to disguise your 7.5K watch as a plastic swatch. And if you like reading the time off your phone. A home run.

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