Muhle Glashutte Seebataillon GMT Watch Hands-On

Muhle Glashutte Seebataillon GMT Watch Hands-On


There is a lot to like about the German-made Muhle Glashutte Seebataillon GMT dive watch. If ever I were a sucker for one specific type of watch, it's more than likely the GMT diver. The practicality and go-anywhere charm of a dive watch bolstered by the addition of the ultra-handy GMT complication makes for a very appealing package. Thanks to icons like the Rolex GMT Master, the GMT diver platform is one of great popularity that has since spawned countless iterations. Unlike a chronograph, a GMT hand does not clutter the dial nor change the overall balance and aesthetic of a watch, just one additional hand and a few subtle changes to the bezel are all that is generally required.


Yet another interesting piece that we saw at Baselworld this past April was the new Muhle Glashutte Seebataillon GMT. As you might have surmised from the name, Muhle Glashutte is a small watch brand that hails from the German town of Glashutte. Likely the most famous of non-Swiss pockets of horology, Glashutte is also home to brands like A. Lange and Sohne, Nomos and Glashutte Original. Muhle-Glashutte is likely best known for their line of nautical watches like the S.A.R Rescue Timer or the S.A.R Flieger Chrono, and in much the same vein we find the new Seebataillon GMT. "Seebataillon" is loosely translated as "marine battalion" and is a direct reference to a branch of the German Navy with the same name, for whom this watch was designed.


The Seebataillon is a 44 x 12.7mm titanium cased diver with a domed sapphire crystal that boasts 300m of water resistance. The styling is quite distinctive and is a welcome departure from the more common Sub-a-like diver trope. To put it simply, I think the look and feel of the Seebataillon is fantastic. For a large watch it has a subtle wrist presence and a definitively military vibe with sparse dial text, excellent legibility and real feeling of quality. It's hard not to love the warmer tones of the titanium case, deep blue bezel and dial and the use of a warm rich yellow for the GMT hand, rehaut scale and dial text. The date display at 4 o'clock is nicely aligned with the crown and features a circular aperture that does a good job of maintaining the balance of the dial while still being legible.


  • TimelyOne

    I do not like the reversed order of the numerals on the bezel. I prefer to count up, not down…
    That plus the white date window are spoilers for me. Otherwise, an attractive piece.

    • MarkCarson

      TimelyOne As I understand it, the count down scale on the bezel (as opposed the more often elapsed time bezel scale) was a firm requirement of the Germany Navy for this watch.

  • AlbertoPerez

    Nice watch

  • arthurdavis

    I think i found my blue diver. Very Nice, reasonable price also. I assume it has AR coating?

    • MarkCarson

      arthurdavisAccording to the MG website:
      2.5 mm thick, domed and anti-glare sapphire crystal

    • Oelholm

      arthurdavis On the homepage it is stated that is has an anti-glare sapphire. Also has a transparent case back, which isn’t mentioned in this review.

  • Kris C

    This is far from MG’s finest hour, this one is a little bland I think. Best part might be the bezel – really enjoy the texture there.
    As far as I’m concerned, nothing says “I want to know about watches when I grow up” like putting a nato strap on a nice watch. Its a fallacy, and should be a ticket-able offence.

  • DangerussArt

    Yes! I like the no nonsense tool quality this has. I also like the pricing too. This bezel marking makes perfect sense to me – more so than the accepted norm. Have to give this one some serious purchase consideration. I may like it even better than the Pelagos.

  • arthurdavis

    Question for James, I’m looking at the bezel and it appears to be backwards. It is the exact opposite of the IWC Aquatimer I am wearing. IE the 45min  is aligned with 3 o’clock position with the triangles aligned at the top, bezel triangle and 12 symbol. My seamaster is also the same way as the IWC,What gives?

    • MarkCarson

      arthurdavis It is a count down scale. What you usually see are elapsed time scales on bezels. Say your scuba dive will be 20 minutes on the bottom, you set that scale to 20 and over the side you go. When the minute hand reaches the index (triangle) you start to ascend. Useful for timing parking meters too, ha ha.
      This was a requirement of the German Navy/Marines who had a hand in the specs for this watch. Cheers.

      • jstacey

        MarkCarson arthurdavis Nicely said, Mark. The count down scale is indeed helpful for
        following a strict dive plan without a dive computer. Depending on your
        timing needs, a count down bezel can be quite handy.

  • jmfloresa

    For one moment James, you were there… up where the eagles soar, but then… like icarus, you strapped your wings to your back with an awful choice of NATO strap.

  • Ulysses31

    I think it’s a great looking watch.  Clear and uncluttered with lovely finishes and subtle colours.  I like the matte blue shades and the cream elements suit it well – they could’ve used yellow like on many other watches but chose to do something different.

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  • qudths

    wow.  this is a SEXY piece.  i really really want one, but i only have 2 wrists and too many watches already.

  • arthurdavis

    If you go to the website This watch has a different date wheel. It is reversed out of black not black on a white disk? which one is correct? I prefer the reversed out of black on the site.

    • MarkCarson

      arthurdavis A lot of the pieces seen at BaselWorld are prototypes or pre-production. So likely James was wearing one of those and the ones on the website are the real production items. James, care to clarify?

      • jstacey

        MarkCarson arthurdavis Yeah, I believe that the one we saw at Baselworld was a prototype of sorts. The production model does appear to have a black date wheel.

        • MarkCarson

          jstacey  arthurdavis – What timing: today I get a press release for this very watch and in the 3 attached photos the date indicator has a black background.

  • randy505

    Wow. great review. As promised, I love beautiful blue bezel and dial of a matching hue The yellow GMT accents and rugged case design makes the watch very interesting.