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WATCH GIVEAWAY: Martenero Edgemere Automatic

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Martenero Edgemere Automatic Giveaways

This month is another great giveaway on aBlogtoWatch with a chance to win this Martenero Edgemere automatic mechanical watch. Among the relatively few American watch companies, Martenero is based in New York City and has been offering affordable and design-focused, stylish mechanical watches since around 2014. We have reviewed and enjoyed several Martenero models, and you can read our enthusiastic full review of the Martenero Edgemere watch here to learn more about it. For this giveaway, the winner will get the model pictured here with the white dial, raised red hour ring, and blue highlights in the hands and chapter ring. In fact, it might even be considered a patriotic colorway if you are from one of the 38 countries worldwide whose flag is red, white, and blue.

The Martenero Edgemere has a 40mm-wide and 11.8mm-thick steel case that measures 47mm lug to lug, meaning it will easily fit a broad range of wrist sizes and slip under sleeves. With respectable specs including a sapphire crystal and 50m of water resistance, the Martenero Edgemere is powered by the Miyota 8245 automatic movement that operates at 3Hz and offers about 40 hours of power reserve with hand-winding (but not hacking). An interesting feature of the Miyota 8245 is its seconds subdial at 4:30. The solid caseback features a compass rose engraving in reference to the watch’s stated nautical design inspiration. The Martenero Edgemere comes on a handmade leather strap and has a retail price of $550, and one lucky winner will get one of their own this month by following the instructions below to enter the giveaway.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you’ve signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment, mention how the place or region (weather, culture, trends, etc.) you live affects the type of watches you are attracted to.

2. “Like” or Follow the social media sites below to confirm your entry:


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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on August 31, 2017, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Martenero, sponsor of the Martenero Edgemere watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

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  • Moonraker

    I from Tajikistan and I like watch that sturdy as for buzkashi goat polo.

    • Mikita

      Do you have bespoke or made-to-measure sheepskin coat? Drive a Gorno-Badakhshan donkey?
      Have a nice dagger, preferably a handjar? Do you appreciate and
      occasionally take a two-katyk lunch? Buzkashi as hard as you work? Chew a
      fine naswar on occasion? Have a sense of adventure and bold head? Are
      you tajikish, sir? Then you’ll get it: The handjar guy, the donkey guy, the buzkashi
      guy, and the sheep guy are all the same guy.

      • Moonraker

        I am knowing that guy! Is Udar from next town! He legendary lover of all Tajik. Very potent. Possibly father.

        • Mikita

          Udar knock a donkey off his leg with his Zarbdor! He need no hands to it!

          • Moonraker

            As I wrote in the foreword of Ariel Adams’ weighty tome “The World’s Most Expensive Daggers”, my take on “luxury” – or, really, “luxury cutlery” – is a polymath’s approach to connoisseurship and collecting. As both consumers and the world of luxury cutlery evolve, so must the level of collaborations: co-branded and/or private label handjars simply won’t do in the long run. They will not do!

          • Mikita


  • Word Merchant

    I would hate to win this.

  • Mikita

    I’m from Belarus and here the watch must be zubr strong, gopnik proof and krambambula 2L resistant. Our people put Tissot above Rolex, because they are pretty sure that all Rolex are fake.

  • freaky

    I’m from Sardinia (Italy) and the colors of my city (Sassari) are red, white and blue

  • Martin Chiu

    I live in Vancouver, so I’d like watches to be minimum 5atm water resistant.

  • JeffWatches

    Ok… I don’t need this for goat polo, or need a zubr strong watch. lol I have been eyeing this watch for the past month or so, but I’m going to be honest – it’s tough to pick which colorway! What a fantastic daily summer watch!!

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Nice watch, nice size, all round slip in on watch. legibility is not an issue. very nice.

  • Niall Boland

    I live in Ireland, and I believe the constant rain and conservative cultures means I tend to favour more traditional watches. However, as I live on the Emerald Isle the use of colour is very important. A watch needs to have colour to brighten up your day here, not to mind the good ATM spec helps in the rain!

  • Alexander V

    Living in Belgium, watches don’t need very much, so I’m pretty much free to choose what I like in terms of look and feel. The only requirement is that they can handle getting wet from the rain 😀

  • Chaz

    Edgemere…for a silky fine, bikini area shave…

  • Suphat M. Bhandharangsri

    I live in Bangkok, Thailand. The weather here is hot and humid throughout the year. The watch itself is fine, but my sweat does hurt leather straps! Switching the strap to nylon nato or rubber would be fun.

  • Ang Wei Shi

    I live in Singapore, and sweat caused by the hot and humid weather destroys leather straps really quickly. Metal bracelets or rubber straps are still good choices for daily wear.

  • Luqman Del Rey

    Living in Singapore now and over here it’s all about either going all-out with the rolexes or sticking to utility with the G-shocks! Seems to me that many my age would be attracted to aesthetics over utility as well these days with the trend of NATO straps and minimalistic designs and the martenero fits the bill well!

  • SH

    As a New Zealander I have an extensive outside lifestyle, hence a desire for dive watches for fishing and diving, and g-shock watches for hunting.

  • Ivars

    Latvia. Classic, laconic.

  • Peter Duggan

    Really like the design of the Edgemere, slick asthetic of the watch appeals to me.

  • Rick Kocher

    I’m English and like a watch that has style and elegance with it’s own identity; paying homage to the watchmaking heritage in the USA means this watch is just at home in London as it is in New York

  • Azhigaliyev Maksat

    I live in Almaty, Kazakhstan! We have 4 seasons of weather, almost everyday it can rain, the sun can shine, the wind can blow and the heat can boil eggs on the pavement, so i like more rugged and beater watches.

  • Gal

    Well I live in Israel so it can get very hot ( 50c sometimes ) so perforated leather or nato is my choice for the straps in july-sep , also solar chronos work really well with here so im currently strapping Citizen eco drive, just a bit of exposure can give you a lot of battery time.

  • Martin

    Hi everybody! I live in Dalmatian coast where climate is tipically mediterranean and people are oriented toward sea. I could say preference would definetely go in diver style watches. A nice dive watch IMHO is the versatile watch that can be used in any occasion, from formal to outdoor and by that I mean SEA. My vote goes fore a “diver”

  • Klammeraffe

    Living in Zurich, especially in hot and humid summer, my Seiko Monster on a Nato is a perfect choice to swim and relax in the city. For more dressy events, the Edgemere would prefectly complement my Meistersinger Pangeae.

  • Moonraker

    Yo, being from Fluffya I got to make sure this jawn can witstand wooder damage.

  • Marek

    Almost whole my life I was living close to the mountains so I like watches which are though enough to help people to survive in cold weather, especially in winter.

  • Jacky Yau

    It’s very hot and humid in Hong Kong right now so I tend to stay away from leather straps and go with dress watches with steel bracelets.

  • LapYoda

    Well, if I lived in New York I would probably be attracted to ridiculously overpriced vintage watches that fetch many times their worth because of wear termed “patina.” Thankfully, I live in Indiana where there are no such pretenses, and since watches are either unpopular or viewed as utilitarian objects, I can wear whatever I like without judgement or peer pressure.

  • Arthur Zitter

    It can be hot but also raining all day long in Holland. So the watch must be all weather proof.

  • Mark1884

    Here in Detroit, you need a watch that has good legibility, and the ability to survive a bullet from some gopnik.

  • Rajeeva Jayaratne

    in Sri Lanka which is hot most of the time, any watch can be used . the culture here welcomes all watches. and we embrace any new trend.

  • If I win this watch, I promise to gift it to the first nice person I meet with an appleWatch

  • Amo B. Lobelo

    what’s a better way to be radiant in Botswana hot weather, than strapping a red hour ring watch, and have those blue dials glowing later in the evening when going out with the boys under the stars.

  • Akos XS

    Living in Budapest, Hungary, Europe does not affect the watch I choose. Only my wife does :-).

  • Jim B

    Another beautiful piece from ABTW

  • mRNA

    Good day from Greece.This is an awsome watch

  • Akash.D

    Here in New Zealand, the watch needs to be able to go from surf, to sand, to mountaintops and snow…all within one day sometimes, so a rugged watch is ideal!

    • And also be able to handle a sheep stampede perhaps? 🙂

  • dylan

    A watch with WR is always a plus, so you can wear in rain and shine without worry.

  • Douglas Johnson

    In the midwestern US, a large, obviously expensive watch is off-putting to many people — for many situations, it’s better to have a quality, but understated watch.

  • Jasper D

    Living in a city right in the bush but also full of bureaucrats, I’m drawn to watches that are classy enough for the office, but rugged enough for a day trekking through forests and clambering over boulders

  • Mikita

    Hi! My name is Mikita and I’m an alcoholic. Alcoholism is not only a hobby in my country, but also a sport. So I’m proud that I can drink 4.5 liters of beer and top it with a bottle of vodka. Therefore, my watch must withstand a 15 ATM vomit flow and be handy as knuckle.

  • Markus

    Currently living in Northern China for business. Gets cold here, -25 degrees celsius in winter (I believe that this translates to “frickin cold” in Fahrenheit). Makes me look out for tool watches more, I guess ( Sinn U1 anyone?)

    Then again for the office something like the Montenero migt be better?

  • bikeohio

    Just because… I seem to be attracted to more rugged or sporty watches. Again, just because… Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Chris MoJo

    I live in the U.K. where nine times out of ten the weather prediction is sunshine and showers so water resistance is always a consideration!

  • Dave Patey

    I live in the east of England, where the weather is almost always sunny and warm (or at least, sunnier and warmer than the rest of the country!) so my watches don’t need to be waterproof, but they do need to be heat proof…

  • TresGut

    The UK. Lots of rain and dull weather. Musn’t grumble. A watch that’s waterproof for when it’s raining, and good to look at for when it’s dull.

  • Diana Shenderovich

    really perfect watch for my husband

  • Cathy

    I live in Canada and we get quite a range of weather here all year long from freezing cold to baking in the hot sun. The watch I am attracted to would have to be durable and reliable as well as fashionable because I have to enjoy looking at my watch if I am going to wear it.

  • Tom Scarborough

    That’s a beautiful watch…striking colours. Would love to win it.

  • Bruce J Hagman

    Living in Boston area, we have all four season , I wear more of my watches with rubber or NATO bands in the summer and metal bracelets in the winter.

  • TriggerMG

    From New York where just about any style goes….a designed focus watch w a pop of color would really stand out. Saw these at Pop Up Watch and def fit the bill .

  • Russell Webster

    I’m a Brit, so thoughtful of Martenero to do their snazzy design in the red, white and blue of the Union Jack.

  • Corey Brindisi

    I live in Key West, FL and the majority of my time is spent on the water or in the water. Fishing is my main activity, so I generally gravitate more towards robust diver style watches with either a rubber strap or a metal bracelet. But, I enjoy getting a little more outside of the box when I’m not on the water, so watches like this Martenero intrigue me. I enjoy having a wide variety of styles in my watch box so that I don’t always HAVE to have a diver style on my wrist.

  • Luke

    Here in Canada it’s super cold in the winter so that’s when I prefer a larger, heavier and less flashy watches with good lume (as its dark a lot!). And summers are hot and that’s when I prefer a smaller, lighter warch, maybe NATO strap or thin leather, maybe a little color to match those summer outfits. Like the design of this one – simple yet eye catching…

  • Billde

    I have always like the martanero”s style. And this is no different. Pretty damn cool looking watch.

  • Ryan

    I live in Florida, where there is at least some sunshine almost every day. Weather like that attracts me to citizen eco-drive watches, I currently have 3 in my collection.

  • Claudiu

    In the summer time the weather is quite hot so I avoid wearing watches with leather straps. Also in the very cold days of winter I tend to protect my favorite automatics and take out the Casio’s out of the drawers.

  • Tampa is all about big and bold colors and style. We need ultimate function with the rain and the ocean and need to look classy at the same time.

  • Dave Ryan

    I live in a city that is very hot through the summer and swimming is an everyday activity. So water resistance is usually important..

  • Richard Buckalew

    I live on the North shore of lake Superior. It gets very cold and very humid here, and I tend to get wet a lot. So I only look at watches that can handle cold and have respectable water proof capabilities.

    We’re also practical minded up here so no fragile jewelry for me.

  • Abdulaziz Almulla

    I want one to add to my travel watch collection

  • Martin Vrlik

    Every watch has its purpose. It would be silly to take expensive watch to favella in Rio or diver to gala. So small collection it is 🙂

  • Berndt Norten

    Well would you look at this: nothing like the word ‘giveaway’ to draw the Mooches out of the e-woodwork. Where have y’all been while we’ve been in the trenches, toiling away at our rock and roll duty, speaking truth to Delusions of Power, cultivating this garden of puns, food, folks and fun? Well…where have ya been, Jabronis?

    • Moonraker

      They must set up giveaway reminders on their e-calendars. They’re more reliable than the women in my life, if you know what I mean.

  • George Gecko

    would be a nice gift for my wife, nice colours

  • par167

    Cool watch. Looks like a New York winter. Weather doesn’t affect the watches I wear

  • Suman Ready

    The place I live (Melbourne Australia) has no affect at all on my choice of watches!

    • Berndt Norten

      Best post so far

      • Mikita

        Yes, human spotted!

  • Stefanos Stylianou

    Living in a hot and humid Mediterranean island, I am mainly attracted to dive and generally tough watches that I can wear with a NATO strap for comfort

  • Berndt Norten

    I live in Zembla. It’s shady here so I gots to have lume

    Baby I’m a want lume
    Baby I’m a need lume

  • Jack Sexton

    Living in the south, when it is hot and humid. So I wear mostly divers with waterproof (sweatproof) bands and brackets. For those times when a quick dip in the water is needed.

  • Chris Pearson

    I live in the UK and work in an office so I need something that will survive getting good and wet a few times a year when a sudden down pour gets me but also doesn’t stand out too much at work.

  • JosephWelke

    I live in Virginia, so local weather and such has no bearing on my liking for watches. I like what I like, and I like this Martenero.

  • drThrillman

    i don’t think there’s any specific culture/trends/weather that makes people favor a certain brand on the mid-atlantic where I live, but in my field of work Rolex is king. I tend to favor dress watches though to fit under the cuff. Sports for the weekend

  • I currently live in Panama, where the climate is hot and humid, so I tend to wear a diver on bracelet during the day. Only at night can I wear something more delicate on a strap.

  • Chris

    Living in the Northeast means dealing with all of the weather, however, sitting in the office all day means I can wear whatever I want on any given day.

  • Ben from LI

    I don’t think location plays into my taste in watches. It’s more about what I think looks good than what is appropriate for where I live

  • SuperStrapper

    The place I live in has less bearing than the place I will be when wearing a watch, when choosing a watch to wear.

  • Jerry Davis

    Where I live has no affect on watches I am interested in other than how it has shaped my personality.

  • Bryan Arent

    Colder climate here, snow, longer winters. I agree a watch does reflect the person and their environment. In this climate, I want something that acts and looks like it can thrive in tough conditions.

  • Borko D

    Where I live, we have hot summers and cold winters. In hot summer weather, I usually wear rubber straps. In cold winter days, I stick to leather straps or bracelets.

  • Shirley Furby

    Elkview,WV…………….you gotta be kidding. The watch culture is me.

  • Darh109

    As I live in a moderate climate, and do not care about trends, the watches that I like are completely unifluenced by my environment.

  • Tom Wisdom

    It rains a lot here in the UK therefore water resistant/proof is ideal.

  • himem65535

    Nice looking piece. I live and 3irk in a city, so the watch I strap on for the day usually is determined by conservative and practical requirements. Nothing garish or too large (must fit under a cuff.)

  • Johan Amtell

    In Sweden we have all 4 seasons although we have longer winters. During wintertime I think it’s important to brighten up your every day life with colors to keep the happiness alive, It’s horrible to walk around in snow and mud all dressed in black or gray without somekind of colorsplash, this watch would definitely be an eyecatcher regardless of the weather or season but would definitely pop during wintertime. Swedes are concidered trendy but are also considered very modest and withdrawn, we don’t like to stand out in a crowd, this watch would fit in perfectly in our way of living and bring color to all our lives.

  • knightracer

    I wear what I want where ever I may be.

  • Dan Baxter

    Not so much the watch, but I have found that since moving to SW Florida, that I don’t wear leather straps as much. It’s warm most of the year and they start to get funky smelling. Steel bracelets, rubber straps and NATO’s are pretty much the order of the day for me. Although I don’t dive, yet, I do wear mostly divers because they seem to suit the environment.

  • Jonathan Fisk

    I live in England, so a watch definitely has to be waterproof! Other than that, style is more important than brand name.

  • Jeffrey Gougeon

    I’m in an office all day so weather doesn’t effect my watch choices.

  • Cody Nelson

    Living close to the beach I always look for watches with +10 ATM of water resistance (with the exception of my dress watches). Fortunately there are plenty of watches out there, in a range of styles, that fall into this category.

  • This, for once, is a very unique design in men’s watches.

  • 112010

    I want this watch to add to my small collection here in New York City! Yes!

  • dodge82.

    I live in the north west of England. Its damp and cold and therefore a nice waterproof case and a fast drying NATO/fabric strap is a must.

  • Mikita

    There are only 20-30 active ABTW discussion participants, but during the giveaways this number rises up to 500 LOL 🙂

  • Mathieu Herip

    I live in San Francisco CA. Everyone and their mother has an Apple Watch so I like to swap in something analogue and overly antiquated into my rotation to stand out.

  • Derek Schey

    Looks like a watch that stands out. I would love to wear it.

  • David Williams

    In temperate latitudes, which enjoy distinct seasons – Europe, USA, Canada, Japan etc – I think it’s good to have watches that correspond to prevailing weather and season-appropriate clothing, tending toward understated in autumn/fall/winter and more colorful in spring/summer. This giveaway would be great for summer – or indeed as a cheerful protest against the gloom of winter!

  • Tim

    I work in the technology industry and everyone seems to have a smart watch. Due to that, I sold my Apple Watch and began collecting mechanical watches. I love knowing that I have a machine on my wrist instead of a computer.

  • Jarrod Portwood

    Appalachia is the heart of the rugged outdoors. Because of this, I tend to favor a militaristic or tool type of watch over dress and luxury watches. In fact, my “dress” watch is an aviation piece from Hamilton.

  • Wilson Meeks

    I like automatics with original and outstanding designs, both dress and tool watches.

  • Alex

    This would be a great summer watch! There’s longer winter season in where I live, so a strap would be nice in my opinion, preferably with subtle dial colors.

  • Mark K.

    I live on the west coast of Florida where the lifestyle is “beach casual”. Water sports influence my choice so generally dive watches are my favorite for daily wear.

  • Lyndon Tan

    This looks to be an attractive watch! I live in Singapore where it’s summer all year round. It’s a modern city, and more and more people here are beginning to appreciate good looking, well-made watches.

  • Ayreonaut

    I’m a 40-Year-Old-Virginian. My SMPc just so happens to be red, white and blue.

  • Nikko

    in the Philippines where its humid and often rains, I opt for metal bracelets with water resistance for my daily wear. I find that leather straps are unpleasant especially when it gets very hot!

  • Mitchell Brandt

    In Missouri, we have 4 distinct seasons. Summer finds me swapping out leather and metal bracelets for rubber and nato straps. I love wearing my Deep Blue diver to the pool (it’s as close to diving as I’ll get in the near future). I like dressier watches in the winter since they fit under long sleeves and sweaters a bit better.

  • Leo

    I live in the south, and it seems everyone enjoys Timex watches here. I believe people’s decisions on watch purchases are heavily influenced by the people around. I think it is a sense of conformity. That’s why Timex watches are so popular, no matter what kinds of jobs people hold.

  • Michel Deugenoux

    love marine theme watches. always sex apeal to me. good job

  • arik tmpaddress

    I travel for bussiness,so a GMT is a good option.

  • taryn tener

    We live in Florida, so it is important to find a watch that holds up to the elements- water and sun for sure! A well made watch is integral, as these tough conditions would reduce a cheap watch to shreds!

  • MSM

    I live in Florida, so I tend toward steel bracelets or NATO straps rather than leather, which can deteriorate w/ too much sweat.

  • XAMfed

    I live in Georgia, nato straps in the summer for sure. I love unique watches

  • Aaron O’Reilly

    I live near the the bay so the water influences my watches with water resistance and tide options being of value.

  • Demonix

    My small but gradually increasing stable is mainly boutique dive watches with ETA or stp movements and a brace of Seiko divers so a US made item with a miyota would be something unique. Am a Brit so the Red, white and blue is good patriotic colour way for me.

  • Vinicius Capella

    I live in Brazil and Luxury watches are extremely expensive here. In general, Brazilian people likes big watches, but I think I’m more influenced by the pages I follow and the people I live with. My taste is a little different, I prefer small watches.

  • Phil leavell

    Hi I live on another planet………………. Sorry just adjusting the netting don’t want to fall out,,…. My buddy Gyalesack pointed out this circular wafer has the colors in it that match my eyes first day back to work shift. I think it looks more like walls in the place that I live Box Six, it’s not a very big place but it starting to get crowded it is very cold here which is a good thing because when it’s hot circular Wafers get warm smell bad . The price point of this disc makes me feel Gazote (translation * * fantastic ) Free . This is good starting point.
    Gyalesack only has three arms left. Someone thought big funny and strap one too right lower rear wrist , Well sleeping when he awake pandemonium he ran in circles slammed into ground eventually chewed off arm. Sadly now he can never win at a game of Patty wack !
    LOL just messing with you I hope who ever win’ s this great looking starter watch enjoys it for years to come

  • manivelle

    Until recently, dive watches were a strategic option walking around in Seattle. And as much as I love leather bands, when the temps rise about 85, I start thinking about sweat on my wrists.

  • 0059mike

    for me it’s the activities, not the weather apart from 100m of water resistance to handle the elements. I look for metal bands, sapphire crystal to handle biking, hiking, golf….

  • Brian Tymczyszyn

    Very nice. Love the textured dial and I really need some color in my life.

  • les

    I live in Sydney Australia great climate and suitable for any type of watch.

  • Steve

    To live in a boring cement city, I wish to see more colorful dial and different type of strap for selection.

  • Ranchracer

    Come on guys, drop the damn social media requirements. Not all of us are slaves to it and it sucks being excluded from the giveaways just because you don’t have accounts on these ultimate time-wasters. >:(

  • Dominic Cloutier

    I want to win! I don’t mind the social media requirement

    • Dominic Cloutier

      I’m in Edmonton though- gorgeous place to get your watch sent

  • Louis

    I live in Belgium where we have standard seasons. This watch would be perfect for spring and summer.
    I usually spend most of my summers abroad in sunny and colourful places. This watch would be perfect for those environments, fresh and colourful.

  • Randy Bradford

    Patriotic colors, I like! I’m an old navy vet, I like the design on the back. I collect old and unusual watches.

  • Chris Martin

    I had never given much thought to how the region might affect my watch choices. In the southeastern US we have plenty of warm weather and plenty of time at the pool — so watches that are good with water tend to fill my collection I suppose.

  • Adi Lungu

    a dark blue strap with red stitching please. i like the ‘parmigiani’ style look

  • Ramon Abreu

    I am in the USA, NJ/NYC Metro area so for me I prefer a mix of metal bracelets and leather bands depending on the occasion and activity. I do not use rubber straps as I do not go diving and am not the biggest nato/perlon fan so I pretty much stick to the tried and true options.

  • D.C.

    Here in upstate NY, we get almost every type of weather, so I mostly wear divers/sport watches. Also, I am a klutz, so I need something that can take a bit of a beating!

  • andysimmons

    I live in Chicago so I prefer sunny, bright colored “fun” watches in the winter to remind me of summer!

  • ricsif

    Not much affected.

  • Nathan Schneider

    Living in Michigan we go swimming in the lakes a lot, so I always wear a dive watch to time sunscreen application time while still in the water.

  • Nixa

    I live in Florida where we have lots of watersports and hot weather pretty much all year long so dive watches and plenty of Nato straps!

  • Shinytoys

    I can’t lie on this one…the weather has nothing to do with my watch choices….it’s a cool watch though.

  • christopher jensen

    Other than extreme temperatures in certain circumstances, I can’t say any of that plays a factor for me.

  • Akshay Naik

    To be true According to weather, Culture has nothing to do with Style of Your Watch, A Cool Watch is a Cool Watch But Situation may Demand Different type style of watch like when you Exercise/sports/Party/Casual Day.

  • lionstan

    Due to travel and dealing with different parts of the world, GMT feature is helpful.

  • AK

    Doesn’t effect my choices too often, but i’ll swap out my leather straps during the summer for nato, rubber or steel where possible.

  • Pat Mon

    fashion trends are really up to date especially in the financial district. our four seasons also affect watch preference – summer/spring – more of sport watches on metal bands and natos; fall/winter – slim dress watches with leather straps which can easily be hidden under the cuff

  • SeanM

    To be honest, the region and weather where I live does not affect the types of watches I like

  • luigi

    Simple, but colorful dial.

  • Matthew Cave

    I think my area is heavily influenced by the military and government.. being I’m from Washington DC.

    [email protected]

  • Michael Leon Chang

    Being from SoCal / LA we have a lot of trendy styles that influences watch-wearers to break the norm of fashion and to push the boundaries of aesthetics

  • Pacheaco

    Living near Sacramento, the heat makes me shy away from leather straps.

  • Ontos

    I live in Minnesota and the particular trend is an Apple watch…. So I gladly wear a mechanical watch with different straps/natos to “buck” the trend

  • Ben Howells

    I live in Canada and we get quite a range of weather here all year long from freezing cold to baking in the hot sun. The watch I am attracted to would have to be durable and reliable as well as fashionable because I have to enjoy looking at my watch if I am going to wear it.

  • Andrew Metri

    I live in a metropolitan city so I’m naturally attracted to world timers.

  • Rick

    Great looking watch and I especially appreciate the sizing and the lug width. I live in Southern California where this type of watch and design style would be very much appreciated. In addition, it is a mechanical watch which makes it even better.

  • mtnsicl

    The place or region I live in doesn’t affect the watches that I wear. I wear what I want and when I want to wear it. I’m not concerned with trends or styles. But, I probably won’t wear a leather strap on a hot and humid day.

  • edmund0996

    living in Texas, i don’t feel influenced to buy any style watch, just wear different watches for different occasions. The only exception is leather straps in summer. Strap has a lifespan of about 3 weeks on a daily wear watch

  • Nat N.

    Tropical weather (especially now, in the summer time) makes it harder to wear a watch on a leather band when out and about, but makes for a good seasonal reason to break out a NATO or Zulu strap.

  • Ben

    Living in the Northeast, I like classic stylings and avoid sport watches that might be better in warmer climes.

  • Marlene V

    Living in Canada and going camping lots influences my watch decisions. It needs to be durable and look good with casual clothing but still looks great when I go to work dressed professionally.

  • World B. Fat

    It’s warm here now so I wear leather straps less, but I also find rubber unappealing. I don’t think anything else about the place I live affects the watches I choose.

  • Zanycat

    Living in the NYC area, I’m a little turned off by some of the bolder larger trendier designs I sometimes see. I’m much more of a traditional dial wearer, 38-42mm sizes, and prefer leather straps in the colder weather and NATO in the summer.

  • Roy

    I wouldn’t say the weather influences my watch choices too much, although living in Scotland gives me easy access to the great outdoors so my favourites tend to be tool watches with good water resistance. Love the nautical look of this Martenero!

  • Alison Braidwood

    I live in Northern Ontario. Harsh winters and hot summers. So I like to have a variety of watches, depending on what I’m wearing and the season. They range from girlie and ladylike to a plain men’s watch.

  • Vladimir Milenkovic

    Very interesting look.

  • Sarah p

    I live in central Canada and enjoy the outdoors during most of the year so I look for something that will be durable and Can make it through rain and snow more easily.

  • Jeff_85

    I live in the southwest and being in a state that is pretty blue collar I try to find the most bang for my buck type watches. I don’t run with crowds that are into watches so for me it is just knowing that I have something special on my wrist. The summers are hot so it is usually leather straps in the summer and steel in the winter. As my job doesn’t entail a lot of activity I don’t worry too much about banging the watch on anything so it doesn’t need to be a heavy duty one.

  • Donald Levy

    Love the look of this watch. It looks like it could be dressed up with or suit or worn while sailing or out for a drink. Since I now only purchase automatics this would be a perfect addition. And of course, I don’t have any other red, white, and blue watches.

  • David Watson

    I live in Georgia and I spend plenty of time outside in the sweltering heat, so most of my watches are on metal bracelets or NATOs. It is just too hot for leather and sometimes too hot for my current rubber strap. I may look for a new rubber strap which breathes better. I think this Martenero would look great on a red, white and blue NATO strap.

  • johnwithanh

    DC is extremely humid in the summer, so any watch I get has to look good on a nato/zulu strap.

  • Gal Sh

    I live close to the sea so I often use my seiko diver for an occasional swim or a walk at the beach.

  • Brandon Clark

    Living in Orem, Utah I find myself surrounded by cheap brands and “trendy” minimalist timepieces. I like to break away from the social norm in my community and look for watches that are unique and different from the local style.

  • Calvin F.

    We get lots of rain here in the BC region of Canada, so it’s good to have a water resistant watch

  • Nice Giveaway!
    I’m joined and I wish to win.

  • snausages

    I work for a company with a strong apple watch or rolex culture so i like more unique, lesser known pieces to stand out.

  • Ari Ahlholm

    Straightforward, eligible and reliable should be the name of the game with Finnish people. With some peculiar and eye-catching twist-as in this nice timepiece.

  • Moonraker

    I am from The Future. It’s so cold here, so much death. Would rather have a blanket and a lobotomy, but I’ll gladly take a watch that I can barter for supplies (like a blanket). If I win I’ll give you the coordinates for the burial site and I’ll dig it up in 30 years.

    • Berndt Norten

      You float so high above these lowly peasants as they grovel for freebies. Great post!

      • Moonraker

        I’d never say that as it’s quite arrogant. But I’ll let you say it. And I’ll add this: most of them didn’t survive Phase 1. Oh God, it was so brutal. No food, no electricity, no ABTW (on account of the no electricity). After the meltdown, I wanted to know what was going on with Georges Kern at Breitling and I could not find out!

        • Berndt Norten

          And there were no Apple Watch strap-ons with Ariel’s seal of approval. And no Jomashop, jack.

          • Moonraker

            All that we have now is Touch of Pre-Modern.

          • Mikita

            Sisu watches must come handy, eh? When attached to some good long stick. You should have listened to Mr Adams!

    • Mikita

      These moaning guys have only 10 seconds to write some primitive comment and get back to oblivion till the other giveaway.. I’m starting to think – are they humans or.. robots?

      • Moonraker

        So you’re saying that these Brosephi won’t be around when the next article drops later tonight??

        • Mikita

          Well, I have some feeling that at least a couple of these guys aren’t interested in other articles.

    • Berndt Norten

      I am a camera.

  • Elmer

    I live in Canada in a multicultural community. As with different culture, the watch I wear are different all the time and try to stand out from the crowd and depend on the season, weather and my outfit for the day.

  • Lisa Halladay

    It gets hot and humid here in Ontario, Canada so I prefer watches with bands that don’t make me too hot.

  • Francisco Javier Marín

    Love it…i want it

  • Cesar Augusto Guerios

    I love automatics

  • arrvoo

    I live in the UK, so of course my watch has to be waterproof. God I hate the rain.

    • Berndt Norten

      I can’t stand the rain. Wait, well l love a rainy night. Especially a rainy night in Georgia. How I miss Eddie’s rabbit stew.

      • Moonraker

        Man, that’s bringin’ back sweet memories.

        • Berndt Norten

          Misty water-colored memories.
          Of the way we were.

      • Mikita

        Pity these guys have no time to reply. They are given only 10 seconds each giveaway: fast! fast! write a comment and back to the cave.

  • DanW94

    I live on a deserted island. No phone, no lights, no motorcars, not a single luxury. So that Hautlence Labyrinth ‘Watch’ would be nice to help pass the time.

    • Berndt Norten

      But u have the internet ? And u have BILL n Berndt. And a Rick Astley tune stuck in your head for the rest of the day

      • DanW94

        Alone on a island with “Never Gonna Give You Up” stuck in my head. I believe that’s one of Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell….

        • Moonraker

          Dante added a couple of circles around 1988.

          • Berndt Norten

            Don’t forget Perry’s ‘Rings of Saturn’. Wouldn’t wanta get stuck in those

    • Moonraker

      Just for being so uppity you’re gonna get no watch, an old rotary phone, and half of a deck of cards filled with jokers. That’s right, 26 jokers. Suck on that, island boy!

      • DanW94

        Can you get me an Island Girl??

        • Moonraker

          Yeah, but she’s standing 6 foot 3.

          • DanW94

            She just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich….

          • Berndt Norten

            I’ve been to Brussels…four times I think. The first time, and I was literally partying and, like, it was the summer of 1999. On my way to Ghent for an epic boyz’ weekend of beer drinking. I was months away from my first mobile phone. There used to be this phone center right on the Grand Place, where you paid your francs and got time on an international phone…or a local one. Anyway, I called my friend who was already in Ghent. It went something like this (and btw I’m taller than 6 foot 4):

            ‘hey, I’m here in Brussels. Six foot four, once full of muscles. I say are you trying to tempt me, with tales of beer flowing aplenty?’

            Yes, this IS the way I talk in real life… Will you marry me, Danielle? And we can keep Willa as our secondary consort?

          • Moonraker

            You know I’m a Belgian, right? A nasty Vlaming born in Antwerpen.

          • DanW94

            If a whole group of Flemings ran off a cliff to their death, would you follow?

          • Moonraker

            Only if there’s a discount down there.

          • Berndt Norten

            Head-smashed-in-buffalo-stance might as well jump

          • Moonraker

            Buffalo sick, brother lose arm, need gaz for moped

          • Berndt Norten

            No coke pepsi

          • Moonraker

            no either, you drink yak

          • Berndt Norten

            Yeah, and I’m a Danish. Actually, I’m a zit–get it?!

          • Moonraker

            You’re a cheesy Danish. 🙂

          • DanW94

            I’m Walloning in pity that I’m not a resident of one of the low countries….

          • Berndt Norten

            Nasty, vicious Fokker?

          • Moonraker

            Skip de skip, up the road
            Off to the blog we go
            “Don’t you be a bad boy, Danny.
            Don’t you slip up or play the fool.”
            “Oh no Ar, Oh no Dave,
            I’ll be your golden boy.
            I will obey ev’ry golden rule.”

            “Are you going to play football this year, Dan?”
            “Oh, well you must be going to play cricket this year then, are you Danny?”
            “No! No! No!”
            “Jesus! How ’bout darts?”
            “No! No! No!”
            “Boy, you sure are a funny kid, Danny, but I like you!”

            Be good, be good. Be good be good be good. Be good be good be good, Danny.

        • Berndt Norten

          What she doing in your white man’s world?

          • DanW94

            I told her, “Don’t go breaking my heart”, she said, “I couldn’t if I tried”

          • Berndt Norten

            ooo-hooo (and nobody knows it)…

        • Moonraker

          Do I look like the racket boss?

  • Howard Lee

    I like the watch available in the giveaway. Yee hah! Who’s your Daddy?

  • Tanis

    I live in Canada where a practical, water resistant, wrist-worn time piece will be greatly appreciated. We generally have tea at around 4:30pm; the location of the seconds subdial will help with remembering that! 🙂

  • Maxim Pyankov

    Like it when a wrist watch has ability to show time in two or three different regions at the same time!

  • R.O. Ferrer

    i am presently in asia where it’s humid and hot one moment, and a veritable tempest the next; as such, i lean towards watches which are versatile from a utility and style standpoint.

  • Matt

    I live in Interior British Columbia and have a very outdoor lifestyle, so that plays a big part in choosing a durable, water-resistant, go-anywhere watch (Damasko DA44 for most of my wrist time).

    On a side note, I grew up playing in Edgemere Park in New Jersey, so I love the name of this watch!

  • John Andrews

    Nice! I like the 50m water resistance. Good watch for days at the beach or the lake. Im in Arizona, but take trips to the water as often as possible.

  • benjameshodges

    Work in London which leads me to a lot of steel dress watches.

  • Tanj

    In California an automatic watch is essential cuz when the “big one” happens no one will have access to batteries ?

  • Allen Ross

    I live in Texas so it’s usually??here so a cool simple automatic timepiece like the one offered here would be perfecto!??

  • Guillaume Fournier

    Living in the Netherlands in The Hague, by the sea, a water resistant, automatic watch is essential to go sailing and be on time back at home!

  • Austin Greer

    My tastes are quite varied and I like to have a selection of varied watches so I always have something to match my current mood/taste. Its not unheard of for me to swap my watch out during the day.

  • Paul Elam

    Chicago is an interesting place when it comes to watches…weather is highly variable (if you don’t like the weather, wait 10-minutes and it’ll change!) Watches need to be be able the weather shifts, and if you going to and from business meetings, you also need to look the part. On the weekends, I’ll wear a tough and durable watch, and during the week, I’ll wear a watch that is strong, but looks a bit more professional. This watch send to fit both quite nicely!

  • German Andrade

    I live in Mexico, so there are basically two types of watches for me: the ones I can wear at such places and times I feel safe, and the ones I will not miss if someone else likes them and wants to make me an offer I can not refuse…

  • Tilen

    I live in Slovenia. I think our culture made me dislike certain watches rather than made me love any specific type. Most of all I love watches that are simple and non-flashy. You see, to be a watch lover here, one must have a flashy sparkling monster on his wrist. And if the crown or a couple of wings are on the dial that really makes you a watch lover. What affected my taste was also the fact that we have limited selection of brands we can see in the store. And even that is only in thr main city.

    Regarding the weather I believe what I really like is a light watch with canvas or nylon strap on. It gets over 35 degrees Celsius quite often in last couple of summers.

  • Mike V

    The Chicago area offers a lot of outdoor activities from swimming and diving in Lake Michigan to hiking through the many thousands of acres of forest preserves to cycling the many bike trails. In the winter Ice skating and cross country skiing are popular activities. All that are pursued in weather ranging from minus 10 degrees to 100 above. This requires a watch that is rugged, durable and easy to read. The Martenero fits the bill nicely and looks good too!

  • Nick

    I’m attracted to different types of watches. More elegant ones for work or evening events, and more casual ones for weekend or sport events. But necessary for me is that watch is either automatic or manual so I don’t need to depend on batteries.

  • Dan

    Because I live in LA, I like watches that are more casual but that have outstanding design elements. Also, given our weather, I like watches that generally work well with summer attire.

  • Tacket Brown

    Lovely piece! Here in Seattle, people are pretty low key, and don’t like to flaunt anything too flashy. It’s pretty dreary here in the winters too, so a pop of color on the wrist like this could be just the little pep one needs to get through the day!

  • Aaron Wood

    Living on the coast of Florida for most of my life I find myself mostly attracted to dive watches. Of course I don’t dive, and dive watches are probably the most popular style there is, so maybe it’s not all from living on the coast.

  • Being an American affects me looking for American made or assembled products, including watches. I’m saving up for a Weiss but proudly wear my Shinola. I’d love to have another partially American watch like a Martenero!

  • NC

    Being a World Citizen and Traveller I enjoy timepieces with GMT complications. Working in IT also means I need to know UTC times quite often when looking a transactions going through our systems.

  • at1time

    I live on the CA coast. Casual all the way.Divers or a G Shock most days. A Benrus Sky Chief vintage watch for the marrying and burying events.

  • Moonraker

    I am from Freetown. I love free. It can be warm here but also cold. Sometimes both in a year. I love free.

  • Benefon

    I’m from Finland, rain and snow makes 5 ATM WR a must, and for dark, long winter a good lume is a good thing to have.

  • Flávio Maia

    I really like the colour scheme.

  • Watch Obsolescence

    I live in the United States and culturally I am attracted to a watch with this meter when dealing with American culture.

    • Mikita

      Some sponsored posts will beat the sh* out of your meter in a matter of seconds

  • Elijs Dima

    I live in Sweden, which does have a history of, well, vikings.
    So, I commissioned an Estonian engraver to put runic script on one of my watches.

    Besides that… Well, swedish norm is ‘lagom’, loosely meaning that things are good when they are… fine, not excessive. So, same with watches – I don’t choose anything that’s excessively large or blingy, or excessively small. At the same time, boring stuff isn’t ‘lagom’ either ;P

  • Carlos Trejo Vázquez

    To be honest I don’t think the culture or place where I live affects my watch purchasing decisions, maybe the weather a little bit as on summer time I tend to use more NATO straps.

  • GojiB

    Living in Brooklyn, i feel awkward wearing my Panerai around.. and strictly only put it on if i come into the city.. how about that where the place dictates your taste.. .

  • Erik S

    Living in Georgia, I look for watches that will look good on bands that can stand up to the heat and humidity, but also something that I can wear on leather when it is cool enough. This watch would look great on any band and work well as a year-round watch.

  • michael mescher

    I live in the Northeast just 10 miles north of Boston,Massachusetts in primarily a mix of working and business class folks.The weather which changes a lot and the type of people that I deal with (work with the public) determine which watch I will be wearing that day.

  • rhyino

    I steer towards rubber straps or metal bracelets because of the warm humid weather here.

    • Berndt Norten

      And where exactly might ‘here’ be?

  • Michael Zeidman

    I think any watch is suitable in any weather. What matters is the strap. I live in NY where the summers are hot and the winters are cold. I tend to wear rubber or nato straps in the Summer, and bracelets or leather straps in the winter.

  • Samuel Fedor

    I will keep fingers cross for everyone

  • Sam Anderson

    I like this watch. I’m in New Zealand and, although we are surrounded by water, the oceans are usually pretty cold. Which is why I have fewer dive watches than I would if I lived somewhere more tropical.

    • Berndt Norten

      Stick to sheep

      • Sam Anderson

        An Australian making a sheep joke: creative!

        • Berndt Norten

          I am no spawn of convict riff-raff. I was born in the most exclusive test tube ever conceived

          • Sam Anderson

            Born IN a test tube? That must have been a pretty big one!

          • Berndt Norten

            Life begins at conception, or so some say

          • Sam Anderson

            Indeed it does. Even here, in the Antipodes. Where everything is upside down, sheep have domesticated humans, and we only enjoy worn out jokes made at our expense.

          • Berndt Norten

            Geepers creepers sorry I hit a raw nerve. Btw I think a podiatrist can help with antipodes.

        • Moonraker

          At least he didn’t make a “fush & chups” joke.

          • Sam Anderson


  • Lauri Mäkinen

    I live in Finland so the watch needs to be able to go with different temperatures.

    • Berndt Norten

      Is there a part of the world without different temperatures?

      • Lauri Mäkinen

        Okay let’s try again: It needs to go with big temperature changes during the year. I live in a city, where the highest of the year is usually 30°C and the lowest -25°C. So it’s not like in Mediterranean where it is 10-40 the whole year, summer or winter.

  • Alejandro Cifuentes

    I live in a big city with mild climate, It doesn’t constitute an aspect to considerate when buying a watch.

  • Marco ‘Maddog’ Apollonio

    Martenero makes really interestic, modern looking watches! They sire aren’t boring! I live in the middle of Sweden, but I come from Italy. Most of my watches have a nice pop of color in the dial, hands or at least a small detail, to contrast the dark winters over here. 😀 I rarely would buy a monochromatic watch. I need that color detail or, why not, flashy coloro all over!

  • Jason Reyes

    I live on the shore of lake Michigan is a pretty luxury town so I’m a huge fan of divers but also dressy sports watches like the oyster perpetual and the datejust

  • alex ioancio

    I live and work in a temperate region in which a leather strap can be weared 9 months in a year. The other part is the nature of my job , being in a variety of liquids a diver is much suitable for robustness and waterproofness.

  • Josef Schmid

    Living close to the alps the watch has to cope with the ocassional shower and different temperatures.

    • Berndt Norten

      When did the Alps lose their capital? nefarious bell hooks lives on

  • Moonraker

    We have a saying in Zembla. Actually we only have two sayings but the one I’m talking about roughly translates to “you are being hostile and most unwelcoming to our environment, prepare to be ruthlessly moderated”.

    • Phil leavell

      I’m starting to scare the g`¥®{¥®° out & I’m losing my f%?•¢ ind

      • Moonraker

        I’m just joking around and I hope you are too. But if you’re not you have to call somebody, OK?

  • Steven Servantez

    Living in Wisconsin, we have extreme cold and heat. I need a watch that withstand both extremes and still look fashionable.

  • Dirtybirdsoaps

    The weather or culture doesn’t effect my watch purchases. I base them off appearance and features.

  • OJ

    Looks pretty cool! Goodluck to everyone!

  • Larry Holmack

    Really nice looking watch!!! Living in the Hill Country of Texas….near the State Capital of Austin….it’s hot here!!!! We really don’t have winter at all….just a few days now and then when the highs are in the mid 30’s Fahrenheit to mid 40’s. The rest of the year it is either warm…or hot….like July…we only had 7 days this past month when the temperature was below 100 degrees. In fact, this past Saturday and Sunday, it was 106 and 107. So I tend to wear my G Shocks a lot here, since they are light weight. Most of my watches with leather straps mainly get worn from November to February…when the weather isn’t quite so warm, and the same goes for my watches on a bracelet.

  • OJ

    Being a waiter, wearing a watch with a timer function or rotating bezel helps to keep track of when customers have sat down and when I should take their order/check up on them.

  • Gord Hay

    Live on an island and if I’m not in the water it’s raining. Always looking for something that withstand constant downpours

  • alexe christian

    Cute watch! Working in the hospital. No watches allowed 😉

  • Gorgeous, well balanced dialed watch! Can’t wait to win this 🙂

  • Josh Graves

    Another beauty from Martenero! I’ve lived on Germany and Japan and I do believe that both countries pay special tribute to craftsmanship and no nonsense style. Experiencing those values first hand definitely influenced my thoughts on design and my appreciation for attention to detail and quality.

  • Joel Woodward

    The region I’m in tends to be very conservative, not flashy or over-the-top. I find myself attracted more to watches that are on the loud side, something that stands out.

  • Eric Thompson

    Living on the east coast, I have the advantage of experiencing all 4 seasons in their full glory. Having a nice watch collection adds to my appearance while wearing shot sleeve shirts during the hot & sunny July BBQs or bundled in a parka while building a snow man on a cold winter afternoon. Options are always nice and the Martenero would be a nice one.

  • David Stoddart

    Well I live in Liverpool, UK, and the weather is very changeable! Therefore, I have my Suunto, Tissot T-Touch and Casio Pro Trek to choose from!!

  • Eric Thompson

    Living in the southeast US we have all four seasons. It’s always nice to have several style options, and the Martenaro Edgemere would be great for spring and summer.

  • Chin Lowfat


    • DanW94

      Best name ever.

      • Berndt Norten

        Heywood Jablomee objects to that.

        • Moonraker

          As does Craven Morehead LXIX, last in a long line of Moreheads.

  • Duffy Olson

    In the PNW, I’m interested in durable watches that can handle the elements.

  • Gary Aerne

    I like the patriotic color tones. I live in Midwest. So hot and cold weather is the norm. Unless your diving, watches can be worn anywhere.

  • Greg Marberry

    Here in the Rocky Mountains, durable yet stylish & clean is the name of the game

    • Berndt Norten

      Head for Busch beer. Head for the mountains

      • DanW94

        Colorado Rocky Mountain high, I’ve dreamed of watches falling from the sky….

        • Berndt Norten

          The shadow and the sunburst dial are softer than a lullaby

  • Berndt Norten

    Here sir I sit parts unknown in several stone weigh I more than should I for to be too heavy when it comes to weight. Watch nice but weather’s the how? Needs not to know to show nice watch on wrist fist for to the thing.

    • DanW94

      He ain’t heavy, He’s my Brother.

  • ???? ????

    I live in Aden, southern Yemen. Most of the time, the weather is very hot and there is extreme humidity. I love watches that are not affected by humidity.

  • Chris mclain

    Very nice , I can see the tie in to NYC. This is a classic watch with a twist. All the components mentioned seem to be high quality as well. Would live to have it on my wrist .

  • Moonraker

    I live inside a climate-controlled technodrome floating in the void. But despite the AC, sometimes I still work up a sweat getting all crunkcore on the down low during our monthslong dance marathons. So I need a watch on a rubber strap (sometimes I’ll wear two rubber straps, the technodrome is really skanky) that can tell me if it’s day or night.

  • Word Merchant

    God, the scroungers are out in force today, aren’t they?

  • Tim Nicholls

    I live on the NSW South coast, so my environment is beach and bush. I need a watch that can stand up to the rigours of salt water and also bushwalking. I also work in a laboratory where my watch can splashed with alcohol and acetone and it needs to be tough enough to withstand that. I look for watches that are rugged but also aesthetically pleasing.

  • Brett Lintvelt

    Southern Australia – Mediterranean climate. Anything partially or fully water resistant.

    • Berndt Norten

      Actually, a Southern Australian climate

  • Moonraker

    I reside in a plane called The Nether. Somehow a transmission from your world pierced The Nether’s veil and I received it into my braindock. My braindock does sign up for all sorts of email updates for giveaways, grocery store coupons, etc. It’s starting to piss me off to be honest, but this Martenero is so fresh and clean that it’s hard to stay angry. And the best part is I can wear it for The Nether Speed Dating Night. I have been warned that if I don’t find a mate soon I will be banished to The Nether II.

  • Jeff Story

    Mid-Atlantic US – environment doesn’t affect what watches I go for.

    • Berndt Norten

      Might as well go for a soda….

  • Berndt Norten

    Who are all these coupon seekers?

    • Moonraker

      Have they always required some kind of social media confirmation/liking/following/tethering/smothering in order to win?

      • Ranchracer

        As far as I know. Stupid if you ask me. Disqualifies a bunch of us who aren’t slaves to the social media garbage.

  • Steve Dibler

    I’m also in the Mid-Atlantic US. Summers are very hot and humid at times. During this kind of weather, I prefer watches with good water resistance on rubber or NATO straps.

  • It’s very hot and cold, alternately where I live, so I need a watch that stands up to changes in temperature, snow and high humidity!

  • Tristan

    The weather has a big influence on my seasonal watch choices. In summer I’m wearing a lot of t-shirts or sleeve rolled up shirts, and I go for bigger divers or crazy 70s chronographs. In winter (right now), I’m wearing smaller 36-40mm watches that are more dressy and restrained and slip under shirt sleeves at work. The Martenero looks great in red, white and blue (the colours on Australia’s flag).

  • Darren Williams

    Living in Sydney Australia I need a durable and water resistant watch.

  • egznyc

    How does the place where I live affect my watch preferences? It really doesn’t, any more than it affects what kind of woman I’m attracted to – I am much more affected by my innate preferences. Maybe I’m influenced by what I see but with the internet it’s possible to see anything and everything. I like both rugged and more refined watches. It depends more what I’m doing: going on an adventure or to a formal affair.

  • Barzuma

    I like the colorful face style. Flashy yet understated at the same time 🙂

  • thecouchguy

    Where I live and the climate does not affect my watch choices. For my it’s more about my lifestyle, which is active no matter if I’m living in the arctic circle, or my current abode in the sub tropics. Active by day, dressy for the weekend evenings.

  • Matt

    Living in New England durability is key to my watch choice, hiking, sailing, swinging in the ocean, who knows what’s coming next.

  • Mikita

    I am from Avlee. I like to fight viverns and search for treasures. Sometimes I go to Tatalia and beat some trolls. My watch must aware me if the enemy is coming.

  • Thomas H

    In an area dominated by Apple watches, I gravitate to wrist worn timepieces that are traditional, generates conversation and don’t need to be plugged in nightly.

  • SPITX206

    I am from one of the 38 countries worldwide whose flag is red, white, and blue and do like that color combination on a watch dial. I live in a very temperate climate and among people whose culture is also quite temperate so almost any type of watch is acceptable. However I have always been attracted to sport watches with a substantial feel to them as well as dress watches that fit nicely under a French cuff.

  • gchahinian

    I used to be in New York, now I live in SoCal. Since there’s just about no rain here, I look at water resistance with a lot less importance than I used to when shopping for watches

  • Mikita

    I live in the abandoned 7-Eleven shopee, which I call my home. I spend my time counting marinated peach cans and eating dried bananas. Hate them! My watch mustcome handy as a can opener and have a lighter.

  • Chris MacEwen

    I like all kinds of watches , but the ones designed to work in cold weather are better for most days here in Canada . I really am attracted to watches that are timepieces . I like the mechanics of things .

  • Andres

    The conditions of the country where I live do not affect my taste in watches, but it does affect the type of watches I can use normally. Here it is very common that you are assaulted and take away the watch that you so much appreciate, so for day to day I usually wear the most discreet and simple watches I own. my Favorites only for the few special occasions.

  • Diina Dayaparan Visvanathan

    I’m a marketing student from Malaysia. I’m often involved in various social functions where i get to meet people from various walks of life and professions. One thing that i have gotten to learn from a few well experienced people is that , people often judge a male’s sense of fashion and his social standing mostly based on the watch he wears,thus it is important in my social circle to wear a good quality timepiece. I have always been a fan of chronographs and i’ve found that it suits most of my daily needs and social functions i attend to , although In recent months i’ve been trying out a few fashion watches to break my norm.

  • I’m not exactly certain how my local region (southeast Pennsylvania) would affect the type of watches I’m attracted to. Though I will admit to having an affinity for railroad watches. O.o

  • Jeff NZ

    Reasonable outdoorsy so dive and field watches are popular for EDC.

  • Samuel John

    Always loved Martenero, great guys. Most of my watches are intended to be able to work in any reasonable environment, but often avoid the heavier dive watches in the summer when its hot and humid

  • Clara Lim

    well I live in Hong Kong; on your left we have Rolex, and on the right Tudor. Such trends do not affect my taste I like them watches all the same.

  • Phil leavell

    I live in the bottom of a ravine near Cherry Hill Park. My home is built out of old cargo pallets the walls covered in cardboard to Shield me from the rain and the cold. It would be nice to have a watch so I could tell time it is so I can get up early and look for a job. It’s been awhile since I work, my last job was at a grocery store he wasn’t very good my job was sucking farts from a rump roasts.
    My last job interview didn’t go very good. The mam said I was overqualified to be the village idiot.

  • John Soltis

    I live in Oshawa Ontario Canada and my region, culture and weather do NOT impact my decisions on any watch I purchase> I go for minimalist elegant unique design! Good luck to all!

  • Ryan

    I live in Chicago, and I like all kinds of watches. I tend to wear a more durable watch if it’s snowing or pouring rain, but I don’t think my watch purchases are influenced by where I live.

  • Moonraker

    I travel the forests of Nordica as a knight errant. Always eager to live up to my chivalric duty, I require a timepiece that is on one hand able to withstand the blows of a ne’er-do-well’s mace, and on the other hand able to withstand the tender kisses of a wench’s face. I’m also cool with chronographs for timing how long my medieval laundry’s been in the river or how long I left my horse parked in the restricted meadow.

    • Mikita

      Plague resistance would also come handy, wouldn’t it?

  • Mikita

    I live in the Pattaya region, Thailand. I love the ladyboys and watch a ping pong show every single day. My watch should stand the blow with a dildo on the glass.

  • Matt Owens

    I live in the Northeast of the USA. Not too far from the beach, so I’m near the water often and I usually will wear a diver everywhere. I like the toughness of them it suits my lifestyle very well. However they are a little lacking when I need to dress up. This piece looks like it will be a welcomed change to my rotation.

  • Mikita

    I live in the anus of a giant whale thrown ashore. It was the only way to hide from a snowstorm. I eat the remains of rotten fish and fight off the polar bears. My watch should be equipped with a compass and pepper spray.

    • Phil leavell

      Deodorant might come in handy.

    • Moonraker

      Hey, baby. Your whale anus or mine?

      • Mikita

        Yours more like a killer whale or narwhal? Mine like beluga. We must ask Archie, being a sperm whale he must’ve met some real Blue Whale somewhere in Pattaya.

  • David

    I live in the Midwest where we experience all four seasons. I’m drawn to watches that are durable and can be versatile whether in snow, rain or heat.

    • Berndt Norten

      A man for all seasons

  • Berndt Norten

    Livin in the La Vida Loca Zone, I need a watch dial that’s cherry red and a strap the color of mocha. I live in La Vida Loca.

  • wallydog2

    It’s hard to find a watch that is “different” and at the same time not garrish or gimmicky, not overstated, not too “mod” or too “retired bank branch manager”. The Martenero would look good on a person of my age – Jack Benny 39 – at the swim-up (in my, case wade-up) bar at Eldorado Royale

  • Jose Felipe Garcia Vivanco

    I live in Mexico City, the city has everything from the fancy to the more extreme zones. I use sometimes when going to a complex zone a easy swatch, at other times for a non fancy dinner a Technomarine and at last in my day to day life as a banker my nice Oris Black Dial or my Pannerai. Any watch can be useful and be great in different environments.

  • Rodney Stone

    I like the look of this watch and would love to own it, with living in New Zealand i don’t believe this brand is available here

  • tank324

    Here in North Texas the heat tends to make me look for lighter more casual watches. They work well for work and evenings out.

  • M?n Phi

    This looks really cool. But sadly in Vietnam when I ask my friends about this brand, no one can actually have an idea about it 🙁

  • Panama_Jack

    I have only black dials thus far. Everytime I want to get more color variation, I find another watch with a black dial here in Germany or from around the world (internet I love you) and tell me “screw it, strap variations will do”… so that could be a nice addition

  • krick

    I live in the axis of fast fashion trends, so anything with a timeless and classic style really stands out.

  • Jeff

    The Martenero will pair well with my jeans and tee shirt needed to battle the summer heat here in Dubai.

  • Buy and Sold

    Here in Las Vegas I left my Limes pilot watch on the dashboard and fried it! I could do with a sleek alternative like this. I follow ablogtowatch on Instagram under a different name, which I hope is within the rules. As for this watch, the dial texture makes this a decent step up for the brand.

  • Han Heng

    Here in Canada, it’s cold all year long, except 4 months of summer, I like wearing a diver watch with a red watch face because red is the colour of Canadian flag and diver watches has a sporty look which make it look good while skiing.

  • Kevin Wen

    In Los Angeles, its always sunny and hot. I tend to wear lightweight watches because of that but also because I have small wrists.

  • louis martinez

    I have big wrists and in LA, Ca. so I chose watches like G-Shock or Seiko or Bell & Ross Watches that I can see clearly.

  • Samrat

    I live in India and its very tropical weather here. Thus color is a big part of my watch repertoire. A dash of blue or sunbursted emerald make my watch collection. Hope you all have a great day!!

  • Steve Sánchez

    I love to wear lots of pops of color in some of my watches and shirts to match. Living in San Francisco cultivates quite a fashion sense of all types, and I just love how to dial and watch offers something that many, if any, will have or see in the “wild”. Its all about matching different tastes to scenarios, I love dressy Cartiers to regular Seiko SKXs and this offers something right in the middle and still has flair.

  • Moshe Y. Gluck

    Our hot summers make me stay away from leather and rubber bands… I’ll still wear this watch in the winter, though. 🙂

  • iBradcon

    San Diego, so obviously dive watches

  • Mark Mason

    Live in the UK near the coast and woodland so do a lot of outdoor sports – usually wear a G-shock or Garmin for everyday use with water and shock proof being my main requirement. Swap out for a smart diver or vintage military watch for evenings and meetings..

  • Mali Gulsever

    Great looking watch…Would be great if it accompanies in Amsterdam canals in my boat which has pretty same color tones on board

  • noerror

    The summer time in Hong Kong is hot and humid. You won’t feel good with sweat under the thick leather strap. My all time favorite in summer is a diver watch with tropical Perlon strap.

  • Michael Harvey

    Los Angeles summer seems to favor stainless steel watches. The simple design and easy read of the Martenero Edgemere seems great for a casual lifestyle!

  • Andre Braz

    I live in a happy country, specially on summer we use very colorful clothes. These must match with watches.

  • Aman Khajanchi

    Unlike most fashion accessories, a watch is by far a matter of personal choice. Though Indians are waking up to watches as yet another fashion accessory, it is more from the point of a display of affluence (for Branded Swiss Watches) rather than a choice based on research and complimenting their personality. For most, cost is directly proportional to decision for a good watch. As for the common man, a watch, is a watch, is a watch.

    Having said that, my choice depends largely on the type that suits my personality. Being of a medium and delicate build, I prefer a watch that is no more than 41 MM in diameter and a one with a leather strap. Divers and/or aviation watches with steel bracelets are too big for my personality. Also, I clearly differentiate between formal and casual watches and the one’s for special occasions like a wedding. The choice is made after careful evaluation between the brand, my liking, the complications and the price. While I cannot claim myself to be an expert. I would be better of in understanding watches which is treason enough for some of my colleagues, friends and family approach me for an advice prior to investing.

  • Javier Ocon

    Nicaragua is a beautiful and small country, our weather is tropical throughout the year and we have amazing beaches, volcanoes and even an amazing island to visit. All this, makes appropriate a watch that is ready for adventure, I tend to go to diver watches with a nice stainless steel band or a perlon strap.

  • Janko Bajagic

    Here in Toronto we see all the weather so I don’t think that watch selection (at least in my mind) is affected. What is affected however for me is what kinds of watch bands I wear. In the summer I typically switch over to nato or zulu bands where in winter I tend to switch everything over to leather or rubber bands. Steel is worn all year round :).

  • Roger M

    In DC the watches tend to be stayed and discreet, with a heavy old man Rolex bent. Thus I try to wear something unique, that us nerds will recognize as not-just-another-sub.

  • Steven Gusky

    In general, the place (region) I live really has very little to do with the watch I wear. I wear a the watch for the activity. At work, I wear a conservative dress watch. For outdoor activities, I wear a tool dive watch. And, I rotate in a bunch of other watches depending on the activity and dress required.

  • Warsh

    Like the watch! The weather extremes in Washington DC lead me to like a variety of watches and bands. More divers and natos and perlon in the hot summers and more formal and leather in the cold winters

  • Astiegan

    Geneva, Switzerland. My city doesn’t influence the kind of watch I wear, it puts the need of watches in all of us! The only rule would be for it to be swiss made. I guess it’s fair! But I don’t always respect the rules. Besides, Our color are red and white. If you add the blue of the lake, we have our combo!

  • Art Leyenberger

    Interesting Watch. Since I live in northern NJ, and we have at least 4 seasons per year, I have the luxury of wearing watches of different styles. That includes divers on bracelets, dress watches on leather, sport watches or pilots or others on NATO. The season dictates the strap but otherwise my daily choice is by whim or activity. E.g. I have been wearing my new Explorer for the last 2 weeks. This is unusual, as I typically wear one piece for as little as a day to several days.

  • KevinHiggins

    This would be a good watch to wear on patriotic holidays, like the 4th of July etc. With the red, white and blue colors it would be perfect. I actually prefer a large sweep second hand as I need a watch for checking vital signs on patients. Sport watches are my go to watch for outdoor activities as they are made for rugged use and getting wet. It is good to see a watch put together in the USA as the watch industry here seems to be getting stronger.

  • Jason Tucker

    I live in Ontario Canada, and I haven’t given much thought as to how the region impacts watch choices. However, I do know there is something to it. I once went to a local watch shop which specializes in classic timepieces, and I was surprised to find out from the shop owner that there was a regional bias towards Omega watches. I found this funny given I too lean that way. Is it s cultural thing? I don’t know.

  • Simeon Weinraub

    I live in Southern California, where the generally perfect weather and relatively easy living result in an overly casual style for most people. Along time ago, I realized that to stand out, all I have to do is make sure that I always wear good shoes and a nice watch. I found that high-quality, classic styles, with just a touch of color or flare is enough. This Martenero Edgemere fits in with my style, perfectly.

  • K. D.

    In PA my husband and I love to go Hiking with our yellow lab and drive around exploring new roads. I definitely love compass features in my watch.

  • dn151864

    I live in New England. We are fast paced, quick to the point, and just want to get the answer. I think this shows in my watches because I like a very clean looking watch that is easy to read and gives me the important information. I don’t need a watch that I need to stare at for 20 minutes to figure out what time it is. give me 2 hands and maybe a date complication and I’m happy.

  • Coert Welman

    I live in sunny South Africa and I work in a very informally-dressed working environment (chinos and open collar shirts are considered “dressing up”). This has influenced my watch choices to lean more towards the more sporty and informal sector of the watch world. Where a watch is more traditional, I tend to swap the strap to something less formal, e.g. black leather with contrasting stitching or distressed leather or even canvas. Working in a STEM field has made me quite partial to chronographs.

  • Dave Barr

    I live in a poorer part of Omaha so I don’t wear anything too flashy that attracts attention…This go’s for watches as well. What I need is a low key watch that works well but flys under the radar

  • Brian Kautz

    Live in a blue collar city tend to buy simple tough watches

  • Daieho

    I live in a cold humid climate so my watch buying needs tend to skew to watches that can handle the cold humidity.

  • I live in the snowbelt of NY, my watch buying habit tends to skew to tough tool watches with good lume for the early sun setting winter nights snowblowing the driveway.

  • J Moore

    Without question it does ….for water it is my Casio G shock ….for international travel it is my Apple Watch or Victoronix GMT ….and recently in Normandy France I wore my Tudor Black Bay with the NATO strap that was made in France to share in its origins 🙂

  • Tres

    I split my time between Austin and New York and my watches vary from dive watches and chronos to more traditional dress watches. What I wear depends more on what I am doing (going out, going to business meeting, water skiing, etc) than what city I am in.

  • Dave Sharp

    I live in the beautiful PNW; where it rains A LOT. I love the rain, and therefore, must have a waterproof watch. I do like the classy look over something super rugged, and think that the Martenero New York is a good fit for someone along the same latitude.

  • Stephen Scharf

    What’s the deal with off-center small seconds sub-dials? First the Breguet and now this….just looks wrong.

  • bbfrid

    Living in Texas heat and humidity (and rain), I tend to gravitate toward waterproof watches. Generally, I like at least 100m water resistance.

  • Ricky Ong

    I live in Indonesia especially Jakarta where’s so many watch enthusiasts club like S7fellas,Paneristi,APholic.

    But i want something different,so i choose Breitling Navitimer 01 and Martenero Edgemere Automatic will make me LIKE NO OTHER !

  • Rob Crenshaw

    I’m in Silicon Valley, people don’t wear watches much here except for fashionistas or tech wearing apple as a statement, or businessmen with Rolex.

  • Alvin

    My environment doesn’t necessarily affect what watches I like but rather which one I’ll wear. So I’m more likely to wear a dive watch if I’m in outdoorsy or potentially wet areas vs more dressy watch if I’m in the city.

  • A_666_K9

    Being a vet and continuing to work in and around the military across the U.S. I tend to gravitate to tougher/beater watches. G-shocks, divers, ABC watches, and others with “utility” are always on the “to look at (but really buy)” list =).

  • David Humphrey

    Living in the Pacific Northwest, I prefer watches that are unusual.

    • Berndt Norten


      • Moonraker

        You know what else is profound? TrevorXM is H.O. Dinkee. Pass it on. Kravitz it up!

  • Conservatarian TX

    I’m not sure how much your region affects the actual style of watches one prefers (there’s probably some variation in tastes). However, living in south Texas with all the heat and humidity, good water resistance is a must. I also stick with bracelets or rubber/silicone straps for my daily wears since the sweat will eat up leather.

  • Trond Bjørshol

    I live in Norway and my everyday watch must take rain, cold and snow, and will also need excellent lume, as it’s dark 6 months of the year.

  • J. Will

    Being North of the border from where this watch originates means cold and wet weather in the fall/winter/spring and hot, humid weather in the summer months. Therefore, water resistant is always a must and anything greater than 10 ATM is a bonus. Nice looking watch, love the off center sub dial and solid case back.

  • Christian Lévesque

    I live in the Los Angeles area and I can see how diving/marine/sport based watches are popular, as well as more refined/formal designs that show the wealth generated here. I see some funky designs as well, as many artistic types settle here in the hopes of making it in the entertainment industry.

  • ryan

    Right now I live in Milwaukee, WI. The weather is pretty variable (summer is pretty hot, winter is very cold) here. It doesn’t really lend itself to any particular type of watch, but I usually don’t wear anything with less than 100m water resistance, and most often wear watches on a Nato strap or with the metal bracelet it came with

  • Love3570

    Actually, there isn’t anything that affects the type of watches that I’m attracted to. I pretty much wear the same type of watch all year round.

    [email protected]

  • annalisak

    Where I live people want stylish but not too pretentious or showy watches.

  • margaretsmith

    Follow as as requested. What effects the type of watch mostly is what clothes or where I’m going. Mostly, I wear the same watch, but if getting dressed up, I tend to wear a dressy type of watch.

  • Daniel Park

    I have to wear button down shirts most days so I prefer a smaller watch that can fit under the sleeve.

  • Adam Goldstein

    I just wear whichever one of my watches matches what i’m wearing that day.

    • Berndt Norten

      You don’t say!

  • Jannet Kwan

    It is always hot where I lived so I need a watch that can withstand heat and sweat.

  • Bartman Hawaii

    Living in Hawaii I am attracted to less formal auto watches (and also dive watches). Red White & Blue!!!

  • Denis Danijel Puhar

    Actually it does not all have any effect on me personally. But when I was talking over the phone with some of the people who repair the watches for well known major brands one, a rather lengthy conversation stood out:

    The lead watchmaker of the official Seiko service for Slovenia was without exaggeration positively surprised about the fact, how much I know about mechanical watches. But the truth from my perspective at least was rather different. Of course, when I buy a new watch, I want to learn as much about it as I possible can (the general quality, mechanism, price/value ratio,…) and I invest a lot of time reading from various sources (ABTW, watchuseek forum,…) before I decide definitively, if this is THE watch for me, but I’m far from being an expert.

    The exact thing I also told this watchmaker, who is in this business for around 30 years. But he replied, that I’d be surprised, how the majority of people in whole country (not just the city I live in) spend on luxury mechanical watches without even knowing the basics.

    And with basics I mean (I’m not kidding) sometimes even so basic things as for example sometimes even, what the difference between a quartz and a mechanical watch is, what is the caliber or movement, power reserve and a lot of other basic stuff, but they happily pay a figure with four digits for the watch.

    I had a hard time believing this, but when I thought a little more about that, this did not even seem so strange to me anymore.

    Maybe I’m biased, because I was born and raised in Germany before moving to Slovenia, but the people here give a whole lot on the image.

    Many of them actually do not care about the watch itself, but more about the brand. Just that it is a well known brand even among layman and that the watch will be noticed by people (for example wearing it as low as possible on the wrist, so that the watch almost ‘hangs down’), everything is fine.

    And I’m talking about brands as Omega, Rolex, Cartier and in some instances even Seiko.

    And this ‘phenomenon’ is not restricted to the watches, but to anything of value, that draws attraction, as for example cars.

    In the following months I had the privilege, to meet one such person, who ‘bathes’ in money. He wears an expensive Cartier watch and drives a car, which is the only one in the whole country (or they are maybe two).

    I do not want to generalize too much, but it seems, that sometimes stereotypes actually mean something or at least they are based on a foundation.

  • Shephild

    I like the value and the red number indexing.

  • Harplayr

    Living in the hot southern states I tend to wear warches that have a band that can handle the perspiration and won’t restrict airflow

  • Griffith Hawkinson

    I live in North Carolina, and it is definitely hot and humid here, but this hasn’t actually influenced my taste in watches much. In general, I like a watch that is comfortable to wear, practical, and interesting without being too flashy. Yes, this is hardly an original thing to say, but it is what I find myself thinking right now. I do find some well thought-out high-tech watches like Seiko’s Astron GPS line to be interesting, because the technology does often have practical benefits, but I like more classic designs as well. I guess part of why I like these two branches of watch style is that they both make sense in rural and small-town eastern NC, anything having more “bling” doesn’t so much (not to say that this is always bad).

  • Howard Bilecky

    seems nice

  • Keith Ritchie

    In Australia, we live the Great Outdoors life and tend to like watches that are practical, informal and rugged!!

  • Hed1N

    In my place all types of watches are good

  • Ilya Evgenevich

    waterproof and shockproof, live in tough Chelyabinsk

  • Klimt

    I live and work on the Chesapeake Bay . Watches that withstand water are mandatory. Diving watches are best ! Water is often cascading over the deck . Also timepieces that can be read in low light, rule!

  • Moonraker

    I am from Tuckfardia. I am King and smartest of all Tuckfardians with an IQ of 61. But I am losing my grip on power, the Tuckfardian natives are restless! If I am chosen for the Martenero then I believe I can once again assert my dominance and put my fellow Tuckfardians back in their place. Show them who’s King!

    • Andrew Hochberg

      We are experiencing similar unrest here in the States. Your scintillating 61 IQ dwarfs that of our Fearless Leader. Tuckfadians are fortunate indeed to have such a gifted ruler. We envy them.

  • billy mclaughlin

    I live in Pittsburgh and it always seems to be raining. I work in IT for a hospital and seem to be washing my hands all day long. I don’t need a dive watch but I do need some thing with some water resistance (like the Martenero)

  • kibbyster

    i am a member of the south and I find myself wearing orange for UT alot. even an orange faced watch.

  • James Dillon

    I spend lots of time outdoors. My watches need to be water resistant.

  • Dat C

    We have a three seasons: summer, fall and winter so the watch must be durable enough to last in all three weather conditions

    • IG

      Who stole the autumn?

  • Moonraker

    OK, who’s real here? To quote a new classic: “I really am attracted to watches that are timepieces”

    • Denis Danijel Puhar

      Thank you for the vote. But would you like to know even something more unbelievable? At least I thought the watchmakers and watch-sellers, who buy expensive watch time pieces were kidding. They were not. I wanted to sell my TISSOT Visodate in one of the nearby watch stores and of course, they were not interested even a bit.

      But for another reason as you may think (and I did also).

      The price was not the deciding factor (as I expected), but they told me, that they only buy watches made out of precious metals as for example gold (or at least the watch has quite a large proportion of the precious metal in it).

      I thought, fine. But the reason blew out my mind.

      It did not matter how collectible the time piece was, as for example a Rolex, Cartier and so on, namely watches, which are indeed timeless, hold their value or in some cases become – as the time passes – even more valuable.

      The sole intention by them with buying the watch was, to extract the precious metal from it (of course this means destroying the watch).

      I could not believe this. So I asked around in 2 or 3 another watch stores in which you can sell watches.

      Exactly the same story. The ONLY watches they are interested in (no matter if it is a Rolex, Omega or even a Patek Philippe). The sole interest they have, is to extract the precious metal out of it???!!!

      Are they nuts, to put it mildly?

      • Moonraker

        Wow. As a watch lover, like I’m sure you are too, that saddens me.

        • Denis Danijel Puhar

          Actually this is not a predominant feeling in me. I’m more angry and astonished than anything else.

          I don’t know how much of the precious metal is (or can be) in a luxury watch, that costs maybe an amount, that has five figures (just an estimate or better said an educated guess, because, I’d be happy if I’d owe at least one timepiece, that costs 1000 to 2000 Euros – anything above that value I wouldn’t even wear as my daily watch).

          I could be wrong, but there is NO WAY, that even if the last bit of the precious metal is extracted from such a watch, that the amount gained exceeds the actual price (not to mention the value that can’t be measured by figures) of the watch in question.

          So, if those shops are still open after a few months after I visited them, then I’m sure, that I literally live in the wrong country.


          Actually, I knew this long before this happened, but such ‘reminders’ always ensure, that I don’t forget to leave as soon as opportunity arises.

  • Abdulrahman

    high temperatures and humidity are my main concerns when it comes to whether, and the resistance to scratches is important in all watches.

  • Julien Wajnberg

    I don’t think that the region I live affect the type of watches I like. Today with the internet you can learn and appreciate so much about different types of watches and this information, for me, is what affects the most the type of watche I like.

  • Jeff Geer

    The only problem in my region for watches is the heat and average life of button cell batteries

  • Doug

    I’ve really no need for anything fancy, just date and time, that is legible and a bit classy. Living in an urbanizing rural community I ride a thin line as a public servant being expected to both look the part, but also not. I have a few “fancy” watches that people have commented something to that effect in a not too positive manner. Where the Tesla meets the tractor a little style is appreciated, anything austentacious is open to criticism.

  • Carol Ezovski

    I don’t really think there is any connection, for me anyway, between where live and the type of watches I am attracted to. We live near the ocean, so maybe something water resistant….
    Facebook – Carolsue Anderson
    Instagram – @Cezovski9
    digicats {at} sbcglobal {dot} net

  • Moonraker

    I live in Cooperstown, NY. I was so good at baseball they literally put me in the Hall of Fame. I have to stand still like a mannequin in the exhibition hall, all day long. At night, when the museum closes, I scrounge around for partially-eaten hot dogs and other discarded foodstuffs. I need a reliable timepiece because they won’t let me have a phone (I might call the cops for rescue) and I need to know when the museum opens in the morning so I can finish my floor popcorn breakfast, wash my uniform in the water fountain, and get back to my spot.

  • Samuel Fedor

    interesting watch

  • Calvin Lee Yiu Chung

    Very interesting watch

  • Moonraker

    very very interesting watch

  • Moonraker

    I ride the Great Northern rails. But it’s not as romantic as it sounds. The constant clickity-clackity was slowly driving me to insanity. When I first started out in the train game, I was friendly and always eager to assist any fellow traveler. But eventually I got to the point where I was maiming other Canadian hobos for sport. On a recent cold night in Thunder Bay, I broke into a pharmacy for warmth. I took a cocktail of pills, willy-nilly, and stumbled upon a mixture that has really helped with my anger and impulse control. And now, whenever we roll into a yard on a Sunday, I try to attend a nearby church service. I’m slowly turning my life back around. I really have no need for a watch because the freight companies set my schedule, after all. But I figure I can give the Edgemere to Saskatoon Stan to make up for that time I shivved him over a can of lima beans.

    • DanW94

      From what I heard Saskatoon Steve ended up breaking into a pet hospital in Moose Jaw looking for pain medication. He came across an orphaned three legged dog named Jacko whom he took and headed up to the Yukon on a CSX freight. He crossed paths with one-eyed Mary and her tumor stricken poodle and they settled in a tent city outside of a truck depot on the Klondike Highway. Last I heard Mary finished a can of his Lima beans and he lost it and in a drunken rage, beat her to death. Reports have it he’s heading toward Whitefish bay with the two dogs in tow. So yeah, indirectly, you’re responsible for one-eyed Mary’s death. Hope you can live with that Hobo Bill…..

      • Moonraker

        Sad to hear but I’ve actually met one-eyed Mary and believe it or not, Saskatoon Steve is the lesser of two psychos. Maybe it’ll be better for the poodle.

      • Moonraker

        I was trying to get a hold of you to tell you that I really think TrevorXM is the man behind H.O. Dinkee.

    • Andrew Hochberg

      Steve says, it was just a scratch. All is forgiven. But won’t be given up my G-Shock while I ride these here rails anytime soon.
      So keep this pretty piece Moonie.

  • Ray Koo

    Canada – I live near the ocean and mountains, so I prefer my watches to be durable, water resistant and be able to survive in rough conditions!

  • Super???????

    Hello! I am from Athens, Greece. All i want from my wrist watch is to be water resistant (so i can wear it all the time when i am on vacations close to sea), durable (so i can use it in the construction sites) and stylish/trendy (so it can be matched with my evryday cool outfits… Thank you!

  • Steven Williams

    Hello..from Kansas City Missouri..we’re having unusually mild near perfect weather here this summer..Going to be in mid 50’s in the morning for a few days…Different looking watch !

  • John Quinn

    In Charlottesville Virginia, it’s a college town in the south: southern charm with an edge of sophistication. A unique and classy watch would fit in great!

  • gtbr

    i live close to the beach and i think this watch will look at home near by

  • Jason Hackworth

    I move around a lot, so the ability to track time zones (GMT hand, etc.) or change the time on the fly has always been very appealing to me.

  • Kirk Macdonald

    I live on Puget Sound and I’m a retired scuba diver, so I tend to lean toward diving watches. It’s also nice to have that robust water resistance when the Long Wet Dark hits in September through May.

  • Shane Kleinpeter

    Nice looking watch! Being American, I like the red, white, and blue. I choose the watch I wear typically based upon the activity I anticipate for the day. The weather isn’t usually a factor, but certainly if I’m somewhere humid, I choose a bracelet or a rubber strap instead of leather or suede. As long as a watch has reasonable water resistance, the weather isn’t normally an issue.

  • Shaun B

    I live in the mountains we have a lot of rain and I fish often, so I usually wear a divers style watch. I appreciate a waterproof, robust watch with good lume.

  • I’ll take one with a red maple leaf please. Thank you!

  • Lurch

    I am attracted to inexpensive, practical watches because I live in a high cost area on the West Coast of the USA.

  • Walter Van Tine

    I live in NY state and commute every day. I wear watches that are sturdy and generally solar or mechanical.

  • IG

    I live in the land of purists so I hate automatic watches.

  • Kevin Peterson

    I live in Minnesota, so I like simple designs. No bling.

  • Chris

    My environment requires a watch that can take some dings and keep water out. As a result, I usually prefer divers.

  • Sam Kay

    i love the sub seconds and a has really cool colors

  • Saurav Sharma

    Dubai one of the most beautiful city in the world. It is the city of luxury and comfort. However, living in Dubai can sometimes lure you into the materialistic side of life, and it’s probably tougher if you deal with the 1 percenters of the Middle East everyday at work. I am surrounded by luxury and bling 24 7. This in turn entices me to the contrasting subtle, understated beautifully minimalistic designs & graceful modern dress timepieces, that make you smile when you look at your wrist. Just like the Martenero Edgemere Automatic.

    • Andrew Hochberg

      Hear, hear! Kudos for your sense and sensibilities.

  • Joseph Soranno

    I live in the northeast US, so we have all four seasons. As a result, for straps/bracelets I like to stick to leather in the winter, and steel or rubber in the summer. As for the type of watch itself, I never considered my location to be a factor.

  • Brad

    I live in California and hike a lot, so I like a watch that can handle some rain and is low maintenance. Not worrying about a battery running out would be great.

  • Andrew Hochberg

    I live in historic Ridgefield Connecticut. A Revolutionary War battle was fought here in 1777. This patriotically colorful watch would be the perfect wrist accessory for a Nutmegger (Connecticut native) such as myself. Just about the perfect time piece to wear to the annual battle commemoration celebrated every April 27th. I think General Wooster, the American force commander would approve as well.

  • JF Beaulieu

    I live in Montreal so I change my straps around a lot to accomodate the weather. Rubber ans nato in the summer and leather in thr colder seasons

  • Pops

    I Live in Ipswich in the UK the most boring town in England

  • DC

    Living on a west coast island leads me to split my time indoors at a desk and outdoors in the beautifully wilderness, pushing me preference towards something durable, yet elegant. Right now my daily watch is a diver on shark mesh!

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.
    I have known adventures, seen places you people will never see, I’ve been Offworld and back…frontiers! I’ve stood on the back deck of a blinker bound for the Plutition Camps with sweat in my eyes watching the stars fight on the shoulder of Orion. I’ve felt wind in my hair, riding test boats off the black galaxies and seen an attack fleet burn like a match and disappear. I’ve seen it…felt it!

    (Bladerunner for the unenlightened).

    • Andrew Hochberg

      Hmmm. Assumed Replicants had internal time keeping provided. However, more sinister design failures ended badly but predictably. Except possibly for Rachel. Only time will tell.

  • Mark ZuVerink

    I live in the middle of the desert at 5300 feet above sea level. So naturally water resistance is my primary consideration (apparently, judging by my collection of dive watches.)

  • Norman Lever

    I like the use of colour on the dial. It adds playfulness to the mix of readability and practicality.

  • Marc C

    I live in Tokyo, which as you can guess is a great city for watch lovers. You see a lot of Japanese brands of course — younger people prefer G-Shocks and the occasional Databank, while older people lean towards conservative Seikos and Citizens. You also see a lot of Rolexes, TAGs, and Omegas of course. Not a lot of micro-brands, but I’m hoping that changes in the future.

  • Gregg Turcich

    the only red in any of my watches are the hands. this would really brighten up my collection.

  • Eric Chen

    I live in San Diego near the where the weather is pretty mild and the people are pretty chill. No watch looks too out of place here (except maybe the polar expedition speedmaster). I work in a lab and have to do a lot of waiting, so my two current watches of choice are a Deep Blue dive watch and a Seiko chronograph to keep track of experiment incubation times

  • APC

    I love the Martenero’s looks and would love to win one! the problem would be choosing between the different models! [email protected]

  • antonio sumabon

    the red matches perfectly the red maple leaf on the canadian flag!! in my line of work, the second hand on the watch finds the most use as my other hand is busy clamping a tubing or taking a pulse or timing the flow of a saline or other fluid flush (15/30/45 seconds). the small seconds hand on this watch is more helpful in quickly calculating when to stop than a longer one as a quick glance is needed.

  • wawan hermawan

    i work as electrician,, so actually i need watch that have anti magnetic property,,but i always want an automatic watch,,right now seiko snk 809 as my only automatic watch.
    The color on this watch, match then color of my national flag,, Indonesia(red and white)
    wish i can win this piece,,
    regards from indonesian sundanese

    [email protected]

  • Ond?ej Korho?

    Czech people are very anti-elitist. I guess it affects my taste in watches in some ways. I really dislike precious materials like gold, rose gold or even silver. Martenero is a good choice for this.

    Also, the red-blue-white combination is exactly what Czech flag looks like 🙂

  • Oscar Connelly


  • Aaron Robart

    In the appalachian mountains of West Virginia we get a lot of rain in the summer. My summer daily beater watch is a SKX009 diver on a NATO. Looks great with most summer cloths and I don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain with my dress watch on.

  • William C Karcher

    I would love to have this watch ! I like that its water proof and I don’t have worry about it fishing !

  • BF

    My watch must be accurate enough to measure the time it takes a NK rocket to reach the US, and continue working after the EMP strike has eliminated the power grid, and be useful for bartering in goods and services in the resulting apocalyptic nightmare.

  • Louis Cheng

    My job requires me to be around kids all the time. All in all, i need one tough motherfucker watch to withstand snatches and drops caused by kids. All the snots and tears means I gotta have waterproof and dust resistant watches! Being in a tropical country means I need watch that’s rust resistant too!


    Hi there and thank you for another splendid giveaway!
    I certainly take my solid, water proof pieces for summer vacation near the sea, the ones with altitude and barometer features in the mountains, while I keep the more elegant ones for the city.
    I’m thrilled that this Martenero model is perfect for both vacation and life in the city.
    Happy email follower, I also follow you on Facebook (Despina Veneti) and both you and Martenero on Instagram (despinavnt).

  • Live by the sea, die by the sea. Preferably stylish with a big diver on, here in Malmö, Sweden.

    • Berndt Norten

      One if by sea; two and it’s free

  • morrm1

    That’s one unique watch! I live in Texas where we have blistering hot or just annoyingly hot. So I typically avoid leathers unless we’re in the half month or so that we get “winter” or I’m going to a nice event. Other than that, I work a desk job so I’ll wear whatever watch goes with what I’m wearing

  • Riando Sembiring

    Love the watch. I come from Indonesia, a tropical country with high humidity. Consequently, I am not very fond of leather straps and tend to wear watches with steel bracelets as they give me a sense of “coolness” in the sweltering heat.

  • bastien koert

    Living in canada, we spend a lot of time outdoors. That means my watches need to rugged and durable. I prefer metal bracelets, solid construction and good water resistance.

  • Daniel D.

    As an outdoor enthusiast, summer and winter it needs to be durable, comfortable and good illumination.

  • Anne C

    I live in Seattle and I need watches that are water and humidity resistant.

  • Larry Shrewsbury

    What a great looking watch. Who wouldn’t love to be wearing it?

  • Sam Ward

    As I spend lots of time outdoors in the sun during the summer, I prefer leather straps on my watches as they are generally lighter.

  • wataugariver

    Rubber watch strap for rafting; leather watch strap for smoking cigars.

  • PeterGK

    Having grown up in Denmark I find myself attracted to classic and pretty minimalistic designs. I often prefer a leather strap and subtle but unique design details.

  • Cin Rupp

    Love the simplistic design and size of this watch. Nice!

  • BM

    classic and modern at the same time, amazing

  • AH22

    Being English, I like a watch with a degree of water resistance…

  • Julian Moser

    simple design, nothing to fancy for a rural area

  • mark

    Nice watch. Reading the full article it seems to be a rugged outdoor watch. The work on the back of the watch is nice and probably gives the wearer a reason to take it of and show people how to box the compass. I also like the fact that there are four colour variations.

  • #The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    Looks like a nice watch. Where I live it is very humid with a lot of dust.
    A bit inconvenient, as I also sweat a lot.
    Therefore, I truly appreciate watches that have a screw down crown and a non-cloth strap (rubber is acceptable – metal bracelet id preferential).
    Good Luck to All.

  • Eric Benson

    Where I live, i get all four seasons. So in the winter, its a watch with a leather band and in the summer, its a watch usually with a rubber or metal band. Sometimes i break out the leather band, despite the humidity. Also, in the winter, i stick to the clean, dress watches whereas in the summer, its all about my diver.

  • Stephanie

    I live in the South, so if u go swimming or diving with your watch, you can really see the humidity represented on the face of your watch (humidity spots).

  • Eddie Cheong

    I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My place here is well known for its mix culture, multi-racial country and rich history. Hence, i love retro and trendy watch.

  • Y Til

    For my reagion it would be great to have a sporty hot weather copatible design.

  • Chris Free

    It’s warm in the southwest, wearing short sleeves most of the year demands a sharp looking watch on one’s wrist.

  • tknospdr

    I live in Florida, but I wear what I like regardless.

  • Do Hyun Lee

    I live in Pennsylvania, and the place is diverse in cultures. This makes me attracted to many types and styles of watches.

  • Semih

    I live in the north, so outdoors and cold requires G-Shock kinda toughness. But hey, I wouldn’t say no to this.

  • Red side of Mersey

    In the Australian outback, one of the more important qualities of a watch is a screw down crown in order to stop any dust entering.

  • Moonraker

    As a captive space elf in a traveling circus, I would need a watch with a GMT function to track a second zone of time. I also require water resistance, to resist both the drool of the wolfboy and the sweat of the fat lady that I’m constantly, and I mean constantly, subjected to. And if I’m being picky, I’d appreciate a transgalactic communication function so that I can arrange for my race of space elves to annihilate whichever Municipal Fair I’m at and free me from this odious bondage.

  • Luminous Angel

    I live in a rainy coastal area, and have recently started kayaking, so would need something water-resistant or waterproof!

  • I live in Malaysia which is hot and humid the whole year round. Leather straps don’t last long and I have to replace one after about a year or two.I guess that’s why most prefer metallic or rubber straps. Not sure why but Nato straps are not that common though they would be perfect for the climate here.

  • Won Matt

    Australian weather is generally sunny, so having something light and colourful dresses to the weather. Weather doesn’t really dictate the watch I look for if the look and feel is attractive to my taste.

  • Moonraker

    I’m a totally tubular professional on the World Rollerbladez Tour. I snapped both my ankles and my coccyx trying to do a triple blast fakey off the maxi-ramp, so right now I’ve got a lot of time off my feet and off my ass. It’s really hard to not stand and not sit at the same time. I spend almost all of my days in a float tank and when I’m out of the tank I lie on my belly scouring the internet for giveaways. I don’t even like watches, I just need some kind of win. I’m getting very depressed and I’m very pruney. 90-year-olds hit on me regularly. I guess I’m viewed as a “colleague”. Please kill me or give me a watch!

    • Phil leavell

      So you’re lonely sorry you’re blue I’m sending all my Kravitz CDs to you

  • Paul OX Lee

    Here in New Jersey, we’re exposed to all the elements that the four seasons bring. So, I’m typically attracted to functional watches that are tough-as-nails and sweet to look at. It’s what I like to call rugged-chic.
    Any specific features?
    Well, I’m always a sucker for a diver’s watch with a screw-down crown.
    Will I be diving in the foreseeable future?
    Probably not, but it’s always nice to know that your watch can hold it’s breath.
    Give me a good watch and a solid edc knife in my pocket, and I’m ready to face any day head-on.

  • William

    Quite honestly hadn’t put a lot of thought into the how regional influences might affect my preferences for watches. I don’t think that the weather is a consideration as I don’t live in an area that gets extreme. We get all four seasons. As for cultural trends, I am not a local of the area where I currently live so am not sure that applies either. If it did I would say probably the retro or vintage vibe is fairly strong so that may be an influence. I do tend to like quite few of the latest homages to vintage watches so…perhaps. Ultimately my preference tends toward tool and/or aviation style watches with fairly uncluttered faces and few complications. I own a Montenaro Founder, gift, and have enjoyed it very much.

  • Bob Sebastian

    Being from Milwaukee, WI, a mechanical automatic is my choice as it winds itself with every hoist of the beer stein to my lips. Except I’m right handed. So then an automatic with a manual wind option is great because it gives me something to fidget with while I’m waiting for that next stein of beer. And 50m of water resistance is about perfect to deflect the spills from all those beers I consume making sure my watch stays wound.

  • Michael Bell

    Where I live doesn’t make any difference to the type of watch I wear regularly; I prefer a diver’s watch because I like the waterproof nature of it and that also means it’s dustproof.

  • sitnstew

    The region I live in has very little effect on the watches I buy other than watch band choice as it is a bit humid here.

  • David Gimenez

    I live In Barcelna. Usually i use from swiss automatic to quartz watch. But on holidays I always use a gshock because it’s a hard watch.

  • Lukas

    In the city I live in, simplicity and unstudied elegance is appreciated. That affects my taste in watches.

  • Josh

    Weather doesn’t quite affect what I like in watches, but I suppose the trend in the cities in mainly elegance. I prefer simplicity in my watches – not too large, simple dials, leather strap. Things that look good on suits.

  • Noah Joseph

    Beautiful watch. I ended up switching out the leather straps on some of my watches for nylon NATO straps because it’s just so hot here most of the time that the leather gets ruined. I wonder what I’d end up doing with this one, though – keep the leather, switch for NATO (or something else), or swap ’em back and forth.

  • sam-b

    No matter where I live – for me a watch should be neither trendy, nor boring…
    While travelling, I like a second time zone. At the sea or in areas with high humidity, I feel better which a waterproof watch with at least 10, better 20 or more atm.

  • Eric Shen

    The heat down in the south means I avoid leather bands most of the year and stick to nato straps, metal bracelets, or resin (e.g. G-shock).

  • Thanasis Mylaras

    No matter where I am I am in love with watches!!! I found all kinds beautiful in their own way and for their special occasion

  • Hector Orozco

    Hot sunny days, with humidity near 100%, forget the leather strap. Cold winter rains? Bye bye metal. A watch that can look good in a nato strap or in a sports strap and that still has the feel of quality to it is the way to go down here

  • Krishna

    The beauty of being in Malaysia is that our weathers are not extreme. So my choices for watches are not influenced by the weather. I can wear anything I want. My choices are instead influenced by the occasion and purpose.

  • Lana Anjowski

    I always wear a metal bracelet hot or cold. Either way metal is beat and looks the best.

  • Esther K

    Being in the NYC region, I think my choice in watch taste is driven by the professional and fashion forward atmosphere I find in the city, which drives me toward rose gold or silver watches with a sleek and sophisticated look. For a more fun and summery vibe, I think about the Hamptons and the kinds of trips one might take to a lake in upstate NY, which prompts the nato straps

  • loydb

    I’m in New England, and for half the year I won’t wear anything that can’t make it through snow shoveling. The dress watches come out when the weather is civil…

  • Philip

    In my region (Singapore) the tropical weather is generally hot and humid, do people rarely dress up formally, and most work-wear is smart casual. As a result of this people generally prefer tool watches or partially sport-inspired watches. Our flag colour is red and white though, so this colour scheme would be of interest here.

  • Hugo

    I live in Mexico City where people dress up and yet want to keep exterior signs of wealth “in control”. This watch is a great balance of casual and chic, and i think it really fits into this spirit of clean and trendy, yet not too show-off of a watch.

  • Lance Litwin

    I’m in the Pacific Northwest, so it’s just important to have a bit of water resistance. However, I tend to go for something with some more “unique” styling, instead of something more classically designed. It suits the laid back, casual, nature of the region.

  • Reymond Dominic Tarlengco

    I live in the Philippines, it’s humid and a bit hot most times of the year. Breathable leather straps is bearable during really humid days but the cheap ones, forget it, it’s gonna stink. Culture is tolerable of most watch designs with any occasion (with the younger generations tending to wear their digital watches even on formal occasions) except perhaps on strictly formal occasions. We also tend to have strong rains during the rainy season, couple that with a lot beaches and dive watches tend to be popular among the watch community.

  • I’m mostly in short-sleeves so dress watches aren’t really worn by me.

  • Chris Paez

    oohhhhhh, I’ve had my eye on one of these for awhile

  • ted

    I live near the sea , so I like a nice steel band

  • Mary

    For me it really don’t matter in what kind of weather I am. My dress code at the moment will tell me which of my pieces to use ?… and I need this one in my little collection.

  • Andrei Mihaila

    I’m always attracted to dress watches because my daily job requires me to watch a suit so I can wear them easily.

  • Edric Chung

    As Emma Lazarus wrote, New York City is the door to freedom to those who yearn it. On the day my grandfather arrived at Manhattan from Vietnam in 1986, he bought a watch, a Seiko 5, despite having less than $100 to his name. His son, my father, now wears a steel Daytona Cosmograph. He tells me that he would rather give up his Daytona, than to lose the Seiko 5, because the Seiko 5 is a symbol of our beginnings. Escaping war as refugees, and being given the chance to contribute all we can taught us to be both humble and ambitious.

    Here, people from all ethnicities, creed, and culture can wear any watch. It really doesn’t matter. We strive to make a name for ourselves, and in the process, meet strangers from different walks of life. We work together to build civil society. We pursue the American dream. There’s no shame in having a less prestigious watch. Your piece is a symbol of where you started, and how far you’ve come. Be proud of it.

  • Connor Gmehlin

    I just got back from vacation where I wore my Seiko SKX009 on a rubber strap because I was at the beach. Around town I wear my Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra.

  • Elliot

    The weather doesn’t really affect the watches that I am interested in. I will buy what I enjoy I can work around the weather.

  • trxtr

    I live in an Eastern European country that has no access to sea, so I only have one diver watch. Hiking, biking and tracking are quite popular, as we have beautiful forests and lakes, so there’s a need for at least one rugged watch. I have Casio G-shock and Citizen Tough for such occasions. Economically, this is not very prosperous region, so there’s always “value for the money” to be considered before purchase.

    Apart from that, my country influences my watch choices because of the watch heritage it has. We have a domestic watch company “Luch” that still produces one “manufacture” movement, so I guess I had to have their watch. It’s a one-hander, as they are one of a very few companies, producing mechanical one-handers. They also were quite successful in producing electronic watches back in the day, so I have quite a few of electric watches from across the globe in my vintage collection.

  • Shammy K

    Currently living in a cold Nordic country, I feel I have less restriction in the type of watch I wear. However when I lived in a tropical humid environment I could not wear watches with leather bands as they would start smelling from the sweat fairly quickly and also the band started feeling a bit dull.

  • Fitifazrul Rahman

    I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But right now I am in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. There is 33 races live harmony here in Kuching. So, I am attracted to any skeleton watch as it suits the tribal pattern here and also symbolise all the 33 races here. Thanks.

  • Liutauras Balsys

    Obviously if you live next to the large body of water you would need diver’s watch. Even if you don’t dive 🙂

  • Brian Bezel

    I live in an area which is humid, frequently rains and is near the ocean, that is why most of my watches are Dive Watches, water resistant and on a bracelet. An adjustable bracelet that allows for change in my wrist size due to the heat and cold is a big plus for me.

  • Paul Monterroza

    I live in the Washington, D.C. area and we get hot and humid summers as well as cold and wet winters and everything in between. Because of this, I like having an eclectic mix of watches for different occasion, like going to the pool, beach (I use my dive watches) or going to the office where I use my diver watches as well and my other more dressier ones, i.e. Hamilton Navy Pioneer or Flieger pilot watches.

  • Edwin Ashurst

    As a resident of a major southeastern metropolitan American city, Atlanta, GA, I find that men are limited in available fashion accessories, especially jewelry, and so I turn to watches. I especially love anything that’s fun and colorful and aesthetic design but still of a very high quality in engineering.

  • Jim B

    I tend to like the leather or nylon bands. Steel straps on a watch along with the Midwest humidity are as irritating as 5 minutes with an ex wife. Beautiful watch!

  • Jake True

    I live in the bay area where there is the ocean and I love to surf and go out on boats so I prefer diver watches.

  • Brad Green

    I move around a lot…right now I live in Nova Scotia, but a week from now I’ll be living in China. So I think for me it’s about versatility, comfort, and function over fashion.

  • Steve Bowden

    I live near several Nuclear Power Plants, so I choose watches that can survive sudden blasts of radiation. I also prefer watches with a ‘heft’ to them to defend myself against the grotesque oversized monstrosities that often emerge in my region. For example, there are 1000s of large radio-active oversized bunnies that live near one of Ontario’s largest tourist trap/apple pie factories. Recently they stormed the petting zoo at the pie factory and ate all the goats. So when I’m attacked by one of the mutant species of Lepus Monstra I offer up my left arm up…and the disgusting abomination can’t bite through my diver on a bracelet. Usually I can kill these beasts just with my bare hands, and a pick axe. If you would like to see one of these disgusting rabbits for yourself, and pick up a delicious apple pie while you are at it, please search for ‘The Big Apple’ in Colborne Ontario, about 90 minutes east of Toronto.,-77.9048577,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x87d98bf2ad8cefd2!8m2!3d44.0219914!4d-77.9059839?hl=en

  • Dangerous

    I live in the highest city in the country, and spend plenty of time outside enjoying it. At the same time I enjoy travel to more cosmopolitan locales. This requires a watch that is both sturdy and attractive.

  • Robert Carson

    I live in reasonably northern, rural Ontario, but the town I live in hosts a large number of scientists (on account of the nearby R&D facility). Two things result from this: 1) lots of appreciation for technically sophisticated things, and 2) the desire for our things to be able to survive the great outdoors. So, in a watch, that means, complex but well made, no-nonsense, and rugged.

  • Moonraker

    I’m Flo from Progressive. You know I’m passionate about saving people money. Well now it’s your fricken turn to help me out! I’m not for beating around the bush so I’ll just get right down to it: make sure I win this contest or so help me God your rates are gonna shoot through the roof. I’ve bankrupted people before and I can bankrupt people again. Oh, and I really like the shoes you were wearing today. 🙂

    Warmest regards,
    Flo out!

  • Jim Davis

    My magnetic personality means I tend to favor a watch such as the Rolex Milgauss, but I’m good with stainless steel on occasion.

  • Alana LeSueur

    As I live in the western part of Canada, where activity & sleep are both a high priority, I am attracted to watches that have numerous alarms…I love good quality watches, but in the end, I wear a 5 alarm Ironman Triathlon Timex watch because of the physical abuse it has to endure..getting wet, purposely or not, getting dirt all over it or even flour embedded into the face of the watch if I am baking. I rarely have it off. I sleep so poorly, that I need those several alarms to get me up, once I am finally sleeping. in the wee hours of the night.

  • S. Mark

    I’m a winemaker in Australia so spending everyday on a vineyard I need something durable and reliable. I love Martenero and love the Red, White & Blue dial on the Edgemere. It reflects red and white wines I make under the clear blue Australian sky.

  • Scott Poehlein

    The design and color selections which offset each other and compliment the overall look is very refreshing. The color choices and overall amounts of each were perfectly allotted. This piece is a true eye catcher and discussion starter. Perfect Design…..

  • Ionesi Victor

    I live in Romania, where Nadia Comaneci and Ilie Nastase were born, that is why I like sporty watches.

  • Taylor Glenn

    Living in the Carolina’s makes sporty watches an obvious choice. A nice diver to take to the beach or wear to my desk job and a chrono for nice weather driving are my go to watches.

  • Richard Hicks

    Living in central NC we get the gambit of weather. Doesnt have a big bearing on my choice

  • Michael

    Living near the ocean would effect my choice in get a divers.
    Living in the mountains i might want an explorer of sorts

  • Jeremy West

    I live near DC, the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. The climate is hot and unbearably humid summers…and cold and dry winters. Spring and fall are SHORT! While I love vintage watches, this humid climate makes me wear modern watches (mostly divers). The vintage ones come out only for special occasions.

  • John Agwazim

    I live in a hot weather climate of west Africa (Nigeria). We also do have heavy rainfall. So, this has a lot to do with the kind/type wristwatch I wear. [email protected]

  • Giorgos Antoniou

    The Martenero Edgemere ia a very interesting watch with a nice texture and beautiful, very sea and summer colors. Living next to the sea, makes the colorful Martenero a suitable choice for the place. The vivid colors and texture makes it also perfect for lively places.

  • Chad

    I live near the Ocoee River, site of the 1996 Olympics whitewater events, a very lush and green part of the Appalachian mountains. My employer is a large German company with a very sophisticated and technically advanced production facility, suppling materials to the chip and solar industry. My colleagues are extremely well educated (often “best in class” for their functions such as engineering and chemists) and like me appreciate fine technology, as well as form/function. It shows in the cars in the parking lot to even a belt buckle. Whatever we use, whether a valve attached to a computer, our car or our shoes, must perform just as well as it looks. It isn’t an overstatement to say that people notice your choices and make some level of judgement about your personality and awareness. My watches are chosen and worn in the same manner. They must dress up or down for the occasion (board room to the Ocoee river), keep impeccable time (to get to the board room meetings early) and also meet an aesthetic for mechanization (we are talking German colleagues after all). Price isn’t a qualifier: performance, ability to meet the intended purpose, and ability to do it with a style statement all supersede price or name…I am attracted to these qualities in my watches.

  • Sam Moskow

    I live in shoreline Connecticut. Going to the beach often, I tend to wear lots of divers- plus I love that style. I am also in sales. I tend to spend much of my disposable income on watches, but don’t want to wear something too flashy to work, as it makes negotiation more difficult if I’m wearing an expensive watch. A handsome but affordable watch like the Martenero is exactly what I like to wear to the office!

  • Nick Lessells

    I live in Ohio, where the weather is known to change very rapidly. It isn’t uncommon to have snow, rain, and 75 degree, sunny weather all in the same week. I primarily lean towards dive/sport watches. If I’m going to get caught in a freak rain or snow storm, it’s nice to have the water resistance and robust nature of the watch to give me one less thing to worry about getting ruined.

  • I live in NYC but I snowboard all winter in the Adirondacks. Then in the winter I am a dive master and go on many dive trips. I love dive watch designs and prefer automatics. I would like to win this one to give me something other than divers to wear in the city.

  • Brad Herndon

    I live in Texas, so weather can be extreme, year round. I like something that is wearable for sport and somewhat dressy, but also be tough regarding temps, humidity, durability, etc. I am not hard on my watches, but also would like something that is ready for the unexpected.

  • Jennifer

    With extremes in weather – I look for watches that are lightweight & versatile (something that won’t cause me to sweat on hot days & can be worn comfortabbly under layers on cold days).

  • Kevin Dodge

    Nice watch. I live and play by the Ocean so I prefer durable time pieces, specifically diver watches. Spear fish, stand up paddle with one, need to use a steel band, leather, aligator or sail cloth wont last.

  • Chengxiao Sun

    Great color and size.i am living in Singapore,watch collecting culture is a thing in here,most adults would consider to purchase a watch to embark their life milestone. The weather here is great for watches as well ,as we only have summer, temp differences are kept at minimum rate, which I believe greatly enhance the life expectancy for time pieces.

  • Aliasger Taj

    i want to win this giveaway

  • WImads

    I don’t think weather or location at all influence my descision. I’m sure culture does play a role, though I wouldn’t know in what ways exactly. It is difficult to observe how a culture you are part of affects you; It’s easier to observe as an outside spectator than as a participant on the inside.

  • Benoit

    Spending my holidays wave surfing, I’m attracted to sporty watches.

  • Doctor Ben

    Living in the north east of england the watches can either be black and white, or red and white, but never both

  • Matt Honda

    Sicily is hot in the summer and rainy during the winter so water resistance is a must!

  • Pilotwatches

    I guess that the place of living is by essence of great influence. As I live in a city not so far from the mountain, I would like to wear something a little bit dressy but also that you play the role of a tool watch.

  • JC

    well, I am french, and i live in the US, both countries with Blue/White/Red in their flags.. So this Blue/Red/Watch would suit me perfectly…

  • Matt

    Weather and occasion play a large role in selection

  • Liam Snyder

    I like tough watches to put up with my Black Forest adventures while at the same time being classy enough for the office.

  • Jonathan Tan

    Nice watch. Where I come from (Singapore), experiences of heavy rainfall and blazing heat are the norm, thus watches that are water resistant are a must-have. On a side note, the fast-paced urban lifestyle means that owning a watch is also a matter of utility (to keep up with schedules, deadlines etc.) hence a highly legible dial is also something that must be factored in when choosing a timepiece.

  • Auris Galvydis

    Love the colours and simpleness. I live in the UK, so I always try to wear something at least slightly water resistant. And on a odd day off not necessarily. But as well I do love to have a watch with a nice colour twist. I can’t always have colourful clothes on because of work, so I try to have something on me that is discreet,but when noticed to get a compliment. The devil is in the detail.

  • Henry

    Nice watch! I like the thought of a watch made in NY, something that has personality and quality. A nice change from the usual diver/pilot watches!

  • Trey Hawkins

    Love the watch. I live in the Washington, D.C. area, which tends to be a bit formal sartorially, but I like watches with a bit of color and character so as to stand out amongst all the suits.

  • ChrisA

    The place doesn’t really affect my choice of watches. I developed my own tastes and I can’t think how my locale contributed to them, but I guess the internet gave me pictures to look at!.

  • cvguild

    I live in the city of broad shoulders, Chicago and in that spirit I like to wear watches that are solid and sturdy.

  • tiffany dayton

    I live in the South where it is hot and humid.

  • Sverkos

    I live near Besançon, near Switzerland. So the link is quite easy 😉

  • Manzur Dan

    Sincerely for me doesn’t matter the region or any other things, I have few favourite brands and I keep going with that one.

  • Tim Orange

    Climate doesn’t really affect what I wear and I don’t go for trends when it comes to watches. I am usually attracted to classic designs rather than loud and bold designs that will most likely fade away in the years to come.

  • Vincenzo Brancaccio

    I live in Italy, and the trending style is (sigh) that of Daniel Wellington-like watches, at least among the people I know. Yet I don’t like that over-simplified style, and I just buy watches I like. My everyday beater is a yellow semi-skeleton Orient.

  • Rick

    Being in the UK, it is almost always raining, so a water resistant watch is a must. With regard to this watch, as the comment in the description says “raised red hour ring, and blue highlights in the hands and chapter ring.
    In fact, it might even be considered a patriotic colorway if you are
    from one of the 38 countries worldwide whose flag is red, white, and
    blue”- that’ll be me then!

  • Joacim R

    Living in Scandinavia my taste tends to lean more towards minimalism and watches with clean” faces in general.

  • AD

    Yes please!

  • netei

    Great Watch! I love the simplicity and yet very sophisticated design with love to the details. my countries flag ist black red gold: Germany. its not white blue red however it is the same passion for things that are designed so flawless. i work in the city and live on the countryside and that affects my watch choice alot. during work i wear dress watches and tool watches. at home i wear my private pieces depending if im in the forest, having friends for dinner or i work at home on something. most important for the choice is that the watch fits that situation.

  • Rafael Lirio

    Here in Brazil due to violence and all third world country problems, I prefer to choose and use simple, discreet and minimalist watches.

  • Kyle Weber

    As someone in southern Canada where it ranges from -20 to +35°C, I love dive watches since you can wear them on bracelet in the Spring and Fall, and natos in the Summer and Fall to accommodate the large temperatures range!

  • bpearcej

    I live in the south here in the US, generally the watches I wear are everyday watches that can be worn for almost every occasion. Yet are unique in subtle ways. They also have to be a little water resistant, as it is humid here.

  • MuhdNabilAhmad

    I live in Malaysia where its hot and rainy all year long. I would prefer to wear a timepiece that is suitable for many ocasions, a daily beater with water resistant and looks simple.

  • George Flammer

    I have always lived on the outskirts of a city. I just finished law school, completed the bar and now await the results. Due to working at law firms I tend to wear dressier watches more often since I am typically in a suit.

  • Eric

    I live in Canada, just south of Toronto and really enjoy timepieces. I have a citizen and a couple of fossil watches, but nothing as classy and as beautiful as this. Also, I don’t have an automatic in my collection yet. I have loved ablogtowatch, and have followed on instagram for over a year now. Hoping I can add this to the colletion.

  • Goose1274

    Oh yes!

  • Dimitrios

    So I live in Queens NY and work in Manhattan NY. Here in Queens you see people wearing cheap watches. It’s almost as if no thought is put into watch buying in Queens.

    And I don’t say that with snobbery. My most expensive watch is a Seiko which retails for $500 but purchased for $250 at Costco.

    But that’s the thing. You rarely see Seiko watches. In Queens you will see some here and there and yes you will see someone wearing a Datejust or a Submariner here or there as well.

    But it’s mostly cheap watches. And those who make a an effort to put some thought into their watch purchases tend to buy Michael Kors or David Wellington watches.

    Terribly cheaply made watches with designer prices.

    But when I am in Manhattan (an affluent section of Manhattan) where I work, I see Rolexes, Omegas, Cartiers, Panerais, JLCs, Hublots, Grand Seikos, APs, Pateks, etc., etc. I once saw a Patek 3970 on someone’s wrist….what a watch!!!

    As a watch enthusiast, this is what I have observed. And it is an interesting dichotomy to see what a difference a 15 minute train ride brings in terms of watches people wear.

    I’ve never seen a Martenero in person though. And if this one finds it’s way on my wrist I would wear it proudly in Queens and in Manhattan (amongst other places as well).

  • Samuel Fedor

    nice watch

  • Brnjamin

    Living in New York I have to have a wide variety of strap options for the seasons.

  • I live in a pretty fashion-forward city and I tend to gravitate towards the more unique pieces.

  • Jarek Napiera?a

    I live in a place where it can be -15C in winter and up to +38C in summer. So, it is good to have at least a small range of wristwatches for all these different climate “occassions”. 😉

  • dave c

    Great looking watch, would love to add this to my collection.

  • David Hamlin

    I’ve recently got very interested in watches and I am trending toward some newer companies not the staples. I live in Singapore where fashion is a mainstay and I would love to add this unique watch to my wardrobe. I would dress it up with a suit but also wear it on business casual Friday’s. Would also enjoy sharing the brand with colleagues and friends who are watch addicted!

    Just 8 days ago, My wife and I had our first child (son named Joseph!). So no watch purchases are in the budget for the time being! I Just recently found this blog too. Pretty great!
    – david
    [email protected]

    • Guillermo Grodiño


  • Jongie Earnes

    Living in Dubai makes you awe of wide variety of elegant and branded watches, having this watch would be a chic trend in this amazing city.

  • Sean Adams

    Obviously living near the city of Leeds a diving watch is essential ?

  • wisper

    the red contrasts quite nicely with the blue minute track 🙂

  • DocSanti

    I love to swim in my pool during the summer so water resistance would influence my choice of watch .

  • The only thing affect my watch are theifs 🙂

  • Gábor Lénárt

    In winter time I wear leather bracelet watch, and in the summer I wear steel bracelet 🙂 But I usually chose one or the other based on what type of clothes I’m waring 🙂 But I really like watches that are simple and easy to read, so I would love this Martenero watch! 🙂

  • Andrew Reittinger

    I’m either around the hospital or water a lot, so some water resistance is needed, and I prefer a steel bracelet for disinfecting. This would be a fun watch to have on a night out with a few drinks. It’s always nice to have a variety for different needs/occasions.

  • Jerkamie

    neither for me has any effect on which watch i’d wear

  • Steve

    very unusual, I like it. I has the right colours for the GB flag and good to see it is waterproof to protect against the British rain.

  • Aaron Contest

    What a fresh design! Would look great with a tumbler of whiskey on the same hand.

  • Christian Bohn

    What a classic looking watch! Looks very simple and elegant.

  • OB94

    I love the exotic colors on this, and the hands are super sexy. Living in a very humid weather (over 80% humidity most of the year) I usually tend to stay away from anything that comes on a leather strap, so you wouldn’t find me buying a watch that doesn’t come on a bracelet.

  • David

    Not many trends here, I try to go with my gut and with what I like. My work environment has a bigger impact on the choosing on my watches, I try to stay classy with not too much of an extravagance.

  • Tuomas S

    Living in a place where it rains a lot, any watch I wear has to be able to handle a sudden shower. This looks like a nice watch, especially with the silver dial.

  • Brandon

    Nashville is slowly but surely becoming trendier by the day. For myself though, I prefer a simple, classy style with a small splash of color on my wrist, really just enough to catch the eye. This is a beautiful timepiece that I would enjoy showing off around the city.

  • Bárdos Ádám

    I’m looking for a similar (minimalis) watch myself right now.
    I would use it mostly at my job as purchaser and attend on meetings with it. I thin it has a good firsr impression.

  • Dan Kelly

    I actually think the region I’m in (the land-locked midwest) attracts me to watches that don’t quite fit here. For instance, I love dive watches even though I’m a thousand miles from the ocean. I also love Flieger watches though I’m no pilot. It’s almost like watches that reflect a different culture can act as an escape!

  • stumpelriltzchen

    Well, I live in an urban area in the middle of Europe and I like dress watches. Maybe that correlates. But I also love the Speedmaster, and I am neither a ralley driver nor an astronaut, so go figure.

  • David Quirós

    I love good looking watchs!! And This Martenero has a beautiful three tone dial. White Red and Blue what a coincidence! These are the same colors of the flag of my country, Costa Rica, I live surrounded by nature, and with strong rainy seasons, but that does not limit me to buying watches of all kinds, lately I am very attracted to Japanese, mechanical and diving watches. This would be a patriotic addition to my collection.

  • Galen

    I’m in the Pacific Northwest of the United States where we’re provided beautiful scenery all around. Austere coastlines, lush forests, and high desert make for a lot of outdoorsy opportunities. I find that my collection is earth toned and simple. My preference for new watches is durability because I don’t want to have to worry about what’s on my wrist as I play outdoors.

  • Rob Crenshaw

    I’m in Silicon Valley, and the tech culture is so advanced that wearing a mechanical watch is a superfluous anachronism, which is of course why it is so attractive: something that doesn’t need batteries, electricity, or programmming.

  • johnnyc40

    A nice clean looking watch. Ideal colour scheme for the UK. I like easy to read dials with a different look to them, this fits the bill perfectly.

  • Sam

    I live in southern germany, close to italy, france and of course
    switzerland… automatic and mechanical watches is a must in our family.
    We love nature and water so this watch with my favorite colors on it
    would be a perféct match and make my brothers in law envious 🙂 Apart from that I would like to review this watch.

  • Nick D.

    Never really thought about this. My geographic location never oriented my decision when buying a watch. However, since I travel a lot, I guess I ended up with different watches for different occasions : a diver for the beach, a GMT for extensive travels, a dress watch for formal events, and a good old G-Shock for hiking and outdoor activities.

  • Joel M. H.

    Living in Northern New England, I look for a watch that is tasteful, yet versatile. I want something that is unique yet fits well when I meet with new clients, and is just as at home with a casual night out with the Mrs. Also, it absolutely must be able to get wet. We get too much rain, snow and ice for me to risk a beautiful timepiece to the elements.

  • Marj O Rie

    The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country in the Western Pacific. I live in Bulacan, a province in the Philippines, located in the Central Luzon Region in the island of Luzon. Our weather here is unpredictable. We have a hot weather then later in the afternoon it will rain.
    As drastic changes in temperature happen over time repeatedly my watch could be exposed to moisture damage. So If my watch has been exposed to moisture and the crystal appears foggy, i do take it in service centers as soon as possible.

  • Michael Richmond

    I’d love a chance to win an American watch! Thanks!

  • KL_Chavez

    Living in southern California with almost year round warm and sunny weather I find that my collection is leaning towards bright and more colorful pieces. This Martenero would fit in perfectly!

  • TheM

    Living near the financial district in Frankfurt/Germany influences the type of watches you like in a very special way. Around here you see a lot of people that just buy things because of their price or because they are more expensive than what another one got (not limited to watches, affects everything). It’s not about liking what you buy, it’s just about showing of how much you make. Due to this a lot of watches that i’d otherwise find interesting or attractive have this invisible but very ugly show-off-mark making them a lot less appealing. The smart watch movement has made that a bit better actually, because a lot of the show offs rather strap an ugly overpriced piece of plastic around their wrist to appear modern and state of the art than wear a traditional watch.

  • Chris Bos

    I work as a communicationtrainer and when working with a group, people always look at me when I take a glance at my watch. I can see them think. Is it time for a break? Are we still on schedule? The red color in the dial will really draw some extra attention and stir up the expectations.

  • Edric Chung

    I’m a millennial/gen Z in New York City. Although the trends dictate that we wear fashion watches like Daniel Wellington and MVMT, I like to be able to wear something that has a real beating mechanical movement inside, but blend in with the crowd. It’s my little secret that I have a Peseux 7001 ticking on my wrist as opposed to a quartz Miyota. I like minimalist pieces, and my watch of choice is the Stowa Antea KS on black unlined shell cordovan and deployant clasp.

  • Luis Sepulveda

    To be honest I follow a lot of blogs and newsletters, as well as Instagram accounts that talk about watches. When I like one, I find it fun to read about it and interesting to learn about its development and artistry. I’m attracted to it and that’s all it takes. For me this has happened with a lot of different brands: Casio, Seiko, Bulova, Ressence, Rolex, Pita, and a couple of Kickstarters, to name a few.

  • Ingvar

    Respect !!!

  • Gabi Balas-Baconschi

    I did not think till now that the region we live is related with the watches we like, but since I live in the middle of Transylvania, I like very much skeleton and vintage watches. Maybe there is a connection 🙂
    For me, a skeleton watch that shows the heart of the watch is very interesting. Sometimes, I like to admire the beauty of the engine that keeps running. I am very glad that my son is attracted to the same type of watches.

  • H?t ??u

    I hope i can win to this watch

    • Ikkijkooknooitnaardiestommetal

      You can if you answer the questions.. read the instructions for entering the competition!

  • Roys Jay

    Coming from the rainy city of Bergen one would believe that people would want waterproof watches like everything else they wear. Nope. Trends are quiet rooted here, such as Daniel Wellington watches and so on. In this way a lot of minimalistic watches seem to be popular here and I must admit that they can be really beautiful. But as I am quite new to the watch world I have to say anything mechanical is always interesting for me. The odd diver or simple, classic, minimal watch reflects my city well, and also my taste.

  • Noah Panitch

    As a city dweller in one of the largest cities in the world, everything here is about appearances. And though it’s such an eclectic, diverse place I find myself attracted to minimalism. Something just pretty enough to catch the eye but nothing too peacockish.

  • Nguyenly

    Hanoi, Vietnam, Wet and Hot like hell in summer, and dry like sahara in winter. Need a super watch to warm my spirit up.

  • Ikkijkooknooitnaardiestommetal

    Would like to win it for my brother .. I’m honest to tell you it would be more his style than mine! Other color could have changed my mind though.. place of region (weather, country, etc.) does not effect me at all. It has to be beautiful, not too big, affordable, classy but yet sporty.

  • AllYourFache

    I’m gonna be grimy and NOT share this post. But really, my circle doesn’t much have a taste for watches, so it wouldn’t hurt my chances…….
    Hell, I’m too busy. Yeah, that’s it.

  • Yousif Ali Ameri

    this watch is simple, yet so elegant, even if i did not win, i will buy it for sure

  • dfbugeja

    The weather here in Malta affects the watches I like – mainly having a mechanical movement. As the air temperature shifts from c.10°C during winter to c.40°C during summer, i notice significant alteration of the movement’s speed. Yet this can be easily corrected by resting my watches in different positions at nighttime. There is also sunshine all year round which keeps lumed watches shine throughout the entire night. During the hot summer, only divers would make their way to the beach. My solar-powered watch comes in handy during adventurous hiking, camping and cycling of course not to risk damaging my mechanical babies. I would love to own this specific Martenero model. I love, most of all, how the white tip of the minute hand contrasts with the outer red band of the dial. Very unique feature! And of course its white and red colours remind me so much of the Maltese National Flag. Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Mark Payne

    Living in the rainy west of Ireland near the Atlantic Ocean, I seem to be drawn to divers and watches with high water resistance. Must be a sub-concious thing.

  • Terry Smart I live in Scotland and like the changes in weather throughout the seasons and I do not like temperatures much above 20 degC. I have an ORIS altimeter watch due to my love of hillwalking

  • Tauseef Anwar

    With temperatures often exceeding 120 in Dubai, I prefer watches with stainless steel straps as opposed to leather…pretty sure sweat would deteriorate leather straps pretty quick.

  • Lurch

    Living in the Pacific Northwest, the cost of living is high. I prefer watches that offer good value and are affordable.

  • Dave Stein

    Toronto is a big city and an economic center. You see plenty of people walking around with the same basic Omegas, Tags and Tissots. I prefer watches with a more unique character, which stand out among the crowd.

  • Allan Andreyanto

    the place I live in this current circumstance is in Indonesia.
    it’s the biggest tropical country in Southeast Asia region with rapidly growing economic and so many beautiful islands.

    Martenero have a unique blue colors for its dial and leather strap that match with our tropical sea and sky color.
    people there and I are attracted to design, color, and quality.

  • that space girl astrounaut

    would love to win

  • bert gillespie

    As I live in the desert (Phoenix) bold colors on watches appeal to me. Although the desert is beautiful in itself the browns & subtle red tints need that “pop” that comes from a watch like the Edgemere.

  • Shrief Fadl

    Despite the sweltering heat 10 months of the year in Doha, Qatar – I insist on leather bands although steel bracelets would probably feel cooler! Amazing watch! Fingers crossed I win despite the late entry.

  • tombellamy

    It is extremely hot in Florida so I like a sporty looking watch.

  • Bader Mohd

    beautiful watch, great design martenero.
    I live in the Middle East and Rolex Watches are the ultimate choice for anyone looking to buy a luxury watch so as a watch lover this trend makes me look at different watch makers since only Rolex, AP, Patek and cartier are admired by the majority and getting a watch that is different from others makes me feel unique and appreciate my watches.

  • Otso Lammi

    I’d love a different looking watch for the more dressy events i go to

  • Jim Passin

    Swank! Might even out the weather extremes our watches live with in the “City of the BIG Shoulders” with its cool beauty.

  • Ow Yeong Mun Yip

    would love to try on this watch

  • Keenan Komoto

    Always love automatic watches.
    I live in Kent, WA just south of Seattle. On one hand I like watches that can take a beating but also look good while roughing them up. On the other hand, being so close to Seattle, I like refined watches with either a minimalistic or dive-style watch.

  • Dan_the_man

    Living in Houston, TX, I generally avoid true leather watches since the humidity gets the most of them. I really enjoy anything with rubber or sweat-proof in general!

    • Guillermo Grodiño

      Hope you’re doing OK, Dan. God bless.

  • Trevor Hirst

    I’m in New York, so the leather and suede that I love wearing makes it so difficult to be dressy or formal or even a little above casual. I have gone perlon to help out, and it’s awesome, but it is not the same look. I also find that I’m cleaning my watches more often due to the sweat, as I don’t want any issues down the road with corrosion or bad seals.

  • M.A .V

    I love amazing mechanical heavy chronograph watches but as I am from Pakistan, so temperature and sweat destroys the mood and strap. But still totally worth it.

  • Graham Congdon

    I’m in Australia, so leather can be difficult with the heat and going to the beach. Needs to be waterproof.

  • Michael Carlson

    I live in Southern California so the weather generally allows for a wide variety of different watch types to be worn. Since I live near they beach I try to wear watches that are at least somewhat beach themed.

  • Carlos

    I am from Peru, living in UAE, i like wear different type of watch, different style for different ocassions.

  • Sukru Erisgen

    Never heard of this watch company but would like try their watches.

  • Mike Dalton

    From Louisville, and though there is a huge hipster trend sweeping the streets, I typically stay more modern. LOVE Martenero watches and would love to have this on the wrist 🙂 Thanks guys!

  • mhavilandwriter

    Beautiful styling. The red accents will match my eyes, as I work 2 jobs every week. Thank you!

  • Douglas Weedman

    Extremes in temperature (-60 wind chill up to 112 heat index) and the conservative nature of the community.
    It’s a gorgeous and colorful timepiece!

  • Raphael Furlan

    the hotter the weather the more i like myself a light and low profile watch. Especially in the heat of August. When it comes to this watch i just love the red accent and the detail on the hands.

  • Sky

    Interesting. Hadn’t considered the idea before. Being as I live in a four seasons climate, it doesn’t much affect what watches catch my eye or reside in my collection. That being said, the clothes I’m wearing certainly play a part, effectively prompting me in making choices.

  • trainman

    This Martenero is one of my favorite watch designs! Have been tempted SO many times this year. I think setting has everything to do with watch choice. When I’m traveling to somewhere where outdoors activities are the norm like Colorado, a beater or G goes on the wrist. Not so in the city.

  • cassfan3

    thats a beaut! sounds crazy but prefer a white dial in a snowy climate

  • Wajih

    Live in Pakistan and hardly any watch repair guys out here so quartz is a safe bet unless you buy from an AD which we do not have many here. Buy online and sure to pay double the amount in taxes and all and if the watch is broke then you’re done. Pretty much a lone ranger who’s into mechanical watches.

  • eric chan

    I live in England right now, and the weather is rainy most of the time, so I think it is necessary to have a watch that is water resistant. As most of the people in England don’t use their umbrella when it’s raining.

  • Doober

    I live in Michigan, and the four seasons we have here really have no effect on the watch I wear. I will wear sporty, as well as classic looking watches, but they must be waterproof.

  • ik299

    I live we have moderately warm and rainy continental climate. A water resistant watch is a must during rainy seasons, preferably with steel strap during months with high humidity.

  • Cul de Sac

    Hello, I live in Buenos Aires, there is no problem with wheather here cause it changes considerably from summer to winter.

  • David Fisher

    I like that the Martenero has a designer look but is still sporty and casual. Toronto tends to be a more casual dress city so it would work here.

  • Colton Law

    Where I am from, weather changes from hot, humid, and rainy in the summer to cold and dry in the summer. My job requires me to be in the water during the summer, so an amazing looking piece like this that is durable would be a dream

  • Wes Cro

    The watch I wear is determined by the environment I find myself in the most. Constantly traveling, walking around different cities, and finding myself in different time zones… I tend to wear a more robust watch like a diver, preferably with a GMT complication. When I am home, it depends on how I feel or what I am wearing.

  • Lucian Virciu

    Superb watch, with well matched colours. I love it!

  • McFly998

    I like the Martenero, it reminds me of a straw boater hat, a sort of 1920’s cool. Something the Great Gatsby might wear. My watches have to be able to stand up to scrambling over the limestone littered hills of the yorkshire dales.

  • Brandy

    I tend to wear watches I like not that the city around me says I should like…

  • WatchChimp

    I like the Edgemere. It does catch your eye. I agree with McFly998 that it looks like a straw boater hat but it has distinct design elements, is fun, and would fit perfectly on a wrist here in California… like my wrist.

  • Mehmet Kasap

    I travel a lot so instead of the place I live affecting the type of watches I wear, I try to wear a watch that is more suitable to the place I visit or the things that I’ll be doing during my time there.

  • Sharon Thurston

    Amazing quality would enjoy having it.

  • Edis Zuki?

    well yeah i have some standard colors which i love on the watch, etc. silver, gray, black, red… but lately i am looking at divers watches which are more into flashier colors, like neon orange or green and i like them very much, well it is summer maybe that is why i like those colors more…but besides that, yeah there are great watches for every situation, not that i own them..yet

  • Jonathan Davies

    Water resistance is always something I look for when purchasing a watch as the rain here can be a little unpredictable. Luckily most watches these days have at least 50 meters resistance including the Martenero Edgemere. After that, my culture doesn’t affect my choices, although a little splash of color is always nice!

  • Rich Hauck

    Dive watches. Sturdy, even in land-locked Pennsylvania.

  • jorrique

    The mainstream when you see watches around are the big and flashy pieces offered by fashion brands, so my interest to find something to realy identify myself made me look for my own taste, this is a really fresh and cool watch

  • Henry Tan

    I am from Malaysia where our flag is in Blue, Red, White and Yellow, certainly a patriotic colorway like you mentioned! Given that our Independence Celebration Day is coming on 31 August, Martenero Edgemere certainly matched well to our celebration!

  • Pa.L

    I personally like heritage watch models. This martenero got me interested. It looks old school with a hint of futuristic features.

  • Matt Dawson

    The region of Australia I live in is right next to both beaches and forest covered mountains. This means I typically go for watches that support active adventures in either or both of those environments, such as diver style or rugged watches that can take a beating. This Martenero would make a nice change from the rest of my collection and be something I could wear as a fashion rather than functional piece.

  • allen_tawanda

    I spend half my time in Washington & the other half in Malawi. Being frequently away, I need watches that are sturdy and durable

  • pabloroberto_2

    Very good looking watch. I live near the sea and the salty air does tend to seep into some cheaper watch cases etc, so screwdown case backs are often best here . You don’t necessarily need a Sub-mariner but it could help!!!

  • araziza

    I live in Canada and spend half the year dreaming of sunny beaches, so divers are pretty awesome to me

  • Nick Clarwell

    I live in a 4 season, mild climate country (France) so climate doesn’t influence my taste in watches very much. My activities do though: I like the outdoors and need rough and tough watches that can take a beating out in the wilderness. I also appreciate classy urban watches to wear to work during the week 🙂

  • apwinter

    Love the look of the Martenero Edgemere. Great color scheme

  • penemio

    Believe it or not, the wood watches are now trendy and although it would not fit my usual style, I need to have one.

  • ivel1977

    I have been influenced by the minimalist style in watches and love them for their simplistic design.

  • Hans E

    We have blazing hot summers in the inland empire of Southern California. Watches that are water resistant and have comfortable bands when sweaty are a must during those months.

  • Michelle Landry

    I like a watch that stands out, is quality, but also able to handle a rough and tumble life.

  • Abigail Gibson

    I do a lot of beach activity in Florida within my hometown and has to have a durable watch that can withstand the fine sand dust that destroys many watches.

  • Aurélien Lebrun

    Well, between work duties in a suit, fashion weeks all year long and a lot of biking to get around town, let’s say that a waterproof watch that catches the eye like this is perfectly matched with Paris’ jungle !

  • Cathleen Nesheiwat

    I live in the Midwest, so I prefer a watch that can withstand extreme temps and doesn’t get condensation on the inside of it.

  • Josh Lakota

    Attending a university has brought a whole new set of ideals. One being professionalism. This is looked at from an outside view as the stereotypical “professional” who wears formal wear all the time. In reality, its just self-respect; how you treat others, handle situations, and foremost how you dress. The idea behind dressing up in an orderly fashion is nothing new, but dressing in a fashion that you call your own is another. From personal experience, what I wear has given me a network I never knew existed. Compliments or comments in regards to what I wear act as a conversation starter. Most of the time the individuals are just like me, wanting to succeed to the fullest degree. Watches definitely play a big role in this. Designer watches flood the masses, but when a quality watch appears, many recognize it, mainly because of its unique look. Matching a watch with an outfit has given me the standing out look without wearing a sign over my head. So in general, my watches must be tasteful or give a personality all its own.

  • H. C. Inc.

    I live in the southwest and I also need a watch that can stand up to extremes. would be nice to have one that also looks awesome.

  • Krishna

    I live in Singapore and so far I have not identified a material that is not suitable for our climate. Everything works which is great! So I can get anything I want!

  • Alfredo Rivera

    I live in the north of Mexico so I need a nice everyday watch that can resist dust and high temperatures?, but the most important thing is that I have to love it ?without being eye catching? (otherwise I could get robed) ?
    That colors aren’t of my flag but anyeays, it’s really beautiful.??

  • Brian Spaid

    Living up in Milwaukee I find that I don’t have to worry about sweating through nice leather watch bands. Which is a plus. On the downside, steel bracelets in the winter are definitely out!

  • Leo

    In Florida, sports watches seem to always be the right fit.

  • Dustin

    Dallas is pretentious, so the watches purchased are usually influenced by the brand name. I tend to break away from the trend and purchase vintage or lesser known brands. I like watches that can be worn with casual clothes or with more formal attire.

  • Ranchracer

    So I’m supposed to comment on how the region I live in affects my watch choices. Honestly I have no idea. I live in California’s gold country foothills, which are populated by farmers and ranchers, some of which wear watches, some of which don’t. What I CAN say is that nobody up here wears a so called “smart” watch. Most folks are just happy to have email and Internet access of some sort on their phones (“High speed” Internet is pretty much non-existent up here.) Anyway, I’ve always loved traditional watches and have a pretty large collection. This one intrigues me, mostly because of the color combo. We’re pretty patriotic up in these parts (unlike the rest of this insane state) so red white and blue always works. 🙂

  • Luciano

    I live in a wealthy city in the Middle East, which has two impacts in my watch purchases: 1) it’s quite normal to see expensive pieces around and not strange to wear large watches (e.g. Panerai) in an office context; 2) you have regional editions with Hindu-Arabic numerals (which I’m still looking for a right piece).

  • Anthony Middlemiss

    I live in Sydney which has a very hot summer and a wet cold winter and my in-laws and direct family are from the country. This has lead me to be attracted to tough tool watches. Currently that’s a g-shock mudmaster. Water proof, mud proof and dust proof!

  • Tub Tubbie

    I live in a rural area, near Road Atlanta. Most of the men I see around here wears normal watches, but all the shops and car people around here all wear mostly chronographs that are car related. I have always been attracted to cars and watches, mix the two and that’s what I wear.

  • Jeff

    Living in Dubai where the summers are brutal but for 6 – 7 months a year the weather is amazing. The weather doesn’t affect what I wear. Would love to have a Martenero in the mix.

  • JPort

    I’m a visitor to where I currently live so my influences are impacted by my South American background and the North American coastal blend of city and wilderness. I’m in the beautiful west coast of Canada and I need to be set to run the sea wall in the morning, head to an office soon after and then finish the day biking the north shore, rushing to a dragon boat practice or head to the pub with friends. Through it all my watch is with me. Because of my region, my watch needs to be waterproof, unafraid of a little activity, smart in the office and savvy enough to suit the night life. I started since I was 18 with easygoing forgettable watches and have grown to a small collection of automatic watches – while all else I own can be left behind; my watches alway travel with me. I have started to hunt for both an innovative smart watch that isn’t as fragile as what seems to be around and a classic that belongs on my wrist.

  • Jason Mar

    I live in the Bay Area in California and the weather is pretty mild here so I’m fairly open to any kind of watch since the weather doesn’t come into play when selecting a watch. Sport watches/dress watches anything goes!

  • Stephane

    Living in London, I need a minimum level of water resistance

  • Mr. Green

    I live in Los Angeles. The weather here has no effect on what watch I wear, but it does make a difference when it comes to straps. I’ve become a huge fan of perlon in the warmer months. Also in the summer, my watches with bracelets usually go back on their bracelets. And, not that you asked, but I love that Martenero.

  • Javier Martin Shih

    I live in Mallorca (spain). As i live in an island in the mediterranean sea I usually wear watches with a steel bracelet and water resistant. As there is a lot of sailing tradition in the island a lot of people use sailing watches

  • CC resident

    Well here in Seattle we have some long, dark winters, so I like a watch with good lume that is readable in the dark.

  • Marcio Maximo

    great looking watch, will it be sold in brazil anytime soon??

  • Aidis Dalikas

    Basically, the watch I wear is not much influenced by the place I live in (which is Lithuania). Nothing pretty extreme about this place, so no special requests for my watches either, although at least minimal water resistance is crucial – it rains a lot, so without it I can only wear a watch at home.

  • Stephan Beth

    Working in a suit and tie business there are only small ways to express yourself. So I adapt my watche. for daily working I wear the Citizen AR5000 because it slides under the shirt so nicely; if I want to start a conversation maybe the Eone Bradley (also for more casual occasions). The Martenero would probably be perfect for an after hours event.

  • Sébastien R.

    I live in Switzerland, where outdoor sports are a must. My watch needs to be stainless steel! Plus, everybody owns swiss watches, so I like to wear something “unexpected”.

  • Virtued

    Interesting design and affordable price!

  • Wr Ah Wr

    I live in Buenos Aires, but I’m not affected by the watch trends here because it’s all about big ugly watches (like in any other part of the world).

  • Shane A

    I’m attracted to water resistant watches because of all the wet weather we get at this time of year.

  • Cam Nadeau

    Living in London exposes me to a wide variety of timepieces. That’s why my taste tends to be more eclectic.

  • Pluffy

    I live in Birmingham in the UK and i just love watches of all sorts. I think it is just the thought of the history of timepieces and that even though technology changes timepieces still do exactly the same now as they did centuries ago.
    Methods of winding might of changed but the principle is the same, timeless.

  • Sunny

    I live in a student town in central Europe so I try to focus on simple, elegant and stylish timepieces. In the rain and snow I may try not to wear my vintage Tudor. I think unless I’m somewhere tropical in cities around the world I’d wear the same watch dependent on what I’m doing that day

  • Miguel -MO

    I live in the mid-west in USA. I have pretty active lifestyle but I also work for a financial company. So, I need some nice and elegant for work and something a little more durable for when I am out of the office.

  • DW

    A mix of classy and casual works for Vancouver lifestyle. And waterproof is helpful.

  • Mischa

    I live in Ireland, so good water resistance is a must. (-:

    I also work in a Business environment, so big G-Shock pieces are out of the question, unfortunately.

  • WatchNihilist

    I live in Appalachia so the trends of the country at large rarely make it here. Mark Twain said that if the world ends he wants to be in Cincinnati because everything seems to happen there ten years later: he couldn’t be more right a century after he made that statement. It does get quite cold here so the low profile of the watch will no doubt make it easier to wear with long sleeves and coats, and the large case would look good on my arm. I’m well over six feet tall so leaving aside my working out just the bone structure is large: I think it would look proportionate on me. I’ve liked timepieces as far back as I can remember but I’m not sure what started it. Hope I win.

  • Ondra Tempusx

    I currently live in Prague and most probably the athmosphere of this beautiful nad historical city influenced me to classy and casual watches which I prefer over the sporty ones.

  • NGoes

    My lifestyle influences my decisions more than my region. I like the sapphire crystal and water resistance because I need a watch to stand up to a bit of wear and tear. Then again, given the shorter days in Canadian winter, good lume is a nice feature…

  • Omegaboy

    Watches pick up my mood during dark winter days in the Seattle area.

  • Leo

    I believe the location determines what kinds of watches are popular. In places where it is always hot and humid, dress watches with leather straps are not going to be popular and similarly, in cold places, metal strap watches won’t be as popular.

  • Warsh

    Lovely watch! I live in Washington DC, which is a town filled w many boring government bureaucrats. Because of that, I like watches like the Martenero that are more playful and use color creatively…….

  • Benjamin Denay

    I live in a four seasons climate so I need a versatile watch.

  • buffalo

    i live in a hot and humid climate and like a lightweight strap.

  • Steve

    To live in Taipei, I need a stainless baraceless to resist humid weather.

  • Franklyspeaking

    living in Texas means dealing with the heat and enjoying a long mild winter where outdoor activities are abound. When selecting a time piece I typically look for one that will stand up to a little abuse and still maintain it’s beauty or an aged patina will enhance the piece. Usually it is hard to go wrong with a field type watch with decent water resistance as you never know when you’ll go for an impromptu dip to relieve the summer heat!

  • Erik Guertin

    I live in Montreal, Canada and most of the time I spend my weekdays in the city and weekends in the country side. I like mixing classy and urban styles with pieces that are more casual/active !

  • Lola

    Malaysia has many beautiful beaches and islands. Snorkeling and diving are common weekend activities. Hot and humid climate, with a lot of rain water through out the year. All these makes me always go for a diver’s watch, with rubber strap most of the time. Diver’s watch are usually big, 40mm and above, robust, and easily get spotted when wearing one.

  • Brandon Calvert

    I live in Portland, Oregon. Since it is dark and wet for 9 months out of the year, I prefer a watch dial with bright colors to stick out and brighten the mood. It’s also nice to have a waterproof watch with a metal or synthetic bracelet in the rain.

  • Chris Godzich

    Love the watch. I’m a watch junkie. I buy watches all the time one of my favorite out of my collection is citizen skyhawk eco drive. Would love to have this watchange for its simple but classu design. Looks very cool.

  • Matthew Mark Horn

    From my earliest recollection, my watch decisions were based on memories of my great-grandfather, grand father & my father who wore gold pocket watches and manual wind watches respectively. From those earliest memories I have always gravitated towards the understated elegance of a clean dial with numeral or indices and small seconds.In the military wore an issued field watch and bought first version of the Breitling Colt and serving in challenging environments, yet keeping with the understated elegance of a clean legible dial with the addition of a date purchased watches for daily wear. For over 5-decades, my environment has dictated my consistency in both dress and daily wear.
    With that said, will welcome the opportunity to wear the Martenero Edgemere Automatic.

  • Ayreonaut

    The culture in my state is pretty laid back, and a dress watch is not necessary to wear to the office. Casual watches will do just fine. But I cringe when I see someone wearing a plastic watch to the office.

  • Hung Nguyen

    Love to add this interesting-looking watch to my tiny mechanical watches collection

  • ThewristFactor

    I live in Canada. Harsh climate and rugged terrain causes me to lean towards sporty and tough watches. But Canada also has a great Fashion culture and i do love dressing up and going into the city, wearing a classy and tasteful watch. This watch suites my niche perfectly.

  • Dmetrey Kolesnikov

    I’ve lived mostly in hotter climes as of late so have been gravitating more towards dive watches on rubber and steel bracelets with some natos thrown in, of course. Although the Apple Watch S2 has been steadily on my wrist for the past few months and it’s held up extremely well!

  • rawdesignhouse

    I live in the Sacramento, CA area, and I don’t think anything about my region or culture necessarily attracts me to any specific type or style of watch. Though, I am a fan of lots of different styles…and perhaps the diverse culture here has something to do with that. Maybe it’s all subconscious, and I never realized it…hmmm. Interesting…

  • Allen Ross

    I live in Texas so it’s normally warm/tropical so I tend to lean more towards dive watches.

  • Paul William Dow

    Being a PNW resident makes me more interested in watches from the area… chief among them: Halios. Love that these guys do what I’ve been dreaming about – a build your own / modular / customize-able watch. Been following them since they first were featured. Fingers crossed!

  • Kevin Swantek

    I am from the PNW, born and raised. Our weather is absolutely gorgeous in the summer, and a little depressing the rest of the year. I love a watch that can reflect the bright fun of our summers, but then also stand out against the grayer drearier months.

  • Flávio Maia

    I really enjoy the colour scheme.

  • Trey

    I have lived in the north-east my entire live and weather can be all over the place between the seasons. This, combined with my job in the construction industry has pushed my watch taste towards dive watched, given their toughness and ability to look good in almost any condition.

  • Colin

    I live in Finland where it’s cold and people are minimalistic. We are used to not wearing anything too shiny. We appreciate minimalistic and modest design and that can be seen everywhere from TV commercials to furniture. The same continues to my own watch taste. Simplistic watch designs and tool watches are a definite yes.

  • Valentina

    i am from Romania and i can’ t think of how the weather of how the region where i live influenced the type of watch we use but i can say that there is a trend here just like in rest of the world where everyone uses men inspired watches, even women have mini versions of men’s watches, and also the watch must be necessarily a cheap gold, rose gold or silver material….no leather.

  • Thor Svaboe

    I live in Norway, where the rough winter weather and outdoorsy folk that we are affect which watch I wear, with a tough diver tool watch being important.. likewise the long winters inspire cosy evenings and events where a dressy piece like this Martenero will slip perfectly under my shirt and suit jacket ???

  • Dee Hadley

    It is really hot here. I like a watch that is lightweight. I don’t like the heavy watch when it’s hot it is just really uncomfortable.

  • mizztara71

    I live in the south where it’s hot. The only requirements I need is that the watch is lightweight and waterproof.

  • cluedog12

    I live in Canada, where our dollar is brrr….frigid most of the time. As a result, I only wear third-hand watches.

    Ya know, there was a Swiss Military watch that I found on the road once. The back crystal was cracked and it smelled funny. I’m not even sure why it had a back crystal, to be honest. I think it had poop in it, so I eventually threw it out.

  • TickTockTyler

    As a person who lives in the Motor City Detroit area, I tend to like racing chronographs and other sporty / automotive-themed pieces 🙂

  • Jim Snider

    I live in the midwest with fishing lakes and open sky. I one bought a watch which would calculate the moon phase and position in the sky to help find it faster. My mother still has a watch with an almanac built into it to let her know the best days to go fishing.

  • Deb

    I live in the northeast but I can’t say I bought watches based on anything but looks and dollars: Gray maurice lacroix chronograph that was my first watch I bought, Seiko yellow diver because I like yellow, and a blue citizens because I like blue. But my favorite watch is the Orient GMT white dial with blue hands. I wanted something that had had two time zones didn’t break the bank and looked elegant.

  • Robyn B.

    Living in Canada, I will search out watches that also calculate temperatures. Other than the style and temp, that is what I look for in a watch.

  • kcrmb

    I live in Toronto Canada and our weather is greatly effected by global warming. Each day is unique. Every day fluctuates greatly. I am attracted to a watch that monitors the weather.

  • Erica Carnes

    I just like a watch that can handle rain.

  • GalaxyGuy

    I live in California, so I typically wear more casual watches. It is only rarely that I really need to wear a pure dress watch.

  • karen

    Casual mostly but always fun to wear a nice watch when dressed up

  • Roman Santillan

    great watch!

  • billy mclaughlin

    I live in Pittsburgh and it’s cloudy and rains frequently. I look for watches with some water resistance. They don’t have to be dive watches, but it’s nice to be able to wash your hands without taking off your watch.

  • iain

    Simplicity meets sophistication. I love the clean lines and bold colour-way of this time piece. The essence of a classic Breguet married with the American style of Tommy Hilfiger… I would wear this watch to every occasion and probably never take it off my wrist, Horology porn at its finest..

  • Kay

    Wearing a smaller dress watch in a T-shirt can sometimes be awkward. But in colder weather, looking at a dress watch peeking out of a long sleeve is one of the most elegant things I have ever seen.

  • kenji cheh

    I am staying at Asia country… weather is hot whole the year !!! I will prefer to wear light weight and comfortable watch !! So this Martenero Edgemere watch is very suitable for me !!


    I live in New England and appreciate that it has a simple nautical type design. Great features as well!

  • Anton Gottberg

    I live in Sweden. Recently I have been really intrested in horology and I am ready to start a watch collection. The weather in Sweden is often cold and I usually dress in dressshirts and nicer clothes. I am all about style and class, I love it and I know that this Edgmere would be a great starting point for my collection. The refined red and blue lining gives me the 50’s sportscar speedometer feeling and I love it. In my region the slightly thicker dress watch with casual details is very popular, however I feel like this watch is going to give me the one of a kind feeling since I’ve never seen something as classy as this. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this competition! My email is: [email protected]

  • Nickole Heim

    I live in florida so i need a watch that can stand the humidity. Love the colors as well

  • Adam

    Where I live it isn’t common to show off wealth, even if you are wealthy. It’s one of the reasons why luxury brands are uncommon in my country. The second one is the pricetag.

  • mFINE123

    I’m near NYC so its all very seasonal. But it generally follows that NYC is dress or a larger dive watch with a metal band during the summer, and colorful nato/leather for the winter.

  • Carl R White

    Mention how the place or region (weather, culture, trends, etc.) you live affects the type of watches you are attracted to.

    I keep it simple, none of these things affect the watch I am attracted to. I find a watch I like and that is my watch until it no longer works or I lose it.

    My eMail address is m o o v e m k r @ g m a i l . c o m



    It’s interesting because over the past few years since I really dived into the watch world I have changed taste a style a bit but so has my life. I started off liking thin simple watches on a leather strap so it could easily slide under my cuff when I lived in the south. But now I live in the northeastern United States and have drifted towards larger more pronounced faces and even some metal bracelets. I also started wearing more tailored suits and can have the sleeve of the shirt shortened so it doesn’t bunch up at the wrist when wearing these larger timepieces. But I’ll always have respect for my simple watch faces.

  • Carrie M

    We live close to the mountain and close to the beach so we need a rugged watch that can stand up to the elements (it rains alot) as well as an active lifestyle.

  • Debbie Penney

    My hubby despartately needs a watch. He broke his and hasnt replaced it yet. this has been almost a year now. Thank you for this FAN tastic Giveaway!!

  • Jonathan

    The availability of accessible bodies of water is the main factor for me. If I’m diving, swimming in the ocean, or tubing on a river, I always bring a dive watch.

  • accontests6

    I live in Odenton, MD. Since its humid here the summer, a good band is a must.

  • Emre

    Incredible watch.

  • Sven K

    I live in Hong Kong, where watches are plentiful and the weather is unbearably hot. This means two things: I’ll prefer something unique to stand out in a sea of Rolex, Tudor and co, and please, please put it on a nice NATO strap.

  • Bryan

    I live in Canada, so it’s cold and hot, so I look for a versatile watch.

  • J.Edgar

    In London I look for something that won’t stand out too much on the tube but still gets a notice in the office – it’s a fine balance.

  • Jerry Marquardt

    The weather doesn’t much affect the watch that I look for, but being from Chicago, the Martenero Edgemere goes very nicely.

  • Diego Ledezma

    I live in north Mexico, so its very hot and sometimes humid. My SKX which is two years old is already getting some nice patina due to the sunlight exposure, so you can imagine. Also, using leather straps becomes a bit unpractical during summer. Better use natos or bracelets.

    Thanks for the opportunity! Good luck to everyone!

  • Michael

    Until recently I have preferred chronographs and baton hour markers. But my last two purchases have been dressier watches, a Orient Bambino and a Hamilton Jazzmaster viewmatic. I’m a Midwest watch guy living with hot and cold extremes in weather. Weather or rather climate is not at all a factor in watch or band choice. I have either leather or rubber bands.

  • trisha mckee

    I would love to own a great quality watch and this looks to be the best! So humid here so this would be perfect.

  • Chad Wallin

    I would love to win this watch. looks so nice

  • Larry Janeshek

    I prefer aviation theme watches because I work at an airport and I like to travel.

  • Laydeelovewv


  • Guillermo Grodiño

    I flout rules like I flog dolphins: with abandon. So here I am, just after the deadline and ready to rock. OK, let me at least make an attempt.

    Where I live we have a saying, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes and it’ll change.” We are quite literally the only place on Earth that has that saying. There is also a cultural trend which is unique to my region: we like free stuff. We’d rather get something and not pay for it rather than pay for it. We’re weird like that. I figure you should respect my culture and just give me the watch. You don’t want to be a culturacist, do you?

  • aaw234

    The city I live in is the most politically conservative place in the entire Red State. An island in an ocean. So anything like watches should reflect that conservatism. Having a red, white and blue band wouldn’t hurt.

  • Donny Bravo

    give me

  • Paul

    I live on a Scottish Island, it is wet and windy here – which puts my watch buying habit mostly in the dive camp. I have a pretty robust/physical job too so ruggedness is a requirement but on my days off something more refined is always nice. I love the bright colours of this Martenero and it’s classic style, plus it gets a big Union Jack thumbs up!

  • Alex

    I live in beautiful British Columbia and specifically Vancouver. It’s a nice place, but it’s also very wet, which means that I often balk at watches without very much WR.

  • Cho Bon Kim

    I would love to win this watch. looks so nice and classy.

  • Stewart James

    I live in a domicile unit in a freezing goddamn place and I would like a nice and happy Martenero watch to brighten up things around here. If I don’t win it I will be sad and won’t smile until Spring.

  • David aarons

    nice post

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