Three Swiss guys were drunk one night after partying and they came up with this watch model and brand idea. I am not making that up, that is what the press release clearly says. Their combined intoxicated intelligence seemed to agree that it was their personal mission in life to realize the first ever high-end watch borne out of pre-Columbian Latin American culture.

The trio drew influence from things they had seen in Mexico and chose to focus on ancient Mayan culture. Of the most provocative elements of ancient Mayan culture is their calendar and view of how the world began (and will end). All that was just too cool for the bored young men so they decided to make the watch in honor of Kukulkan – the feathered snake (guy) of Mayan lore.

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A pyramid in now Mexico is built to honor Kukulkan. There are engraved statues of his image there. An image that is replicated on the Kulkulkan watch on the dial and the back in high relief. The “219” name of the brand refers to some Mayan calendar numerals on when Kukulkan is due to return (or something like that). To me the neon green design of the watch mixed with black and looking all technical reminds me of Japanese Gundam characters. Though I do think the dial design is sorta cool, especially how “219” is integrated into the snake’s mouth. For hour indicators the watch presumably uses the Mayan numeral system.

The watch itself is done in 18k white gold and totally covered with beautiful baguette cut emeralds. The case is 47mm wide and 14mm thick. Those emeralds are promised to come from Brazil or Colombia (as opposed to the gem synthesizer). The emeralds are placed all around the bezel and lugs. Those and the case account for the bulk of the piece’s physical value.

Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA A07.171 Valgranges movement (which is newer and made for larger watch cases). The neon green watch hands looks like psychedelic versions of those on Patek Philippe Nautilius or Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches (well aside from the pointed tip).

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Limited to just 12 pieces this watch also comes with the very reasonable price of just $365,000. I don’t mind that actually as I think it will be a valuable addition on my journey of enlightenment. It is going on my list of take-along items for when me, a bag of psychotropic drugs, and this watch travel to central American and figure out the meaning of life.


-Limited edition of 12 timepieces in white gold, alligator strap
-Movement ETA A07.171 Valgranges
-Mayan figures on the index of hours: 219 exclusive world premiere
-South American emerald-quality watchmaking (Brazilian or Colombian)
-Crimping rod adjusted (180 hours)
-Caseback: hand engraving, bas relief, the 20 calendar days and the God of Death (200 hours)
-Crown engraved by hand and micro-set with diamonds of 0.50 mm diameter
-Dial representing the jaws of the feathered serpent, included in a Mayan pyramid, above the sun
-Flowers shamanistic carved by hand, bas relief, on the hidden part of the horns (40 hours)
-Water resistance of 50 Meters.

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