aBlogtoRead.com Celebrates 2,000 Posts Evolving ABTW

In 2007, I built aBlogtoRead.com as a hobby site to share my love of watches with other people. Now, over four years later – and with more than 2,000 posts – aBlogtoRead.com is no longer just about me, but a team effort. The blog has evolved with the help of talented designers, programmers, and artists. In addition to my regular articles, aBlogtoRead.com has a growing roster of dedicated contributors. Moving forward the site will be more of a team effort – multiple voices with a singular passion in bringing you the best watch content.

My gratitude goes out to the many aBlogtoRead.com sponsors and supporters who have been instrumental in making the site what it is today. The site exists for the readers and many dedicated watch lovers all over the world. You’ve made it fun, interesting, and worth the effort. So please continue to participate and enjoy aBlogtoRead.com. Thanks for keeping the time good.

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