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This is pretty cool actually. For those of you who have an Amazon Kindle e-ink device, you can now get aBlogtoRead.com sent directly to your device. Many people rely on their Kindles for reading material when they are not at home and when they are on the go. The ingenious device uses wireless phone network signals to send and receive data from the devices. In fact, that part of the system is free once you get a Kindle. In addition to books, the Kindle has magazines, newspapers, and now blogs available. You can browse the catalog on the go, and get whatever you want delivered to you automatically, all the time.

Receiving aBlogtoRead.com on your Kindle is not free, but it is very cheap. Getting aBlogtoRead.com sent automatically each day to your Kindle with each new post costs $1.99 a month. Overall really cheap I think. What Amazon does is transform the website into an e-ink version that looks pretty cool, and it will automatically get each new post directly to your device. The Kindle is about to get it’s third device, the Kindle DX. This version is similar to the Kindle 2, but has a larger 9.7 inch screen, as opposed to the 6 inch screen. If you’ve never played with a Kindle, they are pretty cool, and addictive. A real good tech toy, even for those people who aren’t into tech stuff.

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Not all blogs are available for the Kindle, but the catalog is growing, and I am proud that they chose to include aBlogtoRead.com. Learn about getting aBlogtoRead.com on your Amazon Kindle here.

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