Marcello C Nettuno 3 watch blackBefore consumer product-review websites became as popular as they are today, watch enthusiasts were busy trading reviews and recommendations. There is no source for watch reviews like there is for car or toaster oven reviews. Good luck finding a Consumer Reports type resource that evaluates watches. Instead, major sources still consider watches the same thing as jewelry, which aren’t typically reviewed; a shame.

Potential watch buyers are left with user reviews strewn about online on forums and dedicated personal websites. It is encouraged that if you own a watch you like, you write a review to share with the watch community or interested consumers in general. Buying a new watch should have a higher degree of consumer reliability, as you are buying as much a tool as you are a functioning machine. Don’t you want your new watch to work well with a high degree of functionality? Some watches are certainly better engineered than others, and build quality can vary drastically. For this reason watch reviews are a valuable resource, when someone takes the time to draft a review that is.

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I recently wrote a detailed review on the Marcello C Nettuno 3 watch. It was not the first review written about this popular watch, but the impetus behind my words was to share my experience with the watch community. Having had an excellent experience with the Marcello C Nettuno 3 watch, I proudly shared my ownership experience. I actually have two Marcello C Nettuno 3 watches. The excellent German watches are among my favorite and I look forward to expanding my collection. See my Marcello C Nettuno 3 watch review here.

Marcello C’s US distributor,, knows the power of customer testimonials. In fact, it would be a great idea for watch companies to invest more money in providing a receptive atmosphere for consumers to publish such positive testimonials regarding their ownership experiences with watches. Although far from conspicuous, Marcello C Watches places links to selected customer reviews of their watches here. I am proud to be the first on the list of customer review links, and happy that Marcello C Watches is taking consumer reviews seriously. A good selling point, and better yet it shows that the seller is listening to its customers.

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