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Akrone K-05 Outlaw Dark Side Watch From France

Akrone K-05 Outlaw Dark Side Watch From France Watch Releases

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In 2015, three friends from Brittany realized their dream by founding Akrone, a French watchmaking company conceived to turn the industry on its head. The aim? To create good quality watches, prioritizing excellent materials while keeping the retail cost as accessible as possible. After four years, the brand has released five models. The latest of these models is the Akrone K-05, a chronograph available, as all Akrone watches are, in a series of eye-catching colors.

Akrone K-05 Outlaw Dark Side Watch From France Watch Releases

Perhaps the most striking of these colorways can be found on the Akrone K-05 Outlaw Dark Side, which is limited to just 50 pieces. Its striking DLC-coated case pairs perfectly with either a DLC-coated bracelet or a stitched black leather strap fitted with a DLC-coated folding clasp. The watch comes with a special set of tools for adjusting and changing the bracelet (the bracelets are suitable for wrist turns between 16 and 19.5 cm.)

Akrone K-05 Outlaw Dark Side Watch From France Watch Releases

The case itself is made from 316L stainless steel and measures 41mm across. Alternating surface finishes, changing from polished to grained, gives the Akrone K-05 Outlaw Dark Side’s housing a sense of finesse. However, the K-05 is not just an elegant machine, but a tough one, as well. The low-profile case is topped by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, ensuring this model’s water-resistantance to 100 meters. This model is, therefore, more than capable of withstanding the knocks and splashes of daily wear.

Akrone K-05 Outlaw Dark Side Watch From France Watch Releases

The dial features a tachymeter scale engraved in the center (on some models it is printed). The tachymeter has its roots in the automobile industry, as a scale used to measure the speed of a moving object over a known distance. By starting the chronograph function the moment the moving object passes the start line, and by stopping it as the object passes the finish line, the seconds hand will indicate the average speed of the object. Simple, and instantly recognizable as a feature of racing chronographs, the tachymeter is an effective device for communicating the character of this watch.


Akrone K-05 Outlaw Dark Side Watch From France Watch Releases

Inside, the K-05 Outlaw Dark Side is powered by the ETA 2894 caliber. The 2894 is an unusual choice for a microbrand, but it was selected because of its thinness (just 6.1mm-thick). Because of its slim-line profile, the K-05 Outlaw Dark Side is just 13.5mm-thick in total, which is notably compact for a mechanical chronograph. As with all previous models, the movement is graded “top” by the brand’s supplier, which means the surface decoration is more refined and that the time-keeping tests are more stringent. Every movement is tested in 5 positions and must operate within -10/+ 15s per day. The power reserve of this Swiss-made movement is 42 hours.

Akrone K-05 Outlaw Dark Side Watch From France Watch Releases

All Akrone timepieces come with a three-year warranty, offered to ensure consumer confidence and to put the French brand on the map. Akrone aims to grow the reputation of French watchmaking through a modern and ever-evolving collection that is built by watch fans, for watch fans. The Akrone K-05 Outlaw Dark Side is priced at €1,350 and available on the brand’s website. To learn more, visit

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  • Jared

    I don’t see why companies advertise the fact that the case is 316L steel on the actual watch(or at all for that matter).

    at this point pretty much any stainless steel watch will have that, its the basic option…and yes I know there are 316F watches, but how long has it been since you seen one?

  • Craig A Clark

    Very Tudor Black Shield, which is not a bad thing though. I like it, though I wouldn’t mind seeing some legibility aid on the hands though

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