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ALCADUS Watch Co. Launches OPUS 39 Watch

ALCADUS Watch Co. Launches OPUS 39 Watch Watch Releases

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June 2019 will see the launch of the ALCADUS watch brand on Kickstarter. The inaugural model is called the Opus 39 and is pitched as a high-quality, easy access point to luxury watch collecting for enthusiasts expecting a refined product in return for their pledge. By using premium materials, packaged together in a classic yet contemporary fashion, ALCADUS aims to satisfy an increasingly demanding sector of the watch market.

The company was founded by a man who understood the travails of watch collecting on a budget all too well. Yook Hong is a former Seiko modder, whose involvement with the watch community over the past several years has left him with strong personal insight into what it is watch-lovers are looking for. After five years spent modifying classic Seiko timepieces for discerning collectors looking for an individual edge, he has put his knowledge to the test by creating the ALCADUS Opus 39.

ALCADUS Watch Co. Launches OPUS 39 Watch Watch Releases

With three neutral colorways available during the Kickstarter period, Yook Hong and his team are presenting their backers with multiple takes on versatility. Black, white, and gray dials make up the initial collection, and given the case’s restrained width of 39mm, the Opus 39 promises to be a watch that looks equally at home on the beach or in the boardroom.

Sitting proudly atop the 316l stainless steel case is a box sapphire crystal. Not often seen in watches retailing for around $1,000, the box sapphire, which is treated with five layers of anti-reflective coating on the underside of the glass, is a huge value proposition. Not only is the sapphire crystal itself able to withstand a daily battering, so too does its shape make it ideally profiled to deflect knocks and scrapes away from the case.

ALCADUS Watch Co. Launches OPUS 39 Watch Watch Releases

However, the case has not been left exposed to the elements. In fact, it has been treated with a scratch-resistant coating, making it four times as durable as untreated stainless steel, ensuring that your watch looks new for longer.

Stylistically, the ALCADUS Opus 39 collection is inspired by traditional cockpit instruments, fused with the iconic Flieger form that has become a firm favorite among watch aficionados. One of the clearest remits of any pilot’s watch is that its form must always follow its function. The dials of the ALCADUS Opus 39 series are pared back and highly legible, thanks to the use of high-contrast colors. The indices and hands of the black and white dials are treated with Grade A Super-LumiNova (which will be upgraded to grade X1 if certain stretch-goal targets are met throughout the campaign), while the phantom gray model utilizes a glow-in-the-dark background set against black indices and hands, instead.

ALCADUS Watch Co. Launches OPUS 39 Watch Watch Releases

Aside from the elaboré grade ETA 2892 caliber used to power the watch, every component — including the hands — has been custom-made for this project. Additionally, the 28,800vph movement comes with a customized rotor that has been partly skeletonized and engraved with the ALCADUS logo.

These versatile, Swiss-powered pieces are delivered along with a stainless steel bracelet and a premium Italian leather strap. All models are water resistant to 100 meters and measure 39mm across, 45.5mm in length, and 20mm between the lugs. As a final branding flourish, ALCADUS has engraved the winding crown with the company logo and filled it with lume.

ALCADUS Watch Co. Launches OPUS 39 Watch Watch Releases

All watches will come with a standard 2-year warranty, which will be lengthened to 3 years upon registering the watch using the NFC-chipped warranty card that is included in the package. The future retail price of all three models will be $1,197, with super early bird Kickstarter pricing starting at approximately $840. To learn more, visit; the Kickstarter campaign is live here.

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  • Mikita

    I like it! When I see box sapphire, I melt immediately. And the dial looks sexy too, and the diamond crown. Almost excellent, make it hand wound and I’ll jump in. $840 kickstarter price seems fair considering box sapphire and excellent movement.

    • Thank you for the very positive comments! Hand wound movement is definitely being considered in future variants, particularly with a Top Grade ETA 2804-2. $840 kickstarter price is even more alluring if you take into account that it comes with a stainless steel bracelet, a premium Italian leather strap (make it two if you subscribe to the newsletter before the Kickstarter) and one premium leather 3-slot watch roll. 🙂

      • Mikita

        Good luck with the project – you did a nice work IMO. Currently, I have 2 watches on ETA 2892 – Bell & Ross and Longines, so can’t force myself to get a third one on the same movement LOL. But will keep an eye on your future directions, especially regarding hand wound versions and (maybe, if you’ll consider it in future) hands modifications as SuperStrapper mentioned. Subscribed!

        • Thank you! I have a Bell & Ross too, they make great watches 🙂

          Thank you for your subscription, I do have a few designs / collection in the pipeline, using ETA 2893-2, 7753 and 7001. I really hope the OPUS collection will achieve the funding goal, so that these new collections can see the light of day 🙂

    • SuperStrapper

      I’m with you for the most part but this handset ruins the watch. The pilot style main hands are a miss and the white painted borders ruin the appeal the rest of the watch has. Polished metal frames would have been far nicer, even in this mismatched style.

      • Thank you for your comment, we will take into account your comment in the next design. The painted border of the hands are designed to match the lume color and make it a bit sportier. The white dial version has a heat-blued hands. We actually use polished metal frames in the hands for the dressier variant of OPUS 36 (which will be introduced if a certain Kickstarter stretch goal is met). Cheers.

      • Mikita

        While I don’t find that it completely ruins the watch, indeed I’d have preferred polished metal frames.

  • SuperStrapper

    Let’s nickname it OP39!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It would be a great honor if that happens 😀
      Joking aside, it is called OPUS 39 obviously because of the 39mm size, and there is an upcoming OPUS 36 as a Kickstarter stretch goal

      • SuperStrapper

        “OPUS” as a name kinda already has a serious spot in horology.

        • Yes, I agree with that. Luckily this OPUS collection is totally of different style to the Harry Winston’s Opus

  • Raymond Wilkie

    They haven’t tried to ” think outside the box ” here. They have produced an extremely functional very legible good looking watch. Nothing fancy just well put together. Sadly the length of the second hand annoys me and it’s a little small, Nice wee flourish with the crown. Back and lume.

    • Hello there! Founder of ALCADUS Watch Co. here. Thank you for your overall comments and compliments! Your input is much appreciated and will be considered in our next upcoming projects 🙂

      • Raymond Wilkie

        You’re very welcome
        Best of luck.

  • The date window is standard size for the 2892A2 movement and it can’t really go bigger, unless a Big Date module is added on.

    Yes, the glass is actually extremely attractive (for me) 🙂

  • The OPUS 39 is actually a strap monster. The watch pairs well with a lot of straps, that’s why we will be offering 9 strap options during the launch 🙂

  • SMB

    I really like this one, especially the white dial on the grey strap. Good luck reaching your target!

    • Thank you! I wish to reach each stretch goals as those are really nice options for all the backers 🙂

  • Estevan Villarreal

    It’s a fine watch, but it lacks character. It feel like it was designed to not offend anyone, but to such a degree that it fails to make enough of an impression on anyone to warrant purchasing.

    Also, the name of the brand definitely comes across as trying too hard to sound cool, and with the apparent insistence on writing it in all caps, it is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    • The watch is designed to be an understated and dressy tool watch. A lot of watch brands do use all caps in their name 🙂

  • Joel Schumann

    I quite like it and would definitely wear it. The design is not breaking new ground, but it takes different colors and materials of straps very well and the box sapphire is gorgeus. I like a date window, and I like it is discrete too.

    There is just those boring hands. Yes, you found the inspiration in a flight cockpit, but I don’t really care. I am spending object on a design object to wear on my wrist, not a purely functional instrument. The watch tempts me, but I really would have liked to see it with some different hands. Good luck, anyway!

    • Thank you for your comment! I have gone through different version of hands design, and this version works out to be the winner. The second hand design also incorporates the logo in a subtle way.

      The styles of the hands will be similar for the OPUS collection. The white dial version will be using heat blued hands 🙂

      I really appreciate your comments and suggestion. I will consider that in future designs. Thank you!

  • baiguai

    I LOVE the black dial version. Any hint of Polerouter aesthetic always catches my eye. The box crystal looks amazing. Gorgeous. If there were a no date variant, even better!

    • Glad that you love it! Yes, there will be a no-date 36mm version with different dials if certain stretch goal is met 🙂

  • egznyc

    All in all a very solid effort. I also agree with SuperStrapper that the hands are a little disappointing. The logo at 12:00 reminds me a little too much of Star Trek ;-). Are the indices applied? How does the lume perform compared with other watches we know and love? How about on the grey dial; is it intense or kind of underwhelming?

    Beautiful crystal, but I’m still surprised it’s 13mm given the 2892’s thin profile.

    • The indices are painted, not applied in the OPUS 39 collection. The no-date OPUS 36 with applied indices will be introduced if certain stretch goal is achieved.

      While no side to side comparison yet, I can assure you that the lume performace is awesome, especially the black dial Super-LumiNova C3 lume (the black dial lume shot is attached).

      The white dial has a slimmer lume profile due to the blue painted border, and uses Super-LumiNova GL White 30 which is also quite good!

      The grey version has a full lumed dial. Currently no lume shots of the grey is available, but you can refer to a similar full lumed dial shots here:

      The lume however will not be that strong due to the grey color, and the watch hands will not be lumed.

      Yes I can assure you that the crystal is looks real great in real life. The 13mm profile is partly due to the 100m water resistance and the crystal height (the crystal rises 2mm above the bezel) 🙂

  • One thing that I want to highlight is that the font size on the dial will be scaled down a little, as I find it a tad big in the current version. The revised version looks more elegant and aligns better with the understated design for this collection.

  • hatster

    Refine the hands and I think this could do really well. They feel a little clumsy.

    • Thank you for the compliment and your advice will be taken into consideration in the future OPUS versions. 🙂

  • Shawn Vega Velez

    In the Instagram post, customizing affordable watches was mentioned. The piece looks very nice, but where’s the affordability? Paying around $800.00 on Kickstarter or $1000.00 afterwards really isn’t affordable. I’m not bashing the design or quality, but I am bashing using affordable in the Instagram post. That word doesn’t match these prices. Again this is a good looking piece.

    • Hello,

      I’m Yook Hong, the man behind the brand. I used to customize / mod Seiko watches before this. I understand that affordability could be interpreted in a lot of ways and affordability is different to every people. But I think we can say for sure that $840 on Kickstarter (or $1197 afterwards) is really a relatively affordable price for an ETA 2892 watch, don’t you think so? 🙂

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