Alessandro Baldieri End Of Time Watch Review

Alessandro Baldieri End Of Time Watch Review

Alessandro Baldieri End Of Time Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Here is another review by contributor Santtu Määttänen. This "End of Time" watch might have a dramatic name, but is a fair representation of fashion brand watch items. Designer Alessandro Baldieri isn't known in the US (at leas to me), but he has a couple of watches such as the one here and the Seamonster line (yes, sea monster). You might walk by watches like this in a mall or in some clothing store and wonder to yourself what they are all about. So here Santtu gives you the low-down on what this watch (and by conjecture, other watch like it) is all about. Here is his review of the End of Time watch below:

First of all, I must tell you all that I was bit scared to do a review of this watch. It's not something I'm used to and what's even more intimidating, is that it is a big piece of metal. A big scary piece of metal. Alessandro Baldieri is a new name in the watch world but not a new name in design world. It is a combination that might scare some of the watch loving public away, but don't let the first impression scare you off. This piece IS a fashion watch, it's designed to be a fashion watch and sold as one. So what might watch lover expect from it? That's the angle I'm taking in this review.

Alessandro Baldieri End Of Time Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Alessandro Baldieri End Of Time Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Initial impressions aside, it's still a big watch (44mm x 50mm). But with a unique design. I simply love the case shape and the color of it, they call it coffee I would call it brass. Shape of it looks simple at first glance and then you start noticing it's edges, curves and smooth lines. Color is deep and rich, and brings to my mind some vintage water boiler or a distillery. It's still stainless steel (316L) case but with a surface treatment (not sure which technique is used). Case is something that might have been taken from a sci-fi movie and the color has definite steampunk vibe to it. This piece is not only large but also quit tall (12mm) which makes it look like some sort of retro sci-fi wrist communicator ("beam me up Scotty") or a tool Predator could have used. So what's it all about? It's a LED watch with time-date function. Nothing more nothing less. On wrist it's large black crystal keeps it's secrets and when the button is pushed it comes to life, for 3 seconds. Therefore, most of the time the screen is just blank black. The watch is a big, fashionable (debatable) and solid piece of metal. Build quality is surprisingly good for the price point (225£) and the brass colored surface finish is top notch. It has huge black mineral crystal that makes it look just as big as it is.

Who would want a watch like this? To my surprise, I actually would. It's not the most delicate piece, far from it. But it certainly get's noticed, it takes balls to carry it around on your wrist (and some arm strength) and it most definitely takes a man to admit your liking it. It's a bit like telly wrapped around your wrist and it certainly looks right at home on your wrist if you have pair of those old style Ray Bans on your face.

Alessandro Baldieri End Of Time Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

It has Miyota Movement inside (not sure which one) which is rather common choice for fashion brands, nothing special but gets the job done. It's cased inside this huge piece of metal which gives the watch rather common water resistance rating of 3atm (30 meters). So again nothing special. In all respects this watch has absolutely nothing peculiar about it, except the looks of it. Which is either fantastic or crap´tastic depending on your taste. For me it works, to my big surprise.

One of the coolest things about this watch is the superb textile strap, which is comfy, Italian leather lined, brass colored (or coffee) and has a butterfly clasp. Textile straps are bit underrepresented for no reason. They are comfy when well done (like here) and they look great.

In the end the real question about this watch is "Is it you?". If it is, then there's nothing else to it. For the price point it's a solid watch with good build quality, nothing special but they really made the right choices along the way. Not the best bang for the buck, but still a good choice and good value, IF it tickles you in the right place.

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  • Hi Santtu
    Great to read your piece on the Alessandro Baldieri End of Time Coffe. It’s nice to see you appreciate the choice of materials and the attention Alessandro paid to the details in the case styling etc.
    Let me know how you get on with the watch in the longer term

  • Francesco Quinn

    I am a big Fan of this watch. I own the all black version and yes, while it gets the job done, it also draws attention to the simple, yet mysterious style.It looks “badass”. ‘Nuff said!

  • Hi Franco

    so am i a big fan of this watch as well and a few others i have collected of Alessandro Baldieri’s. I have had so many complements about the watches when i wear them, people are also intrigued by them as their just that bit different from other designers watches. Which at the end of the day is what we all want, who wants to follow the masses blindly, there just cool as well as badass!

  • Valentina Castellani

    Alessandro Baldieri comes from a long line of associated Senior Designers , working world-wide , with the best Firms in Fashion and Jewelery .
    I collaborated with Alessandro on several projects .
    I’m developing now a new line of jewelery , watches and accessories under the Baldieri Signature. !…quite Amazing !
    Valentina Castellani , Senior Designer

  • Guys,
    i was in Miami for a business meeting and i bought this End of Time model watch. The watch made a lot of success when i was partying in a few south beach houses during the week.
    I love this watch which is very cool and posh.
    Now is everytime with me.
    I want to put some other Alesandro Baldieri models in my watch collection.

  • Sofia Staedler

    I bought a couple of months ago the
    ” END OF TIME “watch in Black diamonds pave’ ..just the most luxurious piece of jewelery I ever had on my Wrist !
    Baldieri watch is beautiful and fashionable as well as extremely technical and precise …afterall …It’S ITALIAN DESIGN !

    Sofia Staedler , Hollywood .

  • Alfredo Corvino

    Alessandro Baldieri has the most elegant modern looking watches. I personally love the Seamonster Collection, I have the Carbonium which has gotten me a bundle of comments on how good it looks. Alessandro Baldieri is going to become a huge company world wide…give it time.

    • Ha! It looks like Alessandro put you all up to this overly ambitious positive commenting.

  • Santtu Määttänen

    Thanks for all comments! Ariel, maybe their clients just are above average web 2.0 active 🙂

  • Vlado Krempl

    A watch designer who has the ability to create something truly unique….a work of art.

    Attention to every detail, function and a refreshing minimalism.

    It’s hard to believe that with our strong historical wealth of design (Bauhaus, etc) so much rubbish being produced by other watch makers today.

    Thank goodness there artists like Alessandro who are not scared to take a risk and push the envelope of design.


  • tommy2sweet

    A flashback to the ’70’s. I had an LED watch in 1977, I think it was an Acutron, it was great, especially ’cause I had to get up very early and could check the time on my watch, I can’t do that with my Seiko.