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Artya Son Of A Gun Watches Use Real Bullets

Artya Son Of A Gun Watches Use Real Bullets Watch Releases

Yvan Arpa’s newest concept for his Artya brand is combining bullets and watches. The result will be a new series of strictly piece unique watches that somehow combine guns and timepieces. This one (called the Sun of a Gun) literally takes bullets and sticks them in the dial and the rotor. I am sort of surprised nothing like this has been done before. Maybe people are gun shy?

According to Artya the first piece in the Time Shot (eventually called Son of a Gun) collection was commissioned by a collector. In a sense, the concept is a metaphor for what time is – a killer. There are a whole range of such “morbid” watches. A good example are those from Mr. Jones Watches that have hands which literally remind you that you will die. Nothing more uplifting that remembering that time is running out for you each time you check to see if your meeting is about to start. I suppose that type of messaging is good for the perpetually unmotivated who need some extra help to get stuff done.

Artya Son Of A Gun Watches Use Real Bullets Watch Releases

Using the standard 47mm wide Artya steel case, this “bullets for brains” Son of a Gunwatch places six very small Flobert 6mm rounds around the automatic Swiss movement (which is placed in the center of the dial. A design on the bezel and inner dial hearken to targeting sights. The latter element is kitschy but acceptable. I am pretty sure the Flobert bullets are live rounds.

Artya Son Of A Gun Watches Use Real Bullets Watch Releases

Artya Son Of A Gun Watches Use Real Bullets Watch Releases

On the rotor of the automatic movement Artya places the backs of three 38mm bullet cartridges. It probably looks cool to seem spin around like the barrel on a revolver. Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be cool if the six other bullets spun around as well? The artistic elements are apparent, and for some reason the concept feels very silly and also satisfying because yes “those are bullets in my watch.”

Artya Son Of A Gun Watches Use Real Bullets Watch Releases

Once again, all Artya watches are one-of-a-kind pieces so this model is a singular creation – but there will be more watches with bullets and other gun parts according to the brand. Artya believes this is a very cool concept so I look forward to seeing more of them.

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  • Martin

    Coolest Artya yet.

  • Steve

    Actually it will be more like:

    Aryta Owner: “Yes those are bullets in my watch”
    Friend: “Cool. Did you get that at Spencer’s, Radio Shack?”
    AO: “Well these are pretty more costly then that. Plus they have other made from Dinosaur poo and another that looks like a ham radio thrown into a blender. This is amazing stuff.”
    Friend: “You are a schmuck.”
    Artya – “We bring hideosly tacky things to life.”

    • kris c

      Steve, you are morst assuredly WUS. Nice quote.

      No toad straps for this model? Booo! Those are generally my favourite part. These seem toned down for Artya. I think the looks would have been a little more refined without the copper wire that connects everything together, but that is part of the Artya experience I guess. Having those bullets all wired together like that gives it a homemade bomb feel – like something you would see straped to the chest of Jihad Smurf.

  • Eric

    Would not try to get that through customs here in Japan! They have some of the toughest gun laws in the world and they also apply to bullets. Guess Aryta has no interest in the Japanese market.

  • Jim C.

    Hard to believe that the bullets have powder in them. I could see this getting confiscated at a check point or some freaky circumstances starting the powder to burn.
    I guess if someone wants to be noticed, this would do it – in a bad way.

  • Jason M

    Good luck getting through airport security with that strapped to your wrist. And better luck explaining it to the people working security at the airport. It’s totally lost on me why anyone would want or need such a watch.

  • Ulysses

    It’s a strange design. The bullets look very much like the coils of a motor, and the scraggly wires wrapped around them indicate some sort of electrical connection. Despite that, it’s an automatic watch. I think it might have been cleverer if the bullet casings had been re-purposed into motors for a quartz mechanism (powder removed first, of course). It doesn’t look very well made, unless the wonky positioning of the bullets is intentional. The back looks pretty good. The biggest question is why would anyone commission this? Only a total condor would think this was a cool idea.

  • Andrew

    Awesome design – I know many active duty and vets who would love one. Not “morbid” to me, but maybe to girly men.

    Maybe Japanese will be more welcoming to firearms after seeing how little trust their government deserves a la Fukishima (tragedy… wish I could afford a grand Seiko to show my respect).

    Also, doubt tsa would catch this (too busy staring at wives and teenage daughters in 3d I’m sure).

    In all seriousness, really hope they don’t have powder …. they’re only dangerous to the wearer if destabilized by age or heat….

    “You never actually own one, you merely avoid blowing your wrist in half.”

    • Girly Man

      You can give me looking at Japanese Wives and their teenage daughters over bullets any day of the week, Soldier.
      Was it their small size, the bullets that is, that did it for you? A watch you can relate to? 🙂

  • Dangeruss

    One might actually find Artya’s ideas appealing if he gave half a sh!t about build quality. This looks like is was put together by a third-grader at summer camp. Is the rotor equally spaced and weighted? How does it oscillate well enough to power the watch? If all it takes is some found objects wired together to command haute prices, I’ll be in the garage working on my “Screw U” concept watch.

    • kris c

      If its an LTD, I want one. Can I have 1/xxx?