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Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 Tourbillon Openworked Watch

Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 Tourbillon Openworked Watch First Look

As we ramp up to SIHH 2019, Audemars Piguet has caused some waves with the all new Code 11.59 collection just released today. With the new line seemingly blindsiding the community, we are told that CODE is an acronym for Challenge, Own, Dare, Evolve with 11:59 being the last minute before a new day. While some of the criticism of the collection’s aesthetics is well merited, one that I feel is a standout from the lot is the Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 Tourbillon Openworked watch – a visual treat for the movement lovers out there.


Brand: Audemars Piguet
Model: Code 11.59 Tourbillon Openworked
Dimensions: 41mm
Water Resistance: 30m
Case Material: Pink gold
Crystal/Lens: Sapphire front and back
Movement: Unspecified hand-wound calibre with tourbillon
Frequency: Unspecified
Power Reserve: Unspecified
Strap/Bracelet: Black Alligator Leather
Price & Availability: CHF 175,000

Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 Tourbillon Openworked Watch First Look


This is a beautiful watch. While enthusiasts have pointed out many well-deserved critiques about the collection and the case dynamics overall, I feel the Openwork Tourbillon is a little different. Consistent with the rest of the collection, if you turn the watch sideways, the case is more of an octagon than a circle, meaning that the polished and brushed inner case sits inside the round rings of the bezel and caseback – while this has been a pain point for many on the less complicated models, I feel it gives this watch a uniquely industrial feel when paired with the intense skeletonization of the movement.

Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 Tourbillon Openworked Watch First Look

The contrasting black-finished bridges and inner chapter ring simply feel starkly industrial – and seriously aesthetically pleasing – fitting well with the uniquely shaped case. The heavy skeletonization allows the wearer to truly appreciate the simplicity of the movement without feeling overwhelmed. And when it comes to pieces that are heavily skeletonized with complex movements (looking at you, Arnold & Son), one can often lose the time among the clutter. While at first glance it doesn’t seem that’s the case here, I will reserve my legibility opinion until we are able to go hands-on at a later time. Information on the movement is still scant, but we will have a chance to see the full collection as SIHH soon and learn all the details.

Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 Tourbillon Openworked Watch First Look


I don’t have a lot of bad to say about this watch. The cool new case looks great on this particular model, and the movement is simply gorgeous. I do worry a bit about legibility, but it could simply be tricky to capture in this particular color and lighting. My gripes about the rest of the Code 11.59 Collection aside, this is a spectacular-looking watch that skirts the rest of the models in the collection with a lovely option for those who aren’t strapped for cash – because the price to own this absolute unit is CHF 175,000. Learn more at

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  • SuperStrapper

    Who approved the handset for this one?

    • Travis Cannata

      I really believe they are trying to take a more modern approach here with the barrel hands. I’ll reserve judgement for hands on images, but I’m fairly certain legibility may leave something to be desired.

      • SuperStrapper

        The hand design is attractive, but these interpretations are just too fine (and short) for the watch.

        • Korz

          Yes. But look at those lugs and the sides of the case.

      • Ugo

        let’s be fair: on skelet watches legibility is often crappy…
        you don’t buy a skelet to see what is the time…

  • Raymond Wilkie


  • Ulysses31

    AP should be congratulated for daring to try different things. Unlike many manufacturers, their ambitious designs seem (mostly) to be quite handsome at the first attempt. How refreshing.

  • Jon Heinz

    It’s a breathtaking movement of course; ANOTHER one I could just stare at. I can’t get over something about the layout that makes it remind me of some Chinese fantasy reps though. Or maybe a Stuhrling something. Then you get another look and you know it certainly ain’t one of those.

  • Richard Baptist

    Beautiful watch but it ain’t 175k beautiful. I could get a zeitwerk and a couple other A. Lange & Sohne watches for 175k. This is what I called Toubillonitis. definition: Stick a Tourbillon in a watch and quadruple the price. Based on what could compete at 175k, I’m not sure this watch is in the race.