Azimuth Mecha - 1 BMFHere is a great watch for those who like a something that is highly functional and will turn heads. This watch certainly gets that “Let me see that” gawk from most people, yet it is deceptively simple. The history of watches and gauges are closely related. Both are measuring instruments which require legibility and precision. Although watches are mobile while gauges are usually relatively stationary.

Bell & Ross Jumping HoursI am actually surprised that more watches do not take that approach that Azimuth Watch Company took with the Mecha series. The idea is to separate the various time indications in to their respective windows. Watches have been attempting to deviate from the standard watch shape for a long time. One good example are “jumping hours” watches. On these watches, the hour indicator is actually a digital indicator of what the hour is, and the minutes are still represented in the circular fashion with a hand. This concept potentially makes reading what time it is much faster, because you care able to tell what the hour is and only have one hand to focus on. While a jumping hours watch is a good example of deviating from the norm. Many are not. I have seen countless “avant garde watches” which attempt to show what time it is a new ways which take more time to figure out than an algebra problem. But the Azimuth Mecha – 1 BMF does not suffer from this.

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The Azimuth Mech – 1 BMF instantly makes sense in terms of reading the time. I would never approve of any watch that made it too difficult to tell the time. The Azimuth Mecha – 1 BMF uses a modified ETA 2824-2 movement which has been modified. The modification process probably adds a couple of gears to move around the placement of the indicators. The result works well, and it is a benefit to the watch that it is powered by such a workhorse. The rest of the watch is top quality. The large case is 50mm high and 43 mm wide. This is big, but not gigantic by today’s standards. Not the type of watch you have to worry about turning into a weight on your wrist. Instead this is a wonderful mechanical time telling instrument. As such, it is a perfect compliment to the detail orientated person who wants a precious tool on their wrist to compliment the other precision tools in their life.

The watch auctioned here is for a brand new watch with either a white or black background. In my opinion, this is an important piece of any watch collection. See the Azimuth Mecha – 1 BMF Watch auction on eBay here.

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