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Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon DEVGRU Watch

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon DEVGRU Watch Watch Releases

This month, Ball Watch Company is introducing their latest model and offering an exclusive pre-order price for watch fans to take advantage of. The Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon DEVGRU is the newest addition to Ball's Hydrocarbon line-up and a watch that was developed with direct input from the U.S. Navy's SEAL Team Six – hence, the name DEVGRU. Like many of Ball's previous developments, you can expect robust construction, a tritium gas micro tube light show, and a sporty design you can take anywhere. But, what makes the Engineer Hydrocarbon DEVGRU so special is the new patented case and movement technology that allows the watch to withstand a 10 meter free fall without damage.

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon DEVGRU Watch Watch Releases

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon DEVGRU Watch Watch Releases

For years, Ball's SpringLOCK system technology has served to protect their watches from immense force. In the Engineer Hydrocarbon DEVGRU, the system has been redesigned and paired with a new SpringSEAL for enhanced accuracy and an elastomer ring to protect the movement. More specifically, the SpringSEAL is actually meant to guard the regulator assembly so it doesn't shift upon impact and in turn, this prevents the need to re-regulate the movement after a fall. This works together with the elastomer ring – which comes in grey or red – that isolates and secures the entire movement from impact.

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon DEVGRU Watch Watch Releases

Compared to many of the other models in the collection, the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon DEVGRU is slightly more restrained in terms of design. The stainless steel case measures 42mm wide, offers 100m of water resistance, and features an AR-coated sapphire crystal. Because of the new technology Ball has implemented here, the watch is shock-resistant to 50,000 Gs and anti-magnetic to 4,800A/m. It's also worth taking a look at the crown, which was also redesigned to further enhance the watch's protective features.

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon DEVGRU Watch Watch Releases

The crown assembly extends far beyond the case and features a fold-over mechanism that protects the crown from impact. Because some of the worst falls a watch can experience typically result in extreme damage to the crown, Ball wanted to put a system in place to protect it much like the elastomer ring for the movement. The lines are clean and the mechanism functions smoothly for quick access to the time-setting options.

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon DEVGRU Watch Watch Releases

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon DEVGRU Watch Watch Releases

The dial of the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon DEVGRU comes in either black or blue and is also extremely legible. In a way, it's more minimal than some of Ball's other offerings with a basic time-only display and a framed day-date window at 3 o'clock.  14 tritium gas micro tubes can be found throughout the hands and markers and provide low-light visibility for around 25 years without the need for external light charging. It's a Ball signature in many ways and speaks to the practicality of the watch as well as the overall purpose-built design.

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon DEVGRU Watch Watch Releases

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon DEVGRU Watch Watch Releases

The movement is Ball's RR1102-SL caliber, which is in fact a ETA 2836-2. This makes servicing easy and the wearer can feel safe in knowing that it is a reliable movement that will provide care-free and accurate operation for years. Plus, the added protection of the SpringSEAL and the SpringLOCK systems make it a solid option for a long lasting sports watch.

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon DEVGRU Watch Watch Releases

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon DEVGRU Watch Watch Releases

The Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon DEVGRU can be ordered in a plain stainless steel case or stainless steel with titanium carbide coating. These options paired with the choice of dial colors, elastomer ring colors, and a rubber strap or tapered stainless steel bracelet offer plenty of visual combinations to choose from. Currently, Ball is also offering complimentary engraving and serial number selection. The pre-order pricing for the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon DEVGRU is $1,199 for stainless steel and $1,349 for stainless steel with titanium carbide coating. The watch will also be limited to 1,000 pieces and the special pre-order will end on October 31st, 2017.

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  • TrevorXM

    Not going to be to everyone’s taste, but I like it. Good price at the pre-order level. I would want a divers bezel on such a watch, however. And it does seem odd to have a SEAL associated watch without one, doesn’t it?

  • proudAmerican702

    I like my Ball watches, but this one just doesn’t do it for me. I’m not a fan of the new crown guard, that sticks out far enough to shade the back of your hand on sunny days. The price is great, and Ball makes beautiful bracelets.

  • Pete Pete

    the design sensibility of the dial feels like a combination of IWC and A. Lange & Söhne – both excellent brands to be associated with.

    in a very weird way, repeating this mantra might be one of the ways to help reinvigorate the watch industry.


    Hello Ball-erai…!

  • Mark1884

    Interesting watch. I like the dial and hands & day/date. Not sure about the crown protector and bracelet though. Legibility looks good.
    Low & slow fly over.

  • DanW94

    While the aesthetic might not suit everybody’s taste, Ball seems to get it. They offer a substantial amount of watch for a fair price. Can’t say that about too many other brands.

  • “…watch that was developed with direct input from the U.S. Navy’s SEAL Team Six..”

    What’s with watch manufacturers and their odd obsession with attempting to market products using Navy Seals? The only watches I’ve ever seen actual Navy wear are watches from manufacturers who never mention the fact that their products are worn by people in the military.

    • Mr. Snrub

      I like military inspired but detest “MILITARY ENDORSED!”

    • Mikita

      Indeed, never seen a single G-Shock or Suunto marketed using Navy Seals. But there are plenty of other brands pretending they got some input and are suited for Navy Seals.

  • SuperStrapper

    Love the brand, and this is obviously well engineered. Shame its so unattractive.

    Panerai called and they want their massive crown guard design theory back.


    Aside from marketing gimmicks it is a good watch at a very reasonable price. The whole team VI water resist to 100m is a bit silly especially w the blown out crown protector but I am no UDT diver.

  • Yan Fin

    Real tool watch, and very reasonable priced. IMO, the rubber guard should be black/ dark blue instead of red/ white. Good diameter too. Drop safety from 10 m sounds sure attractive.

  • Marius

    The design sensibility of the dial feels like a combination of IWC and A. Lange & Söhne – both excellent brands to be associated with.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    What can i say ? , nice watch, nice nothing special movement, nice price, solid construction and legible. What more do you want from your watch ? . Super butch crown protector.

  • Mr. Snrub
  • Kuroji

    Would prefer polished centre links and less red.

  • MeaCulpa

    Endorses Ball wears Casio.

    It seems odd with a watch with a second hand that you can’t see in the dark on a “military” watch.

  • Elijs Dima (@x2eliah)

    “was developed with direct input from the U.S. Navy’s SEAL Team Six – hence, the name DEVGRU” – I don’t get it. How does “navy”, “seal”, “6” translate into “devgru”? It’s not an acronym, it’s not parts of those words.. Seriously, couldn’t you actually explain how “devgru” was formed?

    Is that a magnetic lock on the crown guard flapper?

  • Lurch

    Navy Seal designed watch with 100 meters water resistance. Suitable for recreational surfing, swimming, snorkeling, sailing and water sports. Not suitable for diving. I don’t buy this is a Navy Seal designed watch, just a marketing gimmick.

  • “DEVGRU?” Oh…please…just…stop. I loves me some GTLS, but I can’t picture Navy SEALs wearing a watch so bright the terrorists across the room can read the time.

  • Jeffrey Wong

    All the watch makers who have a “military” watch or watch created with military input are for fanboys … in all the interviews I read, the Casio G-Shock seemed to be the watch of choice… Maybe back in the day, analog watches found their way to navy divers or airmen or infantrymen… but now?

  • Ross Diljohn

    Give me a break. Some companies think they can throw in some vague spec op link and the tacticool morons will break down the door to get in on the action. I got bad news for Ball, first no navy seal would wear this unless he’s heading to the mall and second, the tacticool crowd ain’t gonna spend that much cash on anything to wear that’s not spelled Crye Precison far less a watch that all their friends will call Balls.

  • Ulysses31

    Rarely do I think red works a on a watch, but it does here. This watch has bold, simple lines. The crown guard is on the large side but it’s a handsome and masculine timepiece.