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Ball Engineer II Genesis Limited Edition Automatic Diver Watch Now For Under $1,000

Ball Engineer II Genesis Limited Edition Automatic Diver Watch Now For Under $1,000 Watch Releases

Ball Watch Co. is celebrating the 125th anniversary of the time Webster C. Ball, the company’s namesake, was commissioned to set the official railroad standard of timekeeping in the United States. The latest watch Ball releases to mark this notable anniversary is the Ball Engineer II Genesis Limited Edition that packs a lot of those features that we have come to love – and expect – from the brand.

Ball Engineer II Genesis Limited Edition Automatic Diver Watch Now For Under $1,000 Watch Releases

Although the Ball Engineer II Genesis is a limited-production run, it is actually released in a number of different variations and even with the option of a customized case back. Available in either a 40- or 43-millimeter-wide and 13.55mm-thick stainless steel case with a screw-down crown and 100 meters of water resistance, the dial is either black or deep blue, while as for the strap, brown or black calf leather as well as a steel bracelet can be selected.

Ball Engineer II Genesis Limited Edition Automatic Diver Watch Now For Under $1,000 Watch Releases

Regardless of color choice, Ball has added 28 tritium micro gas tubes to the dial, some of which are 1 millimeter thick for that extra pop in the dark. The result seems rather profound – in a good way – as there hardly is such a thing as “too much lume” on a dive watch. The key difference between tritium gas tubes and SuperLuminova is the fact that tritium glows ceaselessly and all by itself, i.e., without it necessitating an external light source to charge it. On the other hand, luminescent paint glows brighter right after it has been charged but glows only for up to about 10 or so hours before it turns completely dark. You can find out all about how these little glowing tubes are made in our special manufacture visit article here.

Ball Engineer II Genesis Limited Edition Automatic Diver Watch Now For Under $1,000 Watch Releases

The tubes have been fitted to the dial’s hour indices – with 6, 9, and 12 being made of rather massive chunks of tritium tubes for extra legibility and, well, because they look rather cool. And as expected, the hour, minute, and seconds hands have also been fitted with tritium gas tubes.

Ball Engineer II Genesis Limited Edition Automatic Diver Watch Now For Under $1,000 Watch Releases

Under the anti-reflective-coated sapphire crystal and the funky dial is the Ball RR1102 automatic movement, which should be a trusty ETA 2836 or its Sellita SW220 equivalent with date and day-of-the-week indications by the 3 o’clock index. The movement is held secure by Ball’s patented anti-magnetic and shock-absorbing holder which lends the watch a resistance to shocks up to 5,000 Gs – ticking another box of Ball watch “must-haves,” along with the tritium tubes.


Ball Engineer II Genesis Limited Edition Automatic Diver Watch Now For Under $1,000 Watch Releases

Ball Engineer II Genesis Limited Edition Automatic Diver Watch Now For Under $1,000 Watch Releases

The Ball Engineer II Genesis Limited Edition is available for pre-order here until December 31, 2015, with the free option of case back personalization, allowing for an engraving of up to 12 alpha-numeric characters. Pre-order price for the Ball Engineer II Genesis Limited Edition regardless of dial color and bracelet option will be $853 while supplies last and/or until December 31, 2015, with pre-orders shipping in March 2016; the retail price afterwards will be $1,550.

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  • Nothing about this is a “diver watch”. 100m water resistance, no rotating bezel, and it has a train on the caseback. Divers don’t use trains. We use mermaids, octopi and tridents.

    • MEddie90

      Exactly my thoughts, nothing about this watch indicates any inclination towards diving, heck even the Ressence diver had a rotating bezel making it a truer diver.

      Given that ball is famous for their association with rail engineers and the name of the watch i’d say its more of a tool watch with sturdiness and legibility prioritized and in that regard I think its a success.

    • Luciano Oliveira

      And is also an ugly watch… the numerals have no elegance and are completely unbalanced with the day and date at 3 o’clock.

    • Do you usually ride your trident then?

      • No, the mermaids ride my trident.

        What? It’s a motorcycle. Triumph Trident. Get your heads out the gutter.

        • WolverBilly

          i prefer my Street TripleR, but your points are well-taken.

  • ??????

    One of the best Ball watches I’ve seen, but still…

  • TrevorXM

    A silly looking watch with a lot of good value features.

  • NotoriousAPP

    Must have. I’m a sucker for tritium lume, this is over the top. I love that it looks ridiculous!

  • pkansa

    If you’re a fan of the over-the-top tritium lume that Ball is known for, this is by far their most affordable foray.

    • Larry Holmack

      Affordable for a Ball…certainly…but there are other options out there for watches with Tritium tubes far more affordable.

      • pkansa

        True, but most other tritium watches start verging on “tactical” for the design, whereas the Ball designs are somewhat more restrained (well, aside from the Engineer lineup).

        • Larry Holmack

          That’s true, but I happen to like the tactical look and unrestrained designs. If I could afford to own some of the steam punk designs of Graham watches…I would…along with my military ops looking watches.

  • Greg Dutton

    Not my style, but kudos to Ball for offering it at such an affordable price.

  • Ryan B.

    Love it, wish I had an extra 900 lying around.

  • JosephWelke

    I like this a lot, and the price is great! Snag one for the next giveaway, Ariel!

  • Larry Holmack

    Well…the dial is really ugly….it’s not a real divers watch….as others have pointed out…only 100 meters WR, no bezel ( although I really don’t care about that)…and did I say it was really ugly!! If I was thinking about getting another dive watch…which I am not….I would spring for the Deep Blue 48mm Daynight Ops Automatic….since it’s the right size for my 23 cm wrist…has Tritium tubes….on a nice bracelet…and can be picked up for under $400.

  • 200 Fathoms

    I think I would obsess over how precise the alignment is of the tubes that make up the numbers.

  • I_G

    In 12 years the brightness is halved…

    • As is mine.

      • egznyc

        We’re all getting older and more decrepit. Still, it’s better than the alternative.

        • spiceballs

          mmm – – not getting older and more decrepit – – now where did I put that damn elixir – – I remember – – she’s gone shopping – again?

  • otaking241

    Way to double-down on the blocky font! I like that Ball sticks to its guns in that regard, although I think the numbers are just TOO big in this case. It throws off the balance since the 3 is missing and the date window is normal-sized. Kudos for the aggressive pricing too–I think Ball would do much better targeting the $750-$1500 range with all its watches.

    Can anybody posit a rational explanation for why Ball photoshops out the clasp in its pictures? They’ve been doing it forever and it drives me nuts.

  • CortexUK

    Oh that so needs to be available in a 38mm case. :o(

  • Shinytoys

    A Ball watch for under 1K? I want one.

    • egznyc

      Yeah, I want one, too, but not this one.

  • egznyc

    If only it were better balanced. The numerals 12, 6, and 9 are HUGE – more comical than bold – while the missing 3 is far too noticeable. And they had to go and put in both a date AND day window, which are not color-matched?!? This just looks like it belongs in an even-more-affordable watch. And I’m a guy who thinks tritium tubes are super-cool, but this just misses the mark for me. Ball has done much better.


    for the price, quality, finish this is a bargain really. I truly despise the enormous numerals and the light saber size numerals but to each is own. I don’t need my watch to glow ad nauseam throughout the night since at night I attempt to sleep but that is just me. B for effort though.

  • Ulysses31

    No matter how cheap it gets, the dial will always resemble something your kid put together with lego bricks. All the subtlety of a foghorn.

  • spiceballs

    Been several times to the (expensive) watch shop to look at Ball’s offerings and while their finish always impresses, their designs just never quite (sign, I don’t know) and they do not sit comfortably on my wrist. A reasonable price (date wheel notwithstanding) but no, not yet.

  • JP. Coqueran

    If Ball could come up with a way to bend those tubes like a neon gas tube, they may have a winner, but until then it’s just too blocky and not in a good way.

  • blackmondy

    A 46mm would have be nice.

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