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Bell & Ross, which became a reference in aeronautical luxury watches, has something special with travel and time. And they prove it once again by launching their new Bell & Ross BR V2-93 GMT 24 H timepiece. At a glance, one can easily catch its subtitle mix of a sporty, chic look – vintage in style yet, highly contemporary.

Following the brand’s motto of “Form follows function,” its framework is dictated by its use, making it the perfect travel companion to pass through the clouds. It all makes sense when you know that Bell & Ross’ adventure started in a cockpit, with watch designs that were directly inspired by aviation. While the on-board instruments set the standard for legibility, precision, and reliability, the entire history of aeronautics serves as a powerful inspiration for the brand.

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A GMT watch is without a doubt the most useful and indispensable tool for travelers and aviation professionals. Back in 2014 for the benefit of all, Bell & Ross presented a Vintage model sporting a dual timezone display. Today, the brand is going even further by releasing the Vintage BR V2-93 GMT 24 H. It is the first time Bell & Ross introduces the GMT function into its third Vintage generation. Adding an innovative feature, its black dial now provides the time in three different locations around the world. How does it work? Let’s plunge into details.

Three white hands stand for one timezone. An orange hand – which rotates around the dial – indicates a second timezone. The 24 H bidirectional bezel allows 3rd timezone reading and distinguishes the daytime in grey and nighttime in black. To show a different timezone, you will rotate the bezel – clockwise or anti-clockwise – according to the orange hand.

Resolutely modern and refined, the new BR V2-93 GMT 24 H can be worn either with a tropic rubber version, at $3,200 USD, or on a steel bracelet, for $3,500 USD. This 3rd time zone is the best function to add into the Vintage Collection. It is time to travel now! bellross.com

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