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Bell & Ross Celebrates Its Top Three Watches Of 2019

Bell & Ross Celebrates Its Top Three Watches Of 2019 Watch Buying

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Bell & Ross, the brand that made cockpit instrumentation the coolest thing in watch wear, had a great year in 2019. In September, it launched the wildly successful BR 05 series, an evolution of its iconic BR03 model but with a more urban interpretation of the instrumentation aesthetic. This was followed in October with a stunning blue-dialed version of the popular bronze BR 03 Diver, which was introduced exclusively to the Americas.

Bell & Ross Celebrates Its Top Three Watches Of 2019 Watch Buying

The BR 05 is one of the dressiest models in the Bell & Ross oeuvre. The idea behind the design was to move from the professional world of the extreme to the urban landscape — transitioning from the off-road to the in-road. The new design retains an element of the dashboard aesthetic, with a case in round and square forms, the basic geometric shapes of the Bell & Ross identity. On the BR 05, however, the dial is inset more flush with the case rather than raised slightly, in the cockpit style, resulting in a more streamlined look that more smoothly fits under a shirt cuff. The close integration of the case and bracelet, with the first link fused directly to the case, also emphasizes the streamlined look. “This integration of case and bracelet is not only in line with the brand’s visual identity, it brings another dimension to the watch,” says Bell & Ross co-founder and creative director Bruno Belamich. “It is a striking and modern interpretation of watch designs of the ’70s.”

Bell & Ross Celebrates Its Top Three Watches Of 2019 Watch Buying

A satin brushed finished adds to the dress-watch look, yet the watch retains the distinctive element of sportiness that exists in all Bell & Ross designs. The polished bevels on the case, bezel and bracelet emphasize the unique geometry of the design, and plenty of Super-LumiNova on the hands and markers adds cockpit-style readability, a trademark of the Bell & Ross brand. The top two best-sellers for 2019 were the steel version of the BR 05 with a black dial and the steel version with a grey sunburst dial. Both come with either a steel bracelet or black rubber strap. There are other options, including a blue dial, a skeleton dial version that shows off the automatic caliber BR-CAL.322, and an all-18k rose gold version that radiates dress-watch elegance. Prices range from $4,400 to 32,500 USD.

Bell & Ross Celebrates Its Top Three Watches Of 2019 Watch Buying

Rounding out the top three best-selling watches from the Bell & Ross collection in 2019 was the BR 03-92 Diver Bronze with navy-blue dial. You may remember the launch of the BR 03-92 diver’s watch in 2017, followed up in 2018 with a bronze model with a black dial. Only the stainless steel version was available with a navy dial. The bronze with navy version was introduced in America by popular demand. Bronze is a rugged metal that is particularly resistant to the corrosive effects of salt water, and that makes it a great choice for dive watches. Specifically, the case and bezel of the BR 03-92 are made of satin-polished CuSn8 bronze — an alloy combining 92% copper and 8% tin. Over time, it forms a reddish-brown or grayish-green patina, so every watch ends up looking slightly different.

Bell & Ross Celebrates Its Top Three Watches Of 2019 Watch Buying

Like all Bell & Ross models, the BR 03-92 is a professional instrument, with 300-meter water resistance (about 1,000 feet), a unidirectional rotating bezel to time dives, and plenty of lume for underwater visibility. The leather strap can be swapped out for a rubber one when diving. The movement is the reliable automatic BR-CAL.302. In an elegant touch, the hands and indices are rimmed with gold. The 42mm watch is priced at $3,990 USD and limited to 250 pieces, sold exclusively in the Americas. You can learn more at

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  • Craig A Clark

    I do like B&R, that diver is splendid. Now if they did a GMT version, I might consider knocking over a local post office to fund one.

  • PR

    I am confused, the bronze BR03 bronze in blue is a best selling watch but limited to 250 pieces (and still available!)?

    Their sales numbers must be really bad. Someone didn’t think this article through.

    • SuperStrapper

      Best watches, not necessarily best sellers. Within the 05 section is does not which 2 references were the best sellers within the 05 range, but that doesn’t indicate best sellers overall with the brand

  • Rob

    One of the most overpriced brands ever. Sorry.

    • Gokart Mozart

      Really… What about Breitling, Tag,, Hublot that have eta movements..

      • Independent_George

        Don’t forget Bremont. No discussion of “overpricing” is complete without Bremont.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Never been a fan.

  • Independent_George

    Apropos of nothing, the B05 is growing on me. I saw the blue dial at my AD, tried it on, and I liked it.

    • DanW94

      Agree, I really like it. I’ve always liked their Vintage models, but I’ve come around to some of the square models in the Instruments line-up.

      • Independent_George

        Among the recent “Royal Ain’t” and “Nautil-Ain’t” releases (to paraphrase @disqus_mrQrrDf1Ou:disqus), I think the Aikon offers the best design-to-price ratio, especially since they have released 39mm models, but the BR05’s are very well made and attractive watches, plus they fall firmly within B&R’s design language.

    • SuperStrapper

      I tried on that black one pictured here and felt the opposite. Tried on a 03 right afterward and just preferred it in almost every regard.
      The bracelet was nice.

      • Independent_George

        Interesting. I have never like the B&R instrument collection until I tried on the 05. Sometimes I think it all boils down to how you “wear” a watch. The same watch can look perfect on one person and out-of-place on another. I tend to prefer “blingier” models in general (i.e. the blue over the black and grey) and I like to think I wear them well.

    • Berndt Norten

      You tried a Bell & Ross
      And you liked it!
      (Hope your girlfriend don’t mind it)

      You wore that Bell & Ross
      Just to try it
      Sweet taste of Swiss horological mightiness.

  • DanW94

    Now don’t be sad (don’t be sad)
    ‘Cause two out of three ain’t bad…

  • Berndt Norten

    It’s not unusual to get
    2 outta 17
    From time to time

    • Independent_George

      It’s not unusual
      To wear bronze
      From time to time.

  • PoopSimpson

    The Bellytanker Bronze was the best of ’19.

  • LapYoda

    I have a BR-03 and what keeps me from wearing it more often is the lack of a steel bracelet, especially in warmer weather. They came out with one years ago but no longer sell it. I would love a BR-03 bracelet with the looks of the BR-05 bracelet.

  • Gokart Mozart

    Maybe they didn’t do 3 good watches….

    • SuperStrapper

      Well they wrote and sponsored this post, so that would be quite the mistake!

  • Gokart Mozart
    • Independent_George

      Here’s a link to an ABTW nine years ago writing about the WW1.

      Long story short: B&R’s pricing. $4,500 for an ETA powered three-hander. In 2011. Two years after the worst global economic crisis in 80 years.

      • Dakota Dennison

        I tried the Blue one in and was offered 30% off from the AD right off the bat without even asking for it (which is roughly what B&R goes for normally). I think that is very fair for what the watch is. The bracelet was not as nice as the GMT Rolex bracelet so it was a non starter for me, however if you want an integrated bracelet watch and you don’t have one now where you have a certain “bracelet quality” expectation you can hardly do better and certainly do worse. They are going for the market that might go Breitling or Longines or perhaps even basic Omega and would prefer this.

        It is nice, not 8-10k retail
        Quality nice, however certainly 3.5k nice.

        My main issue was how much lighter it was than the GMT iiC – it didn’t feel the same quality, however my friend who doesn’t have a bracelet watch loves it. I think it depends on what your experience is and it is priced quite appropriately.

  • I would get the BR 05 if it would be quartz… Too much work for thr automatics when you have many watches

  • Thomas

    The north flag is also notably the worst looking watch to come out of the entire Tudor lineage.

  • George Hollingsworth

    As a pilot the most inaccurate instrument in any general aviation airplane is the clock on the instrument panel. We are talking multiple minutes, if not hours a day, fast or slow. Totally useless. That anyone would make a watch in the likeness of one of these paperweights is risible.

  • James Thurber

    That’s a gorgeous watch and now I’ve got one on order!

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