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Bespoke Watch Co. Series A With “Bez-Loc” Interchangeable Bezel

Bespoke Watch Co. Series A With "Bez-Loc" Interchangeable Bezel Watch Releases Sponsored Content specially produced by aBlogtoWatch for Bespoke Watch Co.

Bespoke Watch Co. is an American watch brand based in Ohio with the mission to provide a high-quality and well-designed mechanical watch that provides true variety through customization. The debut model is the Series A, a watch with a boldly designed case and dial that offers variety, while retaining its identity and aesthetics by offering interchangeable bezels and straps. Obvious to even casual observers, most great watch collections come in color varieties, and many collectors seek out different versions of the same models. Bespoke Watch Co. founder Walter Neighbors created the Series A with the intention of being what’s essentially a customizable collection, all in one watch. 

Bespoke Watch Co. Series A With "Bez-Loc" Interchangeable Bezel Watch Releases

The Bespoke Series A is the first collection from the brand and is characterized by the Bez-Lock system for interchangeable bezels, as well as the easy strap-switch system. The full set of the Bespoke Series A comes with six straps and seven bezels. The sporty and angular shape of the case and lugs are intentionally complemented with the dial that’s characterized by its minimalism and those distinct hands. 

Bespoke Watch Co. Series A With "Bez-Loc" Interchangeable Bezel Watch Releases

Bespoke Watch Co. Series A With "Bez-Loc" Interchangeable Bezel Watch Releases

The unique Bez-Lock system (patent pending) is easy to operate, with the pusher at 10 o’clock controlling the function. With a simple push and turn of the bezel, you can remove and add a bezel to the watch. The process is elegant in its simplicity and allows for a no-headache switch. It’s natural to think that the wear-and-tear caused by removing and installing bezels might cause an issue, but Bespoke Watch Co. absolutely stands behind the build quality — a two-year warranty is standard, and there is an option for an extended five-year warranty.

Bespoke Watch Co. Series A With "Bez-Loc" Interchangeable Bezel Watch Releases Bespoke Watch Co. Series A With "Bez-Loc" Interchangeable Bezel Watch Releases

Changing the straps is as simple as a push of the pin on each strap and easily popping it out. The full set comes with seven bezels in the following colors: Dutch orange, Laguna blue, Daytona blue, Chicago red, Silverstone gray, black, and crystal. The six straps come in Dutch orange, Laguna blue, Daytona blue, Chicago red, Dakar tan, and black. 

Bespoke Watch Co. Series A With "Bez-Loc" Interchangeable Bezel Watch Releases

The case is done in 316L stainless steel, measuring 42mm-wide with a lug-to-lug measurement of 54.6mm. The curved shape of the 11.2mm-thick case allows the watch to sit comfortably on the wrist. With a relatively slim case profile, the Series A can slip under a sleeve with ease. 


Bespoke Watch Co. Series A With "Bez-Loc" Interchangeable Bezel Watch Releases

The simple, time-only dial is characterized by a clean design that leaves out a seconds hand (note that it is a mechanical watch, even with the absence of the seconds hand) or extras like date window. The distinctly styled hour and minute hands are almost retro-futurist, especially when you see them on the silver dial of the Series A. You’ll notice the hour markers are done in applied steel indices with the exception of the 8 o’clock indicator done in its Arabic numeral. 

Bespoke Watch Co. Series A With "Bez-Loc" Interchangeable Bezel Watch Releases

Why is the “8” done this way? Well, the number is a theme throughout with the octagonal-shaped bezel, eight hour-marker indices on the dial, and of course this hour marker. Both the hands and the indices are done in Super-LumiNova BGW9, which emits a blue/green glow in the dark. 

Bespoke Watch Co. Series A With "Bez-Loc" Interchangeable Bezel Watch Releases

The Bespoke Series A watch uses a Swiss Sellita SW200-1 movement, which has a reputation for reliability and is widely used in watches made by  Baume & Mercier, Sinn, Eterna, and countless other brands. The SW200-1 operates at 28,800 vph with a 38-hour power reserve and features 26 jewels and a Nivaflex barrel spring. Nivaflex is an alloy used for mainsprings that is particularly antimagnetic and durable. The automatic movement is visible through the scratch-resistant sapphire exhibition caseback.

Bespoke Watch Co. Series A With "Bez-Loc" Interchangeable Bezel Watch Releases

Bespoke Watch Co. Series A With "Bez-Loc" Interchangeable Bezel Watch Releases

The Bespoke Watch Co. Series A is best experienced as the full set, which includes all seven bezels and six straps, the presentation box, and a Bespoke travel case for your straps and bezels. This is priced at $1,850 with two-year warranty included (an additional $100 gets the extended five-year warranty) and is limited to 88-pieces, which will be numbered. There is a smaller option that includes the presentation box and travel case, the black bezel and strap, plus a choice of three bezels and three straps. This is priced at $1,325 (two-year warranty, option to extend). Finally, there is the option to buy only the watch with black bezel & strap (two-year warranty, option to extend) for $890. Note that you can buy corresponding bezel & strap sets for $190-$210 per set of two.

Bespoke Watch Co. will be periodically adding new bezel shapes and materials (currently bronze and color-less stainless steel are in the works), as well as new strap styles and materials to the collection. Additionally, there are personalized options coming in the near future. You can learn more at

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  • SuperStrapper

    As petty as it will likely sound, I’m always irked at the inappropriate use of the term bespoke.
    Seems like they went out of thier way to not mention what the bezel inserts are? Regardless, there are many things about this watch that bother me, so rather than be unnecessarily inflammatory I’ll just wish the brand good luck in thier endeavour.

    Can’t help but remember this (really awful) wayback playback:

    • ray h.

      How appropriate (:

    • Berndt Norten

      You’re not the only one bedevilled by the misuse of a word—namely, bespoke. A bespoke watch would presumably be like a bespoke suit: one of a kind, tailored to the individual. A BRAND called bespoke is absurd.

      But like Esmeralda said to Butch in Pulp Fiction. “This is America, honey. Names don’t mean s—-.” Nothing against America; Brits and Canadians etc massacre the language on a daily basis. It’s a dumbing down process. Witness the way the word “egregious” is misused these days. Until, of course, the misuse becomes so widespread that it is accepted and the word is bent into a new shape. Fifty years from now people will be oblivious (another misused word) and won’t care that those present at the creation of a new word meaning experienced ‘trauma’ (yet another misused word) in the process.

      Having said that, I like a couple of ‘Bespoke’ watch designs, even if one does recall the Parnis ‘homage’ to the AP Royal Oak.

      Oveur out. Roger Roger. Clearance Clarence.

      • Tempvs Mortvvs

        Bespoke, curated, artisan, a bunch of words are slaughtered constantly to the point of becoming almost meaningless. “Love” is at the forefront of that list as well. And as someone said centuries ago, “If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone; if this remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate; if justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion.”

        • Berndt Norten

          Yes, ‘curated.’ That’s likely the most mid-used word. We don’t choose or select things any longer. We curate.

    • Bespoke Watch Co

      As uncomfortable as it is, I understand some may not like my design.

      The Bezels are 316L stainless with pigmented epoxy fill in the center. Epoxy is used in high traffic flooring, so it is durable. We will offer new colors and materials for the bezels as we go, even bezels of solid stainless, bronze and other materials. I guess if it is up to this group, we may be out of business soon. I hope there are others that like the design and appreciate the endless possibilities and combinations of color the watch offers. Color to sample straps and bezels are also an option.

      I used the name Bespoke as a term of art. I understand the watch is not one off, it is about the spirit of the watch and the owners ability to create the combination they want, whenever they want. The owner can match any outfit, go from formal Black/black to fun casual orange/light blue in seconds.

      • Tempvs Mortvvs

        You know, i laughed at your choice of brand name, because it sounds arrogant and ridiculous at the same time. But i do wish you good luck. You actually made a product that you like and its quircky and fun and and brought it to the market, even though i don’t like it in general. And rest assured that the people offering comments here are not your market. I mean, people here, such as myself, generally dislike Hublot and Bremont for example, and those brands are doing quite well irrespective of our opinions.

      • Berndt Norten

        I like your watches quite a bit. The name is a problem for me, but hey, I tip my hat to you and wish you success. You’ve carpéd the diem

      • SuperStrapper

        Epoxy is durable, but it carries almost nothing by way of scratch resistance. I had my garage floor done in high tech epoxy and it looks fabulous and is quite durable, but durability doesn’t play in tiny little scratches that look like chasms on something like a wrist watch.
        For this kind of pricing you should be into ceramic inserts, and if they are just plain without markings or lume, etc, they shouldn’t be outside of your existing overhead.

  • IanE

    Yikes; I find it hard to decide which parts I dislike most – perhaps the F.P.Journe hands!?

    • Bespoke Watch Co

      I am glad the part you like the least is the only part I didn’t design, the hands. So I didn’t design the worst thing about the watch, just the other stuff you don’t like!

    • Gokart Mozart

      The hands are the best bit although the matt plastic grey look is not the best look for them.

  • I did NOT see that price coming

  • Raymond Wilkie

    There’s nothing I can say about this watch that hasn’t been said previously. What a mishmash.

  • Playboy Johnny – Team Mariu$

    I like the movement…… everything else is a total fail.

    • Bespoke Watch Co

      I appreciate the positive comment on the movement. I really like the Sellita, and their facilities are amazing. Luckily we can keep the movement and design something equally as hideous around it for our next watch.

  • Looks like it is always 2 o’clock (except for 8 and no time at all for 1, 5, 7 and 11). An odd choice for hour markers to be sure. And the hexagonal bezel does not match the case shape (or vice versa).

    Having a choice of bezel and strap colors seem to be an idea which has been around awhile (my mother-in-law had a Gucci watch with many colored bezels) and while not a totally bad idea for a man’s watch, I have to wonder if a smaller size and targeting the ladies might be a better idea.

  • Mark

    I do appreciate what Bespoke Watch is trying to do with the Series A. I do like the optional colors on the straps and bezel. I do like the different shape case. But the dial, I’m sorry to say, just doesn’t do it for me. If I were more into fashion, then something like this could work. But I am not, so it doesn’t. It seems like a waste to spend so much on something you could only wear for a little while, then place it in a drawer only to wait 20 years for it to come back into style.

    • Bespoke Watch Co


      We will have a different dial design coming later this year that you might like. It is more traditional. You can subscribe to our email list on our website to get updates on new releases, and other news.


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