Bianci Ladies Watches Make For Decent Gifts

Bianci Ladies Watches Make For Decent Gifts

Bianci Ladies Watches Make For Decent Gifts Watch Buying

We get a lot of requests to write about "more affordable" watches - which is tough as we are such high-brow snobs. Having said that, aBlogtoWatch is produced by regular people whose budgets are probably closer to beer than champagne much of the time. So, here are a couple of watches from Bianci.

Bianci Ladies Watches Make For Decent Gifts Watch Buying

You'll find these watches at various stores online often for discounts compared to the "retail prices." Each of these watches retails for somewhere in the $400 range, but are less when you look around for them online. These are decent timepieces and they are also fashionable. Bianci's best designs are for women, while they also have a men's collection.

Buying watches as gifts for women is hard when you don't have Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, or Rolex amounts of money to spend. Your typical department store fare is often generic looking or boring, and worse, you can get a woman a gift that a few of her friends already have. I am pretty sure they hate that sort of thing.

Bianci Ladies Watches Make For Decent Gifts Watch Buying

These two watches are the Bianci White Ceramic ref. RB-B293L and the Bianci 9084L (which is apparently in the Prestigio collection." I think I am going to name my first son "Prestigio..." Ceramic-cased watches continue to be popular, and for good reason. Having a shiny white watch that will never stain or scratch is a good thing. I mean why don't people normally buy white things? Because they get dirty right? The White Ceramic model comes in a few styles, including this one with a rose gold tone and little sparkly elements.

The watch is 39mm wide and contains a Japanese quartz movement. It looks pretty cute (quoting the lady) and goes with a lot of outfits. Pretty no-nonsense with a comfortable ceramic bracelet. Retail price is $409 and you can see/buy it via Bianci's website here.

Bianci Ladies Watches Make For Decent Gifts Watch Buying

In addition to the white ceramic model I wanted to write about this bracelet-style watch in an all rose gold-toned bracelet. This style hearkens back maybe 50 years ago, and is meant to look more like a bracelet than a watch. A square watch dial is integrated into the design. I thought it was rather stylish and cool. The gold is actual gold-plating over steel, and the thin bracelet links are flexible and smooth to the touch. It is an unusual fashion piece that you won't find everywhere. Price for this Bianci 9084-L watch retails for $469 and can be bought via their site here. Bianci is just one of many interesting and affordable brands that offer you good gift options that aren't from the usual handful of companies.

  • Ulysses31

    All ceramic watches are not created equally.  You run the risk of buying a watch that’ll fall apart at the merest hint of an impact at that price point.  It’s the same deal with those cheap and nasty Chinese ceramic knives – they look OK but they dull quickly – there’s a reason why Kyocera knives cost so much.  I’d rather get a far better made Citizen for her than this.  It’d still have plenty of bling but you’d know it could be relied upon.  Not to sound like a snob but you get what you pay for (up to a point) and i’ve heard stories from people who’ve been bitten by low-end brands and their ceramic offerings.

    • That is totally true. But on the flip side some very expensive ceramic watches are stupid over-priced.

  • MarkCarson

    Looks like Ariel completely (and nicely) shaved his arm for the wrist shots, ha ha ha.

    • Ha. Yea not mine.


      MarkCarson hahaha I noticed that, sigh.

  • Kris C

    The gold bracelet model is very nice: elegant and classy. I’d like to meet the woman that wears it. The ceramic model, however, I awful. Looks more like plastic and comes off as dreadful with that uber_tacky glass gem bezel. I’d like to die unaware of the existance of the woman that wears that one.