Blog KeysBlogging basically started as a way share your digital diary with…, well anyone. The concept seemed a bit “trendy” at first. One of those, “using the power of the internet” to allow the lay person to distribute their ideas. The fear was that legions of untalented, bad writers would flood the net with uninteresting, or at least unedited written spew.

We now know that blogging is here to stay, and while it may not always be called blogging, the idea of the individual commenting on, or discussing various topics is a new force, which is reckoned with. It is also a new responsibility. Many opinionated people may feel the pressure to blog or else face a lack of listeners. Political pundits, actors, and others actively use blogging as means of promoting themselves and their campaigns or products. It is the trend of bringing the marketing process back to the simple written entry.

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So the question is whether it works. If you have something to say, will blogging get your ideas out there? Like everything else, only a few of the many, many blogs attain any appreciable readership. Further, the responsibility of maintaining any adding to a blog is immense. From an SEO perspective, one day without new content is a big blow to popularity and the status of the blog.

Then again, one really needs to observe what the blog is supposed to do? Spread ideas, sell a product, promote one’s self? They say that employers now are looking at people’s Myspace pages and alike. First as a check on one’s character, next as a place to find new employees. Will one’s blog be the next step? If you think about it, a blog is one’s ultimate resume.

A blog can combine one’s life experience, talent, dedication, and a nice writing sample all into one. Best thing, is that if it is promoted properly, the right person might even stumble upon it. Thus, a blog can be a powerful tool to promote yourself, along with spreading a message.

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Serious bloggers will take things a step further to enjoy the highest amount of visibility for their blogs. Engaging in SEO (search engine optimization) tactics can increase search page ranks and relevance. Thereby making the website more visible for new eyes.

SEO is a quickly growing field right now, and if you want to learn more about it, you can visit a ton of sites including A simple Google search will provide you with tons of information, most of them being for a fee of course. You will figure out why this is very quickly as the best SEO companies, certainly SEO themselves.

Overall, it is a big challenge to get your name out there, but blogging is a great way to do it, and fulfilling at the same time. Remember however, that in the end it is about getting the things you want said out there. One your ideas are up for a while, given the right Google search, someone will digest your ideas. At the same time, it is important to work to actively promote yourself by having a link to your blog show up in as many places as possible. This is very important in getting your site out there as quickly as possible.

These lessons are easy to learn and more difficult to practice. Personally, I am a blog novice when it comes to writing (not reading blogs). When you spend the time writing, it is easy to feel that the right people will come to your ideas. While the best approach is to understand that information is a commodity, and that you need to market one’s self.

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