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BMW Watch Collection For 2019

BMW Watch Collection For 2019 Watch Releases

The circular BMW logo with its white and blue quarters and black surround is one of the most desirable badges in the world. According to a Forbes ranking of the most favored brands among men, BMW was ranked third, ahead of fierce rivals Mercedes-Benz and Audi. Considering the heritage and desirability of their cars, it’s no wonder that owning a Bimmer is a source of pride for many. And now, you can have the watch to match your ride. In collaboration with Fossil, this is the new BMW Watch Collection for 2019.


Brand: BMW by Fossil
Model: BMW Collection for 2019
Dimensions: 34mm for women, 42-43mm for men
Water Resistance: 5 bar
Case Material: Stainless steel
Movement: Japanese quartz
Strap/Bracelet: Stainless steel bracelet, leather, and rubber strap
Price & Availability: $150 to $500



BMW Watch Collection For 2019 Watch Releases

Though watch-lovers are often car lovers, car-branded watches have been largely unsuccessful. Remember those Ferrari-branded Panerai watches from 10 or so years ago? Yeah, I thought so. Part of the problem, however, may be down to the price-point of such incredibly expensive pieces that come across as a little gimmicky. There’s no danger of that being an issue here, although it is possible Fossil has gone too far the other way, pricing these pieces as expensive fashion items in the same kind of bracket as Gucci, while not considering that BMW is not a fashion label (however cool it may be). Volume-wise, there is little doubt these watches will sell more pieces than their more ambitiously priced forerunners, but whether or not the range will be a success in the eyes of Fossil is very much up in the air.

BMW Watch Collection For 2019 Watch Releases

Positively, these designs are, for the most part, quite attractive. They are not groundbreaking or drop-dead gorgeous, but at least the BMW branding is thoughtful and coherent. The BMW collection, which consists of simple three-handers and chronographs (all quartz), have simple and considerate designs. The consistent colorway binds the range together. The majority feature the BMW logo itself, while some (like the model below) drop it from the dial completely in favor of the M-Series logo.

BMW Watch Collection For 2019 Watch Releases

The BMW M Motorsport watches are more expressive, with larger and more stylish cases. They also have sportier dial designs, particularly the three-handed watches that have a trapezoidal aperture around the date at 6 o’clock that is reminiscent of the instrument panels of some M-badged cars.

BMW Watch Collection For 2019 Watch Releases


These watches are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is likely they will find an audience. They will primarily appeal to BMW owners, who, in all likelihood, will already own multiple watches. Appealing for real fans of the brand, this could be seen as a fun addition to their collection (kind of like the classic Porsche jacket). These are watches that don’t break the bank, pay homage to a legendary brand, and can be easily worn for multiple occasions. The watches in the BMW Watch Collection for 2019 will be priced between $150 and $500. Learn more at

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  • Oh Hell No

  • DanW94

    No two ways about it, those are some hideous looking watches.

    • Independent_George

      I don’t think the renderings of the chronos are all that bad, though I get a feeling that the actual watches will look and feel chinzy.

  • Duke Silver

    Perfect for the discerning gentleman with the ///M badge on his Honda Accord.

  • Leonarr

    I’d maybe, maybe buy one for like a 10 year old nephew who is REALLY into BMW cars. (…If I had one)

    No serious adult should ever wear one, yuck.

    • Oh, come on, give them some credit: have you seen all those “M” factory modifications that are just stickers and not tuned engines / suspension?

      • My 2010 M6 has a 40 valve, 5 liter, 500 hp V-10, drilled brakes, etc. so there are exceptions to your assertion.

        • Spotted the guy that’s compensating for something.
          You need to read more carefully: I’m talking about all those “M” (notice the quotation marks) modifications that are just stickers and not tuned engines / suspension.
          The fake “M” mods that come straight from the factory that really aren’t anything M at all.

          Any of these watches will go just fine with your 2010 M6 that has a 40 valve 5 liter 500hp V10 drilled brakes etc.

          • So noted about fuax M stickers – yeah they bug me too. Not so sure any of these watches are a great match for my Beast though. Cheers.

          • MD

            Hey the “///M Motorsport” name for BMW ties to their racing cars. They do it with PUMA stuff too.. Nice stuff and not at all related to your M series tuned car. Seems you are talking about something else.

  • Nobody in particular

    What a letdown. From Ball to Fossil? Seriously??

    • What fresh hell is this?

      At least it aligns with the steady march down-market of their automotive offerings.

  • SuperStrapper

    Some of them look okay but the rest of them just look like what you would get for free if you walked up to the BMW booth at a car trade show.

    • egznyc

      Right!!!! The “dress” pieces are okay but the rest of these are awfully cheesy. Both the designs AND that ridiculous //M (makes me think of what Motorola might give out to customers who buy a new phone).

  • AlbieC

    What’s #1?

  • As much as BMW cars are well built, so much “BMW watches” are cheap and of low level…

  • BMW boss: Porsche is doing watches, we should too!
    Intern: We should call Fossil.

    • Raymond Wilkie

      Boss: You’re fired.

  • Gokart Mozart

    What worse than the Oyster?

    • Raymond Wilkie

      That’s a very close third.

  • Foul Owl On The Prowl

    Maybe they could upscale the collection by convincing Rolex to drop the Mercedes hands for BMW hands…

  • wejpasadena

    I don’t like the hands. They are too thin…come to think of it I do not like the styles that much either. I wonder if some senior exec at BMW signed off on these. I don’t know what is worse – the thought that they DID sign off (approve) or the thought that they DID NO. Hans in the mail room looked over the drawings and thought they were fine.

  • What fresh hell is this?

    Not as tasteless as a Ferrari or Lamborghini branded watch but not far off.

    Although I can’t decide what’s worse, owning a BMW and wearing a BMW watch, or not owning a BMW and wearing a BMW watch?

  • The (all) blue dialed chronograph isn’t toooo bad. The others don’t do it for me. As an M6 owner I want to like the M references, but their cases (with their fat ass lugs) are totally graceless.

    • Gokart Mozart

      I am sure you would rock the one with the White m power rubber strap 😉

      Maybe you should offer to design the watches for them.

      Not sure if they dropped(the) Ball, but I completely do not understand the reasoning with Fossil, unless it is just an impulse purchase to go with the new BM and on display in the display cases next to the sofas.

      • They will probably sell most of these at the dealership boutiques, so the price point is not like in a real watch store. Fossil does have a presence in Europe (Basel to be precise) but their choice of Fossil with quartz seems to be more of a mass market play than once intended to appeal to watch geeks. Too bad, the Ball watches were better IMO.

        About 5 years ago I did a dial design which was modeled after the tachometer in my 2010 M6. Instrument panels have changed since then so I doubt they would be interested at this point. The dial was designed around an ETA 2895-2 movement so the small hand at 6 (modeled after the oil temp on my car) would actually rotate a full circle even though it only has lower markings. The minute and seconds hands are just like in the car. The hour hand only differs by color (well and size of course).

        • Gokart Mozart

          Even if you remove the m badge you can tell they are BM hands and numerals

          • egznyc

            Is that BM as in what happens when we’re getting enough fiber?

        • Bossman

          I like

    • Bossman

      Agree. Only one I sort of like is the all blue dial chronograph but it looks like an Omega Speedmaster…

    • MD

      From what i follow M Motorsport refers to racing cars with BMW. You see it on PUMA shirts and clothes. I have some. M series as with your M6 is very different so i’m not sure you know the brand very well.

  • Low~Rotor

    I like the dial on this one. Pretty much everything else about it is forgettable. Just look at the quality of that strap tho (or lack thereof). Sick of this large corporate badge slapping joke quality margin boosting game. It will come back to bite you BMW.

  • Bossman

    Fully agree there. Don’t like Tag in general but the Monaco is the pits!

  • Swiss_Cheese

    I can only see these being sold to two people:

    1. The office secretary who felt obliged to give a Christmas gift to the boss after their romp in the back of the company X5


    2. The 16 year old who envisions himself as pre-pubescent Don Corleone after ponying up the $1,500 for the 2001 3 series and can’t come at the $500 for that ‘genuine’ special edition Shenzhen Rolecks AND the 20″ mag wheels…

    • egznyc

      Although we infantilize young people nowadays, 16 isn’t usually prepubescent. It’s when we had grown-up bodies but brains that aren’t quite caught up yet, which made us do crazy things. 😉

  • MD

    Pretty sure M Motorsport is tied to their racing cars and not the M series cars you are thinking of. Look it up.