Botta Helios WatchMinimalism to me, means displaying as little as possible to be effective. A watch like the museum face on a Movado is barren. With just hands and a single indicator at the top, I never have any idea what time it is, at least not at a glance. There is no way to be really precise with such a watch. This is not minimalist in my opinion, it is lacking. Minimalistic watches on the other hand excel in providing just what you need, with the focus being on personifying the function of the device or machine. Botta watches provide exactly this type of focus, a watch purely telling the time.

Botta Design Watches are designed using pure elements of minimalism and functional design. The appeal is in the symmetry and attention to just a few major lines and shapes to the watch. No complex transitioning or harsh contrasts, just a well thought out look that performs flawlessly. A watch face is supposed to measure the elapsation of time, along with providing an indicator of how much time is left in a given period. Botta watches all provide clear indicators in a tasteful manner that allow for very fast time telling. For me, the Botta watch is about the easiest type of watch to read that is not digital.

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There is no ‘mystere’ to the digital watch, nor is there any sense of symmetry. Staid numbers on a square face never excited anyone. Alternatively, the Botta Design watches make you want to read the in time appreciating the analog indicators as was meant when the original 12 hour clock was designed centuries ago. Few other means of measure are so lasting as to have wonderfully modern interpretations yet still functions in the same way.

Botta Watches are designed by Klaus Botta proudly displaying his namesake and made in Germany at Botta Design’s manufacture in Pforzheim . Botta design watches should not be confused with watches designed by architect Mario Botta who produces designs for Mondaine. Botta Design, like other firms such as Porsche Design, is a design firm above all else, which is typically why watches from design firms are often far more aesthetically appealing. One experiences a slightly different style philosophy when a watch is designed by an architect/industrial designer versus a watch maker alone. There is no “better” watch design origin, but you get a different flavor to the watch. The serious collector has examples from both, and on terms of design watches, Botta are an excellent example. As such they have received multiple design awards such as the Red Dot award.

Botta Design watches are a rare treat, and should be appreciated just as architectural masterpieces are. In a league of modernly designed watch minimalists, Botta holds its own against such forces as Xemex, Mondaine, Starck, and Ikepod. Botta is certainly reasonably priced compared to many of the others, and has its own clinical flavor of appeal.

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