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Bravur Geography GMT Limited Edition Watch

Bravur Geography GMT Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

If you’re a seasoned watch lover, you’ll know the process I’m about to describe: You wake up in the morning thinking about watches; you log on to your favorite watch blog in the hope you’ll find something new and exciting, something that ticks all the boxes, something that goes above and beyond the norm and seems, somehow, to tap into your innermost thoughts and desires. And then you see it! You hold your breath as you scroll down the page towards the price… Will this be the moment the watch you can afford is also the watch you actually want? This, dear readers, is how I felt about not just the Bravur Geography GMT Limited Edition watch, but also the entire Bravur range. And whether the end result is to your tastes or not, it is pleasing to see a well-made, individual design for not so much money at all.

Bravur Geography GMT Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

A Swedish brand with an emphasis on design, Bravur does not skimp on the material or mechanical credentials, either. Powered by a rhodium-plated Sellita 3301-1 with a decorated rotor (which is visible through the sapphire crystal display back), and encased in 39mm of Sandvik Sanmac Swedish stainless steel, which has been plated with both gold PVD and titanium to create a nuanced and durable skin, the Bravur Geography GMT watch is a well-arrayed gent. It joins two more Geography GMT models in the range (one white, one blue), both with uncoated stainless steel cases (and $200 cheaper as a result). Although it is the newest piece in an established range, its golden exterior places it right at the top of the luxury tree.

Bravur Geography GMT Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

The gold-colored case, water-resistant to 50 meters, is brought to life by the forest green dial, itself enlivened by a sun-ray finish, a curved surface, and multiple levels. It is this kind of attention to all three dimensions of product design that really makes a difference to a watch community tired of occassionally lazy releases.

Bravur Geography GMT Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

The silver applied hour indices increase the versatility of this piece, though may rankle with the anti-bi-color brigade (not an official club, but would probably have a sharp uniform if it were). The GMT function is a stout, golden hand, that utilizes the recessed center dial to indicate the hour. Normally such a short hand might seem out of place, but the way it has been cleverly hemmed in by the recess makes it an exception to the rule. A date window at 6 o’clock provides the extra information one would expect from a GMT and blends in sufficiently, thanks to a white print on a black field.

Bravur Geography GMT Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Every one of these watches is hand-built and tested in Sweden, with the watchmaker’s signature and date of assembly engraved inside the caseback. The watches are available from today (September 9th) and have a two-week delivery time. Considering the accessible price of $1,850, the run size of just 25 pieces seems incredibly small, and I anticipate these will not be around for long. Learn more at at


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  • SuperStrapper

    Yeah at under $2k i don’t assume there are any left, but it is a nice piece. The breguet-inspired case does look to be well made and i really enjoy that green shade; just not together. For a warmer tone case and this green dial bronze would have been a better choice, and could be similarly coated to stabilise patina.
    Anyway, a valiant effort. Bizarre that images of the other 2 references weren’t provided (by the brand) but here’s a peek:

    They are also nice but i can’t help but get a Farer vibe from those 2, and given the option I’d take a Farer.

    • Jared

      I can see why they weren’t provided, the white one is just ugly….and the blue one somehow looks cheap

      the green one on the other hand is def on point

    • I think it’s because only the green is limited, so they were pushing it separately from the others 🙂

  • NaJo

    I went to their web and it says – Bravur, since now… made me laugh out loud.. &2k for this, sorry.

  • James Honour

    Details, details. 9&3 in Portrait would augment a classic look.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Green is a no no.

    • Jasper

      As expected, a pointless and negative comment.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        Why do I keep getting shit from these people, and why do you pass it ?

  • IG

    The date at 6 too close to the numeral ruins the dial. Could be at 4:30 or 7:30 rather.

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