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By now many watch enthusiasts are likely familiar with the high quality security products that Brown Safe Manufacturing creates specifically for protecting and maintaining fine timepieces. What might not be as well known is that it is just as easy for collectors to get a one-of-a-kind safe built as it is for the US government and the rich and famous. Brown Safe provides design and build consultations free of charge. Clients work directly with Brown Safe designers and engineers to create custom security solutions to meet unique demands or to simply reflect their individual aesthetic preferences… or both.

Recently, one such customer wanted a safe that was one part watch vault and one part jewelry display case. The Brown Safe team schemed a way to work a 2 ½” thick ballistic window into one of their high-security fireproof models so that the client could show off a selection of his watches without having to open the door. The result is a bespoke watch safe that protects and maintains the timepiece movements with Orbita winders without sacrificing the enjoyment of keeping them in plain sight.

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Not only is Brown Safe continually pressing their own designs, but they are responsive to the needs and desires of their clientele. Just as you would expect from a high end manufacturer, Brown Safe continues to improve the fit and finish of their safes by employing state-of-the-art laser, CNC and metal forming machines. But in the end all safes are expertly finished by a highly skilled craftsman to give each one a truly custom and polished feel.

Brown Safe works with leather, carbon fiber, titanium, and a host of other top of the line materials which you can incorporate into your design, or use to match the design of your favorite timepiece.

Custom creations by Brown have taken their inspiration from nearly everything imaginable. Client inspiration routinely incorporates elements from art, movies, famous locations, supercars, and other objects of desire. Others are designed to match a client’s closet or living room decor, but all are thoughtfully crafted and designed to delight.

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Brown Safe Manufacturing creates custom watch safes and vaults unlike any other in the world. Enjoy the pride of having a truly one of a kind luxury item that was built to suit just you. brownsafe.com

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