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Buying a watch while travelling is one of the best ways to commemorate a memorable trip, especially in a city like Tokyo, which is a major hub for watch collectors and watch buying in general. However, due to the overall density of options in this city, it can difficult to determine where to start if you’re a collector seeking high-end watches in Japan. TWC Japan – a diverse watch shop located in the Nakano Sun Mall shopping district – is one of the most highly recommended stores for luxury watches in the city of Tokyo. Not only do they offer a shopper-friendly experience with staff members proficient in a variety of foreign languages, they also carry an impressive selection of watches ranging from Rolex and Audemars Piguet to Seiko and Hamilton.

One of the greatest benefits to buying watches in Japan is dealing with registered and legal businesses that take great care to appraise and inspect their products while combating the circulation of counterfeits. TWC Japan guarantees true authenticity with each watch sold and every member of their dedicated multilingual team wants to ensure watch buyers that Tokyo can indeed be one of the friendliest places to buy authentic watches when you’re travelling, or even if you’re local. Because Japan aims to promote tourism, many shops like TWC Japan are actually tax-exempt. That means buyers won’t have to deal with the additional 8% consumption tax added to the price of other products.

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Once inside TWC Japan, you’ll immediately be greeted by a member of their friendly team. As mentioned previously, TWC’s selection spans a wide variety of price points. Here, you’ll find brands like Patek Philippe alongside Hamilton and even a diverse collection of Seiko watches – a brand several budget-conscious watch buyers seek out when travelling to Tokyo. No matter what you’re looking for, TWC aims to foster a welcoming environment where you can inquire about specific watches and receive the assistance and attention you deserve. In many ways, this removes many of the usual “question marks” travelers encounter when shopping for luxury products in a foreign country.

TWC Japan also carries a variety of used watches, which are great when trying to stick to a certain budget. They also offer several exchange programs and you even have the option of selling your own watch to apply credit to a new purchase or to simply fund your travels. Because the highly-skilled appraisal staff can distinguish genuine articles from counterfeits, all used watches sold at TWC Japan are authentic items. Finally, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, TWC Japan can also source watches for you and offer a convenient shipping program if you decide to place your order in-store or online.

With the continued growth of watch collecting culture in Japan, places like Tokyo are becoming more and more friendly for watch buyers seeking to commemorate their trip. On your next visit, be sure to make TWC Japan your first stop. With a highly trained staff, great selection, duty-free experience, and several accepted payment methods, TWC (The Watch Co.) Japan aims to serve your watch buying needs whenever you’re in Tokyo. Be sure to visit them at 5-58-6,Nakano, Tokyo 164-0001, Japan or browse the selection at TWC’s official site. thewatchcompany.co.jp

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