I put this question before you now: Can a man wear a pink watch and retain his masculinity? I made fun of the first guy I saw wearing a “salmon” colored shirt. But, today, it isn’t that uncommon. Worn properly, and in the right style, pink isn’t always out-of-place. So I wonder, has the time come when a man can get away with wearing a pink watch?

When I write about men’s watches in white people always fight about whether they would wear them. While one guy can easily pull off a white watch, it definitely isn’t for everyone. I expect that even fewer men would be wiling to try it with something pink. Here is what I think: If you take the right type of fairly masculine watch and make it pink, at least a few guys will be able to pull it off. Which brings me to this new-for-2011 limited edition piece from Chopard.

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Apparently the wife of Chopard’s CEO wanted this to happen. It is a limited edition of 1000 piece pink version of the Chopard Mille Miglia Gran Turismo XL watch. Named “Racing in Pink,” it is otherwise identical to the standard black-dialed version of this 44mm wide steel watch. Design is anything but feminine and I was brave enough to strap it to my wrist.

Even the tire tread leather strap is in pink. Actually, I am not gonna call it pink anymore. How about bubble gum? See, that sounds childish, but not nearly as girly. Actually, the strap sort of looks to be made of bubble gum (even though it is scented like vanilla). Women wear men’s watches all the time. They steal our names and our t-shirts. So the least we can do is  wear a pink watch? Or maybe not. I still haven’t decided yet but I have a feeling a few of you already have.

It would be interesting as a test. To wear the watch – in its otherwise masculine glory – out and about to see what people would say. I think most of you would agree that this is, by all other accounts, a watch make for dudes. However, I am not so sure that is completely the case with regards to the version with diamonds on the bezel. Let’s leave that one for the ladies, please.

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