Casio Edifice EQWM1100DC-1A2 Watch Review

Casio Edifice EQWM1100DC-1A2 Watch Review

Casio Edifice EQWM1100DC-1A2 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

While this watch dial in action looks like a miniature aerial view of an amusement park, something is actually going on - this isn't all for show. With the reference EQWM1100DC-1A2 Edifice "Black Label" watch, Casio wanted to turn all of the functions present in most of its better digital watches in a analog stage show. To be honest I never thought such a thing could be done, even though Casio has been experimenting with making sophisticated digital functions in analog format for a while. Tag Heuer was getting all hot on themselves for putting a mechanical analog 1/100th of a second movement in their $50,000 Carrera Mikrograph watch, and here Casio has a 1/1000th of a second analog chronograph in their $500 quartz watch. Frankly I like the looks of this Casio a bit better.

Casio has been developing it's Edifice collection of watches for the last few years, and I like where they are going. Some people are going to take one look at this dial and sigh at how complex it is. This is the opposite of a simple watch dial. In fact, Casio designers did just about everything they could do to give it a rich, three-dimensional appearance with as many textures and levels as possible. There is also the fact that the hands and dials each have at least more than one function depending on the mode the watch is in. I will however say that legibility is better than one expects. There are large easy to see yellowish hour markers and white hands. These have been lume coated and are pretty easy to see in the dark.  There is also the date window. It looks hidden, but once you know where to look it isn't hard to spot. The watch has full calendar date to the year 2099, but you'll need to use the manual to adjust the calendar properly.

Speaking of the manual, this is a must for understanding this watch. It has four pushers on it and a host of functions that aren't too obvious. Sure you can figure out some of the basics, but this is a timepiece that you'd be wasting money on if you didn't take at least 15 minutes to read up about it. Having said that however, I will say that after you set the time and date, they are easy to spot, and this watch makes for a decent daily wear if you aren't going to be using all the functions. Casio positions this Edifice Black Label watch as one of their higher-end timepieces, which means they have designed it to be convenient to live with. For Casio that means that it is light-powered and syncs to a local atomic clock using radio signals.

So the Japanese quartz movement is solar (any light really) powered, and should always be accurate. It is set to sync itself with a local atomic clock 6 times a day. In power saving mode the battery can last about 5 months. Regardless, it is a good idea to store the watch where it has access to light. Those deep-set areas on the dial that look like green carbon fiber are where light enters to reach the photovoltaic cells.

Casio Edifice EQWM1100DC-1A2 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Casio Edifice EQWM1100DC-1A2 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

You'll be surprised to learn that in addition to the time, date, and 1/1000 of a second chronograph, the watch has a world time function and alarm. The world time function is neat, because it uses the upper left subdial to show you the reference time. In fact, you can choose to have the reference time on the main dial, and the second time zone on the little subdial. Again, consult the manual for this. Easily the neatest part about operating the watch is the 1/1000th of a second chronograph. When operating the hands are all flying about rapidly. It is an intense little feat of engineering, and relies of five different small motors. Though reading the measured time isn't that easy as it uses all the dials to measure the time, and you need to know how to read them. You also need pretty good vision to see all the little numbers. Seeing the miniature ballet of hands moving around never seems to get old.

Casio Edifice EQWM1100DC-1A2 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

What makes the watch harder to use is the lack of labels on the pushers on the side of the case. There are labels on the rear of the watch, but they aren't super helpful. Many digital Casio watches try to label the hands, at least generally so that you know what they do in most situations. That sort of exists here, you need to take the watch off to see them, and it can be a bit confusing and frustrating to figure things out without the manual. I recommend learning how to use the basic functions, and not throwing the booklet away for when you need it. As I have said in the past, Casio does a good job at writing the manuals - so at least when you consult it to figure out how to do something, the answer isn't a horrid pain to find or understand.

Casio Edifice EQWM1100DC-1A2 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Using a steel case that has been IP black coated, this Edifice watch has an impressive stance with its multi-color black, green, and yellow dial. The case wears a bit smaller than it is because of the thick bezel, but it is 46.9mm wide and 51.5mm tall. Though it isn't super thick at 13.7mm. The case is water resistant to 100 meters and has a mineral crystal. The bracelet is integrated into the case and has a push button deployment clasp. While it is not as adjustable as other Casio bracelets, you shouldn't have a problem getting a comfortable fit. Most people won't think this watch is a Casio, and will likely be impressed when you tell them that it is. Just don't forget the reference number so that you can tell them to go look for a Casio Edifice EQWM1100DC-1A2! Actually on the back of the watch Casio calls it a Wave Ceptor Edifice - there are so many names to keep track of.

Overall I am really impressed with the technology and what Casio was able to do with the EQWM1100DC-1A2 watch. The dial is really neat looking and the chronograph operation can't be beat. At $500 it is really expensive for a Casio (by US standards - Japan has much more expensive models), but I don't think it is too unreasonable. Now I need to get back to the manual to finish understanding how to set everything.

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  • simon

    Just amazing fantastic looking watch ticks all the boxes

  • IS3515

    I liked this watch when I first saw it but wanted to wait for the review. Thanks Adam.

    It is a little too big for me and I’m not crazy about the color but it is a neat watch. Casio does some amazing things with their watches.

  • kris c

    Neat. I know Edifice has been on the block forever, but whenever I think Casio and watches, it’s always G-shock – probably the most dependible line of watches in history. I’m sure that even with all the moving parts and intricities here, this piece is probably very durable and will perform for many years. Not needing to ever replace a battery or hack the time is, as always, an amazing feature.
    I see this is the Jamaican release model – I’ll assume it comes in other colour combos? That’s usually Casio’s m.o.

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  • witch watch

    Neat box of tricks if a bit tricky to use and understand at a glance. I love the way the 1/1000th wheel turns one way then another whilst in motion and the colour scheme used is also nice i do see what you mean that it does not actually wear that big as it looks a mil and half smaller on your wrist.

    I’d still take the Heuer over it though lol.

  • Vladimir Penev

    Casio Edifice 1000 and 1100 are top of the Edifice line dedicated to motor sports (note the global partnership with the Formula 1 Red Bull Racing team). I have both of them in my collection in silver steel case and bracelet. They are really amazing. The 1100 case is a little bit bigger and heavier for me, but the way how the chronograph works is beyond comparison. Of course I like all these functions, but the design and build quality actually captured me (especially the 3D dial design with rotating multifunction discs). Both of these two models have different sets of functions and design specifics, so they are not competing to each other and I they have almost equal time on my wrist.

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  • Dean Grant Baker

    “note the blah blah; redbull; bullsh***t nonsense; so what? Who cares; You know whom the OFFICIAL time-keeper is for Formula One?
    LG that’s who.
    LG; a company that doesn’t make a single wristwatch. So being associated with an energy drink is at best dubious. How does taurine make my watch more accurate?

    I see people still fall for marketing BS.

    • Vladimir Penev

      So what? You probably know that nobody measures the Formula 1 times using a wrist watch. It’s all about the precise sensors, computer networks, software and of course the big marketing.
      I was talking about the design inspired by the most prestigious motor sport in the world. Casio are trying to change the company image and encourage customers to accept more expensive watches like Oceanus and top of the Edifice line.

  • Dean Grant Baker

    LG Electronics (LG), a global leader and technology innovator in consumer
    electronics, announced Wednesday that it has signed an agreement to become a
    Global Partner of Formula 1â„¢ and a Technology Partner of Formula 1â„¢.

    As part of this top level association LG acquires exclusive designations and
    marketing rights as the official Consumer Electronics, Mobile Phone and Data
    Processor of Formula 1â„¢. The multi-year agreement runs from January 2009.

  • Dean Grant Baker

    s the Official Data Processor of Formula 1â„¢ LG will be identified and credited
    on the official live timing service at Formula One events and in the associated
    timing and data TV graphics. They will also enjoy a comprehensive package of
    premium marketing rights worldwide in association with the Formula 1â„¢ brand.

  • Dean Grant Baker

    As the Official Data Processor of Formula 1â„¢ LG will be identified and credited
    on the official live timing service at Formula One events and in the associated
    timing and data TV graphics.

    • kris c

      I still have a Goldstar TV in my garage. It takes a minute to warm up, but it shows the ballgame when I’m doing my transmission service or changing the brakes.

  • Watchmark

    This watch is more accurate than any watch DGB owns…..

  • Really a nice watch than ever i saw befor! Amazing!

  • Dean Grant Baker

    I own a Citizen Chronomaster and a Skyhawk AT 3rd gen in Ti.
    I also own two Atmos clocks.
    I own mechanical COSC certified chronometres; nowhere near as accurate NOR as precise; of course.
    I also own several watches with the Eta 251.232.

  • Dean Grant Baker

    How could I forget my Citizen SST that has a 1/1000s chronograph; been on the market for awhile.

  • Brandon

    I love my mechanical watches for special occasions but for my day to day beater it’s nice to have something you can just grab out of the case and know it’s running and you don’t have to set the time\date.

    My current daily work watch is a Casio G-shock AWG-101. This is my default go to watch since it’s solar and radio controlled. I’m currently selling a few watches after reading this article though because this is my dream watch. I love my AWG-101 but hate the plastic resin look\feel. The IP black case looks amazing on this watch and I really like all the functionality in a pure analog display watch.

    Don’t get me wrong I’ll never give up my nicer automatics but I have no problem getting rid of a few battery digital watches out of my collection for this baby!!

  • Chiraag G

    DGB, Nice collection.

    I just don’t know why you got aggressive with the guy commenting on the Red Bull Racing association with this watch. It makes sense that they are linking up in this way, be it marketing smokescreens or not. The F1 design-inspired watches have come out looking fantastic, and at least Vettel actually wears Edifices, unlike Owen matching up with Tissot, when I barely saw him wear one.

    I own a Skyhawk A-T, or did until it was stolen. I replaced it with this (although in DB-1AER format, not the black one). I am happy with it; it makes for a worthwhile replacement.

    Though I must admit, the Promaster SST has fantastic pushers, and a beauty of a red light which almost had me, but the EQW-M1100DB-1AER works better with a suit I find, plus a fully analog 1/1000th is a helluva lot cooler than the digital of the SST, which measures only upto 1/100th on the dial – although the speed makes watching this a hoot too! 20 Lap memory would have won this for the stopwatch fanatic, but for me the entertainment value of the Edifice’s dials won.

  • Evan Cohn

    Got mine today along with one for each of my sons. Really a cool watch. As Ariel said, time with the manual is a must and I did screw up the hand registration, which took a glass of wine and a few minutes to figure out, but now that it is back to normal really like that it quite a bit. Odd that it is only a 23 minute 59.999 second chrono. Wish it went a bit longer, however that is a bit of a niggle. I do stretch my bifocals reading UTC or the minutes of a chrono reading, but overall very impressed For some reason I though it was saphire and not mineral glass as mentioned somewhere…

  • boa noite tenho um casio edifice ele è muito bom desaine bonito preciso e muito versatil mas eu perdi o manual quem tiver o manual por favor mandc pelo meu mail agradecido aguardo!

  • MaryClark

    Just bought one of these for my husband, he seen this and was like a kid in a candy store. he loves electronics and anything like this! cant wait to give it to him. 

  • lago

    OK I have this watch for 4 days……………………………………can anyone tell me about the WORLD TIME settings……..I’ve tried to set up for Denver………………..I live in France & the French HOME SETTINGS settings were no problem but……………..I simply can’t understand how to read the World Time dial 24 hours???
    It appears to me TO BE SHOWING, the same time as France??
    For instance NOW in France 3 pm
    World time Denver,………….3 am??????

  • lago

    Now had the watch for 15 days & noticed (using a magnifying glass), a hair or fibre  about 2 mm long under the 24 hour dial, also the yellow hour indicators appear to made of adhesive material although Casio said they are painted?
    A problem because Casio want me to pay return postage to them.
    Be aware everything that glitters is not gold!

  • Buckbeek

    Mine should be here tomorrow -Saturdayor latest.
    Damn fine lookin time piece imho

  • Buckbeek

    Got the watch today. Wow! Very,very nice. Heavier than my PAW 1500T -7V of course. And, the manual as Ariel has stated before is a must. Just one more note, I also received an Atomic Solat Shock as well today and all three watches are showing different times lol. The Pathfinder has the correct time as it syncs with Ft. Collins,Co. nightly. Im hoping the Edifice and G Shock will follow suit tonight. This happens for me in North Carolina at 1am. Ill let you guys know tomorrow morning if they do. The Edifice is a minute and a few tics slow of the Pathfinder and the G Shock about 45ticsth

  • Buckbeek

    I am happy to reporr that both the Edifice& GShock
    synced with Ft.Collins last night and all 3three watches are now exact.

  • AlesandroDonadio

    I have a clock Solar Atomic EQWM1100DC want

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